Chapter 855

[The bright morning has arrived. The list of Overgeared Kingdom quests has been updated.]

[Contribute to the City’s Security]

[Difficulty: Overgeared Kingdom’s Daily Quest

Please visit the security department. Today's new mission is waiting for you.

Quest Reward: One Grid’s Set Exchange Ticket.

*If you collect 40 Grid’s Set Exchange Tickets, you can obtain one of Grid’s mass-produced items. If you collect 120 Grid’s Set Exchange Tickets, you can acquire one of the Grid’s mass-produced items made by a craftsman.]

[Contribute to Securing City Resources]

[Difficulty: Overgeared Kingdom’s Daily Quest

Collect 100 leather and bones from at least level 100 monsters or collect 200 resources—such as minerals, stone, wood, herbs, and so on—and present them to the Procurement Department.

Quest Reward: One Grid’s Set Exchange Ticket.]

[Contribute to Agriculture Development]

[Difficulty: Overgeared Kingdom’s Daily Quest

Please visit the farmlands. Today’s new field work is waiting for you.

Quest reward: One rainbow potato. Affinity with the farmers of the Overgeared Kingdom will rise by 1.

* If affinity with the farmers of the Overgeared Kingdom reaches the maximum and is maintained, you are likely to receive a hidden quest from a ‘special character.’ However, the probability is very low.]

[Administrator Rabbit’s Call]

[Difficulty: Overgeared Kingdom’s Daily Quest

The official looking for you today in the Overgeared Kingdom is Administrator Rabbit. Administrator Rabbit needs your help.

Quest Clear Reward: Gold.

* Administrator Rabbit is well known for paying a cheap salary. It will be a great help if you urgently need money. However, the salary amount will vary greatly depending on your performance.]

[Overgeared Member Nyangmong’s Advertisement]

[Difficulty: Overgeared Kingdom’s Daily Quest

Overgeared member ‘Nyangmong’ has announced a daily mission.

Bring food to 10 sheep and 10 street dogs.

Quest Reward: One Grid’s Set Exchange Ticket.]

[Earl Pon’s Advertisement]

[Difficulty: Overgeared Kingdom’s Special Quest

The Overgeared Kingdom’s noble, ‘Pon’ has announced a special mission.

Earl Pon wants a new skill book. If you have an epic or higher rated skill book related to the ‘spear’, please look for Earl Pon.

Quest Reward: ???]

[Duke Jishuka’s Advertisement]

[Difficulty: Overgeared Kingdom’s Special Quest

The Overgeared Kingdom’s noble, ‘Jishuka has announced a special mission.

Duke Jishuka wants a large number of jaffa arrows. If you have jaffa arrows, please look for Duke Jishuka.

Quest Reward: The jaffa arrows will be bought at 1.5 times the market price. It will be three times the market price for special jaffa arrows.]

[Visit King Grid’s Stone Statue]

[Difficulty: Repeated quest in the Overgeared Kingdom.

Once every three days, go to the Hall of Fame and worship at Grid’s stone statue.

Quest Reward: One Grid mass-produced item for every 20th consecutive visit.]

Hehe! I only have a few left now.” Ryan was a new user who started Satisfy after the 3rd National Competition, and he now had 32 set vouchers. Just like most fourth generation players, Ryan had chosen Reinhardt as the starting city. It was easy for Reinhardt, the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom, to lure new players because the infrastructure for players was well established.

In fact, the satisfaction of the players was very high. They were able to get Grid’s set just by doing the daily quests every day, so they were able to get items faster than in other countries and were guaranteed a growth rate that was faster than average. Reinhardt’s convenient system, which couldn’t be created without thinking from a player’s point of view, was a great attraction.

“If I finish today and tomorrow’s quests, I can finally get a Grid weapon...!”

The performance of the various Grid mass-produced items could be seen in various communities, and they completely overwhelmed epic-rated items of the same level. It was difficult to compare them to unique items of the same level which some players carried around, but when the set effect was added, they weren’t that inferior to unique items.

In the previous years, the growth rate of new players had been fast when they purchased high rated low-level items with gold. However, that was no longer the case. There wasn’t a big difference amongst the Overgeared Kingdom players who had gathered Grid’s set. Still, Grid was the hero of the common people.

“What are you so excited about?” Alcolman’s group approached Ryan while he was laughing. Alcolman was a person who had started playing the game at the same time as Ryan. 

Ryan coughed and proudly raised his nose. “By tomorrow afternoon, I will have 40 Grid’s Set Exchange Tickets.”



