Chapter 644

‘Why isn’t he chasing?’

Grid’s heart had thumped the moment Garam was hit with the second Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. Garam allowed only three hits from Linked Kill and avoided it from the fourth strike, so he wasn’t affected by Wave and Pinnacle.

‘His body was hit directly, but he avoided the following attacks...’

Truly a monster. He didn’t seem made for a one on one fight. The wound wasn’t fatal, so Grid expected Garam to come after him right away.  He was prepared to pour all his power to stop Garam and buy time for Han Seokbong and Sua to escape. Yet Garam didn’t chase him for some reason. He avoided the fourth to seventh blows and just sat down in a collapsed position.

‘Did the story system force him to stop chasing me?’

It was a reasonable hypothesis. The yangbans were too strong. The players at this point in time wouldn’t be able to face the yangbans.

‘Anyway, it’s good.’

They were able to escape unharmed. He couldn’t miss this chance when Garam was still.

“Run quickly and don’t look back!”



Grid and the Han Seokbong father and daughter sped up their escape speed.




Red blood soaked the soil. It was the blood of the yangbans that was more precious than rain during a drought.


Garam collapsed from Grid’s unexpected blow. He remained calm for a moment and Sam Dasoo wondered what happened.

“Sir G-Garam...?”

Sam Dasoo called out carefully to Garam. But there was no reaction from Garam. He just silently shed blood.

‘Is the wound so bad that his body hasn’t recovered?’

The yangbans?

‘An ordinary human dealt a critical blow to a yangban... Overgeared King... Are all kings on the West Continent so strong?’

He was afraid of the people who would come from the West Continent sooner or later. Sam Dasoo gulped and cautiously took a step. It was to support Garam. The moment he approached Garam...


Garam’s shoulder shook.


Surely he wasn’t mad at Sam Dasoo? The frightened Sam Dasoo closed his eyes.


Garam burst out laughing. The wound on his chest was already healed. The yangbans had the Red Phoenix’s Breath, giving them an abnormal recovery.

"It was so outrageous that my head went blank? Kukuk, I missed the rodent.”

Garam muttered while touching his torn clothing. He put the soft sword back in the sheath at his waist and neatened his clothing. The torn pieces of clothing started to gradually be restored. Garam’s robe was made with the scales of a blue dragon and this was the restoration ability of the Blue Dragon’s Breath.


After confirming that his clothing was clean, Garam turned his gaze to Sam Dasoo. His eyes were filled with killing intent. Sam Dasoo’s heart fell and his pants became wet at the sight.

"Stay silent about what you saw today.”

“Yes... Huh?”

Garam’s words were unexpected. To be honest, Sam Dasoo thought that Garam would command all the troops in the Cho Kingdom to pursue Grid. But he was supposed to stay silent? Sam Dasoo was stunned while Garam clicked his tongue.

"I was hurt by someone who wasn’t a yangban. It’s better to keep this a secret since it’s too shameful for this to be known. Isn’t this good for the Cho Kingdom?”

“Hat...! Yes! That’s right! I admire your deep thoughts!”

The Cho Kingdom overcame its crisis thanks to Garam’s pride! Sam Dasoo was thrilled and bowed in thanks. Garam’s expression wasn’t good.


In fact, Garam wanted to kill Sam Dasoo right now. His pride meant he didn’t want anyone who saw his shameful appearance to stay alive. But if he killed Sam Dasoo, the other yangbans might suspect the situation. He judged that it was better to handle this as quietly as possible.

‘I will be laughed at if it’s known that I was hit by Pagma’s Descendant.’

To be honest, the word ‘hit’ wasn’t appropriate. Garam would’ve easily won if he fought against Grid to the end. Garam hadn’t even used any skills. No, Grid wouldn’t be able to touch him if he opened one of the sacred creature’s breaths. But Garam was careless and Grid escaped in this gap.

‘I will kill him from the beginning the next time we meet.’

Garam’s rage soared through the sky at the current situation. But it was strangely enjoyable. It felt like Grid revitalized his life that had felt boring after he passed the Chiyou test.

‘It has been 300 years... Hrmm, I should start training again.’


“Are you sure?”

The execution square of Kars. Originally, it was the place where Han Seokbong’s execution should be held. The execution time passed and Han Seokbong hadn’t appeared. Then the yangban Garam showed up. Garam nodded at the Cho King’s doubtful words.

