Chapter 611

TL: Changing light dragon to insane dragon from now on.

“What? A mineral that can multiply? What crazy words are you saying? Are you drunk?”

A person who obviously deny it when hearing unrealistic words. Minor huffed after Grid treated him as a madman and pulled out the mineral from the sack.

“It really can multiply! There was clearly 20 pieces when I put the mineral in the bag. It is over a month later and there are now 160 pieces! The mass has also increased by several times!”

"...I don’t think you would speak such a ridiculous lie.”

Grid became serious. He realized there was no reason for Minor to make a false report.

‘I don’t smell any alcohol.’

Well, the method to determine if Minor was lying or telling the truth was simple.

“Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal.”

[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[You have discovered a hidden feature in the item!]

[The information about the Mineral Containing the Breath of an Insane Dragon’ has been updated!]

[Insane Dragon Iron]

A mineral that naturally occurs in the nest of the insane dragon Nevartan.

It has been influenced by Nevartan’s madness for countless years and gained the chaotic ability ‘Proliferation.’

It doubles every 10 days.

This absurd nature makes it very difficult to control. The hardness is comparable to black iron, but the smelting difficulty is several times higher.

Weight: 5


Grid was breathless as he confirmed the details of the mineral. He stared at it in an impressed manner.

'A mineral that doubles?’

It meant that the mineral would increase infinitely if he just placed it in the warehouse! It was also a precious mineral on the level of black iron!

“Lauel! Maybe it will be possible to mass produce the Grid set after a few months, not four years!”

Lauel also showed a strong reaction after receiving the item information.

“Kukuk! Your good luck has shown at this exquisite moment. Don’t you always get a jackpot at the crucial moment?”

“No, not necessarily...”

There were many crucial moments when he was unlucky. Lauel laughed, Grid reminisced on his bad luck while Minor shouted at Grid. 

"Both of you are fortunate. How is this good luck? It’s all my merits!”

“Of course. How can we not know your merits? Your presence itself is our luck. You are the treasure of the Overgeared Kingdom.”

Grid looked at Minor with deep affection.

‘He is a useful person as expected. I look forward to him continuing to work with me.’

Exploring every corner of the continent and discovering all types of minerals, later on he would keep finding new minerals. Grid eagerly grabbed Minor’s two hands. Minor was excited as Grid showed a deep affection and confidence in himself.

'Won’t I at least become a marquis with this achievement?’

The achievement of discovering an infinitely proliferating mineral was unquestionable great. Minor believed it was comparable to the great achievements in other kingdoms. At this moment, Minor had given infinite wealth to the kingdom. He deserved praise for this merit.

Grid delivered the reward to Minor who was anticipating it with sparkling eyes.

"In the name of Overgeared King Grid, I will create a minerals detection department and you will be the general manager.”


"Now you are only 18 years old... You will become the boss of dozens of young men at a young age. Aren’t you happy?”

“Happy... What happiness?”

After getting a high position and entering the social circles, Minor was going to build up the foundation to becoming a king by steadily establishing a network and making a faction. Minor felt resentment now that his plan was interrupted.

“If you don’t want to give me money, at least give me a barony! Minerals detection department? Are you crazy? Why should I lead this damn department? Do I have to continue looking for minerals for the rest of my life?”

MInor knew his talents and merits. He wanted a reasonable treatment. Grid knew how Minor felt.

‘If Minor had a bad heart and took these minerals, he could’ve been rich. He would’ve received a high title if he ran to the empire. But he didn’t betray me. It’s natural to give him a reasonable treatment.’

But reality was relentless.

"Minor, I’m really sorry but I don’t have any spare titles right now.”

The national rating of the kingdom was F. The kingdom’s rating was based on the territories, the number of people, and the stability of the kingdom. A F rating was the lowest rating.  The Overgeared Kingdom had vassal kingdoms, but the future was uncertain because the population was small and the treasury was empty. It was forced to be evaluated at the F rating. Due to this, there were only three dukes, three marquis, six earls, and thirty barons. Grid had already handed out all these titles.

"Make me a viscount!”

The excited Minor moved closer. The moment that Lauel was about to speak up. Grid restrained Lauel and stroked Minor’s head.

"How can I let a precious child like you be just a viscount? Your work is sufficient to be appointed as an earl, let along a viscount. Can a person like you be satisfied with such a small title?”

“...Y-Your Majesty.”

Minor was impressed.  Grid hugged the young boy who was only 18 years old. He was wearing the Great Lord's Sword and Holy Light Crown which raised his dignity. 

"Minor, I have great expectations for you. Your talent is definitely much higher than you think. Your noble debut must be absolutely gorgeous. I hope you will built up a bigger merit by that day.”

“Y-Your Majesty!!”

Minor was smart. This was why he recoiled against his innate limitations. He always blamed himself for being a commoner and thought that this insignificant identity would hold onto him one day. But at this moment. Grid was holding onto a brilliant future for him. It was an assessment from the first commoner to become a king.

Minor realized he was acknowledged by Grid. He was greatly thrilled and his loyalty to Grid increased. This little incident taught Grid something new.

