Chapter 610

In Year 20XX, the number of player accounts created in Satisfy was over two billion. It was a huge number that was almost one-fifth of the world’s population. There was a reason why the world’s economy revolved around Satisfy.

Of course, the vast majority of those two billion users were light users, and there were many dormant accounts. But even considering that, it was hard for people to understand why a mere 50,000 users migrated to the Overgeared Kingdom.

『 It’s the first kingdom created by a player and has triggered many hot topics. But why are there so few players moving there? I think it should be normal for the population to grow rapidly. 』

『 There are two major reasons. First, immigration isn’t easy. People are the driving force of a nation and the other kingdoms on the continent don’t want their population to shrink. A person who wants to migrate is required to pay a large amount of taxes or complete a specific quest. In particular, the kingdoms are more sensitive because it’s the Overgeared Kingdom. There’s only one kingdom among the 15 kingdoms that are favorable to Overgeared. 』

『 The empire? Is the empire also preventing players from moving to Overgeared? 』

『 The empire doesn’t have to do that. The empire is the best nation on the continent. Who could be willing to leave it for Overgeared? It’s much better to be in the empire than the Overgeared Kingdom. 』 

『 There’s a second reason for why the number of immigrants is small. The Overgeared Kingdom is new and hasn’t been proven yet. It has shown tremendous resources, including the support of the Rebecca Church and the Siren Kingdom, but it’s a small kingdom without any distinct advantages. There’s no reason to move to the Overgeared Kingdom, even though the players are suffering losses in their respective kingdoms. .』


"It’s slower than I thought.”

Grid’s face wasn’t good as he looked at the current status of the population. The flow of players due to the quests had slowed. It was because the soldiers able to support a quest were limited and the difficulty of the quests returned to normal.

"I need a way to make people relocate to Overgeared despite the immediate risks... What is it?”

Grid thought about it alone. He didn’t think there would be a point going to Lauel, who was already worrying over this problem.

'Let’s think of a method that only I can come up with.’

Grid’s worries lasted for several days. Grid sought ways to increase the number of people moving to the kingdom while doing his job, spending time with his family and even brushing Noe’s fur.

The result?

‘What if I made items for quest rewards?’

Grid approached the problem from the perspective of a blacksmith, not a legendary blacksmith.

'Of course, the items can’t have too high a value. I also can’t drop the rarity of my items. In addition, I need to prevent players from leaving after getting the items... Should it be set items?’

For example, the mass production Grid set.

'Whenever a player clears two or three quests, they’re rewarded with an item from the mass produced Grid set.’

The mass produced Grid set were divided into six parts: weapons, secondary weapons, armor, gauntlets, helmets, and boots. When two or more set items were worn, a set effect would be applied. If players were given Grid’s set as a reward, it was obvious that the players’ desire to collect would be stimulated.

‘Players won’t be able to leave the Overgeared Kingdom until they have all six set items...’

From the Overgeared Kingdom’s point of view, the players would complete all types of quests and develop the power of the kingdom in the process.

‘By the time they collect all of the Grid set, the Overgeared Kingdom will be well developed.’

It was clear that the developed Overgeared Kingdom would appeal to the players. There was no reason for players to leave once they immigrated to Overgeared.


Grid had the idea and ran straight to Lauel. Grid was the king and Lauel the subordinate. Grid should summon Lauel to him, but he didn’t want to interrupt Lauel when he was so busy.


“It’s a great idea.”

Generate linked quests with the mass produced Grid set as rewards, utilizing the players’ abilities to speed up the development of the kingdom. If a player had a long-term goal, their passion and concentration would be great. The Overgeared Kingdom would be able to make rapid progress. 

"I think that the developed Overgeared Kingdom will bring in more and more people...”

Lauel nodded after hearing Grid’s plan. But then he gave a bittersweet smile.

"Do you have enough resources and manpower to produce thousands and tens of thousands of mass production Grid sets?”


Grid noticed his mistake. It wasn’t just technique, but resources and manpower needed to mass produce items.

“Uh... Ummm...”

Grid was embarrassed because it hadn’t occurred to him before. It was impossible for him to produce large quantities of items quickly and he didn’t have enough capital to consume large quantities of black iron, which was the main ingredient of the mass produced Grid set.

“Hah, I was too short-sighted.”

Grid lamented his ignorance and sighed, while Lauel smiled benignly.

