Chapter 622

‘But it’s amazing.’

Grid had selected and trained 100 blacksmiths. According to experience, advanced blacksmiths weren’t easily born, no matter how much effort Grid and Khan used. Yet Rector had developed using just a few words of advice (?) from Grid and made himself an advanced blacksmith. This talent might exceeded the talents of the blacksmiths Grid found in Reidan.

‘Don’t tell me...’

Rector had the talent to grow into a blacksmith craftsman like Khan. In other words, he was a person in the rank of a genius? Grid was filled with anticipation and took out the Great Lord's Sword. It could only be upgraded to the King’s Sword once he proceeded with the king’s exclusive quest. He wanted to upgrade it as soon as possible, but he was too busy.

‘Character Observation.’

Name: Rector

Age: 28  Gender: Male

Occupation: Blacksmith

Level: 237

Strength: 250/600   Stamina: 899/1,300

Agility: 50/88    Intelligence: 420/420

Skills: Advanced Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Lv. 2, Gain Abilities like a Sponge (S+), Tenacity that Never Gives Up (S+), Teaching by Rote (S+).

A blacksmith born in Rolling. 

He is good at learning, has a strong commitment, and fast growth. The ability to instill his studies into others is also excellent. However, all these talents are limited to blacksmithing.


Grid couldn’t help exclaiming.

‘I’d like to dispatch him to Reidan.’

Did he have the talent of a blacksmith craftsman? The evaluation wasn’t certain yet, but Rector was already a treasure of the Overgeared Kingdom. If he gave the one hundred blacksmiths he was raising in Reidan to Rector, he would be able to secure a large number of advanced blacksmiths faster.

'In addition, Rector became an advanced blacksmith thanks to me.’

He would certainly feel a high affinity with Grid.

‘I can trigger Blacksmith’s Affection.’

[Blacksmith’s Affection]

If you have the maximum affinity with a NPC blacksmith, you can raise their skill level by 1~5 levels.

The blacksmith who received your teachings will be loyal to you for life and will share with you every time they learn new item production methods.

He had acquired the skill in the past when Bairan was attacked and he rescued Smith. This skill allowed Khan to become a blacksmith craftsman and Smith to become an advanced blacksmith.

"Rector, do you like me?”


Rector felt burdened. It was because King Grid was observing him closely with a greedy expression. Now he was being asked if he liked King Grid? His arrogant imagination bloomed.

'I-Is he talking about homosexuality?’

Rector turned pale and a stir occurred among the other blacksmiths. It was at that moment.

"I really like you!”

An old blacksmith suddenly stood up and shouted. It was Bairan’s blacksmith, Smith. He taught Grid how to make the jaffa arrows and became an advanced blacksmith thanks to Grid.

‘The gay old man.’

Why had the atmosphere become like this? The confused Grid realized it the moment he saw Smith. He almost got misunderstood as a gay person. Grid ignored Smith and rose from the throne. He approached the trembling Rector and laid a hand on his head.


Rector took a deep breath. He was worried that the sexual harassment had started. But the other blacksmiths realized they had misunderstood. They couldn’t see any lust from the appearance of Grid who put his hand on Rector’s head. Rather, Grid had a holy appearance. As sunshine shone through the window, a legendary blacksmith put his hand on the head of a blacksmith. It was like a pope sprinkling holy water on his followers. From the standpoint of the blacksmiths who instinctively admired the legendary blacksmith, the present scene was divine.


“Yes... Yes, Your Highness.”

Once the Holy Light Crown, Great Lord's Sword, and his high dignity stat was combined, Grid released a force that overwhelmed the crowd. The blacksmiths gulped as they sensed the atmosphere.

"I will bestow affection on you.”


A golden glow emerged from Grid’s large hand that was placed on Rector’s head. It was brighter and warmer than the sun.


Rector shook as he was wrapped in light. He couldn’t express it exactly, but he instinctively felt that he had received a great blessing. The same was true for those watching the scene. All the blacksmiths trembled at the sight. It was the power of Blacksmith’s Affection.

The blacksmiths gathered in this place noticed that Grid had given Rector a great blessing. They were at a loss for words.

[Due to the effect of the Blacksmith’s Affection skill, Rector’s blacksmithing skill level has risen by 5!] 

Grid was filled with joy when he saw the notification window. It was the day when Grid was deified by the blacksmiths.

‘If you receive Grid’s blessing, your blacksmithing skills will greatly increase.’

This fact spread throughout the whole continent as well as the Overgeared Kingdom. All the blacksmiths on the continent were more respectful towards Grid and dreamt of meeting him. Now when people thought of a legendary blacksmith, it was more likely they would name Grid than Pagma.


[Insane Dragon Iron]

A mineral that naturally occurs in the nest of the insane dragon Nevartan.

It has been influenced by Nevartan’s madness for countless years and gained the chaotic ability ‘Proliferation.’

It doubles every 10 days.

