Chapter 225

Chapter 225

“Finally! Finally level 300!”

It had been four months since the Overgeared Guild moved to Reidan. Toban was the last member of the former Tzedakah Guild to reach level 300. The powerful monsters of the west stimulated their growth.

“There will be a cataclysm in the unified rankings.”


"The top seven have firmly maintained their rankings but... I can safely say that most of the top 40 rankings are dominated by the Overgeared members.”

"Why is that a cataclysm? It isn’t anything special.”

Originally, all of the Tzedakah Guild members were ranked in the top 50. The average ranking had only risen by 10, so Grid thought it wasn’t that big of a deal.

‘It is rather strange that no one has entered the top seven, despite the items I made.’

Grid might be disappointed, but the world was astonished. The top 100 rankings didn’t fluctuate easily, so the present growth rate of the Overgeared members was unprecedented. Media companies around the world wondered ‘What secrets are hidden in Reidan that can allow them to grow so quickly?’

『 The reporters have failed to enter the west. 』 

『 In the western part of the Eternal Kingdom, there are monsters that have never been seen before. Experts speculate that only a party of at least level 280 users or rankers can enter... 』

『It seems like the Overgeared members are raising their level quickly by hunting the powerful monsters in the west. 』

『 Um... The monsters in the west will be a double-edged sword to the Overgeared Guild. The level up speed of the Overgeared members has risen exponentially, but there are few users who can move to Reidan due to the high entry barriers. 』

『 That’s right. Reidan’s speed of development will be slow. Duke Grid will definitely be hurt. 』

Ttang! Ttang!

There was the constant sound of hammering from the large smithy in Reidan. The 30 young blacksmiths taught by Khan were constantly producing the supplies that Reidan needed.

‘I’m tired.’

Grid was still busy despite the manpower increasing. After their third advancement class, the Overgeared members commissioned more powerful items, so he needed to continue making items.

‘But this damn hammering will be over soon.’

He only had five commissions left. Grid was free after he made those five items.

‘Let’s plan for the future.’

Grid had personal challenges. The first was to complete his class quest, the second was to recover all the pavranium, and the third was to complete Piaro’s quest. His work as a lord? He had the incomparably clever Lauel and Rabbit to take care of it, so there were no problems.

“You over there.”

Grid stopped hammering and called out to a soldier guarding the entrance of the smithy.

"Did you call?"

The soldier ran over with tight discipline.

‘The great duke called me!’

The soldier’s eyes shone like lanterns as Grid ordered. “Bring Minor here.”


After 30 minutes.

"Oh, what do you want?"

A boy with a disgruntled expression came to the smithy. Despite possessing the talents of a great miner, he was fostered as a ‘minerals detector’ because he possessed the skill ‘Minerals Master (S+).

"I will give you an escort to search for the presence of the golem’s labyrinths here in the west.”

"It isn’t an escort, but surveillance.”

“Someday, I will give you freedom if you swear true allegiance to me.”

"...Well, I do acknowledge you these days. You’re a commoner who became a duke. But I’m still wondering if a genius like me should devote the rest of my life to you.”

Minor possessed the skill ‘Talent will Reveal Itself (SS).’ His talent would always be clear to others, so he was destined to receive a lot of temptations in life. He was arrogant and would easily betray a person, so his loyalty wasn’t guaranteed.

“Is it lacking to be the subordinate of a duke?”

"Indeed. At a minimum, shouldn’t it be a king?”

“Hoh... You should remember that.”

Grid would surely become a king and would obtain him. Grid pledged as he waved his hands.

“Go now.”

"Yes, yes."

Minor gave an insincere answer. But Grid knew better than anyone that he would work properly.

‘The problem if searching for pavranium in the west is resolved...’

The only things left were the class quest and Piaro’s revenge quest. However, he couldn’t proceed with his class quest right now. It was impossible for Grid to get God Yatan to bless the pavranium.

‘Even Yura doesn’t knew where the First Servant of the Yatan Church is... First, I should resolve Piaro’s grudge.’

The cause of Piaro’s heart sickness, Asmophel. If Grid defeated the former vice-captain of the Red Knights, Piaro could be freed from these chains. 

‘Once he is in a perfect condition, he might become my subordinate...’

The hopeful Grid continued making items. 

Then five items later.

Grid completely all the items for the guild members and used the skill the Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation.

[Legendary Blacksmith’s Creation Skill]

You can create three equipment item production methods every time the skill level of the ‘Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill’ goes up.

Number of items that can be created at present: 12/15.

* When items are produced using this skill, the name of the creator is automatically placed on the item.

Then the familiar notification windows started to emerge.

[What item do you want to create?]

"Heavy boots.”

[Have you decided on ‘Heavy Boots?’]


[What materials would you like to use?]