[Minor has exceeded his limit.] 

[The information about Minor has been updated!]


Just like Jude and Iyarugt, who were aiming to become stronger, broke their limits by winning in a battle against the stronger, Minor wanted to be acknowledged and would surpass his limits whenever he achieved this. In other words.

‘In order to break through the limits of a NPC, it is necessary to grasp the characteristics of the NPC and use it well.’

He was becoming an expert in NPCs. In the future, Grid would be able to efficiently nurture more NPC talents. Minor’s updated information appeared in Grid’s field of view.

Name: Minor

Age: 18 years old  Gender: Male

Occupation: Minerals Master

Level: 235

Strength: 355/450   Stamina: 408/608 

Agility: 200/200    Intelligence: 420/1,120

Skill: Fantastic Pickaxe Technique (S) Minerals Master (S+) Talent will Reveal Itself (SS).

A boy who has held a pickaxe since the age of five, under the influence of his father who was a miner. 

After serving Grid, he has put down the pickaxe and is engaged in minerals study and detection. However, he can still collect minerals better than miners who have been working for decades.

* A great talent. If this talent blooms, he will be the representative of a country in this particular field.

* He has broken his limits by establishing a worthy achievement and being recognized by those who he respects. The maximum value of stamina and intelligence have greatly increased. (1/20)

* The limit will accumulate every time a condition is met.


There was an inevitable difference between named NPCs and semi-named NPCs. Named NPCs had infinite growth potential and overall stats, while semi-named NPCs were limited in growth and tended to lean towards one side in their stats. For example, Jude. He had high combat related stats instead of intelligence... 

Minor was similar to Jude. The level of the skills he possessed were high and unique, but his overall stats were low. But at this moment, Minor proved that he could overcome his shortcomings by breaking through the limits. If a semi-named NPC grew steadily, they could be comparable to a named NPC. Grid’s liking for Minor was even higher. It wasn’t just because of his growth.

'He admires me?’

Minor’s passive skill Talent will Reveal Itself was a double-edged sword. His talent was so visible that there were many outside temptations and a high likelihood of betrayal. Minor was someone who could betray Grid at any time. Grid always kept this in mind and didn’t give a lot to Minor. He just thoroughly used Minor.

‘But now he respects me? He won’t betray me?’

Grid was amazed and happy. He was an object of respect for someone. Grid smiled happily.

"Lauel, give Minor a salary in the future.”

"Rabbit is in charge of the salary. He will handle it well.”


As a reference, Rabbit was the person who exploited Piaro for only 73 silver. It was thanks to Rabbit that the current Overgeared Kingdom could exist. Grid and Minor were oblivious to this while they were trusting each other.


Grid left Lauel and Minor. He headed to the smithy with light footsteps after gaining the insane dragon iron.

‘I need to experiment.’

Grid wanted to understand the concept of proliferation more precisely. The characteristic of the insane dragon iron was to double every 10 days. Did this apply even after being made into an item?

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid made the Mass Produced Grid’s Greatsword with the insane dragon iron. He would check in 10 days if the greatsword actually multiplied. Then after a while. There was a big change in the greatsword that Grid made.

[The Mass Produced Grid’s Greatsword has changed. The volume and weight are doubled due to the effect of the insane dragon iron used as a material.]

"...Oh, it’s too bad.”

Grid realized. This was the reason why the difficulty of the insane dragon iron was high.

‘It multiplies when it exists as a whole mineral. After it’s made into an item, the volume increases.’

In order to use the insane dragon iron as an item making material, it was necessary to properly control this characteristic. The mass produced Grid set would just be ruined like this. Who would use an item that had its volume and weight doubled every 10 days?

Grid was determined to find a solution.

The insane dragon iron. A mineral that naturally occurs in the nest of the insane dragon Nevartan. In other words, it meant there were various types of minerals in Nevartan’s nest beside the insane dragon iron.

‘It’s possible that a mineral with the effect of suppressing the insane dragon iron exists.’

In the end.

'I have to go to Nevartan’s nest?’

Grid had felt anxious when raiding Hell Gao. Maybe. He thought there was a chance he would have to enter a dragon’s nest to find a rare mineral.

This anxiety became a reality. Why? It was more efficient for him to go directly to Nevartan’s nest to study the characteristics of the minerals naturally occurring there.


Grid let out a deep sigh and immediately called Minor. Grid asked in a blunt manner.

"Is Nevartan present in his nest?”

“No. If Nevartan was present, I wouldn’t have entered in the first place. Do you think I’m crazy?”

“That is great... Then what about other monsters?”

“There are none. It was an empty dungeon.”


This was a complete jackpot.

'I was scared for no reason.’

Grid smiled with satisfaction and rose from his seat. He prepared to leave for the first time since the founding ceremony.

"Let’s go, Minor.”

"Yes, I’ll prepare boxed lunches. Hehe, the king’s boxed lunches will be full of delicacies right? I’m looking forward to it.”

“...I don’t have money, so I will pack jerky.”


It wasn’t a big deal to be king. Minor often thought this recently.