Chapter 602

The venue of the founding ceremony immediately became silent. People all over the world became aware of the seriousness of the situation. The 15 kingdoms demanded a tribute. What if Grid refused this demand? The 15 kingdoms would invade the Overgeared Kingdom and it would eventually fall into ruin.

-Not accepting the demands means...

-If they give a tribute to 15 kingdoms, they will soon become impoverished and self-destruct.

-What? Then no matter what they do, the Overgeared Kingdom is dead? 

-The Overgeared Kingdom died the moment the 15 kingdoms united. It seems that it’s too early for a player to set up a kingdom.

-I never imagined NPCs would act this way. Was it designed by the system?

-It seems so. The owner of a kingdom can amass astronomical wealth. Satisfy is famous for its high level of difficulty and won’t give big advantages to a user.

-The S.A. Group is really... Grid’s 60 million gold will fly away.

-It’s pitiful, but it serves him right. Grid was doing so well that I was jealousㅎ ㅎ

-There are many people like you in the world. 

People felt a variety of emotions at the first kingdom built by a player being destroyed. Some people felt anger, some were sad, some were happy. All of them were paying attention to Grid right now. What type of reaction would Grid show?

-First, he will give a positive reply to the representatives, send them away, and then come up with a solution.

-With Grid’s nature, won’t he kill the representatives? Will Grid be crushed after absorbing the Giant Guild and Marquis Steim’s forces? 

-I think that Grid will choose to fight. I would rather fight against the 15 kingdoms then offer them a tribute.

-60 million gold is so big that people can’t fathom it. 60 million gold is approximately 65 million dollars. 65 million is enough to live in a super luxurious mansion for the rest of my left, as well as allow me to buy a few supercars. Will Grid and the Overgeared Guild want to lose such an astronomical sum of money? Absolutely not. Grid can’t help but compromise.

-Indeed... The money he has already invested is too big.

People became certain that Grid couldn’t hurt the representatives. It was the same with the media outlets of each kingdom. They analyzed that Grid would compromise with the representatives and prepared articles in advance that could be sent out at any time.


On top of a stage made of marble. Grid wore the Holy Light Crown on his head and finally reacted.


The tense Overgeared members gulped.

‘Grid! Please endure it!’

‘The 60 million gold can’t fly away!’

That’s right. The Overgeared members were different from others. They thought it was highly likely Grid would kill the representatives instantly. The Overgeared members knew Grid’s nature. But Grid’s reaction was different from what the Overgeared members expected. Rather than being angry at the representatives, he opened his mouth with a perfectly calm expression.

“Let me ask you one thing.”


"Why are there 12 of you, not 15, when you are representing the 15 kingdoms?”


The representatives were embarrassed. How could they say that the Gauss, Ultana, and Murray representatives returned to their kingdoms using ridiculous excuses? It was unclear if the will of these three kingdoms would be the same as when they came to this agreement.

Grid scoffed at the representatives who couldn’t reply. 

"12 representatives are acting arrogant and vulgar, trying to convey the will of 15 kingdoms. I can only see bluffers who are telling lies.”


Their words lost weight. The representatives had no room to refute Grid’s words. 

"Damn scum.” Grid muttered in a small voice before sitting down and leaning back on his big and gorgeous throne. It was like he was the emperor of an empire. Then he called out to Huroi standing below the stage. “Huroi.”

"Yes, Your Majesty.”

"From now on, repeat my words.”

"As you command!”

The power of Huroi’s words were great. He made the same words sound more logical and he could communicate his thoughts in a noisy place. He was equipped with a compulsion to make everyone listen. In addition, he could cover up Grid’s rough words.

“Hey, you bastards.”

"Listen up, foolish and false representatives.” 

"I didn’t violate the bullshit moral laws.”

"I didn’t violate the moral laws. I’m not a traitor. Rather, I fulfilled my vow of loyalty to King Wiesbaden. He was the only one worthy of being followed.”

The first ranked orator, Huroi. Huroi’s voice resounded through Reinhardt. The clear voice that somewhat conveyed Grid’s will captured the ears and hearts of the people filled with anxiety. 

"The reason for taking the throne was to save the people suffering from the corrupt Eternal royal family. This is a noble cause that should remain in the continent’s history. You can’t distort the truth with false lies.”


Eternal’s royal family.

The people of Reinhardt had suffered due to the crimes committed by King Aslan. They perceived Grid as a savior and genuinely accepted his speech. Their courage was regained after feeling afraid of the representatives words and they cheered Grid’s name.

Lauel watched the situation quietly with a warm expression.

'He’s coping very well.’

It could’ve been a very serious situation if Grid committed violence against the representatives. Not only would they become completely hostile to the 15 kingdoms, it would also bring distrust and anxiety to the people. But Grid controlled his anger. He used Huroi’s clever words to paint the representatives as corrupt people. Thanks to this, the representatives were in a more disadvantageous position.

