Chapter 612

The worst dark gamers group, Blood Carnival. They were those who did evil deeds for the sake of money. The number of people who perceived Blood Carnival as enemies were too numerous to count.  Some people aimed to get revenge on Blood Carnival.

But it was determined that the collapse of Blood Carnival was an unrealistic goal. The power of Blood Carnival was uniquely powerful and it was impossible to find the base because they were a group wrapped in mysteries. But today.

"This is the stronghold of Blood Carnival?”

Thailand’s leading ranker, Tom Yum, arrived at the Dravian Mountains. After being assassinated by Blood Carnival, she rallied similar victims and found the home of Blood Carnival. This was the result of recruiting Skunk, the number one explorer, with a lot of money.

"You can enter that cave.”

Skunk showed the way in a friendly manner after collecting a lot of gold. Tom Yum reached the entrance of the huge cave and frowned.

“Based on the notification window, this is the nest of the insane dragon Nevartan?”

The base was a dragon lair? What was this? Skunk explained to Tom Yum, who had a distrustful expression.

“To be precise, this place was Nevartan’s lair. Nevartan has been gone for hundreds of years. Only the remnants are left. It’s a secret place where even monsters don’t approach. There’s no better place for Blood Carnival to establish their base.”

"Hrmm, okay.”

Tom Yum looked around and checked the list of party members. They were all those who suffered tremendous damage from Blood Carnival. The reason why they became targets of Blood Carnival was because they made a name for themselves in various fields.  Most of the 300 people had great discretion and their average level was very high, in the mid-200s. There were also 19 high rankers. It was a power that wouldn’t be crushed by Blood Carnival.

‘It isn’t necessary to discuss mercy with the foolish ones who only covet money.’

It was right to respond with an eye for an eye. Tom Yum led the party members.

"Be ready for battle. As soon as we enter the enemy base, kill every enemy you see.”

"Okay, let’s show those Blood Carnival bastards.”

"I will make sure to destroy that bastard who killed me.”

The angry Anti-Blood Carnival allied members picked up their weapons. They entered the cave without any hindrances. However.

‘There’s no one?’

‘The information was leaked?’

‘Did Skunk trick us?’

The cave was empty. None of the abominable Blood Carnival members could be found.

“Everybody calm down.”

Was it a trap? Tom Yum assumed the worst and calmed down the allied members.

"Don’t let down your guard and look for traces of the enemy.”

She barely rallied these people. She didn’t know when she could gather them again. Tom Yum was determined to achieve her goal today. She desperately looked for traces of Blood Carnival. The result?

"I found the entrance to a dungeon!”

There was a hidden dungeon entrance in the deepest part of the cave. The enthusiasm of the allied members rose again.

“Those Blood Carnival guys...! They must’ve noticed our raid and hid here out of fear!”

"Let’s smash them!”


The allied members weren’t afraid. There were 300 of them. They believed they could break through this dungeon, even if it was a trap from Blood Carnival. They were filled with confidence as they entered the dungeon. At the same time.

[You have entered the Beware Dogs dungeon.]

[The dungeon has detected invaders and triggered a massive trap!]



Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


The dungeon had an odd name. As soon as intruders were detected, the area turned into a sea of fire and blades. The dozens of allied members in the lead were seriously injured or died.

“Chrome Shield!”

“Giant’s Shield!”

“Wind Curtain!”

Many of the allied members already anticipated such a trap and were calm. They quickly used defensive skills to protect themselves and their teammates. But the problem wasn’t the trap.



A large number of monsters emerged from inside the dungeon. The allied members were slow to react due to the trap and started to receive damage.


Tom Yum was shocked as the battle continued. The monsters fought precisely in formations, like an army. It was as if someone was directing the monsters.

‘Monster tamer...? Blood Carnival has a ranker level tamer?’

Indeed, this was a group of informal rankers. They were tough opponents. Tom Yun cut the monsters one by one.


The allied members were impressed. The rankers used their power to break through the monsters in the dungeon. They struggled to the end.

“Pant... Pant...”

"Did we beat all of them?”

The allied members succeeded in destroying all traps and annihilating the monsters. But they didn’t release their tension. No, they became more nervous and alert to the surroundings. They were exhausted and thought Blood Carnival would emerge now. However, Blood Carnival didn’t raid them while they were resting and taking potions.



The allied members were surprised. They found a door in the corner of the dungeon.

“This dungeon, it’s divided into several sections?”


The first section alone had a very high difficulty. The 300 members of the alliance were now 250. They couldn’t imagine how high the difficulty of the next section would be. The allied members were scared and frustrated, while Tom Yum and the high rankers clapped.

"There’s no need to worry. Starting from the next section, if we respond calmly from the beginning, we will be able to clear it more easily.”

"There’s a definite limit to the number of monsters that a monster tamer can have in the first place. The number and quality of the monsters in the next section will be significantly lower.”

"Beware of traps while preparing to fight the Blood Carnival members.”


The courageous allied members moved to the next section. Waiting for them were more dangerous traps and a large number of monsters.



“T-This is crazy!”

