Chapter 238

Chapter 238

Most clones were illusions. They were merely a gimmick that couldn’t exert substantial force. However, the unidentified man’s clone dealt a real blow. The guild member Elvo screamed as he was hit.

The White Wolf guild members became frightened.

‘I heard that a third advancement assassin can have a perfect clone.’

‘What? Then this man is an assassin over level 300?’

‘Is that Faker...?’

Faker was the number one assassin and 14th ranked monster on the unified rankings. It was rare for him to reveal himself in public, but there were many rumors. It was said that the number of users assassinated was over 10,000, and rankers were always attacked by him. 

There was a rumor that even the first ranked Kraugel suffered a level decrease after being assassinated by Faker. Of course, they were lies.  Faker wasn’t a player killer. He was like Regas and liked personal training.

But rumors were always distorted and exaggerated. The White Wolf Guild misunderstood Faker as a murderer. Was the man in front of them really Faker?

‘We are inferior.’

‘Today is my day to die!’

The White Wolf members started to shake. They gulped and shivered. Veradin spoke a few words to calm them down. "Assassins don’t use a greatsword. In addition, they are covert. If he was Faker, we would already be dead.”


They were confused and overlooked the obvious facts. The guild members regained their calm as Veradin explained.

"That person is likely to have a hidden class.”

It was a reasonable guess. Hidden classes existed in Satisfy. It wasn’t strange if there was a hidden class specialized in clones. The guild members were relieved.

"Phew... I'm glad. I don’t want to go against Faker.”

“Dealing with a hidden class is easier than dealing with a third advancement ranker.”

"Those people are too scary.”

It showed how much the dignity of hidden classes had been lost since the third advancement classes. Veradin was alarmed at the guild members’ relaxation and warned them.

"It’s still difficult to gauge the opponent’s ability. Don’t act hastily and step back.”

Th White Wolf members had strong loyalty. They stepped back without a fuss as soon as Veradin commanded them. 

Step step.

The unidentified man walked through the streets.

“You aren’t fighting back? Are you scared?”

As a guild master, Veradin was always cautious. He didn’t fall for the taunts. He closely watched the man and the clone as he asked. "What is your relationship with the Ul Clan? Why are you helping them?”

The answer was concise. “I got a quest.”

That person was Grid. During his journey, he accidentally visited the Ul Clan’s village and got a quest when the village was attacked by the enemy. He couldn’t help wondering if he was cursed to get involved in incidents wherever he went.

[Ul Clan’s Rescue]

Difficulty: A

The Ul Clan have been deprived of their kingdom by the Saharan Empire, and the survivors are hiding in remote areas. However, they couldn’t escape from the empire’s surveillance and an invasion is once again occurring.

Free them from the clutches of the empire.

Then you will be their sun.

Quest Clear Conditions: Repel the invaders.

Quest Reward: Your affinity with the Ul Clan will reach the maximum.

Quest Failure: The Ul Clan will perish.

Four days ago.

Prior to leaving Reidan, Grid had studied the empire and found that it carried out a policy of genocide. Minorities who didn’t serve the emperor were slaughtered in various parts of the empire. Indeed, it was a brutal oppression. If they wanted to try and oppose it?

It was futile. Grid hadn’t accepted the Ul Clan’s quest for a noble reason. He just coveted the reward.

‘If they don’t have a place to go to and their affinity is at the maximum...'

Couldn’t he accept them as his people? The Ul Clan’s quest was a chance to increase the population of Reidan. It would be ideal if he could bring all the persecuted minorities in the empire to Reidan. Grid was starting to think and act in the manner of a lord. Lauel would be impressed if he knew.

"You have two choices."

Grid’s eyes shone with killing intent. He was inwardly furious after witnessing the brutality of the White Wolf Guild. Grid had high respect for NPCs due to the influence of Khan and Irene.

“You can die easily, or you can get beaten up first before you die. Choose.”

"Crazy bastard!”

The White Wolf members were furious. What was this damn arrogant guy saying?

“Veradin! How long are you going to let that brat’s mouth run wild? We should attack him right now! Anyway, he’s alone!”

Elvo was particularly furious. He was surprise attacked by the clone and suffered damage. Veradin checked Elvo’s health gauge.

‘Well, it isn’t bad.’

Elvo was a berserker, so his defense was very low. However, he only lost one-fifth of his health after the surprise attack.

‘The clone isn’t very strong.’

The unknown man’s clone was much weaker than he was. This evidence clearly showed that it wasn’t very strong. ‘Maybe he can produce a lot of clones. But it’s easy to deal with clones at this level.’

Veradin made a judgment call and ordered the guild members.

“We won’t be able to avoid this fight. Do it.”


Elvo was in the lead. At level 179, he was the lowest among the White Wolf members, but he liked being in the vanguard. He was very courageous and not afraid of others.

“I’ll kill you!”