“It’s true. I have let the Han Seokbong father and daughter go. I thought it was too harsh to execute them just because they don’t know where the maker of the Red Phoenix Bow is.”

“Ahh...! Sir Garam is too kind!"

"The yangbans deserve to be respected!”

Han Seokbong was a noble who was loved and respected by the people of the Cho Kingdom. Many people were dissatisfied with Han Seokbong’s execution. Once Garam said that he spared Han Seokbong, the people were glad and revered him. The Cho King spoke to Garam on behalf of the people.

“Thank you! Thank you very much! I will be loyal without forgetting the mercy you have shown!”

“Hooray Sir Garam!”

"Hooray the Hwan Kingdom!”

"Hooray then yangban!”


No one questioned it when their king bowed to the yangban. It was natural. Everyone was busy praising Garam and the Hwan Kingdom. Garam’s expression was unaffected when he looked at them, unlike when he faced Grid. It was a face filled with no fun or interest.

“...Stupid fools.”

Garam muttered as he left.

“Prepare a carriage! I’m going to Pangea!”

The Cho King gave a command as soon as Garam disappeared. He wanted to be reunited with his dearest friend as soon as possible. He wanted to apologize for not being able to help Han Seokbong when he was struggling and to congratulate him for living.

But the Cho King wasn’t able to achieve this dream. The reunion between the Cho King and Han Seokbong was only possible in the distant future.


“It seems that there’s no pursuit.”

Sua had all types of training as Han Seokbong’s heir. She was born talented, so despite having the body of a female, she became the best warrior of Pangea. She was also proficient in all fields of studies and calligraphy.

Name: Han Sua.

Age: 25  Gender: Female

Level: 277

Strength: 930   Stamina: 722

Agility: 1,511     Intelligence: 885

* Daughter of Pangea’s lord.

* There is a 10% increase in stats in Pangea.

* Captain of the Red Phoenix Group.

There is a 10% increase in the stats of the Red Phoenix members when under her leadership.

* The strongest warrior in Pangea.

There is an increased bonus combat skill proficiency.

* The first beauty of the Cho Kingdom.

There is a high probability of bewitching the enemy.

The daughter of Han Seokbong. She has innate talent, beauty, and status, and has gained the respect of all residents in Pangea.  Unlike her father, she is skilled in calligraphy like her grandfather. She looks perfect on the outside, but there’s a desire that can’t be controlled deep in her heart. If she can’t meet a good match, she is likely to be corrupted.

Skills: Drawing (A), Singing (A), Finding the Enemy (A), Intermediate Weapons Mastery (Lv. 9), Han Family’s Swordsmanship (A), Fighting Spirit (S+), Calligraphy in the Dark (SS-), Peerless Beauty (SS), An Irresistible Desire (SS+).

Grid observed Sua with the Great Lord's Sword. As Grid expected, Sua was a named NPC who boasted outstanding stats. But surprisingly, she didn’t have many combat skills. This made Grid shake.

‘The best warrior of Pangea only has grade A swordsmanship...’

Sua was talented. He didn’t know how far she would be able to grow if she was taught by Sticks, Piaro, and Asmophel.


There was an extremely worrisome part. An Irresistible Desire? If she couldn’t meet a good match, she was likely to be corrupted?

‘She truly is perverted...’

Sua might became a demon if she wasn’t paired up with a man who could bear her desires.

“Why don’t we take a break here?”

The outskirts of Kars. Grid’s group was still in the territory of the Cho King, despite running for half a day. In fact, there was no time to rest. But Sua’s Finding the Enemy skill was excellent and she didn’t see any pursuers. It seemed like they could take a break for a while.

Han Seokbong was worn out. Now was the right timing to get a good rest. Grid thought the same as Sua.

“Then we will rest. I’ll go bring my comrades who are hiding in Kars.”

Han Seokbong was startled.

"You’ll go back to Kars again? Haven’t you been running for half a day without a break after fighting with Garam? You can still move?”

“I’m a little strong.”

Grid was an all-rounder. Why could he perform the role of a tanker? It was possible because of his items as well as his high stamina stat. Grid’s stamina was overwhelming. Sua looked at Grid with moist eyes.



It was vaguely creepy. The confused Grid hurriedly stepped away the moment he met Sua’s eyes.

“Then I’ll be back soon!”

“Take care... Hah...”

Sua flushed at Grid’s back that was quickly retreating. The reason for her red cheeks and sigh was omitted.