Chapter 604


The 10 remaining representatives were dumbfounded. They were shocked when they witnessed the Overgeared Kingdom’s strength.

‘A soldier who is stronger than a knight...’

‘If this is the ability of a soldier, the talents of the 1,000 black armored knights must be beyond imagination.’

‘I can’t believe the orator has a wyvern.’

‘It is indeed a strong kingdom.’

The Overgeared Kingdom’s soldier and orator were amazing enough to destroy all concepts.


The representatives were in deep distress. They wondered if they should really be hostile to the Overgeared Kingdom.

‘It would be better to hold hands...’

Currently, the power structure of the continent was composed of one empire and 15 kingdoms. The empire was naturally the Saharan Empire. If the Saharan Empire was a young and brave lion, the 15 kingdoms were bound rabbits. The 15 kingdoms didn’t know when they would be swallowed up and paid tributes to the empire. But the amount of the tribute they paid was enormous. The 15 kingdoms had to pay tribute to the empire and their speed of development fell exponentially. At this time, the emergence of the Overgeared Kingdom was like a rosy cloud.

‘If we combined the small number of troops in the Overgeared Kingdom and the three million troops from the 15 kingdoms...’

‘We can become self-reliant and break away from the empire.’ 

‘The timing is good. Currently, it’s difficult for the empire to turn their eyes to the outside world due to its policy of wiping out minor species.

The gazes of the representatives changed as they looked at Grid. The contempt and hostility was replaced by anticipation.

“King Grid!”

Someone shouted courageously. It was Baron Guy of the Fold Kingdom.

"Please forgive my previous rudeness!”

An amazing sight was produced. Baron Guy looked at Grid and tore up the royal letter in his hand. He tore apart the will of the king he served in front of everyone! It was a scene where Baron Guy was prepared to ruin his own life. Everyone watching was surprised, while Grid made an interested expression.

“Do you mean to withdraw the words you said before?”

"Indeed! King Grid, I hope that the Overgeared Kingdom will be a permanent companion of the Fold Kingdom! I will give my king 100 reasons why he should ally with the Overgeared Kingdom! Also! I am convinced that my king will understand my explanation and reconcile with the Overgeared Kingdom! Overgeared is a great kingdom!”


This was a person who demanded a tribute just previously, saying that he could accept Grid or the Overgeared Kingdom. His attitude had sure changed quickly. He even went against his king’s will. Changing his position in the middle of the mission! This unprecedented event would spread the reputation of the Overgeared Kingdom throughout the continent.

Grid was delighted.

‘Very good. It’s more than I expected.’

The growth base of the Overgeared Kingdom would be solid if he allied with a few of the 15 kingdoms. In the midst of accumulating power to defend the kingdom from the empire, the need to worry about the stupid ones would disappear. It was the moment when Grid visualized a brilliant future.

-Please refrain from replying and give honors to your retainers first.

Lauel sent him a whisper. He had been silently watching the situation and finally opened his mouth.

‘I don’t know his intentions, but...’

Lauel was the person that Grid trusted the most. He didn’t question it and acted as Lauel said. He ignored Baron Guy who was waiting for a reaction.


Baron Guy blushed with shame. He had torn up his letter in order to convey his sincerity, but he was ignored like a passing child rather than being impressed by Grid.

Shake shake!

The expressions of the representatives were disappointed as they looked between Baron Guy and Grid.

‘Grid will never have a big vessel.’

‘Baron Guy acknowledged his mistake and offered a bright future, but Grid is still upset by our previous rudeness.’

‘How can he rule over a kingdom when he is so narrow-minded?’

‘It isn’t right to establish diplomatic relations with such a savage kingdom.’

Tsk tsk tsk.

The representatives thought that Grid was pathetic.

“Duke Lauel, come forward.”

Grid started to call out his meritorious retainers in turn. Lauel was the first to kneel before him. Grid handed him a pair of gauntlets.  What type of materials were used for them? The gauntlets were mysterious and dark colored, with a glazed black surface. It was beautiful and elegant enough to capture anyone’s eyes.

‘But they’re just gauntlets. The level of reward for the person who had the highest merit in establishing a kingdom...’

‘It’s evidence that the Overgeared Kingdom is a small group of elites, but is poor. The foundation will be stable by absorbing Marquis Steim’s power but he needs our help.’

‘If the Overgeared Kingdom refuses to hold hands with us, only self-destruction is waiting for them.’

Gauntlets were items that protected the hands and forearms. He should give his meritorious retainers a sword that can cut the enemy or armor to defend against an enemy’s attacks. Grid’s reward was indeed trivial. The moment that the representatives thought so.

"Kukuk...! Kukukuk! Belial’s Gauntlets... This is something that transcends my expectations. The hot skin of Belial against my arms has succeeded in sealing the aura of the dark dragon. Huhuhut!”


His reputation had spread to the 15 kingdoms. The duke of the Overgeared Kingdom covered half his face with his hand and chattered nonsense. The representatives couldn’t understand what he was talking about. It was natural that they didn’t understand. The Overgeared members had been with Lauel for years and they still didn’t understand him.

