Chapter 640

The Rune of Darkness. It was an item obtained from the event story that occurred just after Grid accepted Braham’s soul. It dropped from Tallos, agent of the First Servant Amoract.

Tallos. He wasn’t someone who could be made fun of. He was an agent of the great demon Amoract. He was a very strong, cruel, and well-rounded person that was chosen by a great demon. It was purely his achievement that the Yatan Church could be spread all over the West Continent.

Even the current Grid would have no chance if he was hostile to Tallos. But Braham showed his true strength in the event story and Tallos became nothing more than a worm.  Tallos was killed by a handful of Magic Missiles and Fireballs by Braham who had 15,580 intelligence.

In any case, the conclusion was that the Rune of Darkness was an item that was difficult to obtain using normal paths. Who could obtain the Rune of Darkness that Tallos dropped? If Grid hadn’t accepted Braham’s soul... Yes, if he hadn’t obtained the second class of Legendary Great Magician then he wouldn’t know the existence of the rune.

‘Among the two billion users, the number of users who have runes is very small. I am the only one with a rune right now in the Overgeared Guild.’

Grid guessed that later on, the gap between players would be determined by runes. The people who secured runes and accumulated more power in the runes would determine who would get ahead.

‘Perhaps by now, Agnus might’ve accumulated more power in his rune than me.’

It wasn’t just Agnus. It was likely that those Lauel classified as being sun-grade would’ve already secured runes. He couldn’t rule out the possibility of a rune better than the Rune of Darkness. But Grid was confident. Even if there were more rune owners than he expected, his rune was ahead of everyone else.


'I have already secured the strength of a great demon.’ 

[Rune of Darkness]

Bound Item.

Permanently preserved in your inventory. Trading, dropping, or destroying it is impossible.

-Usage Effect: Demonic power state will rise in exchange for its use.

* Normal attacks and skill attacks will deal an addition 20% dark damage.

Unique Lasting Effect: When dealing with named demonkin and demons, you can absorb unique attributes.

* Tiramet’s Power: If your health drops below 10%, health will be restored to 30% in an instant. Cooldown Time: 12 hours.

* Latina’s Power: The ‘Can you Become the King of the Dead?’ skill is generated.


32nd Great Demon Belial’s Power

The queen of darkness who terrorizes the world.

The queen of flame burns the world.

The queen of lies ruins the world.

The ultimate strength that was shown even on the rune. The power of a hell monarch was expressed through Grid.

"Open the Rune of Darkness, Belial’s Power.”




Noe, who was collapsed after being hit by the black-horse jiangshi. Iyarugt, who was tying up the feet of the black-horse jiangshi. The black-horse jiangshi who had adapted to Iyarugt and increased its evasion. Sua, who was watching the high-level battle between Iyarugt and the black-horse jiangshi.

All of them looked at Grid in unison. The magic emitted from Grid was absurdly powerful. Grid faced the black-horse jiangshi and smiled grimly.

Red, dark, and intense.  He was surrounded by magic and looked like a comet in the night sky.

[The power of the Great Demon Belial sealed in the Rune of Darkness has been released!]

[It is impossible for humans to digest all three of Belial’s powers.]

[Your body feels a great burden. You have lost 35% of your maximum health.]

[You have fallen into the ‘weak’ state.]

[You have resisted.]

[Your health has dropped below 10%. Tiramet’s Power belonging to the Rune of Darkness if activated.] 

[30% of your health has been restored.]

[You have lost more than 70% of your maximum health. The First King title effect is activated.]

[A protective shield containing the health that was lost in the last minute has been created. As the shield continues, terrain adaptability will increase by 100% while movement speed and defense will increase by 10%.]

[As a human, you can use only one of Belial’s three powers: darkness, fire, or deception.]

The power obtained from Belial’s raid. Grid had already tested it a few times.

If he chose the power of fire, he would activate the ‘Fire Queen’ passive skill. His stamina wouldn’t decrease, his recovery speed would increase by 300% and his fire resistance would rise to 100%. If he received a fire attack inferior to hellfire, he might even regain health. In addition, he could use the ‘Queen’s Flames of Hell’ and ‘Flames of Hell Path.’

It featured high combat persistence and explosive attack power.

If he chose the power of darkness, a passive skill would be activated that turned demonkin non-hostile. Mana regeneration rate would increase by 300% and resistance to dark magic by 100%. In addition, he could use the ‘Queen’s Provocation’ and ‘Path of Darkness.’ 

It made magic and skills easier to use, as well as giving debuff skills.

Finally, when choosing the power of deception, only the Queen’s Distortion was produced. But in order to utilize the distortion magic properly, it was required to have excellent power and control.  It was difficult for Grid to actually use it.

"In the first place, it will be fatal for you.”

Since entering the Lava Prison, Grid’s health was maintained at 40%. Therefore, the First King title could be utilized at any time. The penalty of opening Belial’s Power was canceled to some extent by Tiramet’s Power. At the same time, the First King title effect was applied and a strong shield was obtained. In this state.


He was surrounded by flames from head to toe. The red flickering covered Grid’s eyebrows and hair.

