Chapter 224

Chapter 224

Youngwoo’s knowledge of human relationships was still limited. Youngwoo only used his phone to order delivery. He treated his phone as a decoration and didn’t care about the battery life, leading to this situation.

‘I’m screwed.’

Youngwoo was about to report the university students to the police, when he was shaken by the situation not turning out as planned. The four university students were aggressive towards him.

“Grid, isn’t it hard to manage your estate?”

"Weren’t you with Yura and Jishuka during the National Competition, so why are you free now?”

"I looked at your age on the Internet, so why are you trying to monopolize these girls as well? Do you want to be handcuffed for violating the law. Eh? Don’t you know?”

The university students knew without a doubt that Youngwoo was older than them. They didn’t even think about releasing the wrists of Sehee and Yerim.

‘Those jerks.’

Youngwoo was angry when he heard the university students’ tone of voice and his sister’s pained expression. He wanted to run there and punch them in the jaw. But this was reality, not Satisfy.

In reality, Youngwoo was helpless. He had always been one-sidedly beaten by strong people. He had been beaten up many times, but now he wanted to commit violence against four healthy university students? 

It was impossible.

First of all, Youngwoo looked around. It was to ask someone for help. Unfortunately, there was no one on the streets. It wasn’t 10 p.m. yet, but it was fairly quiet. It was the result of Sehee and Yerim finding a empty place to avoid their popularity.

‘This isn’t ideal...’

Youngwoo took a deep breath. He suppressed his anger as much as possible and smiled.

"Let the kids go. Yes? We aren’t shooting a drama, so this isn’t interesting. Right?”

Youngwoo tried to persuade the university students. However, the university students didn’t move at all.

“What if I don’t want to?”

The university students couldn’t tolerate that he was monopolizing all the pretty women. Taking Yura and Jishuka, now he was taking their future prospects? The infuriated university students started to handle Sehee and Yerim more roughly. They dragged them with force and provoked Youngwoo.

"These girls will play with us tonight. Anyway, what does it matter who we are? We’re also people who make money from the game. It doesn’t matter who you play with, as long as the man gives you money right?”

"Let go of me!”

Sehee struggled to shake off the university students. However, a female high school student was unable to win against the strength of men in their early 20’s.

“Stay still!”

The university students grabbed Sehee harder instead of releasing her. Then they raised their hand like they would strike her.

“Won’t you act more moderately?”

At that time, the silent Yerim frowned.

"These damn scum... Do you want to die?” Youngwoo’s string of tension was snapped.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t fight well. He couldn’t stand to see his little sister insulted and treated like this.

‘Even though I was a loser.’

When he was a highschool student.  Youngwoo was always hit by Lee Junho for no reason. But he couldn’t fight back because he was afraid of bigger retribution. He laughed it off, even if he didn’t want to. He started to be ignored by the other students and this became a great trauma when he was an adult.

‘It has been awhile since I’ve overcome it.’

Youngwoo was no longer a loser. He wouldn’t give in to these thugs just because he was scared.

“What? You will kill us?”


The university students laughed at Youngwoo. In fact, Youngwoo’s school days were famous on the Internet. Some of his classmates circulated Youngwoo’s past onto the Internet after he became famous.

“This bastard can’t distinguish between reality and a game.”

"Hey Grid. This is reality, not Satisfy. Try and do Pagma’s Swordsmanship here! Kill! It isn’t possible. Then what is with this courage? Eh?”

The university students regarded Youngwoo as weak prey. Even Youngwoo himself didn’t think he could fight against the university students. However, he couldn’t retreat, so he just clenched his fists.

‘It’s shaky.’

A university student spat out his phlegm and approached. Youngwoo wondered if he could beat any of them. The Youngwoo of the past wouldn’t have endured the pressure and run away. However, he improved his self-esteem through Satisfy and had the feeling of ‘courage.’

‘If I have to fight, I will fight.’

Fighting spirit rose in Youngwoo’s eyes. In reality, he wasn’t Satisfy’s Grid, but he had his own pride.

"This damn bastard.”

The university student became angry at the sight of Youngwoo and punched at him. The university student’s fist was quick. He had no qualms about hitting a person. Youngwoo was surprised when he saw the flying punch.

‘It’s slow?’

Youngwoo had experienced numerous battles with strong opponents in Satisfy. Just like his dexterity, his vision in reality was also impacted. The university students hadn’t learned martial arts, so they weren’t a threat to Youngwoo.


Youngwoo succeeded in avoiding the fist with the university student with swift movements.

“What? He avoided it?”

The university student made an expression like it was ludicrous. Then he spat out his cigarette and kicked out. As a Korean citizen, he was taught Taekwondo during his childhood, so his kick contained more power and speed than his fist.

‘If you concentrate more strength in your thighs and buttocks, then your upper body’s forward speed will increase.’

The teachings of Piaro passed through Youngwoo’s head. At the same time, Youngwoo’s upper body moved forward. Then the kick of the university student flew above Youngwoo’s head and hit the air. Youngwoo remembered the teachings of Piaro and felt something eerie as the kick passed above him.

‘It isn’t just the limbs. Mobilize the muscles of the throat to put weight on the end of the sword.’

