Chapter 616

"Why aren’t you killing me? Are you trying to shame me with mercy? Kukukuk, I’ll politely refuse. I am a noble who can see the passage of time. It’s shameful to keep my life because of human sympathy. The blood in my body will flow from the humiliation.”

‘What are these guys?’

The evil eyes who lay down hoping for death. Grid was embarrassed.

‘I should’ve just killed them from the beginning instead of sparing them uselessly.’ 

Indeed, doing things he didn’t usually do was tiring.

‘It is wrong to talk to them in the first place.’

The tone of the evil eyes was so similar to Lauel that a sense of empathy was created and his hostility faded.


A sudden thought passed through Grid’s head.

'These guys, won’t they be good friends with Lauel?’

It was awkward to kill them now after already sparing them. Grid devised a method and spoke.

"You guys, become my subordinates instead of giving up your lives.”


Servitude. Was it possible for non-NPC monsters? The usual Grid would have no expectations. But now Grid had the title of First King.

* A great king is respected. Stats such as charm, dignity, and leadership will exert more influence on NPCs and monsters.

‘ Maybe it’s possible.’

Wasn’t this an opportunity to make the evil eyes his subordinates? There was nothing to lose. The evil eyes started to react to Grid, who was dubious but filled with expectations.

"A mere human wants to take the noble evil eyes as subordinates? Kukuk, looking at our entire past, there is no human as absurd as you. Your concept is already beyond the category of a human. A concept that isn’t tied to common sense... That is what I hear.” 

“It’s shocking. It is enough to shake our souls trapped in the prison that is our flesh.”

The 17 evil eyes groaned and stood up. It seemed hard because their heads too were big.

‘Their weight leans to one side. Their agility must be the worst.’

The evil eyes were a species with many disadvantages. But their power was absolute.

‘It will be a big hit if I can make them my subordinates.’

Dugun dugun.

His expectations were rising. The evil eyes barely stood up and approached Grid. Their eyes shone red in a brilliant manner.

"Do you think we will serve a mere human? As I said before, it’s a big shame. It’s impossible... What?”

The evil eyes were prepared to die when they became shocked. Their trembling eyes were looking behind Grid.

"That cat...!”

A cat was holding a pickaxe and breaking the wall with awkward gestures. The plump stomach was impressive, but the evil eyes looked like they had seen a ghost.


A demonic beast with a noble lineage that only followed the great demons.  Why was the best demonic beast of hell in this place?

‘In addition, why is it holding a pickaxe?’

It was a situation they couldn’t understand. The bewildered evil eyes soon understood.

“Pant pant. Master, can I take a break? It’s hard, nyong.”


Unbelievable! The best demonic beast of hell, a memphis, served a human?

"You still have stamina, so what’s hard? Don’t exaggerate and focus on your work.”

“It isn’t fun to use a pickaxe...”

"If labor was fun, would it be labor?”


Grid was stubborn. He walked over to Noe who was lying down, revealing his plump belly. Noe’s two eyes were wide and he tried to look as pathetic as possible. He was asking for leniency. However, Grid wasn’t moved and Noe was eventually forced to start mining again.

The evil eyes were shocked as they watched this scene.

Grid nodded in the awkward silence. "I understand. Then I will kill you as you wish.”

Grid shook off his lingering attachment to the evil eyes. He grabbed the pickaxe in a fearsome manner.

“I will serve you.”

"Me too.”

“It is the same with me.”

The 17 evil eyes suddenly changed their attitudes.

"Even though you’re a human, the fact that you have made a memphis a mild cat is worth admiring.”

"In fact, it’s embarrassing to ignore you just because you’re a human. You’re the one who defeated all of us.”

"But there’s a condition before we serve you.”


They were trying to add conditions on top of sparing their lives? Grid thought they were more confident than stupid. The evil eyes were a species worthy of respect.

"What do you want?”

"The desire of our evil eyes is the destruction of the great demons. We can’t forgive the great demons who have driven the evil eyes out of hell.”

"But in order to get revenge on the great demons, we need a powerful helper.”

"And we have found that helper."

"It is the child of the insane dragon Nevartan.”

"He will have a big grudge against the great demons who made his father crazy.”

"We want to secure the dragon egg that will soon hatch.”

Grid listened in silence before asking with an awkward expression.

