Chapter 606

-I’ve put Reidorn in jail.

-Good work Faker. Make sure he’s secure and see if he was sent by someone. Absolutely don’t kill him.

-I understand.

Grid was very wary of Reidorn. It was inevitable, since he lost half his health from Reidorn’s blow. This was despite the fact that Grid was wearing Triple Layers.

‘Is there a proportional attack factor for my health or defense?’

The balance was a problem since it was so focused on attack power. However, this was the first time that a NPC showed such overwhelming attack power since Piaro. At first, Grid thought the opponent was a simple crazy person, but he was actually a big named NPC.

‘There are a few forces after me, so it’s hard to tell who sent the assassin...’

The higher the position, the greater the danger. Frankly, it was scary. He didn’t think there would be an assassination attempt at the founding ceremony where all the members of Overgeared were gathered.

‘I have to increase the defenses around Irene and Lord.’

Grid was alert and turned towards Baron Guy. All the other representatives left, but Baron Guy remained in place since he wanted to serve the Overgeared Kingdom.

‘Only one kingdom...’

He even talked about the future by showing off the power of the magic battle gear. Lauel sent a whisper to the disappointed Grid.

-Isn’t one kingdom good? Don’t forget that the Overgeared Kingdom was only founded today. In fact, I thought all the representatives would refuse and leave.


-In any case, the Fold Kingdom is poor because the land is desolate and they can get few resources from the sea. However, they had 300,000 trained soldiers that constantly fight against monsters. If we supply food and battle gear, they will surely grow into a strong ally. 

-The land is desolate and resources are low? We can’t supply food forever. Isn’t it a kingdom with a dark future? Won’t it be a waste if we invest a lot of time and money?

-No. We can use them to disperse the eyes of the other 14 kingdoms. And don’t we have Piaro?


Piaro was someone who could grew crops in the desert city of Reidan and the sea city of Siren. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to transform the Fold Kingdom’s desolate land into fertile ground.

‘Come to think of it.’

Grid was thrilled as he once again realized the astronomical value of Piaro. Then he suddenly recalled the golden walnuts and the white phosphorus wood. They were species from the East Continent. Couldn’t a legendary farmer grow them on the West Continent?

‘It will be amazing if even a small amount can be grown.’

The value of the golden walnut, an elixir, and the white phosphorus wood, the finest production material, was amazing. If they could be grown, the national power of Overgeared would be guaranteed to rise rapidly.


The founding ceremony was disturbed by the sudden intrusion of an enemy. In order to not make the people feel anxious, Grid covered his wound with a cloak and concealed his act of taking a potion. He didn’t know that these small actions impressed someone.

"Baron Guy, go to your king and tell him this. The Overgeared Kingdom will give full support to the Fold Kingdom. Did you see the farmer before?”

“Pant... Are you saying you will help us with food as well as battle gear?”

“Of course. I will fertilize the poor land of the Fold Kingdom. Did you see the farmer before?”

“Ohh...! Ohhh! Thank you! I am so excited! I will go back to the king and tell him about King Grid and the farmer... No, I will tell my king about the marquis farmer!”

"Yes, go ahead.”

Baron Guy bowed and hurriedly left his spot. He had a smile on his face as he dreamt about being liberated from the empire. The viewers who watched the scene from beginning to end thought it was absurd.

-Is this a true story? Gaining a vassal kingdom on the first day of the kingdom?

-Will it become the Overgeared Empire? ;;

-It’s possible.

-What empire? I belong to the Fold Kingdom and there’s no answer. What is the point of serving a poor kingdom like Overgeared?

-That’s right. To be honest, the Overgeared Kingdom is too shaky. Just look at what happened. There were 1,000 knights, but they couldn’t stop the assassin from attacking Grid. It seems that the Overgeared Kingdom isn’t as good as it looks on the outside.

-Hrmm... I want to try assassinating Grid once. I think my fame will rise.

-Maybe Grid will be often assassinated because of today’s incident.

The viewers weren’t aware of the true value of Reidorn, who appeared and was suppressed in an instant. The viewers started questioning the power of Overgeared.

“Pope Damian and the 15 elders of the Rebecca Church have come to celebrate the founding of the Overgeared Kingdom.”


Some big people appeared at the founding ceremony, causing a stir with just their presence. It was a truly amazing sight. Everyone knew that Damian worshipped Grid, but weren’t the 15 elders known for being strict? It was unthinkable that they would appeared at the Overgeared Kingdom’s founding ceremony.

-It’s said that the elders don’t even go see the emperor of the Saharan Empire.

-Right. Normally the kings must go directly to the Vatican in order to meet the elders.

-Why did the elders appear at the Overgeared Kingdom’s founding ceremony... 

-It is also all 15 people...

-Damian must’ve ordered them to follow as the pope.

