Chapter 613

[You have entered the Beware Dogs dungeon.]

"Eh? What’s with the name of this mine?”

Beware Dogs? It was writing he used to see on the house walls in his old neighborhood. This was truly Satisfy. A game made by Koreans. There was the feeling of South Korea from the name of the mine. Grid observed the inside of the mine and frowned.

“What a mess.”

The mine was devastated. The place was a mess, just like ruins after a war.

‘What on earth happened?’

Minor explained to Grid, who was looking around the perimeter.

"I smashed the wall here to gain the minerals. Some crazy bastard had bricks all over the walls and ceilings.” 

"It must be the insane dragon Nevartan. It was originally a mine, and he decorated it to make it his nest.”

That’s why this place was called a dungeon instead of a mine. Grid lost his wariness and Minor pulled out a pickaxe.

"In any case, it’s difficult to mine here unless you’re a genius. You have to dig up the bricks and then the minerals. Your Majesty, you must be prepared to sweat for a long time.”

"You don’t understand.”

Grid smiled and summoned Noe and Randy.

“Nyang! Master!"


Noe and Randy were overjoyed at appearing after a long time. They laughed and circled around Grid as soon as they were summoned. They looked like a family. A young girl, young dad, and pet cat.

“Your Majesty...?”

What was the reason for summoning the pets before starting the mining? Minor couldn’t understand it. Noe’s ears pricked as he belatedly discovered Minor.

“Who’s this human, nyong? Is he a tribute to the best demonic beast of hell?”

Noe licked his pink soles instead of waiting for an answer. There was no sense of pressure from the cuteness. A black cat that shook his tail and had shining eyes. Minor couldn’t help turning red at the sight.

"Can I raise this child?”


Grid firmly rejected it and pulled out two pickaxes, handing them to Noe and Randy.

“It has been a long time.”


Noe and Randy were bewildered as they received the pickaxes. Grid explained to those who couldn’t grasp the situation.

"Your task today is to gather all the minerals here.”


Noe threw the pickaxe on the ground as soon as he heard the explanation.

“This is ridiculous nyang! The best demonic beast of hell won’t hold a pickaxe! Nyang! Fart nyong!”

Noe had been bored and lonely since Grid became king. He’d been looking forward to hunting humans or monsters again with Grid. And today. It had been a long time since he was summoned outside the palace. Yes, Noe was expecting a battle.

Yet he was told to mine? A noble species that was precious to even the great demons who dominated hell had to hold a pickaxe? Noe was very upset. He wondered about why he should be humiliated like this when serving a human. Noe’s nose moved from side to side.

Unlike Noe who felt uncomfortable, Randy thought it was new and interesting.

"How do I use the pickaxe? Grid, teach me.”

“Like this.”


Noe no longer felt angry. It was because the atmosphere between Grid and Randy was so full of harmony. Noe was worried that Grid would only look at Randy and was forced to pick up his pickaxe.

"I will help, nyong...”


Grid stroked Noe’s head and summoned the God Hands. Of course, the four God Hands were also armed with pickaxes. The confused Minor belatedly noticed the situation.

"Y-Your Majesty, are you crazy? Your pets and artifacts are going to mine?”

The minerals that grew here were very rare. They were more precious than gold. Experts would have to avoid minor scratches when digging out each one. Good miners would find it hard so Grid seemed crazy trying to make his pets and artifacts mine the minerals.

“Aren’t you looking at mining too lightly?”

Minor was the son of a miner and also dreamt of being a miner. No matter how great Grid was, mining wasn’t easy. But he was only angry for a moment.

Peok! Peok! Peeeeok!


Minor slowly let out an amazed sound. It was because the mining technique of the golden hands was excellent. It felt like the skills of a pro miner?

"This is a mining only artifact...!”

Minor had never seen Grid fight, so he misunderstood. The unique rated ‘God Hand’ received 30% of Grid’s dexterity. At present, the dexterity of the God Hands was higher than intermediate blacksmiths. Their mining technique was excellent. Noe and Randy?

“Kyahahat, how funny.”

“The best demonic beast of hell is holding a pickaxe nyang... It’s a disgrace...”

Noe and Randy also did well in mining.

Noe knew the language from the moment he was born and his learning skills were outstanding. It was interesting to learn how to use the pickaxe. However, due to his lack of dexterity, he was somewhat clumsy and slow. But it was enough to collect the minerals, so Grid didn’t feel bad.

In addition, Randy used the duplication skill to turn into Grid, giving Randy 30% of Grid’s ability. Due to his great dexterity, he quickly moved his hands and extracted the minerals.

‘Mining pets!’

Minor was impressed by Grid’s greatness. Grid was respectable enough to have unique artifacts and pets just for mining.

