Chapter 226

Chapter 226

White Transformation referred to the technique of borrowing the goddess’ power stored in the three divine artifacts of the Rebecca Church. It was a technique that allowed a person to borrow power that exceeded the human body. However, this power placed a heavy burden on the body.

Rebecca’s Daughters refrained from using White Transformation as much as possible, and shortened the duration when they inevitably had to use it. But Isabel had been in the White Transformation state for the past year.

It was because Grid unsealed Lifael’s Spear. Her life energy was rapidly becoming depleted.

“Cough! Cough!”

Her platinum hair had turned grey. Her shining eyes were faded like she was dead, and her normally flushed cheeks were pale. Nevertheless, she still looked beautiful.

‘Right now she is only 18 years old...’

She was about to die at this age.

Damian looked at Isabel out of habit and finally started crying. “How many times have I told you? I said that Lifael’s Spear must be sealed! Then why... Why aren’t you listening to me? Huh...? Isabel-chan, are the orders so important? More than your life?” 

“Cough! Cough!”

Isabel lying in bed didn’t answer. She was staring at the distant sky out the window and her hearing had long been lost. She didn’t even hear Damian’s voice shouting right beside her.


Damian’s handsome face twisted. His face was streaked with tears and a runny nose, so someone laughed at him.

“Why are you empathizing with tools?”

It was Pascal. He entered Isabel’s room without knocking, causing Damian to tremble.

“You...! How many times have I warned you not to describe them as tools?”

Damian hated Pascal.

The 5th Pope Franz felt a moment of compassion and sealed the divine artifacts of the church, leading to the weakening of the church. This was the logic used to convince the church that Lifael’s Spear shouldn’t be sealed again.

The person who spoke it was Pascal.

Pascal just shrugged. “Rebecca’s Daughters are fostered to serve this church in exchange for their lives. Don’t get caught up in useless sympathy and think about what is needed to keep the church. You are just damaging yourself.”

As his descendant, Pascal respected 5th Pope Franz. However, he couldn’t understand all of Franz’ policies. From the beginning, weren’t Rebecca’s Daughters people brought up as tools? Sealing the power of the divine artifacts just because they couldn’t endure it?

It was preposterous. An ignorant mistake. Pascal and most of the senior priests of the Rebecca Church thought this way. They planned to contact Pagma’s Descendant so that he could release the seals of the two remaining artifacts as soon as possible. 

But Damian couldn’t tolerate it.

"I will never accept it.”

Rebecca’s paladins were much weaker than the Judar and Dominion paladins, so it wasn’t a popular class. However, Damian walked this path to the end without giving up just because of Rebecca’s Daughters.

Isabel, Rin, Luna. Damian longed for these three girls to always be happy. He wished for them to smile forever. He couldn’t stand them suffering.

"They are people like us. And they have worked harder for this church than anyone else. To disparage them and call them mere tools... Goddess Rebecca won’t forgive it.”

“You dare mention Goddess Rebecca? You are deceived by the beautiful appearance of the tools and lost control. Stupid.”

Pascal laughed at Damian. It was similar to those who ridiculed Damian in reality for running a fancafe of Rebecca’s Daughters.

Damian couldn’t understand them. "...Why do you have to ridicule someone’s love and respect?”

"The problem is that the target is a tool, not a person.”

"Isn’t this just like people in reality saying that Rebecca’s Daughters are NPCs, not humans...?”

"Reality? NPC? I can’t understand the language you are using.”

"Shut up!”


Pascal was the former leader of the Judar Church and a pope candidate, so he had mighty divine power. Rebecca’s Daughters were the only ones in the church with higher divine power than him.

However, at this moment.

"They are people too! They rejoice in every moment! They are impressed! Angry! Sad! They are the same as us! Not tools or NPCs! Don’t compare them to such things!”

The divine power that Damian emitted was threatening. It was a threat to Pascal, who was likely to become the pope after Drevigo.

‘This is the power of the Goddess' Agent...!’

Pascal had always ignored Damian, who usually chased after Rebecca’s Daughters. He had laughed when he heard some priests talk about trying to put Damian as pope, but now he was wary of Damian.

The upset Damian proclaimed to him. “I will change everything! I will root out all the rotten people, including you, who treat Rebecca’s Daughters as sub-human beings! For Isabel-chan and Rin-chan! And for the sake of Luna-chan!”

