Chapter 605


He was one of the solo number knights who were considered to have surpassed Piaro, the pillar of the empire. He was the 6th knight. His power was different from the 8th and 9th knights. He was a catastrophic being who could destroy a nation. 

One of the greatest people was now at the scene of the Overgeared Kingdom’s establishment.

‘Grid... He might be more dangerous than expected.’

Reidorn’s nature was quite cautious. During the time when the empire underestimated Grid and thought that the Overgeared Kingdom would be destroyed naturally, Reidorn was alert to Grid. There were many things to watch. He objectively evaluated Grid’s actions. Grid caused many miracles as the descendant of a legend.

‘There is also the rumor that his forces and the Rebecca Church sealed a great demon.’

Originally, he thought this rumor was a lie that Grid made up to justify taking the throne and to mislead the people. But that was before the founding ceremony started. Reidorn looked all over Reinhardt and was amazed by what he found. There were three Rebecca temples being built in Reinhardt.

This meant that the Overgeared Kingdom had absolute favor with the Rebecca Church. There were few cities where three or more Rebecca temples were built outside of the capital of the empire. The Rebecca Church wouldn’t give such a favor to a new kingdom unless a great demon was really sealed. It was highly likely that the rumors were true.

‘The power of a great demon might be much weaker than we had anticipated. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore Grid.’

Reidorn made a decision. Since he came here today, he must kill Grid and destroy the kingdom. He couldn’t neglect any variables that could threaten the empire.

‘I will start.’

He no longer hesitated. He didn’t wear the red armor in order to conceal his identity, but he wasn’t particularly afraid. Armor? He didn’t need it. He was a talented person who could cut all enemies with his sword before they knew it.

Step step.

Reidorn slowly approached from where he was hiding in the crowd.

“Piaro, come forward.”


Reidorn stopped in place when he heard Grid’s voice call out the name of a meritorious retainer. The former chief of the Red Knights and the pillar of the empire, Piaro. He had left after betraying the empire. Why was his name heard here?

‘Traitor...! He was actively working in this area...!’


The 1~7th knights were people selected and trained to be more talented than Piaro. Yes, Reidorn was superior to Piaro. But the Piaro of the past was great. Reidorn instinctively shrank back and couldn’t move anymore. He was confident that he could destroy the Overgeared Guild, including Grid. However, he was like a stone statue in front of Piaro.


Reidorn hid in the crowd again and his expression twisted as he saw the stage. The person called Piaro walked onto the stage. The great swordsman Piaro looked like a peasant farmer.

‘A person with the same name?’

Dammit, he was scared for nothing. Reidorn sighed and started moving again. He ignored the farmer who was restoring the destroyed land with magic attached farming equipment and looked at Grid.

‘I will destroy you and your kingdom today, for the good of the empire.’


Reidorn calmed down his heart that was spooked after hearing ‘Piaro’ and laid his hands on his sheath. It was the precursor to the Sun Cut technique that could split apart a castle. It was the strongest sword drawing technique on the West Continent that had been passed on for generations through the royal family of a small nation that the empire destroyed. Reidorn had acquired it after qualifying for the 6th knight. 

The moment that the blade emerged from the sheath and the brilliant aura of the sun was going to explode.

“Serve the Overgeared Kingdom.”


Grid said something insane to the representatives. Reidorn was so confused that he stopped moving, while the representatives doubted their ears.

"What is this ludicrous?”

Overgeared Kingdom. A kingdom just made today was demanding that the 15 kingdoms, filled with hundreds of years of history and tradition, serve them? It sounded crazy to the millions of people watching, let along Reidorn and the representatives.

The words were so ludicrous that the representatives couldn’t become angry. Then Grid said with a sincere expression.

"It would be better for you to serve me instead of the empire, who asks for extra tributes that hinder the growth of the kingdom. I’m not as unscrupulous as the emperor.”

The representatives could no longer tolerate it. Their faces turned red and their eyes were bloodshot. A kingdom without any roots. This was the king of a small country, where it wouldn’t be strange if the kingdom was ruined at any moment. But they didn’t want speak carelessly and lose their life like the previous representatives.

Baron Guy barely suppressed his anger and opened his mouth.

"Our 15 kingdoms offer a tribute to the Saharan Empire because the empire has a mighty force. It’s an overwhelming force that can destroy our 15 kingdoms at any time. On the other hand, what about the Overgeared Kingdom? I admit that you have great power. But can you alone overwhelm and make our 15 kingdoms submit?”

Baron Guy didn’t wait for Grid to reply. He would just consider Grid to be overconfident if the reply was a yes.

‘He isn’t a man worth conversing with.’

It was the moment Baron Guy bowed his head with disappointment and was about to leave.

"Of course not."


Baron Guy hesitated as Grid said something other than expected. Grid’s expression was still confident.

"The Overgeared Kingdom is still weak. It can’t be compared to the empire, which can overwhelm your kingdom alone. But that’s just a story for the moment. Watch.”


Grid glanced at Noe.


Was it because he was lacking exercise recently or was it a natural change during the process of his growth? Noe was plumper, further doubling his cuteness. The chubby cheeks and wide mouth made someone want to pinch him.

“Hum hum.”

Grid ignored Noe’s cuteness in order to save face and received an item from Noe.

