Chapter 600

The world’s attention towards the first country built by a player, Overgeared, was very hot. Many broadcasting companies around the world dispatched people to Reinhardt.

"Move the positions of cameras 5 and 7! Be careful to film Grid from all angles!”

"The Japanese people want to see Katz’ face more than once. Arrange the camera so that Katz’ face can be seen from time to time.”

"There are many beautiful woman in Overgeared. Make the lights bright so that their beauty is stronger... Hey! Why are you filming Vantner? The ratings will fall!”

Every broadcaster identified the trends of their viewers and designed their broadcasts accordingly. The female-oriented broadcasters with many female viewers focused on anyone handsome. The broadcasters who focused on accurate information communicated the situation of Grid, Reinhardt, and the Overgeared Guild. Political and diplomatic experts sat on a panel to deeply evaluate the future of the Overgeared Kingdom.  

"Kuk, I am nervous.”

There were cameras and lights everywhere they looked.

Several Overgeared members were nervous at the thought of the whole world paying attention to them. Most of the members of Overgeared were from the Silver Knights Guild. Those who were high rankers were afraid of the camera because they weren’t familiar with appearing on air.

"Aren’t you a citizen of South Korea and a member of the Overgeared Kingdom? Don’t be nervous and straighten your shoulders.”


Peak Sword’s encouragement was effective. The Silver Knights members didn’t shrink back anymore. They stood proudly as they appeared on the camera.

『 I noticed it once again. There are a lot of Asians in Overgeared. .』

『 Most of them are Koreans. It’s the impact of absorbing the Silver Knights Guild. 』

『 But I’m surprised that they don’t show the national color. Usually, wouldn’t most guilds anchored to a country show bias towards them? 』

『 This is a glimpse of Grid’s true heights. Overgeared started as a multinational guild. If he focuses too much on a certain country, some members of Overgeared might feel alienated. Grid deliberately excluded the colors of his country because of this concern. 』

『 I can see how well Grid is coordinating the guild members just by looking at Katz. Who would have expected Katz, a famous Japanese nationalist, to adapt so well to the Overgeared Guild? 』

『 As expected from Grid... He’s the person who built up a network of friends and NPCs. 』

『 There’s no way to explain how big his vessel is. Grid goes far beyond ordinary standards. Recently, some people in China are claiming that Grid is the reincarnation of Liu Bei. 』

『 Liu Bei? Liu Bei from China’s Three Kingdoms era? Hah, truly. China still has a habit of claiming any good thing as theirs. Why is the Korean Grid called the reincarnation of a Chinese person? 』

『 Hum hum, please refrain from personal comments during the broadcast. 』

The people who ignored Grid and laughed at him were now hard to find.

He had proven his skills many times to people who didn’t acknowledge him and built up such unparalleled achievements that he was no longer treated as a psychopath. But was it truly possible to fully grasp someone? The world still didn’t know Grid’s true value.

‘The reincarnation of Liu Bei? What nonsense!’

Grid trembled when he accidentally heard what some people were saying. Pangea’s Lord of Virtue. It was a title that had a certain probability of sparing a monster when hunting. Grid felt very uncomfortable when he forcibly acquired this useless title due to a misunderstanding.

"Ugh, this is sick. Why isn’t there a feature to delete titles?”

Grid was waiting for the coronation and founding ceremony. Lauel heard Grid’s grumbling as he approached through the crowd. 

“In general, titles are things you can get after making a direct connection to Satisfy’s setting or stories. If there was a title removal function, Satisfy’s setup and story would collapse.”

“...What is that?”

Grid freaked out when he saw Lauel. Lauel had a black eye patch over his left eye and there was a black mask over his mouth. Both were items with no function. They were a favorite among middle school students. Lauel saw Grid’s confused face and raised two fingers.

“Kukukuk! Grid, this is a style I prepared to coordinate with you. It’s a recreation of my days as a dragon knight. How about it? Isn’t it cool?”

‘What a waste of his face.’

Pure white skin and silver hair. Lauel was a young man who gave off a mysterious feeling. It felt like he came from a manhwa. He was a charmed existence. But he was a chuuni. He didn’t care about love and only devoted himself to his previous life. Grid couldn’t imagine how many women would be saddened by this.

“Tsk tsk...”

He would never achieve love. Grid clicked his tongue and turned back to looking out the window.

Suddenly, people started moving.


The atmosphere was incredible.


