Chapter 623

'Be cool.’

Overgeared King Grid was the leader of hundreds of thousands of people. Even a five year old boy recognized and relied on Grid. Grid had a duty to be dignified. It was so that some people wouldn’t feel embarrassed, some people might respect him, and some people would feel fear. It was natural for a king to be dignified and appearance was one of the basic elements of dignity.

‘The Overgeared Kingdom is still weak. There are many potential enemies.’

Grid decided it would be good to have an intimidating appearance. The reason he decided to make a sword wasn’t because he caught Lauel and the evil eyes’ chuuni illness, but a reasonable judgment. There was a problem. Grid’s aesthetic sense was lower than average.

“Magic sword... A big gem reminiscent of a red eye will be in the middle of the handle, while the left and right sides of the handle are designed to look like bat wings. The crown will be pointed like lightning, looking threatening...’

Yes yes.  Grid nodded happily while thinking about it. Khan closely observed the insane dragon iron and asked him.

"In order to use the insane dragon iron properly, it’s necessary to secure the same amount of insane dragon stone as insane dragon iron. However, doesn’t the insane dragon iron infinitely proliferates while the insane dragon stone is finite?”

"I already sent miners to the insane dragon nest. They will provide a steady supply of insane dragon stone. Rather, Khan, you should be more comfortable with me in private.”

"It’s an honor just standing by your side. I respect Your Majesty so much that I can’t be as comfortable as before."

"Why are you like this?”

“Going back to my point, I’m guessing that the resources in the dragon nest won’t be infinite. One day, the insane dragon stone will be depleted and you won’t be able to utilize the insane dragon iron properly.”

“Hrmm... I know that, but...”

Grid had already experimented with the insane dragon stones.

In order to suppress the growth of the insane dragon iron, it was necessary to mix it in a blend of 10 insane dragon iron and 5 insane dragon stone. The result of this experiment suggested that the quantity of the insane dragon iron will eventually outnumber the insane dragon stone.

But what could he do? He couldn’t make the insane dragon stone himself.

“Unfortunately, it can’t be helped. Once the insane dragon stone runs out, I will throw away the insane dragon iron as a resource material.”

"Hrmm... What if you make a hammer and anvil with the insane dragon stone?”


“What if you make tools with the suppression ability of the insane dragon stone and the proliferation ability of the insane dragon iron?”


Players who first started Satisfy didn’t know anything. It was the NPCs who guided them. As the players grew, the NPCs would grow and steadily teach them. Khan’s advice deserved to be heard and Grid gained great enlightenment from this.

‘Won’t items made from the insane dragon iron or insane dragon stone retain their abilities?’

If he made a hammer and anvil out of these materials, it was possible that the insane dragon iron’s proliferation ability would be nullified by the insane dragon stone’s suppression ability. In other words, the insane dragon iron’s infinite proliferation ability could be controlled.

“I will try it.”

The insane dragon stone’s hardness was low. In order to produce a hammer and anvil strong enough to temper the insane dragon iron, other minerals needed to be mixed in. Grid made a hammer and anvil by mixing black iron with the insane dragon stone. The result?

[You have succeeded in making the item.]

[Black Insane Dragon Hammer]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 410/410  Attack Power: 130

A hammer made by the legendary blacksmith Grid who is becoming a myth.

It is made of black iron and is quite durable. More minerals can be tempered without much difficulty.

However, this hammer also contains a large amount of insane dragon stone. It is possible to remove the characteristics of the mineral due to the ‘Suppression’ ability. Don’t use this hammer for minerals with unique characteristics.

Conditions of Use: Advanced Blacksmithing Level 1.

Weight: 400  

[Black Insane Dragon Anvil]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 2,500/2,500

An anvil made by the legendary blacksmith Grid who is becoming a myth.

It is made of black iron and is quite durable. It is durable enough to withstand strong and continuous friction.

However, this anvil contains a large amount of insane dragon stone. It is possible to remove the characteristics of the mineral due to the ‘Suppression’ ability. Don’t use this anvil for minerals with unique characteristics.

Conditions of Use: Advanced Blacksmithing Level 1.

Weight: 6,900  


It was as Khan expected. The suppression ability was exerted even after it was made into a tool. Grid smiled with satisfaction as he tried to use the hammer and anvil on the insane dragon iron. Then he was disappointed.

[The Black Insane Dragon Hammer and Black Insane Dragon Anvil have failed to suppress the ability of the insane dragon iron.] 


It seemed that the suppression ability of the hammer and anvil was too weak to have an effect on the pure insane dragon iron.


He was disappointed because he expected too much. Khan frowned and expressed his personal opinion.

"How about making a hammer and anvil with a combination of the insane dragon bead and insane dragon stone? I think the insane dragon bead’s ability will amplify the suppression of the insane dragon stone. If the effect of the oppression becomes stronger, it can sufficiently suppress the insane dragon iron’s ability.”

"...A genius?”

Grid didn’t depend on Khan for nothing. As a blacksmith craftsman, Khan was very talented and really helped Grid. Grid believed that Khan’s hypothesis was reliable and invested one of the seven insane dragon beads to create a new hammer and anvil.

[Insane Dragon Hammer]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 630/630  Attack Power: 290

A hammer made by the legendary blacksmith Grid who is becoming a myth.

It is made of a insane dragon bead and is quite durable. Any mineral can be tempered.

