Chapter 643

The basic characteristic of a yangban was to have the intellect and power to overcome everyone in the world. The reason was because the yangbans had to reign as undeniable existences. But Pagma’s talent wasn’t impressive to the yangbans. The swordsmanship he created had too many blind spots.

First, the actions were too big and obvious. He had to do a dance before wielding his sword. It might be gorgeous on the outside, but it was useless in practice. Of course, that was a story when the swordsmanship was just invented. Pagma experienced a lot of frustration, but didn’t give up. He continued to supplement his swordsmanship and eventually reached the point where he could use the sword dance as a means of avoiding and defending himself.

The disadvantages were turned into advantages. But that was the end. The talent of the yangbans were overwhelmingly higher than Pagma. The yangbans instantly recognized when Pagma linked his actions to avoid or defend and pierced the gap.

Pagma couldn’t complete his sword dance against the yangbans. It was meaningless even if he finished his sword dance safely. Pagma was more focused on blacksmithing than swordsmanship and had lower physical abilities than the other yangbans. The yangbans didn’t suffer much damage even if they were hit.

There was a clear difference in skill. It was a difference that couldn’t be narrowed. In the end, Pagma was the first yangban to fail the Chiyou test. Everyone ridiculed him.

‘But only one person.’

One of the five seniors, Hanul, recognized Pagma’s potential. If Pagma grew enough to connect several sword dances in one movement, he would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other yangbans.

‘But Pagma never achieved it.’

The talented Pagma couldn’t connect more than two sword dances properly and one day disappeared from the Hwan Kingdom. It was almost as if he blamed himself for his lack of talent and fled with shame. Yet at this moment...

“Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.”

'Four linked sword dances?’

This ignorant person reached a higher level than Pagma.

‘This ignorant person...! Disgraceful person!’

It was true that Garam ignored Pagma and disliked him, but Pagma was also a yangban. Garam couldn’t accept that an ignorant person went beyond Pagma.




The vicious sword aimed in succession at Garam’s weak points. It was an attack that could be avoided with Garam’s vision and agility. But Garam faced it head on without avoiding it. It was a matter of pride.

"How dare you attack me?”

A truly reprehensible person. This ignorant person that didn’t have talent dared hurt him?

“One who is born with the quality to defy the natural order! I can’t accept your presence!”

Garam yelled furiously and swung his smoking pipe. He would neutralize Grid’s attack. But.



Grid’s strength exceeded Garam’s prediction. As soon as the white phosphorus pipe met Grid’s sword, Garam’s chest was pierced.


Puk! Puk puk!

A total of four stabs hurt Garam. But for the remaining three strikes, Garam gave up his pride and avoided them.

‘He avoided it?’

Garam was able to avoid such aggressive attacks. It caused Grid to get goosebumps. However, Grid didn’t shrink back. He maintained his concentration to the end in order to complete Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

[Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle]

Four types of sword techniques are connected.

1,500% of your attack power will be dealt to the target due to Linked Kill.

If the target is hit at least four times, the damage of Linked Kill will increased by 200% and Wave will be summoned.  

Wave will affect any enemy within a range of 5 meters. It will deal 500% of your attack power and all targets hit will have all speeds decreased by 30%. In addition, there will be definite damage from the Pinnacle that follows. 

Pinnacle ignores 80% of the target’s defense and deals 1,800% of your attack power as physical damage.

* This skill doesn’t share a cooldown with Link, Kill, Wave, and Pinnacle.

Skill Mana Consumption: Half of the maximum mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 3 hours.


Garam wasn’t alert and allowed himself to be hit four times. The remnants of the energy blades that hit Garam rose to the sky like a dragon ascending. It was the culmination of Wave that followed Linked Kill. Linked Kill was avoidable, but Garam couldn’t avoid Wave. The wide area Wave was aimed at only one person, making it unavoidable.


Garam’s face was distressed and filled with pain.

“Hey, the yangban...!”


Sam Dasoo, Han Seokbong, and Sua paled. They never imagined that a yangban would be bleeding. They started to accept Grid as a special person.

‘A king from the West Continent...!’ 


