Chapter 617

Blood Carnival’s master.

He always existed behind a curtain. He never showed himself on the surface and concealed his identity. That was Dark. The reason he hid his identity was simple. He didn’t want people to know about his association with the evil organization, Blood Carnival. For Dark, who had great dreams of the future, Blood Carnival was merely a way for him to make money.

“You, what’s your identity? You look really strange.”

Dark wore a mask on a daily basis. It was so that he wouldn’t be discovered in the course of his exchanges with Blood Carnival.

“Why are you so quiet? Are you mute?”

Grid frowned. A mysterious player who completely hid his face and ID. Based on the contents of the quest, he was the master of this dungeon. How did he become the master of the dungeon? Was it possible for a player to own a dungeon? There were many questions he wanted to resolve, but the other person remained quiet like he was mute.

“Who are you?” Grid urged. 

Then Dark made a ridiculing sound.

“Your personality is just as dirty as I heard. How can you act like this when you’re the villain who infiltrated another person’s area and destroyed everything? If you have a bit of conscience, isn’t it normal to feel sorry?”

“I didn’t know. How could I imagine that this dungeon was someone’s possession?”

"Is it not a sin just because you don’t know?”

"No, it isn’t.”

As Dark said, Grid had a trash nature in the beginning. He was selfish and greedy. He didn’t hesitate whenever there was an opportunity to get a profit.  But now he was different. He didn’t seek profit if it dealt great damage to innocent people. If Grid had met Dark before he received the ‘Insane Dragon Egg’ quest, he would’ve felt sorry for Dark.

“But right now, I’m performing a quest. Aren’t quests the most important content in a game? I’m sorry for you, but it can’t be helped. Hand over the insane dragon egg.”

Yes, it was a rationalization. Grid rationalized his own selfishness and greed in the name of a quest. In Dark’s eyes, Grid was a terrible villain. But he didn’t criticize Grid. He also used any means and methods to achieve his goal. This was the fate of those dreaming of being the best.

“You’re after the insane dragon egg...”

Dark shook his head. How much had he done to protect the dragon egg he accidentally discovered a year ago? Dark sought to be the only player with a dragon as a pet. He made all types of unreasonable profits from Blood Carnival in order to create this dungeon. However, one day a person like Grid asked for Dark’s egg. He couldn’t accept it.

“Disgraceful person.”


Dark emitted killing intent.

“You’re taking me too lightly.”

Dungeon Maker was a hidden growth type class and it had reached a unique rating. He specialized in producing dungeons, but like Pagma’s Descendant, he also had combat ability. In particular, all his stats and skills were increased in the dungeons he created. His class benefits were activated and he could show a more powerful ability.

"Who cares if you broke the sky? I am the new sky!”


Dark shouted and the dungeon started to stir. Zone 8. All the walls and ground were a trap to protect the dragon egg. They activated and covered Grid.


Grid was startled. The trap was larger and more threatening than any trap he had experienced since he started playing Satisfy.

“God Hands!”

As Grid shouted, the God Hands started blocking the arrows and spears. However, they were only four of them, no matter how quickly they moved. They couldn’t block thousands of weapons.



Grid brought through the defense of the God Hands and swept away the flying weapons with a wide area skill. He allowed several attacks in the process, but didn’t suffer a big blow thanks to Triple Layers and Lantier’s Cloak. The problem was the traps installed on the ground. The ground split in half and boiling lava tried to swallow Grid.

Grid hastily swapped to Braham’s Boots and flew up. This was a mistake.


The ceiling fell down. It crushed Grid with an awful weight. Grid failed to prop it up with strength and used Freely Move to break through the traps and reach Dark.


The moment that Grid thrust his sword forward.

"Building Walls!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang! 

Dark took out a huge hammer and slammed it down on the ground. Then stones walls stronger than a magician’s barrier sprang out, blocking Grid’s attack.

‘It completely absorbed the damage of Kill used with the +9 Failure?’ 

The fragments of the wall scattered all over the place. Grid ignored the sharp chunks of stone and attacked Dark again. Of course, Dark’s resistance was tough. He used a shovel to pour cement and block Grid’s Link.

[You have become ‘petrified.’]

[You have resisted.]

[Due to the effect of the ‘First King’ title, ‘Great King’s Majesty’ is activated.]

