Chapter 614


A Dungeon Maker wasn’t a tamer. He couldn’t control monsters. Then how could a Dungeon Maker place monsters in the dungeon? The first method was a contract. 

Dungeon Maker Dark didn’t fulfill the monsters’ demands. He hired them as guards of the dungeon. It was a framework for mutual cooperation. Of course, this was only allowed if the monster’s intelligence reached a certain level. He couldn’t form a contract with monsters of low intelligence.

Dark had to block the enemy’s intrusion by strategically placing monsters of various characteristics, so he found a solution. The monsters with low intelligence were faithful to their instincts.  For example, if he wanted to place a griffin in a specific area of the dungeon, he would obtain the griffin’s favorite orc meat and place it in the dungeon. The griffons who smelled the orc meat after being trapped in the dungeon would naturally turn into monsters belonging to the dungeon.

Of course, there were fatal disadvantages for monsters deployed in this way. They were hostile to intruders and Dark. It was the reason why Dark was stuck at Zone 5 and couldn’t move to Zone 3 yet. He had triggered ‘Display Mode’ the moment an intruder occurred.

Once all the monsters in his dungeon woke up, there was a big restriction to Dark’s movements. Moving secretly to avoid the monsters in each area inevitably slowed down his movements. As a result, Dark’s worst fear occured.

[Zone 3 of the Beware Dogs dungeon is completely destroyed!]


The first three zones were completely destroyed. It was a deadly wound. It would take at least a month for the dungeon to recover. He also needed huge funding.

"D-Damn bastard...!”

He was so angry that tears poured out. Dark’s eyes were bloodshot.

Shake shake!

Dark shivered with fury as a new notification window appeared in front of him.

[An intruder has appeared in Zone 4 of the ‘Beware Dogs’ dungeon.]

At that moment.

"...Kuk, taste hell.”

Dark’s anger was quickly relieved. Dark even smiled.

"You were able to break through three zones without any obstacles, but you’ll lose your senses in the next section. I don’t know who the intruder is, but he will be trampled on by the evil eyes and regret his sins."

The evil eyes. The inherent strength of the demonkin was unreasonable. The evil eyes were supreme predators born with absolute strength.

‘There are dozens of types of evil eyes.’

It was impossible to fight against a large number of evil eyes because they showed different traits. Among them, those with the power to look into the future for a few seconds were the best. How could he place such powerful evil eyes in the Beware Dogs dungeon? 

It was because Dark had unexpected good luck. Dark built the Beware Dogs dungeon to protect ‘it,’ which the evil eyes desired to hatch. Their goal was the same. Therefore, Dark and the evil eyes were the best partners to trust each other.


“This is amazing speed!”

The God Hands and Randy’s pickaxes moved quickly, maximizing their efficiency. Minor was surprised as Randy and the God Hands demolished the walls in an instant, extracting the minerals.

"But it isn’t as good as me. Huhut.”

‘He isn’t pretending. This guy, he’s really great.’

Minor’s speed was overwhelming enough that Grid could admit it. The four God Hands combined were slower than Minor. Minor’s talent for mining was truly the best. Grid acknowledged it, but he still didn’t intend to make Minor a miner.

‘No matter how good, you’re still a minerals detector.’

There were many excellent miners in the world, but only Minor could detect minerals. Minor was a unique minerals detector.

“Your Majesty, there’s a door to the next section. Should we go?”

"Of course.”

Grid’s goal was to collect all the minerals growing here. It was natural to go through all the areas.

‘It’s a pity that there was only the insane dragon iron in the first three sections. Well, there’s no need to be nervous because there’s nothing dangerous.’

The insane dragon Nevartan stayed here, so he knew it wasn’t an ordinary mine. Grid entered Zone 4 without any major crisis awareness. Then he realized that this wasn’t an ordinary mine.

[You have entered Zone 4 of the Beware Dogs dungeon.]

[The traps have been activated.]



The moment they stepped into Zone 4, Grid and Minor’s eyes widened. A huge rock was rolling from the end of a straight, narrow passage.

‘Can I avoid it?’

No. The passage was too narrow. The way they came was blocked.


Minor muttered with despair. He closed his eyes tightly and grabbed his head. He imagined himself being crushed by that massive rock. Then Grid’s voice was heard.

"Open your eyes and raise your head. Show a confident charm."

“Your Majesty...?”

Why was he so calm despite stepping into an unexpected trap and being on the verge of death? Minor reflexively looked up.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Grid pulled out a blue greatsword from beneath Lantier’s Cloak and started a sword dance. Then he struck the sword against the huge rock.




The power of weight was overwhelming. But Satisfy was a game. The rolling rock that weighed dozens of tons? It was just mere tofu in front of the legendary blacksmith wielding a greatsword made of blue orichalcum.

“Y-Your Majesty, jackpot!”