The allied members paled. The number of monsters waiting in the second section was greater than the number of monsters in the first section. This wasn’t the area of a monster tamer.

‘Even dozens of monster tamers can’t control such monsters.'

‘This is ridiculous... Can this perfect combination of monsters appear in nature?’

‘How high is the difficulty of this dungeon?’

‘Those cowardly Blood Carnival bastards, they’re hiding in a terrible place.’


The fighting started again. The stamina consumption of the allied members accelerated as they fought against the advances of the monster army with various species and characteristics.


[Be careful, Zone 3 of the Beware Dogs dungeon is completely destroyed!]

[You have gained a lot of experience and loot as part of the intruder reparation compensation.]

[The survivors have broken into Zone 4.]

[The traps and monsters placed in Zone 4 have started acting.]

"It has been a while, but they are struggling to their grave.”

One month ago. Dark was alarmed after an unidentified intruder entered his dungeon. Beware Dogs was his masterpiece, but he realized it couldn’t completely stop someone’s invasion. Therefore, he modified the dungeon to have more thorough protection. He invested a large amount of money and time into it.

The result was amazing. The effects of the monsters and trap in the Beware Dogs  dungeon was more than imagined, driving the 300 high level invaders to the point of collapse.

"It’s painful to have three areas destroyed. But I will smile because I will gain a much bigger profit from your loot after you die.”

Dark was thrilled with his mighty power. The hidden class Dungeon Maker. The utilization was very high and he could reign like a god in his own dungeon.

‘Perhaps even a great demon won’t be my opponent in here?’

Kraugel, Agnus, Grid and other sun grade players? They were fools. Dark was confident that all intruders would be wiped out. Dark’s smile widened as he saw the notification window that his level had risen.

"When can I go collect the loot?”



Tom Yum barely escaped from the dungeon. Most of her equipment was damaged and she was wounded, as she sank to her knees. She was filled with frustration.

'The alliance I painstakingly created was wiped out.’

She couldn’t even meet the Blood Carnival members that were her goal.

‘Revenge... I have to give up.’

In the past few months, Tom Yum used all types of efforts to assemble the victims. But the result was too miserable. She didn’t receive any rewards for her efforts. Tom Yum exhausted. She didn’t want to face Blood Carnival anymore. She thought it would be wiser to give up and forget her grudge.


The moment that humans lost pride, they felt despair. Tom Yum bowed her head and shed tears.

“I don’t even see an ant, let alone a monster? What is this person?”

"It looks like a lost woman crying. Just ignore her and enter the dungeon.”

"Isn’t it normal to ask about her situation and help out?”

"I hate incompetent people. I won’t help the weak without a reason.”

"You are disgusting.”

"Then are you actually interested in that woman?”

"Let’s keep going.” 


Voices were heard from the entrance of the cave. Tom Yum stopped crying and checked their identities. She saw a man with black hair and a young boy. Tom Yum’s gaze was fixed on the man with black hair.


Why was a bigshot in a place like this? Tom Yum stared curiously. She gripped her weapon while feeling cautious towards Grid.

‘Why is he here? Does he have a relationship with Blood Carnival?’

Based on Skunk’s words, Blood Carnival’s base was concealed in a secret and complex place. It wasn’t a location that people could come across by chance. The fact that Grid appeared here wasn’t a coincidence. Grid looked at Tom Yum with a suspicious and alert gaze and warned.

“I will say this once. Don’t get caught up in this and leave.”

All the minerals here were his! Grid omitted these words, causing Tom Yum to misunderstand.

‘Does he already know how dangerous this place is? And he is worried about me?’

This meant he wasn’t with Blood Carnival. Maybe Grid..

‘He is going to fight Blood Carnival!’

Blood Carnival had committed countless evils. The likelihood of Grid forming a grudge during the process was very high. Tom Yum cried out urgently as Grid headed to the entrance of the dungeon.

“D-Dangerous...! Going in there alone is like suicide!”


Grid glared at Tom Yum. At this moment, Tom Yum felt breathless. The combination of Grid’s high dignity and his harsh eyes gave her a sense of oppression.

"(It’s just a minerals cache) Why is it suicide? Are you making fun of me (or threatening me)?”

It was a place with precious minerals. Grid felt the duty to monopolize this place for the development of the Overgeared Kingdom. It wasn’t an individual’s greed, but a king’s noble duty.  Grid couldn’t tolerate this woman who was trying to interfere with his mining.


Grid and Minor ignored the threat and entered the dungeon together...


Tom Yum admired Grid’s bold attitude. A terrifying dungeon that could collapse a party of 300 users with an average level of 200. Grid was a king and likely already received information that Blood Carnival was hiding in the dungeon. Nevertheless, he entered the dungeon with only one weak NPC.

‘Does he think he can break through the dungeon and destroy Blood Carnival by himself?’

Indeed, Grid’s bravery broke through the sky. But.

‘It’s impossible for him to get through the dungeon alone. Even if he does break through, there are the Black and White sisters, as well as Blood Carnival’s rankers...’

Grid would soon die. Unfortunately, this was the reality. Tom Yum had seen Blood Carnival’s power directly and was worried that Grid was ignoring their strength.