[Reflecting the status has failed.]


Grid and Dark stared at each other as their alertness thickened. They acknowledged that their opponents were tough. Grid counterattacked Dark’s shovel with Revolve and immediately used Blackening. Dark’s posture was collapsed by the counterattack. He used Throwing Bricks to interfere with Grid’s course. Grid missed the perfect attack timing and was convinced of Dark’s identity.

‘Based on his skills configuration and complete control of the traps...’

This guy, was he a dungeon maker? This player had the ability to create a dungeon?

“It must be a hidden class!”

“Now you understand! I will also be a legend!”

Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Grid used Blacksmith’s Rage and started the onslaught, but Dark expertly coped with it. He used the traps at exquisite timing to disturb the connection between Grid and the God Hands.

‘Recreating the battle videos of Grid that I have seen so far, the biggest disadvantage is the short duration of his buffing skills.’

The highest priority was to endure until Blackening ended. The counterattack was after that. Dark determined as he stared at Grid. He was certain that his strength and agility overwhelmed Grid’s.

'I have been making dungeons for over three years!’

He would use the stamina he had trained to withstand Grid’s fierce attacks. Dark was sure he could hold on until Grid was exhausted. Yes, he waited for Grid to be exhausted. However...

‘Pant pant, what the hell is this guy?’

15 minutes after the battle began. Blackening was lifted, but Grid was still assaulting Dark. He continued without any signs of exhaustion. On the other hand, the confident Dark was breathing hard. Dark couldn’t understand it.

‘How can he have higher stamina than me, the king of labor?’

He even received the dungeon buffs!

‘This is items...!’

It was obvious that Grid was wearing an item that reduced stamina consumption. But what was reality? If Dark was the king of labor, Grid was the god of labor. He spent days manually making an item while others could press the production button and make it quickly. Looking at stats that developed based on labor, Grid was higher than Dark.

‘He’s finally worn out?’

Every time Grid tried to deal a fatal blow to Dark, he failed due to traps or labor skills. He was impressed with Dark’s power and as he focused on the battle, he noticed Dark’s subtle changes. The deployment of traps and skills slowed down.

“Can you Become the King of the Dead?”


Clack clack!

Dark recoiled in surprise while facing Grid and the God Hands. It was due to the skeletons that threw silver thread.

‘A necromancer’s strength?’

But they were just skeletons throwing threads. They weren’t a significant threat. Dark ignored the skeletons and tried to defend against Grid’s attack. This was a mistake.


The silver thread successfully bound Dark’s body and Grid finally landed a blow.

“Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.”



Linked Kill successively destroyed the walls built by Dark.


During the course of Linked Kill, Dark lost his defenses and was exposed.


Dark screamed as he was swept up in energy blades. They descended like lightning bolts in his field of view.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!]

[You won’t die easily in your dungeon. You can resist all attacks for 2 seconds with a minimum of health. The dungeon escape skill ‘Emergency Exit’ is activated.]


Dark didn’t collapse after facing his strongest skill? Grid looked at Dark with greed, while Dark’s expression was awful.

“You! I will someday pay back this grudge!”

Dark was turned to rags. The mask that covered his face was shattered. Then the ID he was hiding was revealed.

[Eat Spicy Jokbal]



The fierce atmosphere died down and silence flowed. Dark made an awkward expression. No, Eat Spicy Jokbal used the Emergency Escape skill. There was a crack in thin air and a door was created. 

“S-Son of a bitch! Wait until I get an ID change ticket!”


Eat Spicy Jokbal couldn’t hide his embarrassment as he moved through the emergency door.


Grid was attracted by Eat Spicy Jokbal’s dungeon making ability and combat skills.

‘I should search for Eat Spicy Jokbal in Bed later.’

If that was the name of a business, he might get a hint that would allow him to get in touch with Eat Spicy JokbalThat’s right. Grid wanted Eat Spicy Jokbal to join Overgeared. It was natural. The dungeon making ability of Spicy Jokbal in Bed in bed was unique and his combat ability was superior to many people in Overgeared.

'Then I can properly compensate him for the damage I did.’

It would be fair to judge the outcome after gaining the insane dragon egg. Grid approached the cut rock in the center of the dungeon. There was a large oval egg that was much bigger than Grid.