[Belial’s Sheath]

Durability: 916/916  Attack Power: 350

* 50% increase in sword drawing speed.

* 60% increase in sword recovering speed.

* 150% additional damage for sword drawing skills.

* Magic Missile (Enhance) will deal 4,000 fixed damage when a sword is drawn.

* Any target hit by Magic Missile (Enhanced) will be subjected to 1,500 fire damage per second for up to 20 seconds. The demonic energy also reduces attack and defense by 20%. However, if the target has the dark attribute, their attack and defense will be increased by 20%.

A sheath made by enchanting the bones of the great demon Belial by blacksmith Grid, who is entering a mythological level.

It combines the enhanced magic of Great Magician Braham with the fire and dark energy from the bones of Belial. This sheath can be used as a weapon because of its excellent durability and attack power.

The structure is optimized for sword drawing techniques.

Peak Sword led his 300 Silver Knights members to join Overgeared. He always struggled for Grid and Overgeared. In the battle for Cork Island, he made great achievements, including bringing the Eternal navy to the brink of collapse. He was included in the list of meritorious retainers and the sheath was made for him. It had a perfect compatibility with Peak Sword.

Grid placed the +7 Sword Ghost in Belial’s Sheath. Then he took the stance of drawing a sword. He didn’t have any skills related to drawing the sword, but he had excellent stats and items. Grid wanted to demonstrate to the representatives the power of his magic battle gear and gain their trust.

“If you serve the Overgeared Kingdom, I will give you items like this and you will have the power to fight against the empire. Transcend.”


The atmosphere shook. In order for Grid to show off the brilliance of the sheath, it was necessary to strengthen his base attack and convert it to ranged attacks.

“Blacksmith's Rage, Blackening.”


After using a buff, he wore Dark Bus’ Earrings and activated the more powerful Blackening. He also increased the power of his swordsmanship by forming a party with Kraugel. The moment he was about to break the sky with his sword drawing technique.

“You! You have already discovered my presence and now you’re trying to provoke me?”


Someone unexpectedly sprang out of the crowd at Grid.

"How dare you try to us a sword drawing technique before this Reidorn? Your arrogance will surely pierce the sky!”



Grid and all the members of Overgeared were stunned. A crazy NPC suddenly popped out of the crowd. However, Baron Guy looked like he had seen a ghost.

‘S-Solo number knight...! He isn’t wearing the red armor, but I’m sure he is a solo number knight!’

Reidorn. The Saharan Empire’s strongest quick draw swordsman. Baron Guy was very familiar with him. Why? Around five years ago, Reidorn visited the Fold Kingdom which was trying to build up its military power to escape from the empire. Reidorn’s demonstration at the time was fearsome. Baron Guy shook as he recalled that time.

‘Dozens of knights and soldiers fall ever time he draws his sword...’

It wasn’t an exaggeration. The elite knights and soldiers that the Fold Kingdom were so proud of died without even knowing it. Reidorn’s drawn sword was like a flash.

‘The fact that he’s here...’

It meant that the Overgeared Kingdom would be destroyed right now. Baron Guy was terrified. 

‘He saw me trying to ally with the Overgeared Kingdom!’

It was the end. The Fold Kingdom would be destroyed.

‘This is the end!’

Tears flowed from Baron Guy’s eyes as he shuddered with fear. He tore the king’s letter for the sake of his kingdom, but now it was in danger of destruction. Therefore, guilt swept over him like a tsunami. 

“What are you doing?”

Grid made an unhappy expression and narrowed his eyes. There were no signs of nervousness. Reidorn leaned forward and took a sword drawing stance.

“Why are you pretending not to know who I am? Do you want to make me angrier? Bah! Foolish!”


The brilliance of the sun shone from Reidorn’s waist. It was the usage of the strongest sword drawing technique, Sun Cut. It couldn’t be avoided. The moment Grid tensed up, the God Hands, Randy, and Noe flew in front of him.



Noe and Randy couldn’t respond to the Sun Cut. The flash crossed their bodies before they could use any skill. The same was true for the God Hands. Despite being armed with a variety of magical weapons that were supposed to be given to the retainers, the flash passed them and reached Grid before they could use the skills attached to the weapons.



At the same time that blood spurted from Grid’s chest...


Grid completed his sword drawing technique. The +7 Sword Ghost emerged from Belial’s Sheath and roared fiercely.


Reidorn’s eyes widened as there was a huge flash of white and a wave of fire and demonic energy. It was because the power seemed much stronger than the sun.

“This is nonsense...!”

He hurriedly pulled out his red armor, but it was too late.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Reidorn was swept away by the blast and coughed up blood as the Overgeared members ran to him.

“Ugh! Keok! Eek! Eek!”

"Wow, he didn’t die. This armor is durable, but filthy.”

"I don’t think he’s a simple named NPC... Put him in prison.”


Solo number knights. The 6th knight was dominated in an instant?


Baron Guy bowed towards Grid.

"The Fold Kingdom will serve the Overgeared Kingdom! I will use my life and honor to convince the king!”

“Eh? R-Really?”

Was it that great? Grid hadn’t expected this to happen, making him scratch his head with a stunned expression. The other representatives thought that Baron Guy was senile. The founding ceremony ended after a series of disturbances and incidents.