Chapter 638

‘The jiangshi are just too strong.’

The average level of the Lava Prison Guards was 360, 29 levels higher than Grid’s current level. But level wasn’t the problem, however, as both Grid’s stats and items meant that he had already transcended the limits of his level. As he hunted and discovered more information about the blood jiangshi, he realized that apart from their physical strength and their high defense, the truly terrifying thing about them was their abnormal mental state. They showed no consciousness, felt no pain, and knew no fear.


Chaaeng! Chaeng!


Grid’s maximum health had gone over 80,000 ever since he obtained the ‘Savior of the World’ title from the Belial raid. It even overwhelmed most tankers that had invested their stat points into stamina.  But this great health gauge was currently in jeopardy as only 40% remained. This meant that the blood jiangshi were strong!



Grid’s +9 Failure, his trusted weapon that exerted greater power in the darkness, swung through the air at three blood jiangshis, only to be met with a kick. The sword slipped from Grid’s hand—while Grid had overwhelmingly high strength, he couldn’t fight against three jiangshis alone.


Grid clicked his tongue but didn’t despair. While Satisfy implemented high realism and freedom, it was still just a game. A simple condition went into effect when a player’s hand dropped a weapon: they were unable to pick that weapon back up for 1~3 seconds.


The three jiangshis didn’t miss this fact and unleashed an onslaught towards Grid. They wielded the hands tied together by chains and swung them like a gorilla would. This was no laughing matter, however, as it seemed like Grid would be torn to pieces.


Sua paled in fright. Grid had rescued her from prison, only to be isolated amongst the guards.  Sua felt a strong sense of guilt.

‘I... Grid is risking his life trying to save me!’

What was this? Why did he have to sacrifice himself by running into this dangerous place?


Sua wasn’t a shameless person. She couldn’t tolerate that Grid was in a crisis because of her.

‘I will save you!’

Sua was a warrior before she was a woman. She couldn’t overlook Grid’s crisis and ignored her exhausted stamina. She clenched her teeth, forgetting her heavy legs and moved. But before she could reach the blood jiangshis, Grid freed himself from his predicament. Using the four God Hands to tie up one jiangshi, Grid summoned the two Overgeared Skeletons to bind the others with silver thread before returning to the fight with a longsword in hand.

That’s right. Grid swapped to a new weapon shortly after Failure fell from his hand. Grid’s item swap speed utilizing the God Hands exceeded common sense. Grid wasn’t able to apply the stiffness effect of Mjolnir on the jiangshis and had switched the God Hands’ weapons to swords. Once he lost Failure, he immediately had a +7 Sword Ghost delivered to him. Its simple attack power was lower than the +9 Failure, but even that depended on the situation as it had the option of accumulating damage each time it attacked the same target.

Was that all?


The Sword Ghost, which had cut the jiangshi’s chest, separated into two swords.  The weapon separated? The blood jiangshi would be terrified if they had a strong consciousness. Yes, this anomaly was the greatest strength of the Sword Ghost. It was normally used as a longsword but it had a high utilization because it could be separated into a small sword and longsword.


The separated Sword Ghosts cut the left and right wrists at the same time.

[The +7 Sword Ghost has accumulated three attacks against the same target!]

[The +7 Sword Ghost’s attack power has increased by 20%!]

The beast called Grid revealed his nature.


Puok! Puuok!

Grid never missed his prey. The Sword Ghost continued hitting its target. It was a wise combat method built on the basis of his various combat experiences. The result?

[The +7 Sword Ghost has accumulated 11 attacks against the same target!]

[The +7 Sword Ghost’s attack power has increased by 100%!]

The potential of the Sword Ghost was lifted to the maximum. With double attack power, the Sword Ghost was stronger than Failure. Rotten blood started to seep from the steely skin of the jiangshi.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Kill!”


The necklace received as a gift from his son Lord. Thanks to the Necklace of Agility increasing skill deployment by 15%, Grid’s deployment speed was much faster than before. It was the moment he overcame the inherent limits of the sword dance.


Energy blades shot like a missile and pierced the chest of the jiangshis. It eventually turned to grey.

[The Lava Prison Guard has been defeated.]

[185,001,400 points of experience have been acquired.]

[63 gold coins have been acquired.]

‘The experience given is amazing.’

Grid was the first to find the Lava Prison, which was classified as a dungeon. As a benefit, the amount of experience gained for one week was greatly increased. The experience gained from one jiangshi was over 100 million.

‘The disadvantage of hunting here is that the jiangshi don’t drop any items. But it’s not that big of a deal because they give one-third more experience than the armoured needles did.’

If he could increase the hunting speed, it would be the best hunting ground. Of course, this was limited to when the dungeon’s first discoverer benefit was applied.

‘If I rescue the Han Seokbong father and daughter and run away, I won’t be able to come here again... I will waste the first discoverer benefits that last a week.’

However, Grid didn’t feel sorry. Satisfy had plenty of hunting grounds, and the lives of Han Seokbong and Sua, as well as the quest benefits were more important.



Immediately afterwards, he struck the two other jiangshis tied up by the God Hands.

