Chapter 624

'It feels like finishing my first homework.’

Grid was proud after establishing the production system for the Grid set. What country could produce infinite items with unlimited resources? It was a feat that deserved praise for eternity. Of course, the production of the Grid set would be slow right now, but that story would change once more advanced blacksmiths, Insane Dragon Hammers, and Anvils were acquired in the future. It was possible for their military power to grow faster than the Saharan Empire.

‘...No, that isn’t possible yet.’

The population and resources of the West Continent were biased towards the empire. The empire was likely to have much better minerals than the insane dragon iron.

‘They will have hundreds of advanced blacksmiths too. Most of the ranking blacksmith players belong to the empire.’

There was no need for Grid to think about the empire’s power when he was an ordinary player.  But now things had changed.  The Saharan Empire was a potential enemy that could threaten the Overgeared Kingdom with just its existence. The king of the Overgeared Kingdom was obliged to keep an eye on the empire. The problem was that morale would be reduced when thinking about the empire.

‘Well... Right now, the empire isn’t interested in us. Let’s not worry about unnecessary things right now.’

According to rumors circulating among the players, the empire still perceived the Overgeared Kingdom as weak. This was even after hearing rumors that the Overgeared King Grid had overwhelmed the representatives of the 15 kingdoms and made one of them a vassal.

‘Is it because there’s no need to worry about a struggle between minnows?’

It was bad for his ego, but it was an opportunity. The Overgeared Kingdom would conserve its strength while the empire was ignoring it. The basic premise for building power was Grid’s growth.

'I should go hunting once I make Belial’s magic sword.’

Grid’s desire for strength was great. He was one of the best among players, but he still had a weak foundation to be called the ‘strongest.’ There were monsters and NPCs more powerful than himself. It was natural to want greater strength.

'The Red Knights of the empire seem amazing.’

In particular, the solo number knights. Based on the rumors, they could take Kraugel out with one finger.

‘Won’t I die in a blink of an eye?’


The Grid shivering with fear never imagined it. The Reidorn confined in his dungeon was actually one of the famous solo number knights.


What type of magic sword should he make? Grid was thinking about it when an elf came to visit him. It was Sticks, who had recently been made principle of the Overgeared Academy in Reinhardt. A sage. A wise man was placed as the head of a school? Wasn’t this a serious waste of manpower? Sticks questioned it, but hadn’t objected to Grid’s appointment. Grid was his lifesaver and the key to releasing the curse on the Behen Archipelago. Sticks wanted to follow his will.

“What’s going on?”

Grid asked after not seeing Sticks for a long time. He was apathetic, but it wasn’t because he disliked Sticks. Sticks was an ideal elf beauty and it was burdensome to stand next to him.

‘I feel like a squid.’

In any case, Sticks spoke without hiding his luminous beauty.

“Great Demon Belial was destroyed, and I noticed something while watching you afterwards. The items you’re making are very limited.” 


Grid had a total of 2,080 production methods. Around 200 of them were methods he acquired by himself, while the remaining 1,880 production methods were all provided by the Overgeared members. In other words, it was very difficult for a player to learn 2,000 production methods alone. Yet Sticks said that Grid was lacking production methods.

Grid also didn’t deny it. Why?

‘It’s true that I’m limited.’

So what if he had 2,000 production methods? More than half of them were weapons and armor. The different ‘types’ of production methods that Grid possessed were very limited. For example, there was no way to make cloth clothing. He couldn’t make the robes that he needed in large quantities after becoming a king.

'There’s only one method to create a crown.’

The only way to know how to make the Holy Light Crown was to achieve a 100% understanding with it. Grid had earned the First King title and felt the necessity of a crown, but he didn’t have the ability to produce a worthy crown. Of course, it was a different story if he used the creation skill. However, this had a limited number of uses.

'The reason Sticks is talking about production methods...’

It looked like a quest!


A light of anticipation shone in Grid’s eyes.

"That's right. As you said, the items I can make are very limited. It still isn’t comparable to Pagma. Can you help me with this?”

"I’m called a sage because I have a vast amount of knowledge. There is now information that comes to mind when thinking about the culture, history, and legends of the fallen Eternal Kingdom.”


As expected, the sage didn’t disappoint him. Grid was confident that the conversation with Sticks was a prelude to the quest. Indeed, a notification window popped up in front of him.

[A new Pagma’s Descendant class quest has been created.]

[Collection of New Production Methods (1)]

Class Quest

You are the successor to Pagma’s techniques, but not his true successor.  The techniques you have gained are learned from the book that Pagma left behind.