The centre was pierced by Grid’s sword and the rock split in two. Minor was hit by a piece of falling rock and bleeding, but he still raised a thumb. On the other hand, Grid was completely covered with Lantier’s Cloak and blocked the rock fragments.

"When did you learn that word?”

"Your Majesty often uses it...”

Minor wanted to be like Grid. Due to this aspiration, Minor watched Grid and was influenced by the small habits. Grid laughed at him.

‘This isn’t a usual mine.’

Yes, he shouldn’t forget that this was a dragon lair. It wasn’t strange that there were traps. Maybe strong monsters were sleeping at the end. Grid didn’t shrink back. Rather, he enjoyed it.

‘This is interesting.’

He could acquire minerals, level, and loot! Also.

‘The reason there are traps is because they have something to protect.’

It was likely to be treasure. A treasure that a dragon prized! Grid hastened his pace. Numerous traps appeared along the way, but it was impossible to threaten him. Mere blades and flames couldn’t do any harm to Grid. On the other hand, Minor almost died many times, only to be helped by Noe and Randy. The potions from Reidan’s alchemy facility were also a big help.

"This should be good.”

After the narrow passage, Grid arrived at a big space and took out a pickaxe again. Zone 4 was several times larger than the first three. Minor was overwhelmed by the size of the complex labyrinth, but Grid just recognized it as a bigger mine.

Teong! Teong!

Grid, Minor, the God Hands, Noe, and Randy started to break down the wall with their pickaxes.

"It’s an unpleasant noise.”

A voice was heard from behind the party.

‘A person?’

He expected a monster, but it was a person? Grid turned his head and was even more surprised.


Yes, the owner of the voice was a little boy. His round face was charming and his large eyes was strangely harmonious.  The eyepatch over one eye was reminiscent of Lauel.

"Why is a kid like you here? Ah.”

Grid asked before realizing how foolish his question was. The name ‘evil eye’ in red was floating above the boy’s head.


Humanoid monsters. There was a high probability that it was a high level monster. He shouldn’t be fooled by the young and cute appearance. The nervous Grid hid Minor behind his back.

“Kukukuk... A mere human has invaded the territory of the evil eyes. Looking at the past and present, it’s rare that such a crime like today would happen.”


The evil eye boy spoke a chunni phrase and lifted the eye patch.  A blue iris with three black pupils could be seen. The eye facing Grid looked mysterious rather than grotesque.

“I, an ordinary resident of the evil eye clan, command this uncivilized human. Look into my ‘ice’ and be bound for all eternity.”



The ground where Grid was standing froze in an instant. The intense cold tried to freeze Grid’s legs, waist and heart. But.

[You have made eye contact with an evil eye.]

[You have fallen into the ‘frozen’ state!]

[You have resisted.]

[Due to the effect of the ‘First King’ title, ‘Great King’s Majesty’ is activated.]

[You have counterattacked against the abnormal status.]



“W-What...?” A mere human can threaten me...!”

The evil eye boy paled. The freezing curse that he invoked came back to him, causing him to feel fear. As the boy’s feet was frozen, Grid’s pickaxe hit him in the forehead. Based on the name, the evil eye seemed like a magic mob so Grid was confident he could do damage with his pickaxe.

That’s right. Grid didn’t want to waste mining time by switching between weapons.

“I’m nervous.”

Grid started mining again after hitting the evil eye boy.


Minor stared with a wide open mouth, like a carp. The evil eyes. According to the rumors from when he travelled all over the continent, they were incredibly powerful demonkin. Usually a human couldn’t resist when meeting an evil eye and would lose their lives.

Yet Grid casually took care of such a powerful enemy with a pickaxe? He also started mining again straight away!

“Hrmm... It’s a small fry mob, so it doesn’t give items.”

Grid muttered with disappointment and Minor shouted to him.

“The evil eyes aren’t a small fry mob!”

The evil eyes had a slim chance of dropping their skin when they died. Many people were greedy for this. However, the evil eyes were very powerful. Realistically, it was impossible to hunt the evil eyes. The evil eyes were huge. It happened before Minor could explain.

"Hoh, this is astonishing. A mere human dares to kill an evil eye? A human has overcome their natural limitations?”

"Huhuhut, humans have always produced heroes. It is a species that can’t be denied. But in the end, you’re trivial in front of our evil eyes.”

New evil eyes appeared. There were three cute little boys with eyepatches. They were excited, rather than angry about their own kin being killed. They recognized Grid as prey and raised their eyepatches.




[You have resisted.]

[You have resisted.]

[You have resisted.]

[Due to the effect of the ‘First King’ title, ‘Great King’s Majesty’ is activated.]

[You have counterattacked against the abnormal status.]

“K-Kuack...? Is my body burning hot evidence that my heart is warm?”

"All of a sudden, the world is dark. My brilliant presence has darkened everything except me.”

“Oof oof.”

"Phew, really noisy.”

Was this mob hunting or minerals gathering? Grid’s pickaxe became busier and Minor stopped thinking.