-Ah, right. It’s a possibility.

-Damian is seriously too much ㅋㅋ Using the authority of the pope for Grid.

-It seems like he will soon be impeached.

There was no problem with the viewers’ words. It was a reasonable and accurate judgment. But reasonable didn’t apply to Grid.

"It is an honor to meet you, Brother Grid.”

"I have no doubt that Brother Grid, who always strives for peace in the world, will establish a kingdom based around peace.”

"We, the 15 elders, want the friendship between the Rebecca Church and the Overgeared Kingdom to last forever.” 


“Sword Saint Kraugel has come to celebrate the founding of the Overgeared Kingdom.”

“Congratulations Grid. I believe you will accumulate countless glories in the future.”

-Even Hao and Alexander...

-I’m sick of being surprised.

Four years after Satisfy opened. The first kingdom created by a player announced its birth to the world in a brilliant manner. The reputation of the Overgeared King Grid spread out.


"Can I ask what will happen with the Overgeared kingdom in the future?”

Bunny Bunny was once the world’s best gaming BJ. Grid’s unintentional lies led him to become a shepherd’s boy and since then, his popularity had been on a decline. Now he got an exclusive interview with Overgeared King Grid! This was an opportunity for Grid to repay Bunny Bunny. Grid’s conscience was pricked because he almost ruined a person’s life. 

"The Overgeared Kingdom will develop based on a consensus among players. We will quickly identity what players want and focus our efforts to meet them.” 

“Indeed... A kingdom with a player as a king will have advantages for players.”

"That’s right. I hope many players will move to the Overgeared Kingdom. For immigrants, taxes will be 50% off in the first month...” 


Bunny Bunny thought it was an interview for him, but it ended up being publicity for the Overgeared Kingdom. Bunny Bunny wanted to curse, but he could see the number of viewers soaring.

Grid started all types of promotions.

"In addition, the Overgeared Kingdom is aiming to grow together with the players and our military force. I will steadily give players a chance to subjugate monsters with the Overgeared soldiers. In a month, I will be selecting members for the Overgeared Guild through a series of regular tests. Please contact Lauel...”  


"Oh, Bunny Bunny, why don’t you join our guild as well? Then you can deliver Overgeared’s every move to the audience.”

"...Can I register now?”

“Once the promot... No, once the interview ends.”

"Yep, slowly promote your... No, please make an effort in the interview. Hehe.”


[An intruder has appeared in the ‘Beware Dogs’ dungeon.]


Dark was startled. 

The Dravian Mountains. The reason this place became the base for Blood Carnival was because it used to be the nest of the light dragon Nevartan, meaning humans rarely came here. The remnants of the light dragon instilled fear in monsters and players didn’t visit here since there was no hunting.

Yet there was an intruder? It was also the ‘Beware Dogs’ dungeon located deep in the home of Blood Carnival. It wasn’t something that someone could find easily, even if they were looking.

'A high ranking explorer?’

In the past, the 1st ranked explorer Skunk became famous by finding the location of the Yatan Church’s main temple. But Dark had a question.

‘Why did he bother finding this place?’ 

Beware Dogs was a dungeon created by Dark to protect something specific. There was no big advantage for an explorer to find and attack this place.

‘Well, whatever.’

Beware Dogs was a unique rated dungeon. It was obvious that the intruder would fall into a trap or be killed by monsters.

‘I didn’t place any monsters or traps in zone 1 in order to get rid any intruders’ alertness, but zone 2 is a hell.’

Dark believed that the intruder would collapse in zone 2. Dark smiled and became immersed in the dungeon production again. How much time passed?

[Zone 1 of the Beware Dogs dungeon is completely destroyed!]

[The intruder has fled!]


The confused Dark stopped working and hurried to the zone. Then his mind became blank as he witnessed the whole area that was destroyed.

“This... What the hell is going on?”

Zone 1 was just an empty space. There was absolutely nothing in zone 1 that the intruder would want. Then why was it destroyed? The floor, walls and ceiling were all destroyed! Dark couldn’t grasp the intruder’s intentions.

‘Why is it destroyed?’

He wouldn’t have been so angry if the intruder had a reason for destroying it. It was his responsibility for neglecting the defense.

“What can be obtained from here?”

After the unidentified intruder left the Beward Dogs dungeon. A cry of anger echoed through the dark cave.


“A dog profit.”

Minerals Detector Minor didn’t know why the name of an animal was placed before the word ‘profit. He used it because it was something Grid often said.

"There are no monsters in a dungeon with minerals. It was too easy.”


Minor hummed cheerfully, as he was full of expectations. He was certain that he would be acknowledged and rewarded after bringing the new mineral back to Grid.

'I will be a duke one day, and then a king.’

Minor was aiming to be the second Grid. He was unaware of it, but he admired Grid.