Chapter 601


“Grid! Grid!! Grid!!”

“God Grid! God Grid!! God Grid!”

The players cheers rang through Reinhardt the moment that the announcement about the first player king being born was made. The cheers stirred the earth. Tens of thousands of players and hundreds of thousands of NPCs chanted Grid’s name and praised him.

“Film it!”

"Close in on the users and people! I want to see their faces filled with joy!”

Who in the world could receive such enthusiastic cheers from so many people? It was as if the world’s president had been born. The broadcasters were absorbed in the atmosphere of the scene. They had a desire to give the viewers a live view of the scene.

‘All I can say is great.’

The cheers of the people reached the sky. The players praised Grid, regardless of their nationality.  The broadcasting staff ran around the streets. In the midst of this turmoil, Zirkan trembled. His gaze was focused on Lauel.

‘Lauel, you’re a monster.’

Who spread the rumor that the Eternal nobles had gathered and were advancing to Reinhardt? It was Lauel. It was designed to heighten the atmosphere of the scene and this dramatic directing was completed the moment Marquis Steim and the Giant Guild arrived.

The result? It was the current scene. The founding of the Overgeared Kingdom was a huge topic. People would be talking about this moment for the next few days. How many times would the word ‘Overgeared Kingdom’ emerge from people’s mouths? It was immeasurable.

‘If Chris had a talent like Lauel...’

Lauel laughed while wearing his black eyepatch. Zirkan gazed at him with greedy eyes.

‘Chris would be a king by now.’

Zirkan. An old player who was the first ranked swordsman until Ibellin came along. As Chris’ long time friend and mentor, he was well aware of Chris’ potential. The prideful young man had grown into someone envied by all, established the Giant Guild, and took first in the unified rankings.

‘Chris is also qualified to be a king.’ 

The reason he couldn’t become a king was due to his lacking subordinates. Zirkan lamented his shortcomings. Then Chris placed his big hands on Zirkan’s shoulders.

"Zirkan, is my decision to follow Grid giving you a sense of loss?”

They had been together for decades. Chris could read Zirkan’s heart just by looking at his expression. Zirkan spoke with the heart of a sinner.

"If this old man had even half of Lauel’s strength, you wouldn’t have to bow your head.”

"That isn’t the case.”

Chris smiled and shook his head.

"I don’t have the skills to attract people, the charm that would make people devote themselves to me, or the force to break the sky.” 

As he looked back on himself, he could clearly see the difference between himself and Grid. That’s why he was able to decide. He would serve Grid.

"Zirkan, keep this in mind. From now on, Grid is my standard."


"Yes, his choice is my choice and his path is my path.”

Chris realized that he couldn’t afford to lead more than 500 guild members. The throne that was being first in the unified rankings? It was nothing more than a meal he obtained because Kraugel and Zibal pulled themselves out. He felt his limits thanks to Grid. Grid was a giant who could do things that Chris couldn’t. Grid even loved his colleagues as his own, something Chris hadn’t dared to do. Therefore, Grid was his standard.


Grid called out Chris’ name from the stage. It was the first name spoked since the crown was placed on the head of the Overgeared King. It was to show honor towards the current 1st ranked user who led 500 guild members.

“I have a formal request. Become my colleague.”

Grid reached out to him.

[The Overgeared Kingdom is awarding you with the title of a duke. Do you accept?]

A notification window appeared in front of Chris. It was a notification window asking ‘are you prepared to devote everything you built since your first day in Satisfy to Grid?’

Chris didn’t hesitate.

“It is an honor.”

Step, step.

Chris walked onto the stage with powerful steps. He knelt in front of Grid, sending the world into chaos.

“Chris and the 503 members of the Giant Guild will join the Overgeared Guild... No, we will be your servants and help protect the Overgeared Kingdom.”


One of the Seven Guilds was absorbed by Grid! It was one of the most shocking news in Satisfy’s history. Breaking news was reported all over the world and people’s enthusiastic support poured out.


-Wow, amazing.

-The 1st ranked user and Giant Guild is absorbed all at once.

-But isn’t it strange? Why is Chris becoming Grid’s servant?

Chris was able to take 1st in the rankings because Kraugel and Zibal disappeared from the rankings. But nobody dared accuse Chris of gaining that ranking for free. Chris was strong enough that no one questioned his position. That type of person went under Grid. Most of the people in the world found it hard to understand the situation. They didn’t know why Chris made this choice.

-Did Grid catch his weakness?

-Was there intimidation from Overgeared?

-How can one of the Seven Guilds be intimidated?

-What are the Seven Guilds? The Overgeared Guild has the power of a kingdom.

-Come to think of it... The Seven Guilds were nothing in front of Overgeared ;;

-Wow... Then the Overgeared Guild will absorb other guilds and expand their power?

-Later on, they will become bigger and bigger, owning Satisfy.

In the midst of the viewers’ assumptions, the experts from each country gave a sharp analysis.