[There are 15 minutes left until Han Seokbong’s execution!]

Grid was faced with a notification window that made him nervous.

“It is already time... I looked around the 1st and 2nd floors and couldn’t find Han Seokbong. Do you know what floor he is imprisoned in?”

"I’m not sure, but the Lava Prison has four floors.”

‘Let’s go up to the 3rd and 4th floors.’

It was simple. Grid abandoned his nervousness and started to climb the spiral staircase. Sua’s face was scrunched up in anxiety as she followed him.

“Are you okay?”

Sua wanted to save her father. No, it was Sua’s wish that Grid would save her father. But wasn’t it impossible? Grid was already quite tired from taking care of three blood jiangshis on the 2nd floor. His breathing was rough and his whole body was injured. The bizarre mask on his face was dyed red with blood. Sua was worried about how the current Grid would break through the blood jiangshis on both the 3rd and 4th floors.

There wasn’t much time left until her father’s execution. Grid might be the most powerful man in Sua’s heart, but the possibility of breaking through the jiangshis on the 3rd and 4th floors was very slim. Grid reached the 3rd floor ahead of her and laughed as he said,

"Believe in me. Item Transformation.”

[Item Transformation]

A skill that can be triggered if the legendary mineral ‘pavranium’ is possessed.

It transforms the pavranium into the shape and performance of a specific item.

* It can only transform into items you have learned how to make.

* The duration of the transformation is 3 minutes. After the transformation is released, the pavranium will return to its original form.

Skill Mana Cost: None.

Skill Cooldown Time: 6 hours.

It was the special move of Pagma’s Descendant that had a long cooldown. However, Grid had made four God Hands with a large number of pavranium. It was possible to change all the individual hands and each God Hand didn’t share the cooldown time of Item Transformation.


One God Hand floated in front of Grid.

“Lifael’s Spear.”

It was the reinforced version of Lifael’s Spear that Grid reconstructed for Isabel.


The golden spear. It emitted a sharp atmosphere around it that didn’t suit its beautiful appearance.

'An artifact that can change its appearance...?’

Sua was amazed to see Grid’s items. Grid gave her a reassuring smile and rushed towards four blood jiangshis, swinging the spear.

[The Light Wheel skill has been used.]

[Light Wheel has fired a massive number of Magic Missiles (Enhanced).]

[Shield of Light has been used.]

[Magic Missile (Enhanced) has been fired at the target who attacked the shield.]


Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!


The overwhelming combat power that created awe. The myth-rated weapon produced by the blacksmith Grid reduced the powerful blood jiangshis to ashes. The blood jiangshis couldn’t even so much as scream as they died.


The prison couldn’t withstand the firepower of Lifael’s Spear and partly collapsed. The ground broke and Grid embraced the waist of Sua who was falling.

"Ah...! Hat!”

Sua couldn’t help groaning and hurriedly covered her mouth and fiercely blushed. It was an unexpected reaction. While Sua usually would’ve thrown a joke towards Grid, she was different today as she blushed like a shy girl and avoided eye contact with her savior. Grid’s heart dropped at her bashful appearance.

‘Did she have such a cute face?’

So far, Grid had been able to maintain sage mode in front of Sua’s beautiful face and body because her personality didn’t suit Grid’s taste. Sua was so perverted (?) that Grid, who was still relatively pure, couldn’t handle it.  But at this important moment, Grid was agitated.

“Hum hum.”


Grid coughed while placing the still blushing Sua in a safe place. The two people couldn’t break the silence for a while. Suddenly, four blood jiangshis approached from the other side of the hall.

‘I need to hurry.’

Grid was determined to defeat the blood jiangshi before his weapon’s transformation time ended, of which there was less than a left. He handed the +7 Ideal Dagger to Sua before rushing back to the blood jiangshi. Sua could use the Ideal Dagger because the usage conditions were low.

“Support me please.”

“Eh...? Yes! Yes! I understand!”

Entrusting a weapon that was more precious than life to her?

‘Does this mean he thinks of me as...?’

Yes, it might mean he thought of her as valuable... Sua was unsettled and barely managed to calm down her heart. Then she used the Wind Blast skill attached to the Ideal Dagger to assist Grid.


Grid admired the timing and accuracy of Sua’s usage. It made Grid’s fight much easier. The combination of the best warrior of the Cho Kingdom and the Overgeared King Grid was fantastic. But time was heartless.

[There are 5 minutes left until Han Seokbong’s execution!]

[There are 4 minutes left until Han Seokbong’s execution!]

Grid destroyed the blood jiangshis and explored the 3rd floor. However, he didn’t find Han Seokbong.

‘The 4th floor!’

It was the only floor left of the Lava Prison. Grid and Sua rushed to the 4th floor. Then he saw it.

"S-Sua...? G-Grid...?”

Han Seokbong was being dragged like he was a criminal.


The excited Sua rushed forward without looking around.

[The leader of the Lava Prison has emerged.]

An overwhelming presence appeared.

‘Damn. This won’t be easy.’

Grid sighed.