Chapter 236

Chapter 236

Grid and the Overgeared members returned.

It took four days, which was twice as long as the planned schedule. Rabbit came out and met them.

“I was worried since you were late.”

Vantner grumbled, "As part of training, we defeated all of the monsters on the way and back from the destination.”

Grid received the grumbles and laughed. "We’ve become a lot stronger thanks to that.”

It was true.

During the past four days, they constantly hunted as well as raided the doppelganger. Therefore, the Overgeared members made tremendous progress. It wasn’t just increasing their levels and items. Their control and ability to cooperate with each other had increased dramatically. It was thanks to Piaro’s teachings, who was an expert in tactics as well as swordsmanship.

Rabbit spoke bitterly, "Please stick to the schedule in the future. There will be a big loss if the schedule is out of order.”

Grid listened to him. He and the Overgeared members all had important positions in Reidan. It was too much to delay them with him. Grid carved that advice into himself.

“I will be careful.”

‘He has become more mature.’

Rabbit smiled as he perceived the new changes in Grid."Anyway, I’m glad that you’re fine. What was the result?”

Did a mine really exist in Alzar Mountain?

If there was a mine, was it really a yellow mithril mine? Rabbit was full of expectations, and Grid didn’t disappoint him.

"The mine was secured. As you guessed, it’s a yellow mithril mine.”


Yellow mithril had appeared in the history of alchemy hundreds of years ago. None of the present day people had witnessed yellow mithril. Now Reidan obtained a monopoly on yellow mithril. It was a feat that even the empire, which occupied more than half of the territory on the continent, had failed at.

The resulting ripple effect would be huge.

"You did a great job. Reidan’s future has been obtained.”

It wasn’t an exaggeration. Reidan would be able to establish a unique position with alchemy. It was expected that there would be an explosive synergy with alchemy and the legendary blacksmith.

As a result, Reidan would become the Talima of the human world.

“Let’s go to the meeting room. We need to discuss mine development and the alchemy investment funds." Rabbit said excitedly, but Grid shook his head.

“I’m okay. Discuss it with the Overgeared members and proceed on your own.”

"I understand.”

Rabbit already knew that Grid was deliberately avoiding his duties as a lord and didn’t panic. He just felt relief for being trusted, and a burning motivation.

‘I will do my best to make both of us rich.’

The decisive Rabbit moved to the meeting room with the Overgeared members. A small woman was left alone with Grid. A female with twin tailed blonde hair, it was Euphemina.

"You seem to have completed all the work well. Congratulations.”

Euphemina was tired. It was natural, since she had been working without a break since returning from Frontier with Rabbit.

“Why did you call me? Do you have something else for me to do?”

There were sharp points in Euphemina’s words. It seemed that she wanted to hit him.

Then Grid spoke some surprising words.

“Rest for the moment.”


Euphemina’s eyes widened. She was confused by Grid’s unexpected words.

"I know that you’ve been working harder than anyone else over the past few months. Haven’t you gone through a lot since joining the guild? Take some time to recharge and get a good night’s sleep. You can also raise your level, which you have been postponing.”

"Is it okay?”

Reidan was short-handed compared to the size of the city. In such a situation, it would be a big blow if an elite like Euphemina was to leave. Grid laughed at her hesitance.

“Yes, Reidan is quite stable thanks to your work. The experts in each field have been trained, so don’t worry too much.”


Euphemina was moved. 

In retrospect, this was the first time Grid had been so kind to her. He was always chilly and awkward, so this attitude change felt like a reward for her hard work. But that good atmosphere didn’t last for long.

"I recommend the Siren Kingdom as the hunting ground. While you are there, you should get some of the Water Clan King’s tears.”


It was the moment when Grid’s intentions were revealed. Euphemina’s expression cooled.

"You want me to go to the Siren Kingdom and get the tears of the water clan king?”

The effect of the Water Clan King’s Tears was unrivaled. It was a rare material that permanently gave magic to an item. But it was hard to find. Grid once again gave her a mission under the guise of a vacation.

'How long must I be abused?’

Euphemina sighed. She was treated as a princess everywhere she went, but now she was just a worker? She felt skeptical about whether she really should’ve joined the Overgeared Guild. Then Grid handed an item to her. It wasn’t a robe or a cloak. It was a hooded zip up that could be seen in modern society.

“What’s this?” Euphemina was puzzled by the unfamiliar item and asked Grid.

“A gift.”


Euphemina didn’t show much of a response. She saw the Hooded Zip Up as just a decorative item. But she was shocked as soon as she confirmed the item information.