He shouldn’t use only high grade minerals such as black iron, mithril and blue orichalcum as materials. The reason Grid wanted to make heavy boots was because he wanted weight. According to Piaro’s advice, the heavier the shoes worn, the greater the power of the greatsword.

"The main material will be steel. I will mix blue orichalcum into it to add strength and hardness, and to make it exert more power in dark places. Ah, I have to make the color darker by mixing in black iron so that it will harmonize with my armor.”

[Have you decided?]


[Please design the item.]

Grid was a lot more smart and skillful compared to when he first created Failure. He perfectly drew the shape of the boots he wanted on the blank blueprint in front of him.

“It’s done.”

Over the past four months, he made more than 600 items and his dexterity stat exceeded 3,000 points. Thanks to that, Grid was able to draw a delicate image and the shape of the boots was completed in a practical and excellent manner. They were big, black boots that came up to just below the knees. They had a rustic type of beauty. 

[Have you decided? When you complete the blueprint, the number of available creation skill will decrease by one.]

Grid clicked the button without hesitation. Then the shape of the boots was corrected by the system to make it look more perfect.

[Please describe the characteristics of the item.]

"Heavy and solid boots. Thanks to the nature of blue orichalcum, the defense will increase in dark places.”

It was a simple, but accurate description. Based on Grid’s description, the system started distributing the performance and options of the item.

[Finally, please decide the name of the item.]

From now on, all the items he created would proudly boast of the legendary blacksmith who created them. Grid replied in a proud voice, "Grid’s Boots.”

[Have you decided on ‘Grid’s Boots?’]


Grid planned to attach his name to every item he designed in the future.

'I will aim to complete a set item based on these boots.’

[A new item, ‘Grid’s Boots’ have been created.]

[Grid’s Boots]

Rating: Epic ~ Legendary

Epic Rating Information:

Durability: 335/335     Defense: 324

Movement Speed: -12%

Evasion Rate: -14%

* Increases defense by 10% against attacks from the bottom.

* When using a dashing skill, there is a 30% chance of failure.

* Defense will increase by 10% in dark places. 

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 401/401     Defense: 388

Movement Speed: -10%

Evasion Rate: -12%

* Increases defense by 12% against attacks from the bottom.

* When using a dashing skill, there is a 25% chance of failure.

* Defense will increase by 15% in dark places.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 496/496     Defense: 470

Movement Speed: -8%

Evasion Rate: -10%

* Increases defense by 15% against attacks from the bottom.

* When using a dashing skill, there is a 20% chance of failure.

* Defense will increase by 20% in dark places.

An item designed by a legendary blacksmith. Designed with a perfect combination of steel, black iron and blue orichalcum, it boasts overwhelming defense. However, there are many disadvantages to its function because it is only focused on defense.

In particular, it is too heavy, so movement is restricted.

User Restriction: Level 320 or higher. More than 1,450 strength. More than 1,200 stamina. Advanced Heavy Armor Mastery Level 5 or higher.

Weight: 2,930

The effectiveness was very low compared to Braham’s Boots. It could be considered to be boots designed specifically for tanker classes, rather than damage dealers who relied on charging techniques. However, the defense was nearly twice as strong as armor of the same class. The defense was unusually high for boots, considering that boots had a quarter of the defense of armor.

‘This is perfect for me.’

In the first place, Grid didn’t have a evasive type of fighting style. He favored swinging the sword. It wasn’t just a matter of control, but a style unique to the greatsword. Furthermore, Grid had no charging skills.

‘The boots won’t have any negative effect on me, except for a reduction in movement speed. These boots will also suit Vantner and Toban.’

Grid was satisfied with the finished creation. He dreamed that one day, both him and the Overgeared members would be armed with a ‘Grid set,’ and started to make an item for himself.

Ttang! Ttang!


The skills of a legendary blacksmith was constantly studied by 30 young blacksmiths and Khan, so the future was bright.


It had been a year since the fall of Pope Drevigo. Who would become the new pope after Drevigo? Numerous senior priests ran as pope candidates. Most of them were good priests and had a sense of mission to lead 70 million people to the path of light.

However, a small number of them wanted to be the pope to satisfy their individual needs. In particular, Pascal of the Judar Church was very ambitious.

“What if I became the master of 70 million people? The momentum of our family will pierce the sky and Father will surely become a duke.”

Pascal’s father was an earl of the Saharan Empire. Originally Pascal was a viscount, but he joined the church and became the leader of the Judar Church. Now he was looking at a higher place.

“I understand. Pascal, I will help you become the pope.”

The largest religion on the continent was on the verge of falling into the hands of the empire. At this time, the 70 million people who followed Goddess Rebecca’s teachings might become a political tool of the empire.


The first unique hidden class, Damian, was trembling with sorrow. It was because Isabel’s life was sharply decreasing after the unsealing of Lifael’s Spear.

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