Chapter 615

First King was a title that only one player could acquire. It was the first player to become a king. The uniqueness of the title could be understood by looking at the extraordinary acquisition conditions. It was a title give to only one out of two billion users.

What about the performance? Numerous people guessed that it would be the best. Some people were more envious about the fact that Grid obtained this title than his large territory or hundreds of thousands of people. In reality?

[First King]

A great king who built the first nation of players. A living history and myth.

* A great king puts his safety first. If you lose 70% of your maximum health, a shield containing the health you lost within the last minute will be created. At this point, terrain adaptability will increase by 100% while movement speed and defense will increase by 10%. 

* A great king must be familiar with the crown. You can wear a helmet and crown together, receiving the stats of both items. The exposed image must either be a helmet or a crown.

* A great king is diligent and bold. You can always keep your cool and status resistance will increase by 50%.

-You will reflect the abnormal status effect when resisting it. However, you won’t be able to trigger this reflection if the opponent has achieved a certain level of reputation, status, or level.

* A great king is respected. Stats such as charm, dignity, and leadership will exert more influence on NPCs and monsters.

* A great king is competent. The skill level of all acquired skills will increase faster. Two points will also be added to your stat points acquired every time you level up. 

Amazing. The title had five effects and each of them boasted an overwhelming performance. The number of items that could be worn had increased, he had increased status resistance and reflection, and there was also the stats and skill level increase.

Each one was a treasure-like effect. It was correct to say that the First King exerted a power beyond any titles. In particular, the additional stat points after levelling up and the abnormal status resistance were a scam. But human greed was endless.

Grid was somewhat disappointed with the First King title. It increased status resistance by 50%. This option was useless for Grid. It would’ve been a perfect title if it was something else beside the status resistance option. But would he have any conscience if he grumbled about this?

Grid thought about it positively as possible.  In particular, he liked the additional two stat points he got from levelling up. This additional two stat points made Grid’s growth rate unrivalled.

‘Obtaining 14 stat points every time I level up... Huhuhut.’

A player gained 10 stat points with every level up. However, Grid had two more points from acquiring a dual class, and now there were two more points from the First King title. He was a special existence. Grid felt like he was the protagonist of the world and his immersion in the game rose exponentially. This was directly related to his increase in concentration.

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid was delighted to experience the effect of the First King title on the evil eyes. The moment he devoted himself to mining again, new evil eye members appeared.

"Hoh, it’s quite commendable that a human can easily dismantle the evil eye clan. Is it a miraculous bloom that appeared among the disappearing ephemera? Kukukuk, I can’t help but pay respect to you for giving me a feeling of tension for the first time.”


This time, 16 evil eyes appeared. They reminded him of SD characters (super-deformed drawing style). As he looked at their big and sharp eyes, Grid’s spirit was pained.

‘It feels like there are 16 Lauels...’

His ears and mind were contaminated. Every time they spoke, he felt his hands and feet curling up. It was unpleasant, like he was caught in a status condition.

"Randy, close their mouths.”


He didn’t want to be disturbed while mining. There wasn’t enough time to get minerals from every area of this huge dungeon. Grid didn’t stop moving his pickaxe as Randy moved instead. Randy duplicated Sword Ghost.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”


Minor was shocked when Randy copied the same swordsmanship as Grid. Randy wasn’t an ordinary doppelganger, given the fact that normal doppelgangers couldn’t duplicate the skills of the copied target.

‘What’s with this doppelganger?’

Minor thought it was simply a mining pet, but it was actually a versatile pet. Minor wanted to have a doppelganger like Randy.



The battle started. Randy approached the evil eyes and attacked them simultaneously. The evil eyes were focused on Grid and couldn’t escape the surprise attack. The 30% of Grid’s stats still dealt critical damage since the evil eyes had low defense and health. However, the evil eyes had the strength to overcome this.


“Ah... Um....”


Yes, the evil eyes just looked at Randy. But the effect was amazing. Randy literally fell asleep in the combat state. Grid was startled.

‘It overcame Randy’s status resistance?’

Randy was a named boss and had high status resistance. Grid never remembered seeing Randy be affected by status conditions before. Randy was easily handled by the evil eyes. The evil eye’s ability was an absolute force on most players except those with a legendary class.

‘These eye monsters... They give out 5 million experience, which is a lot for small fry mobs.’

The junior vampires gave 5 million experience. It meant the evil eyes weren’t level 300. This was why Grid was convinced they were small fry mobs. 

Level 200 monsters have such absolute status abilities.’ 