"Is this a delusion?”

Was it similar to Lauel saying that a black dragon was sealed in his hand? The sudden story of the dragon was too unrealistic. The evil eyes shook their heads at Grid.

"At the end of this dungeon is the insane dragon egg.”

"If you help us secure the egg that’s in the hands of a human, our evil eyes will share our fate with you forever.


Wasn’t it too early to get involved with dragons?


Grid imagined Reinhardt being destroyed by a dragon breath and was about to refuse the evil eyes’ suggestion.

[A hidden quest has been created.]

[Insane Dragon Egg]

★ Hidden Quest ★

The evil eyes are demonkin who have been driven out of hell.

The evil eyes are dreaming of working with the child of Nevartan to get revenge on the great demons.

Secure the insane dragon egg guarded by the master of the dungeon and hand it over to the evil eyes.

Quest Clear Conditions: Secure the insane dragon egg.

Quest Clear Rewards: Acquire 17 evil eyes as subordinates. Affinity with the evil eyes will increase. Exchanges with the evil eyes are possible.

Quest Failure: Level -3.


It was a quest that would decrease his level by three if he failed?

Grid shook.

‘Why do I have to suffer when I’m just digging minerals?’

He fought and defeated the evil eyes. After proposing that they become his subordinates, they accepted because of the memphis. This hidden quest occurred because of coincidences. The episode that might’ve been hidden forever was revealed because of Grid.

Grid would usually feel proud. He would be excited by the hidden quest rewards. However, Grid felt negative. Why?  It was a quest related to a dragon egg. Where were dragon eggs normally kept? Grid coveted the quest reward, but thought it was likely to fail the quest.

“Hah... Damn...$%@#!”


Grid sighed and cursed. The evil eyes looked at Grid as the atmosphere became worse. It was because they felt killing intent from Grid.

"I should’ve just killed you.”


He said he would spare them and now he wanted to kill them? He also said it in front of them. The evil eyes thought that Grid was a very vicious and fickle person.

"Indeed, the master of the best demonic beast of hell is evil.”

"He’s a demon, not a human.”

"That is why our souls are attracted. Kukuk.”

They were sweaty from fear, but their mouths were still active. The silent Grid pulled something out of his inventory. The 17 of them were handed pickaxes.


The evil eyes made stupid expressions as they were handed pickaxes. Then Grid spoke to them.

"Isn’t the dragon egg at the end of the dungeon? Don’t forget to mine on the way."

“Kukuk...? You want us to mine? The great evil eyes don’t do such trivial work...”

"Be quiet if you don’t want me to kill you.”



Dark confirmed that the intruder had entered Zone 4.

“Jokbal is the best for a midnight snack.” (braised pig’s trotters)

Dark logged in after eating a meal. He did this because he thought the intruder would be defeated by the evil eyes.

“That damn intruder. Once he’s dead... Eh?”

Dark’s face suddenly stiffened. His spine became soaked with sweat. It was because the Beware Dogs dungeon was still in ‘Display Mode.’

‘What? The intruder is still alive?’

It meant that the intruder survived the 20 evil eyes present in Zone 4.

“The evil eyes were defeated?”

No, that guess didn’t fit. The evil eyes were the strongest monsters that could neutralize their opponent simply by looking at them. The evil eyes couldn’t be defeated.

“Perhaps the first intruder was defeated and a new one appeared? Heok.”

Dark’s face became white as he read the dungeon’s defense record. It was because there was no record of a new intruder. It meant that the intruder survived Zone 4.


Dark was confused because he couldn’t understand the situation. It was a big mess that made his head spin around.

"I-I need to grasp the situation.”

Dark imagined the worst and hurriedly opened the status window of the dungeon.

[Zone 7 of the Beware Dogs dungeon is completely destroyed!]

[An intruder has appeared in Zone 8 of the ‘Beware Dogs’ dungeon.]

Terrible notification windows appeared in front of Dark.

"This is the mind... No, it’s the end of the dungeon?”

A strange voice was heard.

“You... Who are you?”

Dark trembled with anger. He turned towards the intruder’s voice. Then he saw it.


The first legendary class and first king. The identity of the intruder was someone so big? Grid looked at the puzzled Dark with interest. It was natural to be interested after finding out that the master of this huge dungeon was a player.

“You, what’s your identity?”