‘Maybe he had a variety of artifacts and pets depending on the situation. A commoner king is truly great.’

Grid prompted the dismayed Minor.

“What? Aren’t you working?”

"Ah, ah! Yes!”

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

Zone 1 of the Beware Dogs dungeon. The dungeon that Dark designed and constructed for several months started to be destroyed at an irrecoverable level. The pickaxes moved faster and faster as soon as Randy, Noe, and the God Hands adapted.


"It’s better than I thought. Okay, very good.”

The Anti Blood Carnival alliance collapsed and Dark got all the items he needed. He was glad because he accumulated a lot of experience and goods due to the alliance. He also felt great pride. Was there anyone else who could kill a party of 300 high level users alone? He didn’t have to move a single finger.

‘If I acquire a second class later...’

The best. He would hold the title of the strongest that was only allowed for one.


Dark was excited when he imagined the future of being at the peak of two billion users. Then he paused.

[An intruder has appeared in the ‘Beware Dogs’ dungeon.]


There was a new intruder not long after the Anti Blood Carnival alliance?

‘I can’t cover up a place that was already discovered.’

He didn’t think an enemy would invade immediately.

‘There are many people looking for Blood Carnival and I will be tired all the time.’

It would be better to move Blood Carnival’s base and hide the dungeon more thoroughly. Dark shook his head for a moment.

‘What? Why is the intruder staying in Zone 1?’

The Anti Blood Carnival alliance had made their way through zones 1~3. The traps and monsters weren’t present anymore, so the new intruder could advance to Zone 4 without any problems. Therefore, the intruder should’ve reached Zone 4 by now. But the intruder was still in Zone 1. 

Dark was puzzled before ridiculing the prey.

'Is he stopped in Zone 1 because of fear?’

It was an absurd coward. It was most likely a low level player.

‘He will die if he encounters the monsters in Zone 4.’

Dark started production on Zone 8 located at the end of the dungeon. Then after a while.

[Zone 1 of the Beware Dogs dungeon is completely destroyed!]


The reason why players attacked dungeons was because they wanted certain rewards. By defeating the monsters in the dungeon, they could get levels and items, or challenge the boss monster at the end of the dungeon. It was sufficient to say that no one who entered the dungeon would destroy the dungeon itself.

However, this intruder was breaking the dungeon. Yes, it was like a month ago...

“D-Don’t tell me?”

A chill went down Dark’s spine. He was convinced that the new intruder was the same person as the one who invaded a month ago.

“This son of a bitch!”

He would confirm directly what type of crazy person they were! The moment Dark was about to move.

[An intruder has appeared in Zone 2 of the ‘Beware Dogs’ dungeon.]

[Zone 2 of the Beware Dogs dungeon is completely destroyed!]


The destruction rate had accelerated? If this continued, Zone 3 would be destroyed as well. If the dungeon was completely destroyed, he would receive big damages, because he would have to start the construction again. The distressed Dark rushed to Zone 3. 


“Is he dead...?”

Grid had been in the dungeon for over an hour already. Since the alliance already cleared the first three zones, Grid would’ve moved directly to Zone 4 after entering the dungeon. Then he would’ve encountered the enemies in Zone 4. He would encounter the evil eyes, who exterminated the alliance.

Just like vampires, they were one of the demonkin that existed to counter players. In particular, they had the power of ‘foresight.’ The evil eyes could perfectly predict the player’s behavior. It was theoretically impossible for a player to win a fight against them.

'No, Grid will still be alive. He’s someone who can win against the sky above the sky.’

Maybe he needed someone’s help now. It was very desperate.

‘I... I will help you.’

No more casualties should happen because of the wicked Blood Carnival members. Tom Yum firmly believed this and entered the dungeon. She was uneasy about the durability of her current items but she couldn’t pretend to be unaware.


Tom Yum entered the dungeon and doubted her eyes. It was because the dungeon landscape was completely different than before. The inner walls were all destroyed while the ground and ceiling were damaged.

‘It is almost as if...’

It looked like an abandoned mine. What on earth happened here? Tom Yum was curious but couldn’t afford to try and solve the question. Grid could be suffering at this moment. Tom Yum hastened her pace and quickly reached Zone 4. Then she saw it. The 20 evil eyes who overpowered the rankers of the alliance were stunned. Most importantly, even the seers of the species were bloody.

“Uh... How?”

Grid defeated the powerful evil eyes by himself? Tom Yum doubted her eyes and turned towards Grid. He was standing on the body of an evil eye and held a pickaxe in one hand.

"Why are these mobs running wild?”


The evil eyes were considered mobs? Tom Yum was at a loss for words.