On the other hand, Grid’s expression stiffed as his strikes poured on Garam.

[You have dealt 5,200 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 5,950 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt...]




[The target has resisted the critical.]

[Critical damage isn’t applied.]

[All speeds of the target are reduced.]

[The target has resisted.]

‘This monster!’

The power of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle was enough for the gods to feel wary. The basic attack power of Wave was very weak, but the power of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle increased exponentially and caused at least 30,000 damage to Great Demon Belial.

Yet Garam only received one sixth of the damage. The weapon that Grid used during the Belial raid was Failure + Grid’s Greatsword. Meanwhile he was only using Sword Ghost now. However, Garam’s physical resistance seemed to be higher than Belial’s. He could even nullify criticals.

‘Yangbans are legends...! They are legendary class!!'

Grid wouldn’t be able to win. But this didn’t mean Grid’s death was determined. Pinnacle was soon linked. It was the moment that Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle’s real strength was exercised.


A thunderous sound was heard in Garam’s ears.


Garam was alarmed. He looked up at the sky and saw a huge energy blade descending.

‘I must stop it!’

Pinnacle was a sword dance that was certain to hit the target. Garam knew he couldn’t escape and planned to crush it. He extracted what looked like a silver flexible sword. It was a very thin, highly elastic sword that bent gently.


Garam swung the soft sword dozens of times and they all chased after Pinnacle. Garam thought he could defeat Grid’s Pinnacle. But Satisfy’s system applied equally to both players and NPCs. Pinnacle would ‘definitely hit’ and Garam couldn’t prevent it. 


Garam’s clothes were torn. It was in vain.


Garam stumbled while coughing up blood.


Blood gushed from Garam’s smooth chest that was exposed through the torn clothing.


As soon as Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle was over, Grid reached out to the Han Seokbong father and daughter. Grid’s eyes were urgent.

“Use this gap to escape! If we miss this chance, both of you will die!”


Han Seokbong hesitated. He was determined to sacrifice his life so that the Cho Kingdom wouldn’t receive the yangbans’ anger. But it was now useless. One of the yangbans was injured. Would his anger disappear just because Han Seokbong sacrificed his life? It meant nothing if he died.

‘I’m sorry, Your Majesty!’

In the end, Han Seokbong apologized to the Cho King and grabbed Grid’s hand. It was the same with Sua. Sam Dasoo cried out with hatred at those escaping.

“You guys...! You have doomed the Cho Kingdom to hell!”


Han Seokbong hated the corrupt noble Sam Dasoo who was slowly driving the kingdom to ruin. He denied everything. But at this moment, he couldn’t deny it. It was evident that the Cho Kingdom would slip into a crisis. Han Seokbong closed his eyes and heard Grid’s whisper.

"Join forces with my kingdom. Let’s gain strength and protect the Cho Kingdom.”

"That... It’s the only way to atone for my kingdom.”

Han Seokbong grasped Grid’s intentions and nodded. They started running. They had to get as far as possible while Garam couldn’t move after suffering great damage. But Garam was a yangban. A transcendent yangban.

“You ignorant person...! You are really that fool Pagma’s descendant! Youuuuu!”

Garam might be a transcendent named NPC, but he was still a humanoid. Compared to Belial, Garam’s health was very low. Grid’s Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle caused him to lose one-seventh of his health. It was clear how powerful Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle when thinking about the fact that Garam’s level overwhelmed Grid’s.


Garam quickly narrowed the distance with Grid.


It was the peak footwork that all yangbans learned.

"I will cut your body into hundreds of pieces and feed them to the dogs!”

Garam made a menacing declaration and his sword aimed for Grid’s back. He never imagined it. Grid could use such a powerful technique consecutively!

“Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle!”


As Garam pursued him, Grid used Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle again. When he used Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle, he was fortunate enough for God’s Command to trigger.


Garam was hit by Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle without any preparation and screamed. Then Grid swapped to the Ideal Dagger in the gap, used Quick Movements and escaped with the Han Seokbong father and daughter.


Sam Dasoo was left alone with Garam and trembled, not knowing where to look.