Chapter 639

“Han Seok... What?”

The guards dragging Han Seokbong stopped in place when they saw Grid.


Then a boss monster emerged from the ground and blocked the way.

[The leader of the Lava Prison has emerged.]


Grid was confused at the sight of the slim, pale jianghsi boss-figure. In Satisfy, the appearance of a boss was enough for the surroundings to erupt with powerful pressure. Even a low-level boss would induce a status abnormality when it appeared.

However, the leader of the Lava Prison didn’t cause any abnormal conditions. It wasn’t like a normal monster, which made Grid feel uneasy. Grid felt an overwhelming presence from the boss.

‘The fact that it doesn’t cause any abnormal conditions means that...’

Didn’t it suggest that the basic specs of the lead guard were excellent? Considering that the physical abilities of the previous jiangshi were outstanding, it was highly likely that the boss jiangshi was at the peak of its physical abilities.

‘I have a headache.’

Ordinary guards didn’t boast tremendous physical abilities. He had lost his sword when dealing with three jiangshis at the same time. If the ability of the boss jiangshi was three times that of the ordinary jiangshi, it would be difficult for Grid to deal with it. The battle would become difficult if he couldn’t defend against an attack with his sword.

'No, am I jumping too far ahead?’

Grid shook his head and smiled awkwardly. Then Sua’s voice was heard.

"B-Black-horse jiangshi...!”


Why was she so surprised by its form? Grid’s anxiety grew as he watched the chief guard kick at Sua. This was no normal kick—it was reminiscent of the 1st-ranked martial artist Regas. No, it was several times faster and sharper than Regas’s kick.


It was enough to cause goosebumps. Sua barely escaped from the lead jailer’s kick using Quick Movements. It was a perfect use of the Ideal Dagger borrowed from Grid.

“This kick?”

Grid was relieved to see that Sua was safe and felt doubts. The previous jiangshis had only swung their arms. They didn’t use their legs to attack. Therefore, Grid had thought of the jiangshis as having a restriction in their lower body. But the boss that showed up broke that recognition.

Sua explained to Grid.

"There are five types of jiangshis.”

First, the iron jiangshi. The most common type: they used powerful techniques based on their strong bodies, as if they were wearing armor. However, their movements were somewhat dull because they can’t bend their knees.

Second, the poison jiangshi. Their physical abilities were similar to the iron jiangshi, but the risk in facing them was much higher because they emitted poison from their wounds. Mass-killing was easy for them.

Third, the blood jiangshi.

Not made from the same materials as the steel and poison jiangshi, they have virgin’s blood mixed in with all types of drugs, making them three times faster and stronger than the iron jiangshi. They have low intelligence and could execute commands, unlike the other jiangshis. 

If a kingdom could produce a large number of blood jiangshis, it was expected that their army would be invincible. However, their movements were dull like the iron jiangshi.

Next, there were the black-horse jiangshi and the flying-horse jiangshi, both encompassing a completely different realm of creation. The black-horse jiangshi was evaluated as a ‘superior’ type. Its physical abilities were 10 times better than that of the blood jiangshi and there were no physical inconveniences. They could even use skills.

The next type, the flying-horse jiangshi, was evaluated as a ‘living superior’ type made of rare elixirs and virgin blood. It was rumored that they were so strong that a single flying-horse jiangshi could even break down an army. However, their existence was almost like a rumor without any proof or confirmation.

In other words.

"The black-horse jiangshi is the peak of the guards.”


Grid couldn’t help exclaiming at Sua’s explanation. A jiangshi with 10 times the physical strength of the blood jiangshi? He expected it to be difficult if it was three times stronger. But 10 times?

'I don’t have a chance with a frontal confrontation.’

“Grid! Don’t care about me and look after my daughter Sua! Run away!”

Han Seokbong shouted from far away as he was dragged to the execution place by the guards. Despite knowing how great Grid was, he knew that Grid couldn’t deal with the black-horse jiangshi. He gave up his life completely and only hoped for Sua and Grid to be safe.

Sua looked resigned.

"I will buy some time. Grid, run away during this gap.”

A corpse itself. Sua stood in front of the black-horse jiangshi and bit her lip.

‘Father, I’m sorry. I can’t save you with my strength. Don’t be lonely because I will follow you soon.’

Yes, Sua was determined to die. She gave up on rescuing her father. Now that the black-horse jiangshi had emerged, her only desire was that Grid would be safe. She felt an infinite gratitude that he came here to rescue her and her father.

“Run away!”

Sua was determined not to let Grid come to any harm. She returned the Ideal Dagger, her only weapon, to Grid. Then she faced the black-horse jiangshi with her bare hands.


The black-horse jiangshi laughed at Sua like she was ridiculous. She wouldn’t be able to avoid it with her ability. Buying time for Grid while he ran?

‘No way!’

Grid had come to the East Continent to secure people. He wanted to make friends with the Han Seokbong father and daughter who had been abandoned by the Cho Kingdom no matter what.

‘I will surely protect you and make Pangea a territory of Overgeared.’

Grid pledged as he summoned the God Hands without transforming it to Lifael’s Spear.

‘The transformed Lifael’s Spear is very weak compared to the original’s power.’