If a high level evil eye existed, wouldn’t they be a fairly powerful boss? Only Grid would be a proper match for it.

"Do you know why you have two eyes?”

Grid was concerned about Randy and asked a question. The evil eyes looked at Grid again and laughed.

"That’s a silly question.” 

"We can’t deny having two eyes. It’s just like having two moons in the sky.”

“No, that’s wrong.”

Grid shook his head at their answer. The evil eyes cocked their heads. Unlike normal monsters, they responded to human conversations. This meant that the evil eyes were suitable to be tamed as ‘pets.’ Grid wasn’t a tamer, so his common sense didn’t head in that direction.

“What’s wrong?”

The evil eyes reacted like they didn’t understand. The moment they were absorbed in their conversation with Grid.

“It is okay to get rid of one.”

“What are you saying?”

"I’m going to destroy your eyes.”

At the same time.

Pa pa pa pat!

The God Hands armed with Mjolnirs flew at the evil eyes.


Bam bam bam!


The evil eyes paled. They couldn’t resist the attacks of the golden hands. The golden hands were fast, powerful, and not affected by the evil eyes, because they had no eyes. The biggest problem was the human with black hair. The human with black hair wasn’t cursed whenever he met the evil eyes’ gazes. They ended up being cursed instead.

'It’s awkward to kill them.’

Grid didn’t kill the frightened evil eyes. He was merciful after hitting them in the forehead several times with his pickaxe. They were monsters, but they talked and looked like people. They were no threat and didn’t drop items, so he didn’t feel the need to kill them.

“Human... Why don’t you take our lives?”

"Is the second ego sleeping in your heart whispering not to harm us?”

"Were you an evil eye in your previous life?”

The evil eyes still talked nonsense despite being collapsed. But their killing intent decreased. The fighting spirit in their eyes disappeared as they looked at Grid. It was at that moment.

“Kukukuk... A human is running wild. But you are already dead the moment you made eye contact with me.”

A new evil eye appeared. The ordinary evil eyes looked like 3D characters with childlike faces, while the new evil eye had a mustache on his face. He seemed a bit older.



The evil eye lifted his eye patch and observed Grid. At that moment.


The phrase ‘resisted’ didn’t appear in Grid’s point of view. It meant this evil eye didn’t cause a status condition.

'The boss?’

Grid was tense.


The evil eye suddenly started sweating.


Why wasn’t it attacking? Grid was curious.

“Kuk... Kukuk, it can’t be helped. If this is my destiny, I will accept it.”

The evil eye mumbled before laying down on the ground.

“Now, kill me.”


Committing suicide? A boss appeared at exquisite timing only to suddenly show his stomach?

"What are you up to?”

There was no room for cockiness. Grid didn’t carelessly approach the evil eye lying on the ground. He was wary about a trap. It was natural to be vigilant. A monster he never met told him to kill it.

‘Is this a monster that explodes when it is killed?’

The evil eye laughed as Grid was having terrible thoughts.

"My great foresight told me. In a few seconds, my forehead would be pierced by your pickaxe. Kukuk... If this is my destiny from heaven, I will humbly accept it.”

“...No, what odd monsters. In the first place, why are they here?”

The 17 evil eyes lay like dead bodies. Grid was grumbling about how to deal with them when a woman’s voice was heard.

“Uh... How did you handle so many evil eyes by yourself?”

It was Tom Yum. It was the Thai woman he met at the entrance. Grid scratched his head.

“It is a little vague to say I handled them. What about you? What are your intentions behind chasing me?”

"I was worried...”


Chasing after him because she was worried? It wasn’t something that Grid could understand.

"Don’t speak nonsense.”

Grid wouldn’t yield if she was aiming for the minerals. Grid looked at Tom Yum with sharp eyes. He showed obvious hostility. Tom Yum saw this and misunderstood.

‘Is he worried that I will get mixed up in the fight with Blood Carnival?’

They only met for the first time today.

‘I haven’t seen a person with such a good heart in a long time. He’s the leader of Overgeared for a reason.’

A big shot who made other high rankers submit to him.

‘It wouldn’t be polite to refuse the goodwill he has shown me a few times.’

Tom Yum stepped backwards and bowed to Grid.

"Next time I will greet you.”


What was she saying? Tom Yum disappeared before Grid could ask any questions. She thought while heading back.

'He isn’t exhausted at all despite collapsing the powerful evil eyes alone. I don’t need to worry about him.’

Indeed, he was the person who broke the sky. Maybe Blood Carnival would collapse today.