Lauel turned his gaze towards the representatives. One eye was covered with a black eyepatch, as if it was injured.

"People from small and weak kingdoms, look at the great power that King Grid has entrusted to me.”


Yes, it was a swipe. Lauel swiped his hands just once. The wavelength was huge.


The five fingertips of the gauntlets worn by Lauel created five white spheres. The spheres contained hot fire and cool demonic energy.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


The direction that Lauel waved his hand. The five spheres flew in the direction of the representatives and exploded. The representatives were shocked by the suddenly incident. They made stupid expressions like a carp. Lauel ridiculed those who couldn’t understand the situation and moved his hand again. Once again, five white spheres were created and flew to the feet of the representatives, exploding. Flames emerged from the explosion and the demonic energy polluted the atmosphere.

The representatives were amazed and belatedly realized.


“Unbelievable! Creating such powerful magic with just a wave of the hand!”

"D-Don’t tell me the power of those gauntlets...?”  

An artifact? No, it is impossible. Pagma’s Descendant, Grid. He might be a legendary blacksmith, but he didn’t have the capacity to produce artifacts. Artifact production was an area for a very small number of magicians.

“Marquis Piaro, come forward.”

The representatives tried to deny the power of the gauntlets.

Step, step.

This time, a middle-aged man climbed onto the stage.


The representatives doubted their eyes. It was because the person on the stage was a middle-aged peasant farmer. The farmer was wearing old clothes covered in dirt and had a variety of farming equipment hanging from his waist.


A marquis was a farmer?  No, a farmer marquis? This was ridiculous. A disgraceful noble. It was terrible just imagining a noble doing field work.

'No, leave it.’

This was currently the founding ceremony. It was essential to be formal. It was courtesy to dress appropriately for the founding ceremony, even if the middle-aged Piaro was a real farmer. What was with this dirty clothing?

‘Not even knowing the basic manners...’

‘The king has no foundation and his subordinates are the same.’

Tsk tsk.

The representatives once again clicked their tongues. Then Grid handed Piaro a sickle and hand plow.

"In fact, I wanted to wear official clothing today.” Piaro whispered while receiving the farming equipment. He was looking around. Grid asked him to attend in his work clothes, but Piaro felt disgusting.

Grid smiled and patted his shoulder. "Your official clothing is farming work clothes. From now on, you should also wear a straw hat.”

Grid’s liking towards Piaro was now infinite. He was an absolute power of the Overgeared Kingdom and gave all the loot he acquired from Belial to Grid without hesitation. Grid wanted to acknowledge Piaro and accept him as a farmer.

Piaro was thrilled. “Your servant Piaro! I will devote myself even more to the field! I will provide enough food so that our citizens will never starve!”


"A real farmer!”

The dubious representatives became pale when they heard Piaro’s cry. They were shocked to see that the marquis of a kingdom was a farmer. The representatives lost their minds once again. Then Piaro came down from the stage and approached them.


Piaro was the owner of muscles that seemed harder than rocks. As he stepped towards them with dirty clothes, the representatives were forced to shrink back.


“What are you trying to do?”

The sickle and hand plow looked sharp in Piaro’s hands, causing the representatives to gulp.


The moment Piaro reached them! He raised his sickle and hand plow. The representatives thought he was going to be killed. At the same time.


Piaro suddenly squatted. He started digging at the ground ruined by Lauel’s magic bombardment. Then something amazing happened. Plants started growing from the burnt and contaminated ground.


Rice was grown in an instant? Was there a farmer like this?

‘No, it doesn’t make sense for a farmer. Is this the power of an artifact?’

‘It’s clear that Grid’s sickle and hand plow has the power to restore the earth!’

‘Grid! His blacksmithing abilities are far beyond Pagma’s!’

Admiration, amazement, admiration, amazement! Lauel confirmed the expressions on the faces of the representatives and whispered to Grid. Grid nodded before finally turning his attention to Baron Guy of the Fold Kingdom. Grid asked.

“You want to hold hands with the Overgeared Kingdom?”

“Yes...! Yes! Indeed!”

Baron Guy hurriedly nodded. Now he was thinking that if his kingdom didn’t form an alliance with Overgeared, they would perish. There were many amazing people in the Overgeared Kingdom.

Grid shook his head.

"I will ask you again. You want to hold hands with the Overgeared Kingdom?”


The reaction was worrisome. It was as if he wanted to reject the alliance.

The confused Baron Guy hurriedly exclaimed.

“King Grid! Please forgive my rudeness and think calmly! Right now, the continent is dominated by the Saharan Empire! No matter how wonderful King Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom is, you can’t deal with the empire alone! Ally with the Fold Kingdom for your future!”

"I agree that it is better to be together. But I don’t want an alliance.”


No alliance? Baron Guy looked confused as Grid opened his inventory. He pulled out all the magic battle gear he had created and handed them to the God Hands, Noe and Randy. It was to show off. Grid grinned and shouted at all the representatives, including Baron Guy.

“Serve the Overgeared Kingdom.”


No, how many times would the world be surprised by the founding ceremony? Thanks to this, high ratings were guaranteed and the executives and employees of broadcasting companies praised Grid.