“You don’t need to blame yourself. Don’t be ashamed for working hard to try and develop the nation. Huhut.”

"Thank you for the words. But it’s no help.”

"No, it has opened up some possibilities. If your plan is realized, I am sure it will be a great help to the development of the Overgeared Kingdom. My role is to make your plan come true.”


"Is it possible to have the other blacksmiths make the mass produced Grid set?”


Why didn’t he think of this? Until now, Grid had made Khan focus on nurturing blacksmiths. Currently, the 1,000 blacksmiths in Reidan were all passed onto Khan and Grid only occasionally improved their skills. Grid hadn’t thought about passing on specific production methods to the blacksmiths. He hadn’t felt the necessity.

Grid thought for a moment before replying.

"The advanced blacksmiths can learn how to make the mass produced Grid set.”

“How many advanced blacksmiths are there in Reidan?”

"It was 10 people before the founding ceremony. Then there should be 15 around now?”

Reidan’s blacksmiths were talented. It was because Grid had individually selected the talented people using the Great Lord's Sword. During the past few years, the blacksmiths had trained under Khan and their growth rate was enormous. Lauel’s complexion brightened.

"Let’s shake the treasury. We will have the 13 advanced blacksmiths present in Reinhardt as well as Khan and the advanced blacksmiths of Reidan start production of the Grid set. Ah, of course.”

There was a premise behind it.

“This is after we have enough capital to mass produce the set.”

"How long will that take?”

"It should be 3~4 years? If you instruct Marquis Peak Sword to hasten the development of the black iron mine, that period might be shortened by half a year.”

“Four years...”

Four years was enough time to go to the army twice. When would that day come? Lauel laughed at the frustrated Grid.

"Don’t be nervous about the kingdom. We will slowly and steadily develop. Think positively. In four years, the number of advanced blacksmiths will increase and production of the Grid set will be even easier.”

“Umm... Yes, it isn’t as easy as giving rice to a dog. I shouldn’t be so nervous.”

Grid was convinced when a soldier entered the office and reported.

“Minor has returned.”


Grid had forgotten about Minor since he had been gone for the past year.

“I thought he ran away again.”

What had he been doing in the past year? Minor was an excellent miner, but he had a unique talent for discovering new minerals. Grid once had great expectations for him. Minor had the unprecedented position of ‘minerals detector’ and it was believed he would be a great help to Grid. But was it that easy to find a new mineral on this wide continent? Minor had never found one and Grid had completely forgotten about him.

"That brat, surely he didn’t come holding a woman’s hand?”

Grid frowned while Lauel questioned.

“A woman?”

“He’s at the age to be interested in the opposite sex. Who knows how many women he was involved with instead of working during the past year?”

“Haha, no way.”

Was there such a crazy NPC in the world? Lauel thought that Grid’s worries had no basis. But what was this?

"The genius born in the stream that is called Bairan. The genius Minor, who will become the second mythological commoner, has returned. Duke Grid... No, should I call you king now? Heh, are you glad to see me after a long time?”


Minor was really holding a woman’s hand. She was an impressive woman in flashy attire and dark makeup. She was someone who could typically be seen in the back alley pubs.

“...Is this a joke? A young one is playing around.”

Minor belatedly realized the situation and hurried to explain to Grid.

“Ah, I just met this woman today when I arrived in Reinhardt and visited a pub. I wasn’t playing with this woman for the past year.”

The woman with thick makeup reached out to Grid.

"This guy was a virgin. I came because he said the king would pay me.”


Grid handed money to the woman with trembling hands.

"This is from Minor’s salary.”

At this time, rage was rising in Grid’s head. He pledged to hit MInor. But all that rage disappeared.

"Look at this. This genius has struggled for the past year and found a new mineral.”

Minor took out a big sack and Grid’s eyes widened as he saw the contents.


It was a sack full of minerals! Grid’s heart pounded as he saw the light that glittered like it was a bright chandelier. 



[Mineral Containing the Breath of a Light Dragon]

A mineral that naturally occurs in the nest of the light dragon Nevartan. It has a special nature due to being affected by Nevartan’s breath for thousands and tens of thousands of years. It’s correct to say that this is a crazy mineral.

Weight: 5

"A crazy mineral?”

Grid was confused after checking the detailed information of the mineral. Minor explained with a repentant expression.

“This mineral, it multiplies.”