Chapter 603

Grid’s mouth twitched. He was trying not to laugh.

‘Indeed, he picked Asmophel.’

There were currently only 1,000 Overgeared soldiers stationed in Reinhardt. But they were the elites who completed their second class advancement and wore the Grid mass production set. It was easy for them to be mistaken as knights just by their appearance.

Then what about Asmophel? He was someone who looked exactly like a soldier. He was the weakest looking in Reinhardt. It was easy to predict that Baron Biz would pick out Asmophel.

‘Is this Lauel’s trick?’

Grid’s tactic of causing a situation that wouldn’t trouble him if the representative died was quite good. It was hard to believe it was a plan built and executed by Grid alone, so the Overgeared members thought that Lauel was behind it. But what was the truth?

Currently, the person dealing with the 12 representatives was Grid alone. Grid created this situation alone. The smile couldn’t leave Lauel’s face.

‘Grid, your growth is once again burning up my heart. You have transcended the limits of your IQ. Huhuhut...’

Lauel was caught up in the feeling of excitement.

“Really? You’ll spare me if I win the fight against this soldier?”

Baron Biz asked Grid again.

Grid nodded. “I keep my promises. But don’t forget that the Violet Kingdom can’t hold us responsible if you die.”

“Okay!” Baron Biz shouted vigorously to his men. "At this moment, I am not the representative of the Violet Kingdom. I am just Baron Biz! Even if I die, the Overgeared Kingdom didn’t kill the representative of the Violet Kingdom! Do you understand?”

The death penalty was imminent, but he had a chance to save his life. He couldn’t miss this opportunity.  Baron Biz was confident that he could win the battle.

‘I will kill this soldier!’


Baron Biz pulled out his sword. His level and armor were considerable.

『 Baron Biz’s level is at least 250. There is also the title ‘Noble who learned Swordsmanship’, meaning he is likely to have Advanced Sword Mastery... He will be stronger than any decent knight. 』

『 Then how will the soldier fight Baron Biz? 』

『 He's dead. The result is obvious. 』

『 ... 』

Foolish Grid! He had a chance to incapacitate a representative. But he wasted it and sacrificed an innocent soldier! This time, no one supported Grid’s choice. The media and viewers thought Grid made a serious mistake. That’s right. The world was about to be overturned again. Grid was a common sense destroyer who always produced results that were different or exceeded expectations.

“I will bring the punishment of death to you who has despised and belittled my king.”

The soldier sent out killing intent from his eyes deep in the helmet. Baron Biz confirmed the old spear that the soldier held and laughed. 

"Kukuk, a simple soldier is spouting such ridiculous words.”

Biz Baron was certain. If he combined the power of his swordsmanship with his equipment, he would be able to break the spear and armor in front of him. The difference between their items and skills were clear.


Baron Biz was fired up and rushed forward. It was high ranking footwork that narrowed the distance to the target in a short time. It had been passed down in Baron Biz’ family for generations.

-It’s over.

The viewers mourned the soldier. They were sure that the soldier would die without being able to take advantage of the spear’s long reach. It was a meaningless prediction.




Baron Biz narrowed the distance without any superfluous movements. It was like a lightning bolt, but the soldier was much faster. Before Baron Biz’s sword struck the soldier’s helmet, the soldier’s spear pierced Baron Biz’s chest.


Baron Biz made a disbelieving expression. How could the soldiers’ attack speed be faster than him, and how could the soldier tear through his armor with one blow?

“A scam...!”

It was a scam! There was something wrong! It was certainly cheating! But Baron Biz wasn’t able to speak these thoughts. It was because the soldier’s spear pierced his chest in succession.

“Cough! Ugh! Kuaaaaak!"

He was busy screaming. It was a series of strikes that didn’t allow Baron Biz to take any defensive actions.



All the representatives present, the players at the venue, and the viewers watching the broadcast were at a loss for words. The hosts of the broadcasting stations could barely speak because they had an obligation to relay the situation.