The eyes of in Alcolman’s group members shone. They hadn’t been able to finish the quests and gather 40 exchange tickets, so Ryan looked amazing in their eyes. They wanted to congratulate him on obtaining a Grid weapon, but they also felt jealous.

“Ryan, will you be our bus driver tomorrow?”

“What bus driver? You will be our captain if you have a Grid weapon!”

Hehe, let’s challenge the Cigna Cave tomorrow.”

The Cigna Cave—it was a dungeon where at least five level 60–70 players had to party together to clear it easily. Of course, it was possible to hunt in the dungeon with fewer people, but then the cost would be much larger than the profits gained.

For the level 50 Ryan and Alcolman’s group, the Cigna wasn’t an appropriate hunting ground. However, the group thought it would be possible if Ryan had a Grid weapon. This was because the strength of Grid’s weapons was already well known.

“By the way, today is a bit disappointing.”

“Yes. The epic rated skill books are only dream items unless high-level bosses are raided, and the jaffa arrows are like a blacksmith only quest.”

“Isn’t it possible to buy jaffa arrows from the auction? Jishuka is going to buy them for 1.5 times the market price.”

“They are already sold out on the auction. I think Jishuka already bought them all yesterday.”

“There is a rumor that she is deep in debt. Where is she getting the money?”

“With Jishuka’s hunting speed, she can easily earn back the money she spent on the arrows...”

“I really want to see Jishuka hunt just once.”

“Me too...”

When were they going to step onto the threshold of the high-level Overgeared players? Still, as newbies, did they think they could get the opportunity to hunt with the best Overgeared members? Ryan and the Alcolman group were filled with expectations as they moved. They passed the hundreds of wagons belonging to the Muto Company and headed to the security building.

“I came to do today’s security activities. I am Ryan.”

“You are a level 51 swordsman. I will give you a list of suitable quests.”


The friendly receptionist handed Ryan a list of eight quests. However, the difficulty of today’s quests was quite high. They were quests which required a minimum of level 60 to perform.

“It looks a bit tough... Are there any easier quests?”

Upon hearing Ryan’s question, the receptionist looked embarrassed. “It’s hard to get easier quests. It is the time when the two moons overlap, so the level of the monsters that pop up are higher.”

Urgh! What should I do?” Ryan and Alcolman’s group were disappointed with today’s daily quests. It was a tremendous loss for them to miss even one Grid’s Set Exchange Ticket. They were in a quandary when the receptionist made a suggestion, “Would you like to do a cooperative quest?”

“A cooperative quest?”

“Yes. It is a time-limited quest under the auspices of the empire that is designed to commemorate the armistice agreement between the Overgeared Kingdom and the Saharan Empire. You can cooperate with people of the empire to do the quests, and the quest rewards are equivalent to the daily quest rewards of this kingdom.”

“Cooperate with the empire...” The expressions of Ryan and the Alcolman group weren’t very good.

Most players who started in the empire had the ideal of ‘the empire is the center of the world.’ In fact, the empire didn’t refrain from spending money to help new players, and the early growth rate of the new players in the empire was much faster than new players in the Overgeared Kingdom (who hadn’t yet acquired the Grid set). So, it felt uncomfortable in many ways to cooperate with people of the empire.

The receptionist reassured them, “It is safe because it is a quest made by Lauel who wishes for there to be exchanges and developments between the two countries. There is no need to worry.”

“It isn’t because it will be dangerous...”



The receptionist didn’t know anything about the world of newbies, but Ryan and Alcolman sighed and exchanged glances. They quickly came to a decision.

“Okay. I will participate in the cooperative quest.”

Ryan and Alcolman’s group couldn’t miss out on the exchange ticket. They had to clear the daily quests, so they accepted the receptionist’s suggestion.

An hour later...

“Hello. Are you the ones who received the cooperative quest?”

Ah, yes.”

In Reinhardt Capital, the Ryan party encountered six imperial players.

Ryan’s group greeted them politely while the imperial players remained silent. One of the empire’s players saw the shabby weapons and armor of Ryan’s group and said sarcastically, “It is just like the rumors. The Overgeared Kingdom is really stingy with supporting beginners and are just exploiting them.”

“I agree. They are likely to die when hit by boars in those outfits. Kilkil.

Of course, the imperial players knew about the Grid mass-produced set. Still, the Grid mass-produced set wasn’t something that could be obtained for free. It was a reward which could only be obtained by repeatedly clearing daily quests for several months and contributing to the kingdom’s development.

On the other hand, the Saharan Empire supported all new players with gold. As a result, the imperial players were able to purchase the best equipment from the beginning and wore flashy armor. It was different from the Overgeared players who couldn’t get the Grid set yet.

