Chapter 237

Chapter 237

Grid had a lot of experience with items enhancement. Grid had done a lot of enhancement compared to the other users of Satisfy. Grid took advantage of his passive skill that ‘increased the probability of enhancement’ to enhance the guild members’ items.

‘There’s no trick to enhancement.’

Enhancement wasn’t affected by stats such as dexterity. Superstitions such as enhancing at certain times, or repairing the item first before enhancement were useless. The success was purely based on luck. It was a truth he had learned from countless enhancements.


Grid looked at the dozens of enhancement stones in his inventory. He was extremely nervous. He was more nervous than when he went to see his first love, Ahyoung.

‘I need either the greatsword or the boots to reach at least +7...’

Would he be successful? Would his hair loss return if he received damage from this? It was a matter of money, so he was bound to be more sensitive. God, Buddha, goddess Rebecca, etc. Grid prayed earnestly to the gods that existed in the game and reality, then started the enhancement with trembling hands.


The discussion on the mine development and alchemy investment funding was over. The results were positive because Lauel and Rabbit were in agreement. However, the Overgeared members who left the meeting room weren’t happy.

"We’re going to suffer over the next few months.” Vantner grumbled.

He had a mission to destroy the monsters around the path from Reidan to Alzar Mountain. Wouldn’t the monsters just respawn if they were killed? At least 10 giant worm nests needed to be destroyed.

The 17 Overgeared members working with Vantner sighed. But Pon envied them.

'It’s better than me...’

Pon was commanded to identity all the dungeons and boss monsters in the west. It was a mission to investigate which hunting ground would give them the most money. He was in charge, since it was a highly difficult mission.

Regas, who received the mission with him, smiled and spoke. “It’s interesting. Let's take this opportunity to challenge a two person raid.” It was Regas’ dream to grow stronger through struggling. Pon had to be with this ignorant guy whose brain was made up of muscles. He could see a rocky path in front of him.

Lauel encouraged them.

“Our roles are important while Grid is away. Let’s take responsibility by raising our levels and developing the city.”

“Grid is going to the Saharan Empire?” 

"Yes, he says there is an important quest from Piaro.”

“The empire... I hope that Grid doesn’t encounter any bumps in the road.”

The world was wide and there were a lot of monsters. And most of the monsters were in the empire.


The spacious fields of Reidan.

Piaro was standing where wheat had started to grow.  Looking at his sweaty appearance, he really was like a farmer. Then Bland and the workers saw a welcome face.

“Duke Grid is coming here.”


The eyes of all the workers turned to one side at once. It was really the lord.

People cheered.

"Hooray Duke Grid! Hooray Duke Grid!”

The people of Reidan had one mindset. They cheered every time they saw Grid. It wasn’t because someone forced them. The people were just absolutely loyal to Grid.

"The enhancement was good.”

A blue energy was rising like a haze from Grid’s boots. Grid’s smile wasn’t because Piaro noticed quickly. He was able to strengthen both the Doppelganger’s Greatsword and Grid’s Boots to +8.

He was lucky. In this event, his knowledge of Pagma’s Swordsmanship increased, he got a doppelganger for a pet, and he found a yellow mithril mine. Everything was going well.

Grid wanted to maintain this momentum.

“I think that now is the time to get your revenge. I will head to the empire.”

His eyes were determined. Piaro felt a strong trust in Grid.

“I believe you can get the job done.”

[A quest has been created.]

[The True Traitor of the Red Knights]

Difficulty Level: SS

Asmophel dared to rendezvous with the empress and was caught by Piaro. Piaro and his men were framed and branded as traitors.

Due to that, he lost his men and had to flee. Now Piaro has no intention of forgiving Asmophel.

However, it is virtually impossible for Piaro to get revenge himself.

Piaro has made you his agent of revenge. 

Quest Clear Conditions: Kill Asmophel, the former vice captain of the Red Knights.

Quest Reward: Piaro’s affinity will reach the peak.

Quest Failure: Level -6.

[Would you like to accept the quest?]

‘It has changed in many ways.’

In the past when Grid was a beginner, the level of difficulty for this quest was S-grade. And the quest rewards were the title of ‘Agent of Revenge’ and Piaro’s sword. Now the difficulty had been raised and the rewards changed.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when his relationship with Piaro improved and Piaro’s heart stabilized.

‘What will happen if my affinity with Piaro reaches the maximum?’

Was it possible he would teach Grid his sword techniques?

‘That won’t happen.’

Piaro’s swordsmanship belonged to his family. It wouldn’t be easy to teach others. Grid thought about it differently.

‘Will he become my subordinate?’