Elvo was full of killing intent. He wanted to deal a nasty blow to the clone.



A distance of 3m was narrowed in an instant. Elvo smiled with satisfaction at his own dashing ability. Then he used the ‘Madness Vortex’ skill. This was the manifestation of five powerful blows that could even cause great damage to an ogre.

However, it met the wrong opponent.

[The target has resisted the damage.]


It wasn’t defense but resistance. The skill apparently hit. Then what the hell was the resistance to damage? Grid stared at the stunned Elvo.

"You want me to die?”


The prideful Elvo was now like a terrified rodent. It was because of the dignity stat, which had a low chance of making the enemy yield. Grid had over 1,500 dignity, so it was hard for low or medium ranked users to endure his greatness.

[You have become lost in front of an immeasurable existence. Your head involuntarily bows. Your body is shaky and head begins to move.]


He was stunned just because he met the person’s gaze? Was this guy a medusa boss? Elvo couldn’t believe the situation right now. It was a dream. The other guild members didn't know the situation and were rushing around, like moths to a flame.

“Magic Transmission!”

"Atra’s Poison!”

“Fire Spear!”

“Lower Cut!”

"This is a kick! Abyooo~!”

All types of CC, physical attacks and magic attacks were used. 20 enemies used skills at the same time, so Grid seemed to be in danger. The silent clone came out. It was the doppelganger Randy.


Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The counterattack skill was activated at the perfect timing. The White Wolf members were attacked by their own skills.


“What is this absurd thing?”

The White Wolf Guild members were agitated. What was with this clone’s skill? Furthermore, it was a counterattack skill that even a person found difficult to use? The one who was most surprised was Veradin.

‘He didn’t show his skills in the first surprise attack!’

He realized it right away. Randy had 30% of Grid’s current combat power. To be honest, he was equivalent to level 200. If he wanted, he couldn’t cut the guild member in half with the first attack.

But Randy refrained. He deliberately pretended to be weak to make the enemies less vigilant. This was Randy’s instinctive judgment, not Grid’s orders. He lost his memories of the past, but the battle experience accumulated for more than 100 years was firmly engraved in him.

Grid admired Randy’s strategy.

“Look at those facial expressions. I was surprised as well. Isn’t my friend really great?”


Wasn’t it a clone? Then what was it? The White Wolf members fell into the black hole of confusion.


Then the jade greatsword penetrated Elvo’s chest.

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[The enemy has attacked five times using an unknown ability.]

[You have suffered 103,900 damage.]

‘Over 100,000? Not 10,000, but 100,000? I don’t even have 20,000 health!’

Elvo’s vision turned grey.

‘Is this a dream?’

[Your party member Elvo has died.]

Silence filled the area. A monster beyond imagination had appeared in front of the White Wolf members.

But Veradin kept calm. He was part of the 10 Rookies along with Lauel and Ibellin, and he was now level 281. He didn’t feel frustrated when meeting a strong opponent. Moreover, he had a hidden card. There was a sniper who remained in the mountain.


Veradin whispered and gave the signal. There was a small flash from the low mountain 300m in the rear, then an arrow came flying.


Kiki was also part of the 10 Rookies. The White Wolf Guild’s number two person. Her sniper skill was comparable to Jishuka, the expert archer. She precisely fired an arrow at Grid’s head. Veradin had no doubt that the person would experience great damage or confusion, and took out his staff. He was trying to raise the corpses of the Ul and Elvo with magic when he suddenly froze.


Cries of shock burst out everywhere. They saw it. The famous golden blades.

“I am surprised.”

The man’s voice was heard from behind the golden blades that protected their master from the arrow. The voice was filled with a powerful anger that could stop the heart of the person who heard it.


Was it due to the shock wave caused by the arrow and blades colliding? The hat the man was wearing fell off. The ID that most people in the world knew was exposed.


The first legendary class, three gold medal holder in the National Competition, the hero of the golem invasion, the first user to become a duke, GOD, etc.  He had countless nicknames attached to him.

Then he pulled out the blue greatsword that he used to defeat Hurent in five seconds. The people present felt frightened at Grid holding two huge swords in each of his hands.

"Don’t use surprise attacks!”

‘You did it first!’

The White Wolf members wanted to cry out. But they couldn’t grumble. Grid’s eyes fixed to the top of the mountain 300m away.

“You first of all. Transcended Link.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Blue-white and jade energy blades emerged at the same time. It was the moment when one small mountain permanently vanished from the map of the Saharan Empire.

[Your party member Kiki has died.]

"...I would’ve rather met Faker.”

The White Wolf members complained. Veradin couldn’t keep his composure anymore. This was the worst catastrophe since the guild’s launch. The result was a complete annihilation.


“Huh? The size of the desert is less than it was a year ago?"

A black-haired man dressed in white stepped foot in the western part of the Eternal Kingdom.

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