However, this hammer also contains a large amount of insane dragon stone. The insane dragon stone’s suppression ability is amplified by the insane dragon bead. 

Once this hammer is used to smelt minerals, the unique characteristics of the minerals are unconditionally deleted. Don’t use this hammer for minerals with unique characteristics.

Conditions of Use: Advanced Blacksmithing Level 3.

Weight: 600  

[Insane Dragon Anvil]

Rating: Unique



Khan's hypothesis was correct. The excited Grid tried the hammer and anvil on the insane dragon iron and the result was excellent.  The insane dragon iron’s proliferation ability was completely suppressed. With this hammer and anvil, it would be possible to produce items for a long time with the insane dragon iron, which infinitely multiplied.

“Good! Amazing!”

Grid jumped with joy. On the other hand, Khan’s expression wasn’t good.

"One insane dragon bead was used to make the hammer and anvil... In other words, only seven Insane Dragon Hammer and Anvil sets can be created.”

“...Ah, right. There are only seven insane dragon beads. No, it is more like six.”

Grid was going to use one of the insane dragon beads as part of his magic sword.

'Is it possible that the miners dispatched to the dragon nest can find more insane dragon beads?’

Anything would be fine! In any case, there was nothing that would be resolved quickly. Khan comforted the frustrated Grid.

“Don’t worry about it now. Our workforce is limited in the first place.”

That’s right. Only 26 blacksmiths, including Khan and Grid, could use the Insane Dragon Hammer and Anvil set. Putting aside Grid, who would be focusing on personal activities, and Rector, who would be sent to Reidan, only 24 would be using it.  Even if he made more hammers and anvils, the work hours of the 24 people were limited.

“We will have the 24 people alternate using the six hammer and anvil sets to work around the clock.”

“Cough... Advanced blacksmiths need to sleep at least four hours a day. If we work them more...


“No, nothing. I’ll leave this to you. Khan, please be careful of your health, as well as that person called Smith. Don’t look into that widower’s eyes.”


Now all the preparations are over. He secured a large number of insane dragon iron, which infinitely proliferated. There was also the hammer and anvil that could control the insane dragon iron’s ability to proliferate, as well as the blacksmiths who could make the Grid set. In the future, the Overgeared Kingdom would focus on the mass production of the Grid set, which was the kingdom’s strongest weapon.

-Lauel, the preparations are over. Now the quests can be linked.

-Kukukuk...! It’s finally time to unseal the quests? Kuock, what is this trembling? Is the black dragon sealed in my body trying to run amok?


At this time, Grid couldn’t imagine. There was another use of the insane dragon iron. It was a very innovative use.


[A kingdom quest ‘For the Kingdom’ has been created.]

[For the Kingdom (1)]

Kingdom Quest.

Eliminate monsters or unauthorized organizations that threaten the security of the kingdom. 

Quest Clear Reward: Experience and gold.

[For the Kingdom (2)]

Kingdom Quest.

Hunt monsters, dedicate a certain amount of resources or labor to the Overgeared Kingdom, or purchase more than a certain amount from the stores in the Overgeared Kingdom.

Quest Clear Reward: Experience and gold.

[For the Kingdom (3)]

Kingdom Quest.

Listen to the people of Reinhardt and help them live a more affluent life.

Quest Clear Reward: Mass production Grid weapon.

[The ‘For my Kingdom’ quest consists of 21 stages in total. There is no time limit and you can give up along the way.]

[Grid’s mass production set items can be obtained from the quest rewards and those with a high ability can collect all the set items.]

This was announced to all 100,000 players in the Overgeared Kingdom. But the quest difficulty was quite high. The level of the monsters to be hunted or the amount paid to the kingdom was quite high, so a player had to be at least level 180 to challenge it.

It meant only 10,000 of the 100,000 players could challenge it. Even the 1~3rd stage quests were difficult. It was hard to guess how hard the later quests would be. But there was no backlash. This challenging quest gave a clear sense of purpose to the players in the Overgeared Kingdom.

'I must become stronger so that I can challenge the quest!’

The Overgearead Kingdom started to become active. It was the power of items.


(Column) Shin Youngwoo.

Recently, the linked kingdom quest is a hot topic among users. The linked quest consists of 21 steps in total and grants a mass production Grid item every three quests.

Grid set. The name seems somewhat cheap due to ‘mass production’ being attached to it, but no one disparages its value. When would an ordinary user get a chance to use items made by a legendary blacksmith? I can imagine how many people reading this article will want to migrate to the Overgeared Kingdom with the aim of obtaining the Grid set. In addition, pay attention to the contents of the linked quest announced by the kingdom.

The contents of the linked quests are currently open to the 8th stage and they are all directly related to the development of the Overgeared Kingdom. I’m confident that these quests will lead to the rapid development of the kingdom. The Overgeared Kingdom will become rich. It will overwhelm the kingdoms where NPCs reign as king.

Grid has created havoc with just the power of his items. Who would’ve imagined that he would use the power of a blacksmith in this way? At least, I didn’t expect it. Those reading this article should be the same. 

Look back at the time when Grid first appeared in the world. You probably laughed at him and called him ‘overgeared’ in a derogatory manner. You didn’t know the true power of items.

Grid, Shin Youngwoo. An ordinary youth of South Korea. No, a young man below average is now the center of the world. And he can be your future.

Do you play virtual reality games? Then immerse yourself. Enjoy it like crazy.

You can be the second Shin Youngwoo, the second Grid.