Chapter 645

Invisibility cloak. As the name suggested, it made the wearer invisible. It was made by the legendary tailor Kruger and it was said there were only five left in the present day. It was a very rare item, so no user saw it in person. For most people, an invisibility cloak was an item that existed in dreams.

Yes, people could never imagine. Somebody had already produced an invisibility cloak.


“It isn’t useful unless the hood is up.”

The Hooded Zip Up made by Grid after consuming Item Creation had the basic effect of the invisibility cloak. It was a special item that made the wearer invisible and unable to be identified.

‘Of course, the original invisibility cloak is likely to be much better.’

Grid assumed that the original invisibility cloak would erase every trace of the wearer. For those who were over a certain level, he couldn’t be confident that the Hooded Zip Up would be useful compared to the invisibility cloak. But it was enough.

The significance of the invisibility cloak was to make things invisible. The Hooded Zip Up was useful enough for now. It allowed him to walk through Kars safely.

“H-Heok? G-Grid?”

“When did you come back?”

At an inn located in the middle of nowhere. Once Grid came back, he found Yang Fei cleaning her bed and Idan studying cooking recipes. They were shocked because the window suddenly opened and Grid appeared. He came out of nowhere! It was like he was a ghost. 

‘A sudden appearance and disappearance like Hong Gildong...’

Was Grid the legendary Hong Gildong? Grid prompted the stunned Yang Fei and Idan.

"Let’s get out of here.”

“Ah...? Yes!"

Idan was confused, but Yang Fei was a quick-witted person. She had grown quickly at a young age due to supporting her parents and 15 siblings. Once she saw Grid’s attitude, she realized that the situation was urgent and started to pack her things. The confused Idan moved slowly, but packed his frying pan once he saw the look Yang Fei sent him. Idan had been weak to Yang Fei from the days he operated the restaurant.

Grid identified that the two people completed their task and summoned Noe and the God Hands.

"Did you have a good rest? Take them and follow me.”

"I understand nyang!”

Noe’s ‘ㅅ’ shaped mouth bit Yang Fei’s collar while the God Hands grabbed Idan. Then they jumped out the window behind Grid and flew into the sky.

“Hiik! W-What are these hands?”

Idan felt fear at the sight in front of him. He was confused and frightened at being caught by the golden hands moving by themselves. He looked down at the ground, upon which were small dots, and almost fainted. On the other hand, Yang Fei’s eyes were wide and shining like lanterns.

‘I’m flying!’

Yang Fei watched the morning sun rising in the east. It seemed she would see many fun and interesting things in the future while serving Grid.

[Affinity with Idan has decreased by 10.]

[Affinity with Yang Fei has increased by 10. It is already at the maximum.]


“What’s the atmosphere of Kars? Are we all wanted?”

"Is the Cho King safe? Did the yangbans punish the Cho Kingdom?”

Sua carefully asked Grid, who had brought Idan and Yang Fei. Grid shook his head.

“I flew in the sky, so I couldn’t figure out the overall atmosphere of the capital.”

"The sky...”

"You flew?”

Wasn’t this the domain of shamans? Grid was a swordsman, a blacksmith who made the Red Phoenix Bow, and could even fly in the sky?

“What are you...?”

A person who made them feel surprised and admiration many times.  The more Han Seokbong knew about Grid, the more awe he felt. 

‘He is a really mysterious person.’

Numerous men had ogled Sua. But none of them could make Sua’s heart race. Sua, who was born in that direction (?), could only live a quiet and modest life because she hadn’t met a person who could ignite her desires.  Now there was a man called Grid. Sua wanted to give her mind and body to Grid. The problem was that Grid avoided her.


After being carried away for a moment, Han Seokbong regained his spirit and spoke carefully.

"What are we going to do next?”

The influence of the yangbans was spread through the East Continent. There was no place for Grid and his companions to go after hurting Garam. They had succeeded in escaping Kars, but the future was dark. Grid pulled out the scroll to the West Continent and showed it to Han Seokbong, who was frustrated by the reality.

“Didn’t I ask you to come to my kingdom and build up our strength together?”

“That is...?”

The scroll that Grid pulled out was seemingly ordinary paper. It was also very old paper. Unlike the confused Han Seokbong, Sua noticed immediately.

"Is that talisman the way to go to the East Continent?”

Grid nodded.

“That’s correct. It’s a scroll that contains movement magic between continents.”

“All of us can move to the West Continent if we use it?”


An ordinary scroll to the West Continent was for one person. However, the reason Grid returned to the East Continent was to regain troops. Sticks clearly wouldn’t give him a scroll for a single person when he knew this. Sticks was a clever person and gave Grid a massive scroll that allowed him to move with several people.

"Let’s leave.”

Grid said and was about to tear the scroll with both hands, only for Han Seokbong to stop him. Then he bowed his head and asked.

"I know that this is presumptuous. But I can’t leave my mother alone in Pangea. Before we leave, can I stop by Pangea and take my mother with us?”

In fact, Han Seokbong knew that this was a shameless request. It was suicide to delay time in a situation where the yangbans were pursuing them. But he couldn’t escape alone without his mother.  If left alone, his mother would face the stigma of being a traitor and suffer terribly. Han Seokbong couldn’t leave his mother.

Grid’s heart was heavy. Grid also had a mother.

“I understand.”


Grid’s nod that contained no hesitation was different from what Han Seokbong expected. Han Seokbong thought Grid would reject or hesitate for a long time.

“Grid, you really... You’re really amazing.”

He was a person with a vessel that was hard to gauge the size of. He wasn’t just the king of a nation. Han Seokbong’s respect for Grid rose. Grid smiled.