『 Breaking news! Breaking news! According to reports from players, the remnants of the Eternal nobles are gathering near Reinhardt! 』

『 The number of armed troops led by the nobles is as high as 100,000! On the other hand, there are no more than 5,000 troops in Reinhardt! 』

『 Currently, most of the Overgeared forces are concentrated in Reidan. 』

『 Reidan? No, why? Placing troops elsewhere ahead of a big event... 』

『 It must be due to the Saharan Empire. What if they placed the troops here in Reinhardt? Reidan would be empty and a good prey for the empire. 』

『 Hah... In other words, they were alert to the empire and forgot about the Eternal nobles? 』

『 That’s right. This is clearly Overgeared’s mistake for not looking beyond a few steps. Grid and Lauel have overcome previous crises with superb maneuvering and armed force, but it’s very shallow compared to our experts. 』

The founding ceremony that would be held in a few minutes was ruined in an instant. The anchors and panel members of the broadcasting stations, as well as the players gathered at the scene, started to shake.

“Shouldn’t we run away? We’ll be swept up in the war.”

"I don’t want to die just because I’m watching an event. Hurry.”

"Wait. What’s the fuss? Grid has fought 100,000 people before. In addition, the high rankers of Overgeared are gathered here. The 100,000 enemies will be killed by Overgeared in an instant.”

"Are you a fool? Don’t you know that the level of monsters and NPCs in the new episodes are far ahead of the level of monsters and NPCs in previous episodes?”

“The enemy soldiers who might not be over level 200 during the war episode have probably completed their second advancement in this episode. Do you think that even Grid can deal with 100,000 second advancement soldiers?” 

"Even though Grid and Overgeared wins the war, what about us? Will the enemies leave us alone?”

Buzz buzz.

The frightened players started making a fuss. Some people were already running away from the palace. However, the soldiers of Overgeared blocked the entrance to the palace.

"Get out of the way! I want to leave!”


The players shouted but the soldiers were unmoved. They stood there silently. The international broadcasters and experts figured out the situation.

『 This...! I think I know why Grid blocked the entrance! 』

『 What? 』

『 Grid is trying to use the players gathered here as sacrifices! 』

『 Hah...!! 』

The people currently gathered in the palace. From the enemy’s point of view, they were all on the same side. Soon the enemies would attack everybody they saw, intent on killing Grid and the Overgeared members.


“Grid is a demon!”

Everyone remembered Grid’s old nicknames. Psychopath, butcher. Grid was recently called a virtuous person, but what was his true nature?



Kung kung kung kung!

The ground shook. It felt like tens of thousands of troops were surrounding the palace. The players became confused and frightened, while the broadcasters spoke in real time.

-Wow, Overgeared... Are they going to sacrifice innocent people in order to live?

-Really vicious.

-It’s better than being fooled by kindness.

-Does this really deserve to be the first kingdom built by a player?

The people around the world had various reactions towards Overgeared. Some blamed Overgeared, some agreed with Overgeared’s choice, and some insisted they should imitate Overgeared. The turmoil increased.


Grid appeared inside the palace for the first time. He walked towards the entrance of the palace as thousands of players gazed at him with resentful eyes. Then...


The marching sound of the large army beyond the walls stopped. It meant the 100,000 troops led by the Eternal nobles had reached the palace.


“Let me logout!”

The faces of the players became paler. On the other hand, Grid remained calm. He looked at the crowd with his uniquely sharp eyes.

"Open the gate.”

He ordered the soldiers sealing the entrance to the palace.


The players and broadcasting station staff were scared. Opening the gate when the enemies were outside? Everyone thought Grid was crazy and started blaming him. But Grid didn’t withdraw the order and the soldiers opened the firmly closed gates.


The gates slowly opened. Tens of thousands of troops came into view, with the city behind them. The players were stunned. Grid wanted all of them to die. However.


The tens of thousands of people gathered beyond the gate. Rather than pushing inside the palace and starting the slaughter, they took a military stance?

『 W-What is this? 』

The players and staff of the broadcasting companies were stunned.

"We see King Grid!”


The tens of thousands of troops saluted Grid, shouting and saluting him without any distractions. The leader of the army was Marquis Steim. It was truly spectacular. It wasn’t just the players gathered at the scene, but the millions of people watching in each country. They all got goosebumps.

As the world was feeling shock and doubt, Grid declared to the saluting soldiers.

“In the name of the Overgeared King Grid, I will start the founding ceremony.”

[A new kingdom has been born on the West Continent! The Overgeared Kingdom! The name of the king is Grid!]

[The first player to become a king has appeared! His great achievements will remain in Satisfy’s history!]

Snap! Snap snap!

The lights that the broadcasters prepared focused on Grid. Thousands of cameras only captured Grid’s appearance. As the military band started playing music, the ratings of the founding ceremony skyrocketed.

It was the beginning of a new era.