Chapter 206

Chapter 206

After Grid became a duke.

"Thank you. Thanks to you, the kingdom was protected and my position rose. It was the luck of a lifetime that I could get you as a son-in-law.”

Earl Steim became a marquis. It was appreciated that he dispatched more troops than anyone else and that Grid was his son-in-law. A marquis had a son-in-law that was a duke. Earl Steim’s faction now became the largest in the kingdom. All of Marquis Steim’s authority would be inherited by Irene, so this was a good thing for Grid.

"I will ask you to continue looking after my daughter, Duke Grid.”

"I understand, Marquis Steim.”

"But when will you give me a granddaughter? Duke Grid.”

"We are working on it, Marquis Steim.”

"I should prepare some healthy food for you! Hahahat!”

"It is only once a month...”

“Huh? Once a month?”

"I’m just talking to myself. Ignore it. Hahaha!”

The two people were so excited that they didn’t notice the media focusing on them.

『 Earl Steim... No, doesn’t the relationship between Marquis Steim and Grid seem really good? 』

『 That’s right. Based on the contents of the conversation, it seems like a father and son-in-law relationship. 』

『 Did Marquis Steim have a daughter? 』

『 He has only one. The lady of Winston, Irene 』

『 Heok...! That beauty? 』

『 She is a beauty among beauties. She is a person who always occupies the top ranks in NPC popularity polls. A big uproar occurred when it was announced that she was married. To think that her marriage partner is a user instead of an NPC, and that he was Grid... 』

『 Hah! 』

The broadcasters sighed. They were envious of Grid to the point that their stomachs hurt. Among the viewers, the men were throwing their remote controls and there was also a fuss on the Internet.

-He married Irene, but still has Yura and Jishuka?

-A married couple can sleep together once a month...

-Hasn’t the marriage lasted eight months in Satisfy time? So at least eight times...

-Damn! My Irene was defiled!

-Most important, Irene is the sole successor of Marquis Steim. If Marquis Steim dies, Grid will inherit.

-Crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-By the way. In the midst of this, don’t you think that Euphemina, Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl are pretty?

-ㅇㅇ They are in the same class as Yura and Jishuka.

-So many beautiful women are around Grid... Furthermore, how much of Marquis Steim’s power will Grid take on later? Hah... I’m really envious of God Grid.

As more curses than praise about Grid started to spread on the Internet, Grid was looking at several notification windows.

[The quest ‘Save Earl Steim’ has been completed.]

[Affinity with Marquis Steim has risen to the maximum. Marquis Steim will even jump into a fire for you.] 

[The quest ‘Defense War II’ has been completed.]

[The kingdom contribution of the Overgeared Guild has increased by 50,000.]

[The level of the Overgeared Guild has increased by 2.]

[Five million gold has been acquired.]

[You have acquired the big city Reidan.]

Apart from the 500,000 gold he received from the king, Grid was able to acquire another 5 million gold from the quest reward. 5.5 million gold. It was equivalent to 6.6 billion won. It was the first time Grid made such a huge amount of money at once.

‘The quest reward is much higher than the price of a legendary item...’

Considering the contents of the quest, it was a satisfactory amount. But there was also a sense of dissatisfaction. He thought it would be more profitable to go around clearing quests than working hard at making items.

‘The problem is how often quests like this will occur.’

Of course, it wasn’t often. The probability of such large quests happening was very low. Grid thought about Braham’s soul, scattered in labyrinths across the continent.

‘I hope that he continues to invade the kingdom in the future.’

Wouldn’t he become a tycoon if he defended the kingdom every time Braham attacked? Lauel approached the giggling Grid and spoke, "Your expression is too sneaky. Perhaps, are you thinking of the 5 million gold earned by completing the guild quest as your personal property?”

“If it isn’t my property, than whose is it?”

Lauel sighed with a look of deep disappointment and explained to Grid. "Of course, it is the guild’s property. The rewards earned by clearing the guild quest will obviously be invested in the guild.”

“What? I have to do that?”

“It is possible for you to swallow it up alone. The problem is the credit. Do you want to disappoint the guild members?”


Grid turned pale. He even broke out into a sweat. He was a person who only acted for the purpose of money.

Lauel soothed him, "Have a broader perspective. If you invest that 5 million gold into our development, you will receive bigger profits in the future. Please think wisely and shake off this small regret.”

Grid listened to him. Grid was aiming for the position of king, rather than being a duke. He was determined to make a fortune by becoming the king of a kingdom. Investing in order to reach that goal wasn’t a waste.

At that time, King Wiesbaden yelled out.

"I will hold a banquet for Duke Grid and the Overgeared Guild!”

"Thank you for Your Majesty’s grace.”

Lauel thanked him and the quick-witted members did the same. However, the important Grid was standing at a distance.

“What are you doing?” Lauel asked.

Then Grid spoke with embarrassment.

"I have to eat my kan jajang.”

Due to its nature, the speed at which the kan jajang became soggy was slower than ordinary jajangmyeon. So Grid was hoping that it wasn’t completely wasted yet.