“It doesn’t matter how good the Grid set is. It isn’t a lifelong item anyway.”

“I agree. It is better to receive funding, quickly reach level 100, and go to the higher-level hunting grounds.”

It was around level 90 that the growth of new players in the Overgeared Kingdom accelerated. Once they equipped a minimum of four Grid mass-produced items, they demonstrated explosive combat power and grew rapidly to level 180. In other words, the first few months were full of hardships.

Whereas, in contrast, new players in the empire could quickly reach level 100. After that, an individual’s growth rate would gradually change depending on their financial ability and fortune. The great attraction was that they didn’t need to struggle in the difficult early stages. The average level of the Ryan group and the imperial group was in the 50s, so this was a time when the imperial side had the advantage!


The imperial players easily hunted the horned rabbits with their expensive weapons and armor, only needing to hit the horned rabbits three times, while Ryan’s group struggled and had to hit them six times. This meant the imperial players were fine facing two or three horned rabbits at once, whereas the Ryan group would end up on the verge of death.

“I don’t know who are the overgeared ones.” The imperial players started to mock the Ryan group openly. 

The members of Ryan’s group were angry, but they remained patient. There was a rumor that their King Grid had also been ignored in his beginning days, so Ryan’s group had the vague belief that they just needed to be patient.

[The cooperative party has hunted 231 horned rabbits. (231/500)]

The progress of the quest was almost midway, which meant the duration of this humiliation was almost over. They just needed to endure it a bit more. The moment that Ryan’s group thought this...

[The field boss, Four-Horned Rabbit, has appeared!]


A huge horned rabbit appeared before the cooperative party. The four-horned, red-eyed rabbit frightened the party members.

“Showing up here...!”

Ah, really! The Overgeared Kingdom scum! If you hunted the horned rabbits more quickly, we would’ve finished and gone back by now!”

“That’s right! This is all because of you! The quest progressed slowly because of you and now we’re caught by the boss!”

The Four-Horned Rabbit was level 120! The party members thought that this was a boss that the cooperative party couldn’t raid.

“Oh, my. The newbies are in danger.” Another cooperative party emerged. Unlike Ryan’s cooperative party, this one was made up of over level 100 players. The players belonging to the Overgeared Kingdom were armed with Grid’s mass-produced set while the imperial players were armed with gorgeous unique items. It was highly likely that the imperial players bought their items with gold.

“He is ours!” The players belonging to the empire struck first. Three people armed with gorgeously decorated swords rushed to the four-horned rabbit. However...


Three-quarters of the four-horned rabbit’s health remained. The imperial players might have unique rated weapons, but it was hard for only three of them to catch the field boss.

“You should help us!” The imperial players had wanted to monopolize the field boss, but now they were blaming the Overgeared players. The three players belonging to the Overgeared Kingdom shrugged. They were armed with Grid’s mass-produced set and were the future of Ryan’s group.

[The Four-Horned Rabbit has died!]



To think that the field boss that they couldn’t raid died so quickly...? The imperial players discovered that Grid’s set was more spectacular than rumored. Meanwhile, Ryan’s group were filled with hope and expectations.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes... Yes!”

The eyes of the Ryan group shone as they looked at the senior players armed with Grid’s set.

“Brothers! Are you members of the Overgeared Guild?”

The answer to this question was:

“Eh? That’s impossible.”

“How can we be part of the Overgeared Guild? Well, joining the Overgeared Guild is certainly our ultimate goal.”

“It is a goal that has a 0.001% chance of happening. Haha!


Time flowed and generations changed. For the new generation, the Overgeared Kingdom was hope, the Overgeared members were a dream, and the Overgeared King was a distant idol. However, Grid himself didn’t feel this.


“Isn’t it polite to at least turn your head away when sneezing?”

Ah, I’m sorry. I received a sudden tickle. Did I get it on you?”

“I was infected with invisible bacteria. Rather, where did you find these precious jewels? Did you steal a treasure chest when you visited the empire a while ago?”

“No? I raided a great demon. Additionally, how can I steal from the empire? The emperor and his subordinates are formidable.”

“You raided a great demon... The emperor...”

In the collapsed Gerad Mountain, Elizabeth faced Grid for the first time and received several blows. Grid casually spoke words that were on a scale which ordinary people couldn’t reach. Elizabeth’s resentful attitude toward Grid for being Yura’s lover (?) gradually diminished. “In the first place, she wouldn’t choose an ordinary man... I’m sorry. I didn’t know the world and misunderstood you.”


“You are special.”

The first ranked accessories maker—her workshop had been destroyed, and now she was on the verge of tapping on the door of the Overgeared Guild.