"In fact, I was also thinking it would be better to stop by Pangea. I want to take the members of the Red Phoenix Group to my kingdom.”

The Red Phoenix Group hadn’t done a lot against the armored needles. But that didn’t mean their skills could be ignored. They were comparable to the Black Knights of the Saharan Empire and their level would be ranked at the top of the West Continent.

‘In particular, their stats will rise by 10% when Sua directs them. If I give the training of Sua and the Red Phoenix Group over to Asmophel, the Red Phoenix Group will be able to grow beyond imagination.’

Sua nodded. 

“Certainly... I believe the Red Phoenix Group will follow us once they know the circumstances.”


Sua’s lips were fascinating. Grid gulped every time she opened her lips to talk. He wasn’t even aware of it.

"Hum hum, okay. Then let’s go to Pangea.”

Grid’s party immediately moved to Pangea. However, their movement speed wasn’t very fast. Idan and Yang Fei’s physical strength were low compared to the Han Seokbong father and daughter. They got tired along the way and the travelling speed of the party slowed down.

But nobody blamed Idan and Yang Fei.  Why were the Han Seokbong father and daughter loved and respected by the people? It was because they were very generous. Han Seokbong and Sua encouraged Idan and Yang Fei, allowing them to concentrate on the march.

In the process, Idan and Yang Fei’s stamina stat increased slightly. Grid smiled warmly as he looked at them. He thought it was really good that he came to the East Continent.


"The execution date of Lord Han Seokbong was four days ago?”

“The great lord experienced something so terrible...”

“I don’t want to believe it...! This is a nightmare! Sob sob.”

"...The lord must’ve gone to a good place.”

“Lady Sua? What happened to Lady Sua?”

Pangea was one of the largest places in the Cho Kingdom. It was a port city always full of vitality. But that was only until recently. One month ago, Lord Han Seokbong was taken to the capital. Since then, a dark cloud hung over Pangea. Once the news  of Han Seokbong’s execution was heard, the depressed atmosphere was completely established. The people mourned Han Seokbong and felt resentful.

“However... What about Mother Park?”

Mother Park was how the people called Han Seokbong’s mother, Park Jurim. Mother! It was a title that showed how high the virtue of Han Seokbong’s mother was.

"The lord was executed and Mother Park won’t be safe...”

“Unbelievable... My parents once used to serve Mother Park.”

“Mother Park tried hard for us when there was a famine after the evil daoist’s invasion. If it wasn’t for Mother Park, all of us would’ve starved.”

"We have to protect Mother Park! We should repay her grace!”

“Yes! We will defend Mother Park!”

The hearts of the Pangea people united over Mother Park. They all went to the castle, insisting on protecting Mother Park.

“Mother Park! Avoid it!”

"It isn’t the time to be staying in the castle! The capital will send soldiers to capture Mother Park!”

"We will raise our farming equipment so that Mother Park can run away! We’ll shield you from the royal army!”

“Run away!”

The outside of the castle was crowded with people. They held farming equipment while telling Mother Park to run away. Once she heard the noise, Park Jurim rushed outside.

"You dare to rebel against the royal family!?”


The voice was so loud it was hard to believe Park Jurim was over 80 years old. Her yell echoed throughout the whole castle. The people were startled by the unexpected reaction and fell silent. Then Park Jurim’s wrinkled face smiled sadly.

"My son was a great noble, lord, and child. But in the end, he was executed as a sinner. Protecting the mother of a sinner? All of you will become sinners? My husband! My son! The people I cherish will become sinners against the royal family? It isn’t right!”



The hearts filled with rebellion against the royal family quickly calmed down. Mother Park should be the saddest and most fearful person in the world right now. Yet she was worrying about them instead. Conflicted emotions filled their hearts. They thought that they shouldn’t do anything foolish for her sake.

In the end.


“Sob...! Sob sob!”

"Mother... Mother Park...!”

The people dropped their farming equipment and sat on the ground. They pounded against the innocent land and lamented. Then someone said something they shouldn’t have said.

“This is all due to that blacksmith...! The blacksmith who made the Red Phoenix Bow! He...! Lord Han Seokbong wouldn’t have been executed if he hadn’t made the Red Phoenix Bow!”


In fact, everyone knew. Han Seokbong was dragged to the capital and executed because he didn’t tell the yangbans where the maker of the Red Phoenix Bow was. However, the blacksmith who made the Red Phoenix Bow shouldn’t be blamed. If he hadn’t restored the lost Red Phoenix Bow, the yangbans would’ve been angry at all of Pangea. Pangea as a whole would’ve been eliminated.

"I know. All of us know.”

“He shouldn’t be blamed for restoring the Red Phoenix Bow... I know that we should be thankful!”

But what could they do? The situation was so sad and desperate that it would seem unfair if they didn’t grumble.


Did the tears of thousands of people move the heart of Heaven? A thunderstorm suddenly appeared in the clear sky.


Rain poured down on the people and cooled their hearts. The ground and the subjects were wet. Park Jurim was worried when she saw the people became wet.

"Geez, they will all get a cold.” 

She thought of the people like her children. It was a motto that had been passed down through the Han family for ages. It was natural that Park Jurim would worry about the people since she married into the Han family.

"What are you doing? Send them all home!”

Park Jurim shouted towards the Red Phoenix Group. It was at that moment. A familiar voice was heard from the tile roof of the palace.

“No. Leave them. A large audience is better.”


Park Yurim and the Red Phoenix members were shocked. Then their eyes widened. There was a black-haired young man with sharp eyes and an unusual physique. 

“Pangea’s Duke of Virtue!”

The maker of the Red Phoenix Bow!