Chapter 618

“It’s comforting.”

Eat Spicy Jokbal sighed after escaping from the dungeon and checking his status window. Grid had killed the monsters in the dungeon and destroyed all the traps, so Eat Spicy Jokbal gained a large amount of experience.

‘Thanks to this, I gained two levels. Above all, I’m able to accurately grasp the level of my armed forces.’

The opportunity to compete with someone strong like Grid was worth a million dollars. Eat Spicy Jokbal planned to use his struggle with Grid as a platform for growth. That’s right. Eat Spicy Jokbal wasn’t frustrated, despite losing the insane dragon egg that he’d guarded for a year. His mental strength was too strong to collapse after one failure.

To borrow Peak Sword’s phrasing, this was the will that Koreans showed when foreigners invaded. The strength of South Korea, which had been a powerhouse in e-sports for more than half a century, was becoming more prominent in Satisfy.

‘It’s unfortunate that I have lost my dream of becoming the first player to own a dragon.’

In fact, it was unlikely that the dream would come true in the first place. Based on the conversation with the evil eyes, the possibility that a dragon would follow a human was almost zero.

‘It’s the same for Grid.’

Based on Satisfy’s story and setting, it was likely the insane dragon egg was to keep hell in check. It wasn’t something that could be handled by one player. Eat Spicy Jokbal controlled his heart and sent a whisper to his old friends, the three founding members of Blood Carnival.

-Grid has discovered us.

-What? How did he know?

-His intelligence network is far beyond our imagination. He knew I was the head of Blood Carnival and had information about the insane dragon egg. 

-What a monster...

-He’s the first king for a reason. We can’t predict him. Let’s not take bigger risks. We will disband Blood Carnival. We’ll stay quiet for the moment.


[Insane Dragon Egg]

The oval egg lying on the altar was twice as big as Grid.  It was a tremendous size, considering that Grid was a muscular man at 181cm tall.

"If I make egg bimbimbap with this, I could feed a few hundred people... A dragon puppy is bigger than a person the moment it hatches?"

"It’s a hatchling, not a puppy.”

“Ah, really?”

Minor, who had been hiding during the battle, approached Grid. The evil eyes were with him. Why didn’t the evil eyes join the battle between Grid and Eat Spicy JokbalIt was due to the contractual relationship. The demonkin couldn’t harm a human they were in a contract with. There was a restriction due to faith, but the evil eyes had extraordinarily high faith among the demonkin. It was due to their own righteousness and compassion that they weren’t hostile to Eat Spicy Jokbal.

“When is the egg scheduled to hatch?”

Grid used the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal, but couldn’t confirm the details of the insane dragon egg. The evil eye with the ability of foresight replied to Grid’s question.

“Once the two moons repeat in the darkness of the night sky nine times, and a poem is sung... I guess? Kukukuk.”

"It’s said that the two moons appear once every four months. Then it’s in three years.”

It was hard to understand. Grid seemed to know why the evil eyes were kicked out of hell. A notification window popped up as he sighed.

[The quest has succeeded!]

[As a quest reward, the 17 evil eyes will be your subordinates.]

[Affinity with the evil eyes has increased. Exchanges with the evil eyes are possible.]

"You have secured the insane dragon egg. We will be your subordinates as promised. Kukuk, realize the honor.”

"Give any command. No matter what you expect, we will give you more than your expectations. Huhut.”


Their way of speaking was slightly rude, but they had a sense of loyalty. He didn’t hate it because he thought of Lauel.

"It’s too much of a burden to manage you directly. You’ll be under the direct control of Lauel. That guy should be able to utilize your abilities.”

“Lauel? Who is that?”

"Didn’t we say we would serve you? We have no intention of serving another human. No human deserves to be our master other than you.”

"No, he’s someone who will fit in your heart when you meet. Lauel is a friend from your past life.”

"A friend from a past life? Hoh, they are good words.”

“What are you going to do with the insane dragon egg?”

Even if the insane dragon egg hatched, would it follow them? Grid didn’t ask this type of question. Since he starting playing Satisfy, Grid’s understanding of the game grew. Yes, Grid already understood based on the contents of the quest. The insane dragon’s hatchling... No, it couldn’t belong to Grid.

‘In the first place, it makes no sense for a dragon to be a player’s personal possession.’

The game would go bankrupt. It was at the level of a bug, not a problem of balance. Grid was convinced and got rid of his lingering attachments. Then the evil eyes explained.

"First, I will take it to our village and they will protect it until it hatches.”

"The dragon will grasp the truth of the world the moment it hatches. It will repay its father’s enemies by working with the evil eyes.”

"In a thousand years, the child of a dragon will become an adult and hell will be chaotic. Huhuhut.”

“A thousand years?”

Crazy. It took 1,000 years for a dragon hatchling to grow into an adult?

‘I will die of old age and the great demons will still be fine.’

The insane dragon egg wasn’t an episode that had a direct influence on a player.