『 Chris’ decision to join Overgeared is wise. The Giant Guild is too big and the land they possess isn’t very good. Perhaps Chris won’t be able to develop the Giant Guild any further. 』 

『 That’s right. It’s much more profitable to go under Grid and secure new territories. 』

『 Then the rumors of Overgeared threatening Chris are wrong? 』

『 Of course. The Overgeared Guild are proud of their power. However, there would be a big backlash if they used such methods. Wouldn’t an anti-Overgeared group form and threaten them? 』

『 The Overgeared Guild already have many forces against them. The risk of using force to increase their power is too large. Chris and the Giant Guild willingly went under Overgeared. 』

『 Hah... But it’s hard to believe. The largest guild led by the 1st ranked user was absorbed... 』

『 This is a glimpse of Grid’s true heights. Grid is a great person... 』

『 ... 』

The international broadcasters and experts praised Grid. It was hard to believe they blamed Grid for being stupid until a short while ago. The anchors and viewers were absurd.


"Did you say that the Overgeared Kingdom can only survive for the next few years?”

S.A. Group’s headquarters.

Chairman Lim Cheolho watched the founding ceremony and asked the supercomputer Morpheus.

-Originally, the Overgeared Kingdom was likely to be destroyed after two years and three months. They would be gradually suppressed by the 15 kingdoms and eventually occupied by the Saharan Empire. But now that has changed. The Giant Guild joining Overgeared has increased their power by leaps and bounds.

“Hah... Hahahat!

Morpheus gave a completely different answer from earlier.

Lim Cheolho laughed.

Grid. How many times had he ruined the predictions of the world’s top supercomputer? He truly was one of the five miracle players. It was really pleasing to see. Morpheus’ report entered the excited Lim Cheolho’s ears.

-The new time period for Overgeared’s destruction is 2 years and 8 months from now. 


-It will be the beginning of the light dragon Nevartan episode.

"Hrmm, it’s time for that species? But at that time, most of the kingdoms will be destroyed, not just Overgeared.”

There were many new stories prepared. Who would be the one to earn wealth and honor in the upcoming trials? Lim Cheolho was very excited and looking forward to it.


“Grid! Grid!! Grid!!!”

"They’re too thoughtless.”

"It’s a world where the name of a traitor is being shouted. It doesn’t make sense.”

"It’s a lowly and unpleasant place.”

The atmosphere of the founding ceremony had reached its peak. The representatives of the 12 kingdoms failed to hide their unpleasant feelings. All they could see was a group of crazy people chanting the name of the filthy Grid and Overgeared, who were like flames in front of the wind.

"It’s unexpected that the prestigious Marquis Steim would go under Grid.”

"There’s no future in the Overgeared Kingdom. There’s no tomorrow for a kingdom that doesn’t have the fundamentals of justice.”

"But ordinary people wouldn’t know this. It’s a pity that they are so fascinated and excited by the splendor of the moment.”

“We must remind them of reality.”

The self-styled Overgeared King Grid. On the stage, Grid called Chris and Steim in turn, making them dukes. The founding ceremony was in full swing. It wasn’t the right timing for the representatives to step forward. But the representatives didn’t feel the need to show courtesy to the Overgeared Kingdom. They stood up and climbed onto the stage without permission.

“Who are those people?”

"Who? What's going on?"

The broadcasting staff and players concentrated on the founding ceremony were confused by the appearance of the uninvited guests. The Overgeared Kingdom’s knights became cautious. No, the soldiers misunderstood as knights pulled out their weapons.

"You want to do violence right away? Indeed, their master is someone who steals the throne with violence. It’s natural that his servants would also be barbarians.”

The representatives scoffed as they were surrounded by soldiers. While the Overgeared members were feeling resentment, Grid didn’t show any reaction.

Lauel spoke instead. "Aren’t you entering this event without permission? You don’t even know basic manners. The level of the kings you serve is also obvious."

Lauel smiled as he insulted their kings. The representatives were furious, but they tried to remain as calm as possible. They could afford to endure this since they would be laughing at the end.

“We’re too busy to wait for our turn to come.”

"We’re too noble to join this farce that is called the founding ceremony.”

"These dog-like bastards!”

Vantner’s anger exploded at the representatives who were ruining the event. His face and bald head turned red as he tried to swing his axe, only to be stopped by Pon.

"Wait. Maybe this situation is what Lauel wants. Wait until he gives a command.”


The representatives took out letters as the turmoil increased. The cameras of the broadcasters zoomed in on them. The representatives opened their mouths and spoke in a linked manner.

"Grid, listen.”

"Our 15 kingdoms can’t acknowledge your presence when you took the throne by force.”

"If you become king, it will go against providence and will be a stain that will remain on this continent’s history.”

“Grid, listen to us.”

"Our 15 kingdoms deny you and the Overgeared Kingdom.”

"But what sin did your people commit? We don’t want to sow the ground with the blood of innocents.”

“We will give you one chance.”

“Grid, obey us.”

"In the future, you will offer a monthly tribute to our 15 kingdoms.”

"Throw away the desire to fill your own stomach.”

"Starve, devote yourself, and reflect.”

"Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom will be governed by our 15 kingdoms.”


The venue of the founding ceremony immediately became silent.