Piaro’s power was beyond imagination. If Grid could obtain Piaro as a subordinate, it would be like obtaining a group of men. Grid was filled with great expectations and accepted the quest.

"Believe in me.”

Piaro saw his confidence and warned him. "I’ve said it before, but the empire is full of strong people. The process to approach Asmophel was difficult, so be cautious.”

“I understand.”

Grid answered well, but he wasn’t particularly nervous. Piaro spoke again. "Don’t trust your techniques. The two sword technique isn’t something that can be completely handled with such a short amount of training.”

Grid had practiced dual wielding on the way back from the doppelganger raid. Grid nodded. “Don’t worry, I know.”

Grid replied like this, but his inner intentions were different.

‘Right now I’m lacking, but that will change over time.’

His destination was the capital of the empire, Titan. It would take at least 20 days to arrive. If he practiced steadily on the way, he would be able to use the two sword style sufficiently. It was possible because Piaro trained him well in the basics.


The empire was the center of the world. It was natural for the empire to be the master of the continent, and it was right for kingdoms outside the empire to obey them. It was a very arrogant and selfish thought.

But no kingdom could condemn them. The power of the Saharan Empire was overwhelming.

"This is the village of the Ul Clan.”

The master of the White Wolf Guild, Veradin, was a baron of the empire. He received an order from Earl Zebra to subjugate the immigrants, and he finally found the base of the enemy. It was the accomplishment at the end of a one week journey.

Veradin was cautious. “How many enemies?”

Kiki, a sniper used the Hawk’s Eyes skill and reported. “1,050 people. More than half of them are women and young children.”

It meant that less than 500 people could fight properly. Veradin was relieved.

“There’s no need for tactics. Rush from the front and wipe them out.”

Kiki’s reaction was unsure. "No matter how I think about it, this isn’t something that people should do.”

The Ul Clan were ordinary humans rather than monsters. They were a poor clan because they weren’t designated as citizens of the empire. It was a pity, because they were once a flourishing nation until they were deprived of their land by the empire. The few remaining people chose to hide in the most remote areas. 

Kiki was unwilling to kill them.

Veradin rebuked her. “They’re just NPCs. Don’t be shaken by unnecessary sentiments.”

If they killed the Ul Clan, their contribution to the empire would increase by 12 per person. Veradin wanted to build a foundation to become a viscount by performing this quest perfectly.

Kiki sighed.

“Sigh... I wish a golem army would arrive.”

This was the story about the golem invasion that took place in the Eternal Kingdom several months ago. Naturally, Grid’s name emerged.

“That Grid brat was really lucky.”

"That's right. He happened to become a duke in one shot by killing the golem army that invaded the kingdom by chance."

“Ah! I’m envious! If we belonged to the Eternal Kingdom, we would’ve been able to defeat the golems and occupied a duke’s seat!”

As the guild members started talking about unnecessary things, Veradin scolded them.

"Focus on the mission.”


The guild members restored their posture. Unlike Kiki, they didn’t show any resistance to hunting the Ul Clan. Weren’t NPCs just a lump of graphics and artificial intelligence? They resembled people, but weren’t actually people.

It was easy to kill them. It was nothing. Veradin confirmed that the guild members were emanating a fighting spirit and ordered.

“Trample them.”


Except for Kiki, 24 guild members went down the mountain together.

It was a tremendous speed. They didn’t slow down despite the rugged rocks. The Ul Clan discovered them along the way and fired arrows and magic from the watchtower. However, it was useless. They avoided or defended against all attacks and quickly reached the goal.

"Get lost!”

"Thanks for the contribution~”


It was an unbelievable situation where only 24 people wiped out 1,000 people. The small village soon turned into a hell. It was a one-sided massacre.

"P-Please, my only daughter...”

"Just die quietly.”

People begged, but the White Wolf guild members had no mercy. The women, children, and elderly were murdered. But the cruel killing didn’t last long.

“I’m not the boy detective, so why do incidents happen everywhere I go? Well, I got a quest and it isn’t too bad...”

The White Wolf members were confused. It was because a user, not an NPC, emerged from one corner of the village.

‘Who is that person?’

He was wearing a broad-brimmed hat so his appearance and ID couldn’t be determined. The White Wolf members asked the man.

“Who are you?”

"Me?" The man held a jade greatsword in his hand and replied, “This time I am the Apostle of Justice.”



Veradin’s eyes widened. The same man appeared behind Veradin’s ally and stabbed him?

“A clone...!”

It wasn’t a normal clone. It was the first time he saw a clone that could exert such power.

‘A high level user!’

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