‘This is better. The players won’t be able to do anything if an episode on the scale of a dragon unfolds.’

It wouldn’t be fun. Grid decided to be satisfied with just getting the evil eyes.

"Human, come to the evil eyes village with us just once.”

"Our king will give you a great reward.”

‘A reward is something that a superior gives to his subordinates.’

Grid felt somewhat uncomfortable, but he nodded easily. A new species would assist the future of his kingdom. It was also necessary to exchange with a strong species.

‘I have to be careful about my pride and attempt to make all of the evil eyes species an ally.’

Grid made a decision and nodded.

"Okay, I will go to your village.”

But before that.

"Start mining.”

It was necessary to mine the walls of Zone 8. The evil eyes were exhausted by the time Grid left the Beware Dogs dungeon.


"Noble with foresight, I have a question for you.”

"Resident with blazing eyes? Kukuk, good. Go ahead. I swear on the honor of a noble that I will answer your questions faithfully.”

"We are committed to serving the human called Grid and he deserves to be our master. But is it okay to guide him to our city? Isn’t this an act of betrayal?”

Around 1,000 evil eyes lived in the village. The number was small, but they all possessed great power. In particular, the evil eyes’ minister possessed something that caused completely submission. If Grid was exposed to it, a terrible situation could occur.

“Grid will become a slave to the evil eyes forever. It means we will trap Grid. I don’t think our high pride will allow this.”

"Don't worry. Grid is a human who helped secure the insane dragon egg. Our minister is more prideful than us and can’t afford to harm him.”

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

The destroyed Zone 8 of the Beware Dogs dungeon. The evil eyes learned the Mining skill and worried about Grid during the mining process. They were demonkin with incredible loyalty. Of course, this didn’t apply to all the evil eyes. Just like humans had different personalities, the evil eyes were the same.

The 17 evil eyes recognized the importance of their promise to Grid, but that didn’t mean all the evil eyes in the village would be the same. But Grid wasn’t aware of this fact. He just looked forward to exchanging with a new species.


Grid hummed as minerals related to the insane dragon piled up in his inventory.


[Blood Carnival has been dissolved.]


There were countless wicked people in the world, and many who needed them. Thanks to that, Blood Carnival had grown rapidly over the past few years. Now there were close to 400 members belonging to Blood Carnival. A huge force was disbanded overnight. It was also without any notice to the members.

“That Dark bastard...”

"I never saw his mug once, but I was with him for a long time. We worked together for a few years, but he dismissed the organization without saying anything.”

"Well, who would speak to guys like us? But isn’t it foolish and hasty to dismiss an organization that generates so much value in one night?”


The members belonging to Blood Carnival were confused. No matter what they thought, it was unavoidable that Dark had disbanded Blood Carnival. The members wondered what the situation was. Then after a few days.

"The Anti Blood Carnival alliance entered our home.”

"There were 300 allied members and around 20 high rankers.”

"Such an extraordinary thing happened when no one was at home?”

“Did Dark get killed alone and disband Blood Carnival because of that?”

“No, that isn’t it. It’s unbelievable, but the alliance was wiped out.”


Dark defeated 300 people alone? It was also an alliance containing 20 high rankers?

“How strong is Dark? It is more than the Black and White sisters?”

"Every time I saw him, he was hiding behind the curtain. He was hiding this force?”

“Then what is this? Why did he disband Blood Carnival?”


Nope learned about the reason behind the Blood Carnival’s disbandment with his excellent intelligence sources. A top ranking adventurer gulped and opened his mouth.

"It’s said that Grid appeared shortly after the alliance was destroyed by Dark.”



Goosebumps appeared on the skin of the Blood Carnival members.

"Grid was behind the Anti Blood Carnival alliance?”

“I’m certain. Grid took advantage of the power of the alliance to figure out the base of Blood Carnival and take care of Dark.”

"Then he made a threat. If Blood Carnival isn’t dismissed, he will trample it with the power of Overgeared.”

"...Is this revenge for Cork Island?”

“Fearsome guy...”

"We touched the wrong person. We shouldn’t have dealt with him in the first place.” 

"T-Tarma, what should we do? Will Grid kill us?”


Tarma and his cronies who invaded Cork Island shook with fear. It was terrifying that Grid found the home of Blood Carnival and collapsed it in a single day.  Grid never dreamt that the mine he picked was the home of Blood Carnival. The problem was that no one knew this.

“I guess it can’t be helped... We’ll have to hide for a few months if we don’t want to be infinitely killed by the Overgeared Kingdom.”

“But won’t it be damaging if our actions are restricted?”

“It’s better than being hunted by that demon-like bastard.”


From this day on, peace came to Satisfy for a while. The activities of a hero greatly reduced the activities of the dark gamers. It was a fact that the hero himself wasn’t aware of.

“Why are my ears ticklish these days?”

On the way to the evil eyes village. Grid, the hero who disbanded Blood Carnival, didn’t know why his ears were itchy.