Lauel frowned, "Don’t say strange things and please attend the banquet.”

Lauel also tasted the food called jajangmyeon when he visited South Korea. He thought it was a delicious, salty food. But it wasn’t good enough to postpone the king’s banquet. In the end, Grid was too embarrassed to log out.

‘My 7,000 won...’

Grid tried to soothe his mind as his stomach hurt.


Reinhardt Palace where the king resided was luxurious and spectacular. There was nothing missing.

“This garden is seven times as big as Winston Castle’s garden.”

"There are six training grounds behind the barracks. I could build some buildings on how big the land here is.”

"I can see gold and jewels every time I turn my head. Amazing.”

The live broadcast to the world was finished. Grid and the Overgeared members got to look around the palace while the banquet was being prepared. Grid was the only one grumbling while everyone else was fascinated by the scale and beauty of the palace.

"My kan jajang...”

"Why do you keep saying that? Is the state not good?”

"What is kan jajang? Is it the name of an item?”

The guild members were curious while Sehee and Yerim were freaked out.

"500,000 million...?

"5-5-5-500 million?”

Huroi held a calculator in his hand and nodded. "When comparing the Korean won and the gold exchange rate, it is exactly 531,480 million.

It was the value of the 442,900 gold they received as the quest reward. Sehee and Yerim were stunned. The two girls’ mouths dropped open for a while before they said something completely frustrating.

"Was it originally this easy to make money?”

It was a misunderstanding.  The two girls had only been playing Satisfy for a few hours.  They mistook Satisfy for a great game that made everyone rich. Lauel was frustrated and explained it to the two girls.

“Ordinary people can’t earn a huge sum from Satisfy, even if they invest all their time. The two of you could achieve this great luck due to Grid.”

Sehee and Yerim’s eyes shone.

‘My brother was a bigger man than I thought.’

'Youngwoo oppa is first-rate husband material.’

Jishuka frowned as she watched the two girls from afar.

“Sexy Schoolgirl? Who is this child? Is she looking at Grid?”

Jishuka had spent a few days at Grid’s house. So she was friendly with Sehee, but unfamiliar with Yerim. Vantner didn’t notice she was annoyed and said,

"Ruby’s friend, isn’t she pretty? She will be as sexy as you in 2~3 years.”

Another guild member disagreed.

“Right now is good enough.”

“Um... Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl are both very beautiful. I don’t like Yura or Jishuka.”

"I'm going to vote for Euphemina.”

“Shut up, you lolicon.”

The fired up Jishuka met the eyes of Sexy Schoolgirl. At that moment.


It was obvious ridicule. Sexy Schoolgirl was laughing at Jishuka.

‘I am better than the old one.’

She seemed to be saying.

"This girl with the perverted ID...!”

In the end, Jishuka exploded. She was about to run towards Yerim when Jude intervened.

"Ruby. Sexy Schoolgirl. Jude will protect them.”

"You idiot, won’t you go away?

“Jude. He isn’t stupid. I heard that Grid is stupider.”

“That idiot is more than an idiot! You fool!”

"I’m not an idiot. Idiot.”

“The banquet is ready.”

The timing was good.

A situation was about to break out when a low ranking noble ran over an led the party to the banquet hall. There was no armed conflict, but the strange air between Jishuka and Yerim continued throughout the banquet.

"Oppa~ ahh~ please.” Yerim spoke in her natural coquettish manner.

"I will give this to you.” Jishuka acted awkwardly.

The two women sat with Grid between them and tried to force feed him. They shoved so many foods into his mouth that he had no room to enjoy the taste.


Marquis Steim laughed as he watched Grid choking.

“Ah! Heroes are always surrounded by beauties! Hahaha! It’s like looking at my younger days! Hahahahat!”

Marquis Steim had only one wife. But he wasn’t going to force his son-in-law to that. Lauel clicked his tongue.

‘I feel sorry for Lady Irene.’

The situation was ridiculous. It was worse than the Korean morning dramas he watched while staying in South Korea for the National Competition. On the other hand, Sehee was filled with displeasure. She looked at her brother surrounded by women and cut her steak with a knife.

“An enemy!”

Jude sensed a strong killing intent and pulled out his sword, causing confusion. Thus, the atmosphere of the banquet gradually progressed in a strange direction. 


Yubadakan Castle in Haken Kingdom.

“It’s lucky. His subordinates acquired titles, but he was the only one granted a territory. Aren’t they just nobles in name?”

Box, one of the Snake Guild’s 13 executives, said.

Then Zibal frowned. "Lucky? Lucky? You fool, the fact that they got the titles is what matters.”

The fact that they received a title meant they were eligible to be lords.

“In the future, Grid will expand his territory with no restrictions as a lord, then he will give it to one of his subordinates. Grid’s power will keep expanding. Imagine how great his authority will be with dozens of lords.”

“...It’s terrible.”

Box realized that the situation was more severe than he realized. Then Zibal made his decision.

"We need to put aside our differences. I must contact the leaders of the seven guilds.”

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