This absurd nature makes it very difficult to control. The hardness is comparable to black iron, but the smelting difficulty is several times higher.

Weight: 5

[Insane Dragon Stone]

A mineral that naturally occurs in the nest of the insane dragon Nevartan.

It has been influenced by Nevartan’s madness for countless years and gained the chaotic ability ‘Suppression.’

The hardness is very low, but when mixed with other minerals, it has the function of eliminating the characteristic of those minerals.

Weight: 1

[Insane Dragon Bead]

A mineral that naturally occurs in the nest of the insane dragon Nevartan.

It has been influenced by Nevartan’s madness for countless years and gained the chaotic ability ‘Rampage.’

When mixed with other minerals, it multiplies the mineral’s characteristic.

If a human touches this mineral, they would lose their sense of reason and can’t smelt it. Use with caution.

Weight: 300

There was a smithy dedicated to Grid inside Reinhardt Palace. It was natural that a smithy was built for Grid once he was a king. Grid brought the advanced blacksmiths there and took out the three types of insane dragon materials. First, it was the insane dragon bead. It was a circular green mineral. The dense mineral was the size of a soccer ball. However, the weight was considerable.

"Khan, can you touch this mineral once?”

It was a dangerous mineral that caused the ‘rampage’ stage. Grid didn’t have any problems touching it because he was resistant, but there would be a big problem if the advanced blacksmiths touched the insane dragon bead. However, Khan was a blacksmith craftsman.

Grid was full of expectations. He thought that a blacksmith craftsman might be able to overcome the mineral’s curse. The result...

"Well, it is pretty heavy. It will take a considerable amount of time and skill if you want to smelt this.”

As Grid expected, Khan wasn’t cursed by the insane dragon bead. Grid smiled at the sight.

‘It’s reassuring.’

Khan was Grid’s first friend. Grid always relied on him. Grid once again felt a great liking for Khan and explained to the blacksmiths.

"These three minerals were obtained from the nest of the insane dragon Nevartan.”


The  blacksmiths were agitated. Dragon lair. It was natural to be surprised that the minerals were obtained from a dragon lair. Grid ignored them and continued the explanation.

"The insane dragon iron infinitely multiples. It’s the same when it’s a mineral or used as a material for a tool.”


The blacksmiths were surprised. A mineral that multiplied infinitely? Then wasn’t it a dream mineral?

Grid grinned.

"Let’s just say it is my subordinate’s great achievement. In any case, this proliferation isn’t always an advantage. Tools made using the insane dragon iron can’t be used because the weight keeps increasing. That’s why this insane dragon stone is needed.”

Grid’s explanation continued. After describing the minerals in detail to the blacksmiths at the site, he asked them to make the Grid set using these minerals in the future.

"From today on, you will do special training until you can make the Grid set. It might take a few days or weeks.”

"We will work hard to follow your instructions!”

"There is no greater glory than being taught directly by Your Majesty! I will learn, even if it takes a few months or a few years!”


From this day onwards, the sound of hammering in Reinhardt’s smithy didn’t stop. The blacksmiths gathered under Grid devoted themselves to learning without losing their enthusiasm until they mastered the Grid set. In the process, the blacksmiths built up a great liking for Grid. The king himself gave them great instructions. It was natural to feel favorable towards him.

A fortnight later.

“Blacksmith’s Affection.”

All 22 advanced blacksmiths were blessed by Grid, except for Khan, Smith, and Rector, who had already received it. They grew significantly and mastered how to make the Grid set.

"All of you will soon be the power of the Overgeared Kingdom. Don’t forget this fact and do your best in your role."

“As you command!”

As a kingdom built by a blacksmith, the blacksmiths of the Overgeared Kingdom were becoming the best on the West Continent. Grid and his blacksmiths wouldn’t stop until all the residents became overgeared.

‘Of course, I can’t be left behind in the process.’

Grid’s survivability had increased exponentially after obtaining the First King title. Combined with the infinite stiffness of the God Hands and Mjolnir, Grid could function as a perfect tanker. His ability was a damage dealer was relatively weaker. Grid was determined to increase his damage.

‘I don’t have enough attack power unless God’s Command gives me a good boost...’

It was tiring to rely on luck to activate God's Command.

'I will create a weapon for myself.’

Grid decided and pulled out Belial’s bones and leather. These were the only materials left after making items to give to his meritorious retainers.

"This as well.”

Grid smiled with satisfaction as he looked at the seven insane dragon beads he obtained from the nest.

‘It multiples the unique characteristic of the mineral?’

Was if the demon energy in Belial’s bones and leather became twice as strong?

“Kukukuk... The concept this time is a magic sword.” 

It would also be nice to make a new crown to fit the dark ambience of his new weapon. Now that Grid could wear both a crown and a helmet, the performance of the crown was also important.

‘I’ll show a stronger demon-like force than the great demons.’ 

Everyone couldn’t help looking up to the Overgeared King.