It was impossible to reproduce the goddess’ fluffy hair which was the main material of Lifael’s Spear. It was doubtful if the spear could deal a fatal wound to the black-horse jiangshi. It would just be a waste of the Item Transformation skill.

‘The God Hands just need to focus on defense in this battle!’

Pa pa pa pat!

As soon as they received Grid’s will, the God Hands flew to Sua to protect her. They were kicked by the black-horse jiangshi instead of Sua.



The greatest strength of the pavranium was its endless durability. They weren’t destroyed despite being hit by the powerful attacks of the black-horse jiangshi.  However, the defense function couldn’t be maintained for a long time because they stiffened for a few seconds every time they were attacked. But it was enough to buy some time.


[The best demonic beast of hell has been summoned!]

The reason why Grid didn’t summon Noe despite the time attack quest was to save him for an emergency. If a stalemate occurred like now, Grid needed Noe’s strength and stamina to be full.

“Nyang! I’ll eat well!”

Noe appeared and opened his mouth wide in order to devour the black-horse jiangshi in one bite.  But the black-horse jiangshi was very agile. It avoided Noe’s mouth.



Noe couldn’t eat it? The confused Grid and Noe were stunned for a moment.



Noe’s eyes became two Xs as he was hit by the jiangshi. The tongue poked out as he collapsed, making Noe look very pitiful.

"S-Sacred creature...!”

During the time of the armoured needles attack, Sua had mistaken Noe as a sacred creature. She was nervous after seeing Noe being countered so easily.

“Grid, please run away!”

She saw the black-horse jiangshi as a monster that even a sacred creature couldn’t handle. Grid couldn’t deal with this monster, no matter how strong he was. He had to run away and protect his own life. Sua longed for it but Grid didn’t respond to her wish. He went forward and faced the guard.

"Sua, you seem to be mistaken about something. I didn’t come here accidentally. I came here to save you and your father. I will protect you, even if I die.”


Why did he have to sacrifice himself for them? In the first place, Grid was the benefactor who did them a great favor. There was no justification for him to sacrifice so much for them.


She was looking at Grid with shaking eyes when she suddenly exclaimed. She was amazed by the beauty of the new sword that Grid pulled out. Iyarugt. The ‘Coolness’ option made the translucent red sword look even more beautiful. A brilliant red glow started to shin in the dark dungeon.

It was the precursor. The precursor to the arrival of the strongest swordsman in hell.

“Summon Iyarugt.”

[Summoning Sword Demon Iyarugt!]


The moment that Grid used the skill, Iyarugt let out a roar that was like thunder. A blood red light scattered all over the place as the sword moved from Grid’s hand.


A chill went down Sua’s spine. Iyarugt’s blood light energy. To be precise, the light emitted from Iyarugt’s soul was enough to excite her soul. It was more beautiful than any gem in the world and stimulated Sua’s sense of beauty.



The raging soul gathered in one place and took the shape of an old man. An old man bent over. The blood light shone around Iyarugt’s body, like a blazing fire. It was the magic power of the ‘hell swordsman’ who competed with great demons despite being a low-grade demonkin.


Iyarugt enjoyed the fresh air entering his lungs and wielded his sword. The black-horse jiangshi couldn’t escape the strike. Was Iyarugt’s sword that fast? Not at all. The physical capabilities of the black-horse jiangshi were excellent enough to overwhelm Iyarugt’s physical capabilities.

The reason why the black-horse jiangshi couldn’t avoid Iyarugt’s sword was because the demon’s swordsmanship level was just too high. It couldn’t avoid the strike despite seeing it with its eyes.


The bloody light constantly moved around the black-horse jiangshi, buying time.

“Open Rune of Darkness.”

Grid released the seal of power.

“Belial’s Power.”

The power of a great demon!


"Just who is he?"

Sam Dasoo left the prison while tying up the intruder’s feet. He couldn’t help feeling absurd and asked Han Seokbong again.

"There is a fool who doesn’t flee the moment he sees a black-horse jiangshi. What is the identity of that freak?”

Han Seokbong glared at Sam Dasoo from where he was captured by the guards.

"Watch your words. He isn’t someone that a dirty person like you can talk about.”

"Kukuk! You are angry that a person who will die soon is being humiliated. How funny.”

The black jiangshi was the weapon of the Cho Kingdom. There were only five black-horse jiangshis in the whole Cho Kingdom. The unidentified intruder who appeared to save Han Seokbong? He would die before he could get to Han Seokbong.

‘Sua who is with him will also die.’

It was regrettable. Sam Dasoo was worried about being late and urged the guards to hurry. Han Seokbong was worried about Sua and Grid and kept looking back at the prison. 

At that moment.


A thunderous sound was heard from the top of the Lava Prison.


Sam Dasoo looked back at the prison with shock. It was because part of the Lava Prison was struck by a magic bombardment.

“What is this?” 

Was the intruder truly strong enough to break the prison while fighting the black-horse jiangshi? Confused, Sam Dasoo gulped in nervousness.


Something fell like a ball from the top of the prison. The head of the black-horse jiangshi rolled to the feet of Sam Dasoo. 


Sam Dasoo paled.