『 The soldier has completely overwhelmed a noble’s swordsmanship! This is unexpected! 』

『 The difference between items is made moot by skills! What on earth was this? The Overgeared Kingdom has strong soldiers! 』

The world was turned upside down by the unexpected result. The person who was more shocked than anyone was naturally Baron Biz.

‘W-Who is this person?’

He thought the opponent was a soldier. Then what was this? The proud knights of the Violet Kingdom wouldn’t be able to deal with this soldier’s spear.

Puk! Puuok!

"Hik! Hiik!!”

Baron Biz had been polishing his swordsmanship for many years. He tried to resist the soldier’s spear with his sword. But it was a worthless desperate attempt. If the soldier stabbed the spear 10 times, Baron Biz was struck 10 times. No matter how aggressively he resisted, he failed in his defense and evasion.

“You...! What the hell are you? You can’t be a soldier! Why are you posing as a soldier?”

Dark red blood emerged with every scream. The viewers who previously sympathized with the soldier now felt sorry for Baron Biz.

-Baron Biz has fallen into a trap. It’s impossible for a soldier to beat a noble.

-That's right. He doesn’t seem like a soldier. He might be a knight disguised as a soldier.

-In fact, it doesn’t make sense? Does this mean that Grid expected the situation to come to this point and disguised a knight as a soldier?

-Uh... Come to think of it.

The viewers were confused. A soldier was smashing Baron Biz. If this person wasn’t a soldier, Grid was too great to anticipate this situation. If the person was a soldier, he had the strength of another kingdom’s knight. No matter how they interpreted it, Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom were great.

-So scary.

-This is crazy.

-Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom are magnificent...

The evaluation of Grid rose exponentially from just one incident! 

‘Grid’s honor will be restored and his reputation will be even higher.’

Asmophel felt the situation change and put an end to the one-sided fight. Baron Biz was beaten bloody and died.


[Baron Biz who represents the Violet Kingdom has died.]

[Due to the agreement made by Baron Biz, the Violet Kingdom can’t transfer any responsibility to the Overgeared Kingdom.]

“What is this?”

The other representatives were terrified as they watched Baron Biz die. They couldn’t understand the situation and fell into a trap.

Baron Briton of the Arc Kingdom shouted. “Grid...! How can you be such a villainous person? Disguising a knight as a soldier in order to trap Baron Biz!”

“You.” Grid pointed to Baron Briton this time. “You pick.”


"You should be held accountable for accusing and taunting a king in his own kingdom. Just like baron Biz.”


He shouldn’t have said anything! Baron Briton fell into the same mess as Baron Biz. His face paled because he knew he had no way out. He tried to keep his mind as calm as possible as he looked around. He was looking for a weak opponent, just like Baron Biz had done before.

Then he found one.

“I will fight with him!”

This person looked the weakest. It was surprisingly close.

An orator. It was the orator who spoke for Grid.

“Hoh... First it was a soldier and now an orator.”

Grid made an interested look while the residents accused Baron Briton.

“Lousy bastard! Pointing out an orator who never once held a blade!”

"Are all nobles of the Arc Kingdom like you?”

"Trying to fight a person who uses their mouth!”



The booing and criticism continued, but Baron Briton wasn’t ashamed. What good was honor if he was dead?

‘I can’t die in this savage kingdom!’

It was his sublime belief. He couldn’t die so easily. Baron Briton grabbed the mace hanging from his waist. Then Orator Huroi summoned his wyvern.




Baron Briton and the residents were stunned when the red wyvern appeared and fired flames. An orator summoned a wyvern? It was also the most powerful fire wyvern!

“W-Wait a minute... This is a scam!”

"Your parents are a scam!”

“What? What nonsense is this? Kuaaaaah!”

Mentioning his parents? It was also from a person who was scamming him? Baron Briton was angry and frustrated, but he was helpless. He was burned by the flames of Huroi’s wyvern and died.