Sword? He had swung it thousands of times. Controlling his muscles? He received a thorough education from Piaro. Youngwoo thought of his fingertips as a sword and swung them.



The university student couldn’t respond to the hand gesture that came from below him. He was hit in the chin and couldn’t even scream before collapsing.



The university students never imagined their friend being defeated and were shocked. Youngwoo was even more surprised than them.

‘I won?’

He had hit a person for the first time since being born. He even knocked the person down. Before, he had always run away or was beaten up.

Duguen! Duguen!

Youngwoo’s heart thudded at the whole new experience. The other university students rushed towards him.

"This jerk!”

A university student flew towards Youngwoo with all his strength. Youngwoo was still calm.

‘It’s sloppy.’

The orbit of the kick was very simple. Youngwoo took two steps back and swung his arm.


Youngwoo’s hand accurately struck the university student’s ankle.


The time when he went to Cork Island to collect the fire stones. Youngwoo had flown there without a break, and was able to taste the pleasure of pushing his body to the limit. He wanted to taste this addictive sensation in reality and jogged with Sehee every morning, as well as going mountain climbing on the weekend. He also didn’t forget simple weight training.

This had been repeated for three months. As a result, Youngwoo’s body was disciplined compared to the weak bodies of the university students that were filled with alcohol and tobacco.

“I-It hurts...”

The university student that was struck by Youngwoo’s hand shuddered at the pain. It was just like being hit by a metal pipe. It was natural. Youngwoo followed the teachings of a great swordsman, so he showed a power that ordinary people couldn’t endure.


According to the rumors floating around the Internet, Youngwoo was a loser who was always beaten up. But he could actually fight well? The remaining two university students were shaken.

On the other hand, Youngwoo admired his own ability and wanted to fight some more. He wanted to enjoy this strength.

“What? You aren’t coming?”

Youngwoo moved his finger and provoked them. The remaining two university students couldn’t bear it anymore and moved.

"What is that triumphant air!?”

Pepeok! Peok!

The dog fight started. The university students randomly swung their fists and feet at Youngwoo.  If two opponents struck at the same time, Youngwoo wouldn’t be able to avoid it unless he was a martial artist.

Youngwoo responded to both attacks using the footwork he acquired from Pagma’s Swordsmanship. He was like Bruce Lee as he moved like flowing water to evade the attacks from both people.

However, it was only for a moment. Youngwoo’s body wasn’t tempered enough to keep up these actions. His health was at the level of the general public.  He couldn’t reproduce Pagma’s Swordsmanship forever. There came a time when he stepped wrongly, twisting his feet and causing his posture to collapse.

“Hahat! This jerk is a fool!”

Youngwoo was indiscriminately attacked by the university students who laughed at him.

“Ugh! Eek!”

Bam bam bam!

Youngwoo felt like he could see the illusion of stars flashing in front of his eyes. But in the meantime, Sehee and Yerim were freed.

“Run away!”

Youngwoo swallowed down the words to call the police quickly. Even if he didn’t say it, he believed that they would report it to the police station.

At that moment.

"That is enough.”

Unlike Sehee, who was screaming and wondering what to do, Yerim jumped lightly. Youngwoo was attracted by her white and smooth legs as she kicked the university students.


Despite wearing a short skirt, Yerim’s kick perfectly struck the backs of the university students.



Youngwoo suspected that they might’ve died. The university students exposed the whites of their eyes as they fainted.

‘What? Why is she so strong?’

Yerim reached out a hand to the stunned Youngwoo.

“Can you rise? My prince.”

Yerim looked very beautiful under the streetlights. She had a mature appearance that made it hard to believe she was a high school student, and her half moon eyes were sure to fascinate anyone.

But she was a minor, so Youngwoo didn’t consider her that way.

After that.

“What? 3rd dan Taekwondo? Hey, then why were you just watching? It’s really too much.”

In front of a convenience store. 

Sehee and Yerim were rubbing eggs on Youngwoo’s bruised face. Youngwoo was surrounded by two pretty girls, so he looked like a harem king from a manhwa. But Youngwoo didn’t care about other people’s gazes.

He was busy grumbling.

“If Yerim had fought from the beginning, Oppa wouldn’t look like this.”

“It’s rude to interfere in a fight between men, so I endured it.”

“It wasn’t a fight between men... It was one against four.”

"Hihi, anyway, it was great.”

Youngwoo was strong like a normal person. He might not be really strong, but his courage to protect his sister deserved praise. Today, Yerim’s crush on Youngwoo became much bigger. She really wanted to marry Youngwoo.

“Urgh... Then let’s go back. And from now on, both of you are banned from going to a capsule room. I will buy both of you capsules. Yes? Eh?”

Youngwoo tried to get up from the chair he was sitting on. But his muscles were sore from the aftermath of the fight and being hit. Yerim grabbed Youngwoo to stop him from falling sideways.

“Haah.” Yerim let out a strange sound. It was because Youngwoo’s fingers had moved from her underarm to her waist.


Youngwoo became surprised by the sound while Yerim blushed and her eyes became moist.

“...Oppa is a really great person.”

What did that mean? Sehee didn’t know the meaning, but Youngwoo understood it properly. He cleared his throat from the embarrassment.

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