‘Damn, the atmosphere is strange.’

‘The plan to create a frightful atmosphere and stir up the people has been broken.’

‘But the loyalty of the people towards Grid was actually increased. What is this? Isn’t this giving the bowl of soup to him?’

‘This is all because of Kons and Cudan! This wouldn’t have happened if those insane guys hadn’t fled like they were possessed by ghosts!’

‘Everybody calm down. The plan to incite the people has failed, but nothing has changed. In the end, he will have to give us tributes. Then he will pay for today’s disrespect.’


The representatives embarrassed by the unexpected atmosphere quickly regained their calm heads. This didn’t change the fact that they were in an advantageous position. Baron Biz of the Violet Kingdom used this momentum and shouted.

“This Grid! No matter how you dress it up with rhetoric, your evil deeds can’t be covered up! The king is the highest existence! No matter the reason, killing the king can’t be forgiven... Heok?”

Baron Biz suddenly stopped talking. It was because the dozens of people around Grid pulled out their weapons with menacing expressions. His legs trembled from the killing intent.

“D-Daring to threaten a representative...! All of you don’t have the basic common sense! Harming the representatives is no different from declaring war on our kingdom!”

"Shut up.” Pon pointed a spear at Baron Biz’ neck. "Do you think you can live after talking to our king like that? You just said it yourself. The king is the highest existence. Isn't that right?"


He didn’t want to admit that Grid was a king, but Baron Biz’ life depended on his next words. He was terrified and shut his mouth. He was belatedly aware of his error.

‘I was too excited!’

He was overcome by the momentum and talked too much. He couldn’t accept Grid as a king, but that was just his position. It wasn’t strange for Grid’s subordinates to cut off his head. Indeed, the other representatives weren’t trying to save him. Grid looked down at Baron Biz, who felt his death, and had a good idea.

“Hey, you.”


Baron Biz was surprised. He was someone with the death penalty in front of him. Now Grid was staring down at him with an ominous smile on his face.

"I’ll give you a chance.”

"A-A chance...?” 

"Yes, you deserve to die, but I’m a benevolent person.”


What was he trying to do? It was difficult to determine Grid’s intentions. As thousands of eyes focused on him, Grid rose from his throne.

"This is an opportunity for you to preserve your life and an opportunity for me to show off the power of the Overgeared Kingdom. Let’s help each other out.”

"W-What is this opportunity?”

Baron Biz listened closely. He wanted to seize this chance. Then Grid spoke.

"Looking at your body and the sheath at you waist, you have learned swordsmanship?”


“Okay. A person who is a warrior should be able to protect yourself. Now, pick.”

"What do you mean... Choose?”

“An opponent to fight against. Pick somebody. I’ll forgive your sin if your win the fight. However, if you die during the fight, it’s your own fault. The Overgeared Kingdom holds no responsibility.”


Baron Biz’ heart thumped. It was natural since he got a chance to save his life. However, the other representatives were shaking.

‘Grid is using his head!’

‘If Baron Biz dies like this, the Violet Kingdom can no longer hold Grid responsible!’

Baron Briton of the Arc Kingdom cried out.

"It’s too unfavorable to call this an opportunity! You intend to harm Baron Biz by putting him against a stronger opponent that he can’t face!”

“What is this nonsense? Do you have a novel in your head?”

Grid clocked his tongue and shrugged.

"I told you. You can choose your own opponent to fight.”

“I-Is that true?”

"Of course. I’m not a liar like you guys.”

‘I can live!’

Baron Biz was jubilant. He was stronger in swordsmanship than a knight. If he could pick the opponent to fight, he could win 100%. Baron Biz looked around and smiled darkly.  He had determined his opponent. There was a blond soldier wearing old leather armor, unlike the 1,000 elite knights wearing black armor.

'Just look at this inconsequential soldier! My opponent is you!’

Baron Biz pointed to the blond soldier.

“I-I will fight with him!”

People might call him cowardly for pointing towards a soldier, but his life was a thousand times more important than his pride. Baron Biz expected Grid to ridicule him for fighting against the soldiers, but Grid easily accepted it.

"You will fight the soldier. Okay.”

Grid winked at the soldier. Then the soldier walked over to Baron Biz. Baron Biz looked much stronger. The baron was taller than the soldier and his equipment was better. No, in the first place, how could a soldier be an opponent for a noble who had learnt swordsmanship?

The viewers from all over the world were frustrated.

-Sigh, what is Grid doing? Why is he giving that bastard a chance to save his life?

-This isn’t good.

-That poor and innocent soldier... He made a mistake with his master and will be killed.

Everyone in the world sympathized with the soldier. They thought he was being persecuted by an unreasonable boss. However, the soldier was happy. He faced Baron BIz and tied back his blond hair flowing under his helmet. The name of the soldier covered by a helmet was Asmophel.