You have the techniques to become a myth that goes beyond the legends, but you are still lacking in overall knowledge!

In order to expand your foundation as a blacksmith, you need to learn various types of production methods!

Follow the clues of the Sage Sticks and gain new types of production methods. 

Quest Clear Reward: Level +2. Underwear production method. A following linked quest.

“Oh...! Ohh!”

It had been a while since he gained a new class quest after acquiring Braham’s soul!

“The reward is two levels and learning how to make underwear? Huh?”

The delight in Grid’s face disappeared like a lie. Then he shouted at the innocent Sticks.

“Underwear production method? Is this a joke?"

"Humans are interesting creatures. You can change emotions so suddenly, unlike our elves who are always calm...”

“No, this is ridiculous! Why do I need to learn how to make underwear?”

Of course, underwear was important. Some people avoided underwear for certain reasons, but most people wore underwear. The stability and cleanliness of underwear couldn’t be ignored.  But in Satisfy, the concept of underwear was slightly different from reality. It was merely a screen. It was a screen that kept players from unnecessarily exposing important parts. The name of the underwear that Grid was wearing was simply ‘Underwear.’ It was the grey underwear given to all male players in Satisfy and didn’t have any function.


The agitated Grid suddenly pulled down his pants. Then he pointed to his underwear that he had worn daily for nine Satisfy years.

"Why should I make another?”

Blacksmith. He was a legendary blacksmith and he had to make underwear? He was so outraged that he was speechless. After knowing that his reward for the class quest was the underwear production method, Grid’s emotions went beyond disappointment into rage. Then Sticks spoke.

“Do you know that us elves also have occupations like blacksmiths and tailors?”

"Of course, these occupations are necessary for any species. That’s how food and clothing is obtained.”

“That’s right. The craftsmanship isn’t better than humans or dwarves, but there are also blacksmiths and tailors among the elves. And there was a famous underwear maker among the elven tailors. The underwear I am wearing now is made by the tailor. I have been wearing it for 613 years, and it’s very functional. It’s well ventilated and always keeps me in good condition.”

“No, what nonsense...”

There were too many parts to tackle. It started out with a quest for a blacksmith to learn how to make underwear, only to suddenly talk about elven tailors? He was wearing the same underwear for 613 years?

'How nasty.’

Grid wasn’t aware that him wearing the same underwear for nine years was also dirty. Sticks explained to him.

"I want to tell you that underwear made with techniques have unusual functions. Grid, I think the underwear you make will boast excellent features.”


Let’s think about it. In Satisfy, underwear was a basic item that should be worn below primary items. What if it had specific options?

‘A profit?’

It was much better to have some defense than no functions. He got the concept of secondary defense. 

"In addition, underwear is made of cloth. What does making underwear suggest? It means you can learn how to handle cloth. Grid, you still can’t make cloth pieces, right?”

“Ah...! I see!”

Let’s look back to when he made the Hooded Zip Up and Lantier’s Cloak. As a blacksmith, Grid couldn’t produce cloth items and eventually consumed his creation skill.

‘But once I learn how to make cloth armor, I won’t have to consume the creation skill when making cloak type items in the future!’

Grid got over his anger at the class quest reward and laughed again.

‘I can also make underwear and give it as a private gift to Irene...’

Irene looked even more beautiful at night. This was great. Grid imagined Irene looking more seductive than she did in the vampire pajamas and then he was reminded of Yura and Jishuka.

‘I always wondered about the exact sizes of those two...’

Could he use functional underwear as an excuse to get their sizes?


The smile couldn’t leave Grid’s face. It wasn’t a greedy smile, but a pure smile. Sticks was somewhat surprised.

‘He can look this boyish?’

A human with a clean soul. Looking on his attitude towards his peers and people, Sticks could tell that Grid was an upright person. He was different from ordinary humans. Sticks felt more liking towards Grid and gave him detailed quest information.

"Go north. It’s the territory that Duke Steim rules. You will find clues about an underwear craftsman there.”

“Okay. I will also get to see my father-in-law.”

Grid nodded and left straight away. He would delay making the magic sword. In the course of completing his class quest, he would acquire new production methods and his knowledge about item production would become higher.


With the functional underwear, he had an opportunity to increase his items and know the sizes of the world’s greatest beauties! Grid was so excited that his laughter didn’t cease. The passing players were surprised.

“Heok. That’s Grid, right?”

“No way... There’s no way Grid would have his pants down on the road...”

"...I didn’t see it.”

It was fortunate that players not belonging to the Overgeared Guild weren’t familiar with Grid. If the players could see Grid now, it would spread all types of rumors on the Internet.