Damian accepted the quest that he put on hold.

“I...! I will become the pope!”

[The quest ‘Become the Pope’ has been accepted.]

[Become the Pope]

Difficulty Level: SS

It has been one year since the death of 13th Pope Drevigo.

The Rebecca Church has barely recovered from the confusion and is now preparing to elect a new pope. However, Pascal is now the most powerful pope candidate and he plans to use the Rebecca Church as a political tool.

As the agent of the goddess, you have an obligation to guide the Rebecca Church to the right path and to stop Pascal’s ambitions. Your power, beliefs and willpower will play a major role in defeating irrational violence and calming political strife.

After your crowning, you can never disobey Goddess Rebecca.

The faithful church members will cheer for you.

Quest Clear Conditions: In three months, become the pope in the pope’s election.

Quest Clear Rewards: Second class ‘Pope’ will be obtained. ‘Goddess Rebecca’s Armor,’ ‘Goddess Rebecca’s Helmet,’ and ‘Goddess Rebecca’s Gloves’ will be acquired.

Quest Failure: Pascal will become the pope. The Rebecca Church will decline even worse than the days of Drevigo.

“You will become the pope?”

Pascal was angry. He’d already bought more than half of the votes. This declaration had no foundation to succeed.

“Well, good. As the Goddess' Agent, you are qualified to be a pope candidate. I respect you.”

Thump thump.

Pascal nodded before heading over to Isabel’s bed. Isabel looked at him and he gave her an order.

“A Yatan Temple was found in Kent Village on the outskirts of the empire. Show them the divine power of the spear. Ah, can you hear me? This is the command. Read this and act accordingly.”

The user of Lifael’s Spear always had White Transformation triggered. Naturally, the work had to be done fast, so the elders assigned Isabel more duties than the other two Rebecca’s Daughters. As a result, Isabel's life energy was depleting more quickly, but the elders didn’t care. They were already preparing substitutes in large quantities.

“I will go.” Damian intercepted the command. "I will take on all the duties that she will perform in the future.”

Pascal rejected it. “Didn’t I say it before? Are you making fun of the elders’ commands? As you know, the pope’s seat is currently empty so they are working on his behalf. Violating their orders is like going against the pope...”

“I am the Goddess' Agent.” Damian responded strongly to Pascal, who tried to repeat an explanation that Damian had heard several times already. "As you said, the elders aren’t the pope.”


“I don’t want to hear anymore about the elders’ orders. Only the true pope and Goddess Rebecca can command me.”

Damian’s words sounded good, but he had a weak base. The senior priests didn’t treat Damian as important and ignored his opinions. But now Damian made his position clear, so Pascal couldn’t help feeling dumbfounded.


Pascal tried to think.

‘If this guy is busy on the battlefield, he will be less likely to win the pope’s election held in three months.’

Damian wasn’t competition in the first place, but it would be a good idea to clear the path.

Pascal nodded. “Go ahead. But I doubt that you will be able to perform the difficult missions with your abilities.”

“I am strong.”

He had a unique hidden class. Now Damian was different from the past. He was no longer the extra who just watched while Grid fought Drevigo. Damian was also a protagonist.

“Kukuk, good. Prepare your heart. If you become tired and fall down, Isabel will take on the missions again.”

Then Pascal left the room. Damian cursed him and planned for the future.

'The mission is in the east of the empire. It is relatively close to the western part of the Eternal Kingdom.’ Reidan was located in the west of the Eternal Kingdom. ‘I will stop by to meet him.’

The person who went against Pope Drevigo and saved Rebecca’s Daughters. He helped Damian become the Goddess' Agent. Also...

‘The only one who can seal Lifael’s Spear.'

Pagma’s Descendant, Grid. He was the only person Damian could rely on.


Isabel called out to Damian who was about to leave. Damian took a deep breath. His expression that was distorted with rage gradually softened to a smile.

“I am going, Isabel-chan. Please stay well.”

Damian said goodbye to her with a smile.


[The experience of (Witness of God’s Weapon) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill Lv. 5 has increased by 19%.] 

[A unique rated item was produced, increasing all stats by +4.]

[Reputation throughout the continent will rise by +150.]

[You currently have 25,110 reputation throughout the continent. You can use the Reputation Store when your reputation reaches over 30,000.] 

“It’s good.”

Grid was very satisfied as he checked the result.

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