Chapter 223

Chapter 223

He helped his parents with the garlic and finished his meal. Then Youngwoo connected to his fan cafe and cheered.


Yesterday, the fan cafe had exactly 1,998,411 members, and now it exceeded two million. There was the golem invasion and he became the first user to become a duke, so his popularity had greatly increased.

‘I’m happy.’

The fact that two million people were showing interest and liking towards him made Youngwoo’s heart overwhelmed. He had been ignored and despised for a long time, so the affection of others was new and he felt happy every day.

‘I wonder what Noe’s fan cafe is like these days.’

After a long absence, Youngwoo accessed Noe’s fan cafe and laughed.

“I can’t catch up with his popularity.”

Noe's fan cafe had reached 2.75 million members. The speed was rising much faster than Youngwoo’s fan cafes. The difference between the two fan cafes was increasing day by day.  In the past, Youngwoo would be trembling with jealousy, but now he was different. He completely shook off the inferiority complex that was deeply rooted in him and wasn’t easily jealous anymore.

'Noe’s rising popularity will increase awareness towards me, since I’m his owner.’

Youngwoo had been watching Lauel for months, so even his thinking ability was improving.  He thought positively and stopped writing bad comments on Noe’s fan cafe.

"Grid doesn’t know about Noe?”

It was the title of the day’s most popular post. What was this nonsense? Noe was his pet. There was nothing he didn’t know about Noe. He was the only one who knew about the stupid and simple personality hidden behind Noe’s cute looks.

Youngwoo wondered how this speculative post became the most popular.

Title: Grid doesn’t know about Noe?

Content: It has been a long time since Noe appeared in Reinhardt, making us cheer.

Noe’s eyes that shine like jewels and the beauty that is enough to overpower our gaze. But he is ‘still’ strong. Noe was able to weaken the suddenly evolved ancient weapon by swallowing it, allowing Grid and the Overgeared Guild to win against the golem army. 

Now I have a question. Originally, don’t pets change shape and have a stronger presence as they level up? But Noe’s appearance hasn’t changed since the National Competition. In order words, it means that Noe’s level isn’t much different from the National Competition and Grid isn’t nurturing him properly.

Think of it from Grid’s perspective. As the first legendary class, he’s a person with a very busy schedule. If you look at TV right now, his CFs play successively. As a top star, he has little time to play Satisfy.

Grid thought the words he read were absurd.


The CFs recently being aired were all filmed right after the National Competition. Currently, Grid had completely stopped all broadcasting activities. He was on Satisfy all the time except when eating and sleeping, and was struggling to manage Reidan.

However, the author of the post didn’t know this and was just rattling off nonsense. Youngwoo felt frustrated as he read the rest of the post.

The fact that Grid has less time to play Satisfy means less time to raise Noe. So Noe’s level hasn’t changed since the National Competition. Then I can deduce that Grid has a very poor understanding of ‘top-grade pets.’

Typical pets lost their loyalty to their owners and will return to the wild state if they are away from their owners for long periods of time. The owners of these pets usually put them in the inventory when they can’t be with the pet for a long time (e.g. when logged out).

But what about drakes? As a ‘top-grade pet,’ its loyalty isn’t easily lost, even when it has a long period of activity separate from its owner. This is why the owners of drakes can let them freely graze. A drake’s owner often lets it hunt alone to raise their level and don’t keep them in their inventory, even when they are logged out.

So let’s point out the problem. Noe is better than a drake. The evidence is that he overwhelmed dozens of drakes alone and called himself the best demonic beast of hell. In other words, Noe should enjoy more freedom than a drake.

If Grid had given Noe freedom, then I’m sure his growth would be tremendous. However, Grid lacks understanding of pets and didn’t give freedom to Noe, probably keeping Noe in his inventory.

Noe’s growth became stagnant. This is proof of Grid’s ignorance, and is an insult to the top-grade pets.


Youngwoo realized it as he read the post.

‘I am really lacking understanding about pets.’

In the case of a common pet, the pet would hunt monsters with its master and the experience would be split between master and pet. This was why Youngwoo didn’t raise Noe’s level. Noe was very powerful even without raising his level, and Youngwoo didn’t want to lose his experience to Noe.

‘However, a top-grade pet can hunt independently from the owner and grow on their own?’

They didn’t easily betray their owner.

‘In the future, I should give Noe freedom so that he can grow.’

Noe hadn’t eaten since the golem invasion. Apart from that one time, he was always in his inventory.

“...It must be frustrating.”

Youngwoo was able to realize Noe’s grievances. He felt sorry towards Noe. Then he thanked the author of the post for giving him new knowledge.

“He went too far.”

At the same time, Youngwoo was also angry. In a community of 2.75 million members, it was too much to call someone ignorant just from mere deduction.

‘I represent the Overgeared Guild.’

He couldn’t ignore it because it was the same as insulting the Overgeared Guild. Youngwoo took immediate action.