“I-Invisibility cloak?”

Around 200 years ago, the legendary tailor Kruger made five invisibility cloaks, two of which still reportedly existed. But no one knew where to obtain them. Invisibility cloaks were a super rare system. Euphemina was thrilled by the gift.

“I will go to the Siren Kingdom!”

Euphemina once again thought it was good that she joined Overgeared. Grid’s mood improved as he saw her happiness.

Give and take. The joy of a colleague was his joy. The growth of a colleague was his growth.

Grid honestly thought so.


Khan’s smithy.

Grid opened the pet inventory and pulled out the ‘Doppelganger of the Mysterious Forest.’


The liquid was reminiscent of molten metal and stretched over the floor without much effort. Grid pulled out his hammer.

‘Repair it.’

In Wendy’s diary, Pagma had repaired the doppelganger. On the basis of that, Pagma’s Descendant should also be able to repair the doppelganger. Grid didn’t doubt it. Then he started to repair the doppelganger with the Legendary Blacksmith’s Repair skill Lv. 3.

Ttang! Ttang!

It wasn’t easy to repair the doppelganger. He didn’t know the repair method because he had no understanding of the structure of the body. He had no choice but to study it. Grid believed in himself. To be precise, he believed in the Legendary Blacksmith’s Repair skill. He was sure the skill would lead him correctly.

Then one hour later. Grid finally determined the core and hammered quickly.

[Your dexterity has risen by 5.]

[Your persistence has risen by 3.]

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Repair skill has reached level 4.]

[The Doppelganger of the Mysterious Forest has been restored!]

The welcome notification windows popped up as the doppelganger started to move. Now it had a slime like appearance. Grid confirmed the information window.

Name: Not Set

Species: Doppelganger

Level: 1 (0/200)

Affinity: 0/100

Health: 1,200/1,200

Physical Attack Power: 15   Magic Attack Power: 2

Defense: 30   Magic Resistance: 6

Attributes: Nothing

Status: Confusion

(Who am I...?) 

* A doppelganger that existed for over 150 years in the Mysterious Forest. It has accumulated wisdom through human relations and has a lot of combat experience. 

Above all, there is the power to copy the appearance and abilities of the legendary blacksmith Pagma, so it isn’t comparable to normal doppelgangers.

-Current Skills List-

[Copy Lv. 10 (Mastered)]

Can perfectly copy the appearance of a target with a lower level than it. The stats are only 80% copied. Only some skills (random) will be copied.

It can completely copy the appearance of a target on the same level as it. The stats are only 50% copied. Only some skills (random) will be copied.

Can perfectly copy the appearance of a target with a higher level. The stats are only 20% copied. Only a small number of skills (random) will be copied.

Perfectly copies the owner’s appearance. The stats are only 30% copied. Only some skills (selected) will be copied.

[Language Ability Lv. 1]

The language ability is at the level of a five year old child.

[Half Immortality (Passive)]

Somewhere in the doppelganger’s body, there is a core of life energy. The doppelganger won’t die unless this core is completely destroyed. 


Grid was thrilled. The basic stats of the doppelganger at level one were very low compared to Noe, but the Copy skill was excellent. Grid could use it as a clone that demonstrated 30% of his stats.

‘I have to take care to raise its level.’

Grid set a policy to treat the doppelganger differently from Noe. If Noe knew, he would be jealous.

“Wh...o?” The doppelganger was confused. “Who am I...? You... Who?”

Grid kindly explained to the doppelganger who was asking questions. “Your name is Randy. And I am Grid. We are friends.”

“Ran...dy. Frie...nds.”

Was it a remainder of the lost memories? The doppelganger slowly changed to look like a five or six year old girl. She had orange hair and was very cute. She would be beautiful when she was older.

‘This child is Wendy.’

Grid’s expression darkened. He felt compassion for Randy and Wendy’s unhappy life.

“Randy. Good name. Friend. Good."

“I’m glad that you like it.”

Randy smiled very brightly. Grid couldn’t help stroking her hair.

‘There might’ve been a sad ending in your past life, but this life will be different.’

Grid decided. He aimed to give Randy happiness.


He needed to strengthen the Doppelganger’s Greatsword and Grid’s Boots in turn. Grid took out a large amount of enhancement stones that the Overgeared members had conceded to him.

'After this preparation, I’ll get revenge for Piaro.’

It was the moment when a new legend in the history of the Saharan Empire would soon be recorded.

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