[You have selected the power of fire!]

[The passive skill Fire Queen is applied for two minutes while Belial’s Power is maintained. You can also use the Queen’s Flames of Hell and Flames of Hell Path.]

[Queen’s Flames of Hell]

A wild magic that symbolizes the fire queen.

The powerful flames will damage your target. The amount of damage is proportional to the user’s powerful blow and the maximum health of the target.

Skill Mana Consumption: 90% of your maximum mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.

[Flames of Hell Path]

An afterglow remains on the path that the queen of fire walks.

During the duration of the skill, the flames on your body will cause ‘burns.’ When using physical attacks and skills, fire damage is added. Fire damage is proportional to your strength and intelligence.

Resource Consumption: Lose 250 health and 60 mana per second while it is activated.

Skill Cooldown Time: 5 seconds.

The reason why Grid chose the power of fire was due to the nature of the black-horse jiangshi. The black-horse jiangshi was extremely resistant to physical attacks. It had been hit several times by Iyarugt but wasn’t severely injured.

‘Its physical resistance is high, but its magic resistance is weak!’

He would blow it away with powerful flames! Grid fired the Queen’s Flames of Hell at the black-horse jiangshi.



Grid felt something leaving his body the moment the spell was activated. Once a large amount of mana was consumed at once, the phenomenon of ‘mana rampage’ was likely to happen. But Grid overcame this without much damage.

[You have resisted.]

This was due to the characteristic of Pagma's Descendant.


It poured towards the black-horse jiangshi like a waterfall. There was no scream because the black-horse jiangshi didn’t feel pain.


It was a critical wound no matter who saw it. As a boss monster, the black-horse jiangshi boasted high stamina stat. The Queen’s Flames of Hell was deadly to its health.


An explosion occurred around the black-horse jiangshi and the Laval Prison disappeared without a trace.



Once the ground of the prison collapsed, Sua and Noe lost their foothold.

‘The sacred creature’s soles!’

Sua touched Noe’s paws and forgot the horrible reality for a moment, as she was suddenly filled with happiness. Noe’s soles felt great.


Grid crossed the collapsing prison ground and narrowed the distance to the black-horse jiangshi. The +9 Failure in his hand was burning.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”


The afterglow of the flames around Grid shone.

“Linked Kill!”


Failure penetrated the body of the black-horse jiangshi several times.

Puk! Puk puk!



[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been activated, adding 30% critical damage!]

[The weak spot has been attacked! Further damage will be dealt!!]


[The effect of the title ‘Death in One Shot!’ has been...]

[The weak spot has been...]




He opened Blacksmith’s Rage and the Rune of Darkness in succession, doubling the critical power that occurred in succession. The black-horse jiangshi suffered a serious injury from the Queen’s Flames of Hell and now collapsed under Grid’s swordsmanship.


Grid needed to finish this before Belial’s Power ended. He tried to end it by pouring out all of Pagma’s Swordsmanship techniques, except for Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle, which was on cooldown. However, the black-horse jiangshi’s resistance was very strong. The black-horse jiangshi didn’t know pain or fear and attacked Grid. Grid didn’t defend and counterattacked instead. It was an act to shorten the time.

The bizarre mask used by Grid, the Slaughterer's Mask, was wet with blood. The result?


The black-horse jiangshi lost its health at a quick rate and Failure’s Bisect option was activated. The black-horse jiangshi lost its head and fell from the broken prison ground. There was a loud roar.

[The Chief Lava Prison Guard has been defeated.]

[1,922,509,991 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[’Jiangshi Recipe’ has been acquired!]

[Jiangshi Recipe]

A unique rated skill.

An old booklet containing the recipe for a steel jiangshi.

Conditions of Use: Daoist, necromancer.


A method to make jiangshi! This was a real jackpot that transcended imagination. If he could fill up the Overgeared Kingdom’s lacking military power with jiangshis...!

'...Ah, I don’t have any necromancer in the guild.’

Grid felt joy and sorrow at the same time. But there was no room for thinking. He couldn’t delay because Han Seokbong’s life was at risk.


As the duration of Belial’s Power ended, he swapped to Braham’s Boots and flew from the prison while holding onto Sua and Noe.


Grid’s party succeeded in escaping the completely collapsed Lava Prison. Lava erupted from everywhere, but the bigger threat was the ash. The city of Kars in the Cho Kingdom became ash-colored.

“This crazy guy...! What is that crazy guy doing?”

Sam Dasoo screamed and fled as the black-horse jiangshi’s head fell down. He tried to drag Han Seokbong’s rope, but it was impossible, as the black-haired man with a muscular body and wide shoulders blocked his way. The beauty Sua, covered in ash, laid in his arms.



At the same time, Han Seokbong and Sua shared a reunion.

“Who the hell are you? You used some cowardly method to get rid of the black-horse jiangshi!”

"I am the king of the Overgeared Kingdom.”


Sam Dasoo had the worst first encounter with Grid.

At the same time, the VIP room of the palace.

“What is that sound?”

The luxuriously dressed yangbans sensed the situation from where they had been resting in a carefree manner.