God Grid isn’t Bald’s comment: Yes, next pet person please ^오^ I am an expert on all classes ~

The author of the post that Youngwoo read was a expert on pets. But in front of the keyboard warrior, he became a ‘person who doesn’t know about pets’ and a ‘non-expert.’

After that.

“Nyang! The best demonic beast of hell has emerged!”

Noe was still at level 35, despite destroying the ancient weapon.

“Is it time to eat? Nyang?”

Eyes filled with expectations looked at Grid, who commanded.

“From now on, you can move freely in the vicinity of Reidan. You can eat as many monsters as you like, but don’t do anything that will harm humans. In addition, report to me if you see anything suspicious... Finally, fly to me whenever I call, no matter what you are doing. Don’t forget that I am your only master." 


Noe’s eyes became wet. The ‘ㅅ’ shape snout opened with excitement as he asked.

“Master is really giving Noe freedom...? Noe can go...? Believe in Noe! Nyang!”

"Yes, as long as you follow my rules.”

"Thank you! Nyang! Master is the best! Nyang!”

The little demon wings flapped as Noe circled around Grid before flying high into the sky.


The people of Reidan were stunned as they saw a black cat flying in the sky. It was the historic day when Noe, who would be revered as the guardian of the Reidan people, appeared in front of them for the first time.


Sehee and Yerim were stars among the high school population of South Korea. They were in the top 10 nationwide of the mock exams and also beauties, so they were the target of envy.

Recently, their popularity had skyrocketed. Before they were just stars of the high schools, but now they were stars of South Korea. Even foreigners recognized them. It was the aftermath of the golem invasion of Reinhardt that occurred around a month and a half ago in reality.


“Sexy Schoolgirl!”

The two girls who worked with Grid to save the Eternal Kingdom and became the first earls! People were enthusiastic every time they saw them.

"How did you join the Overgeared Guild?”

"What is God Grid like?”

"What is the secret to playing well while studying?”

“Why is your ID Sexy Schoolgirl...?”

Sehee and Yerim had to suffer from a barrage of questions. Various media also visited to request an interview. There were many companies who showed interest in them, causing a flood of CF model requests.

“Is this enough?”

It reached the point where it was impossible for Sehee and Yerim to go out without a disguise. After school ended. Before leaving the classroom, the two girls covered their faces as much as possible with masks and scarves. They mixed among the students and barely managed to leave the school.

Afterwards, the place they went to was a capsule room, not their homes or the library. They had a plan to play Satisfy three times a week and followed it.

Three hours later.

"Today was so much fun! Right?”

“Yes. I am now fully adapted to the new skills, so it’s fun to play.”

Sehee was now level 70 after the golem invasion. On the other hand, the Saintess’ Knight Yerim was still level 51 because she couldn’t raise her level during the golem invasion. However, it wasn’t a problem when the two girls played in a party.

The Saintess and Saintess’ Knight classes had great synergy. In addition, Youngwoo made items for them, so it was possible for them to hunt level 100 monsters when they joined forces.  To borrow a phrase from Lauel, they were ‘golden spoons’ who played the game to help Youngwoo after they raised their levels.

“It really is Ruby and Sexy Schoolgirl.”

There were university students who followed Sehee and Yerim after they left the capsule room. They had seen through Sehee and Yerim’s disguise.

“It isn’t even 10 p.m. yet, so why are you going home?”

"Let me buy you something delicious. We should become friendly, as we’re both Satisfy users.”

The four university students were all confident with their appearances. In fact, they were online shopping mall advertising models and were confident that pure high school girls would fall for them. But Yerim and Sehee weren’t people who only looked at appearance.

Sehee had a hatred for men other than her brother, while Yerim looked at money.

“Do you have a lot of money? We only eat expensive things.”

Yerim gave a dazzling smile and provoked the university students. The university students felt their hearts thump before they shouted.

"Tell us what you want! We will buy you anything!”

“That’s okay. In fact, someone is already buying us a meal.”

“Are you talking about Grid?”

"That's right."


The eyes of the four university students sharply cooled. In fact, they were avid fans of Yura and Jishuka. But they had the scandal with Grid at the National Competition, turning the students into fierce anti-fans of Grid.  They couldn’t tolerate that Grid had already gobbled up the world’s best beauties, Yura and Jishuka, and now he was monopolizing Sehee and Yerim as well.

“That bastard Grid...”

“Hey, both of you. You shouldn’t hang out with that type of playboy. Throw away that trash guy and come play with us.”

The university students became agitated after hearing Grid’s name and forcibly grabbed Sehee and Yerim’s wrists.

"Remove your hand.”

A voice filled with anger was heard. It was a voice familiar to anyone in South Korea and the world.



That’s right. It was Shin Youngwoo. After Sehee and Yerim became famous, Youngwoo was worried about their safety. Therefore, he took on the role of bringing them home every night. Today he came to pick them up, only to become furious as he saw this scene.

“Take your hands off them right now. Then I will overlook it this time.”

Youngwoo held a phone in his hand and pressed 112. But at that time, his phone ran out of battery.


It turned off with a loud noise.

“Ah, this, really...’

Why was this happening to him?

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