Chapter 854

[The option effect ‘Black Flames’ has activated from the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires!]

[You have dealt 12,300 damage to the target!]



The attacker and the one who was attacked were surprised at the same time. Experiencing damage in the ten thousands was unfamiliar to both Yura, the attacker, and Agnus, the one who was attacked. When Yura attacked Agnus with the Magic Engineering Bayonet (Produced by Pagma), the damage he suffered had been 4,700. Now, she had just inflicted three times the damage with the Enlightenment Sword. Moreover, it was a basic attack!

This was surprising for Agnus, who possessed a passive skill to reduce his damage by 30%, and it caused a chill to go down his spine. Agnus backed away hurriedly, while Yura confirmed the Enlightenment Sword’s information within this gap.

[+1 Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires]

[Rating: Myth

Durability: 1,660/1,660

Attack: 3,780+189

* 20% increase in physical attack power.

* 20% increase in magic attack power.

* 30% bonus fire attribute damage.

* 30% bonus dark attribute damage.

* 15% bonus lightning attribute damage.

* Deals an additional 50% damage to sacred beings.

* There is a certain probability of flames (large) being released when attacking.

* There is a low probability of illusions being released when attacking.

* There is a low probability of summoning a red lightning bolt when attacking.

* There is a certain probability of a black flames explosion when attacking.




‘This is the power of a myth-rated item!’

The bayonet that Yura obtained from Grid was still at the unique rating. From her perspective, a legendary weapon was strong and a myth-rated weapon was several times stronger.

‘The damage added by a +1 enhancement of the myth rated weapon is similar to three enhancement levels on a legendary weapon. ...Youngwoo-ssi managed to enhance this?’

Yura knew that myth-rated weapons didn’t have a safe enhancement area. The probability of enhancing a myth-rated item to +1 was extremely low. They could enhance it 100 to 1,000 times, and it would rely purely on luck. However, Grid had enhanced the Enlightenment Sword to +1.

Yura thought it was obvious that Grid had saved a country in a previous life.

‘He seems to be unlucky at times, but isn’t he lucky in the important moments?’

As the saying went, a hero had to be backed up by luck in order to be a heavenly existence. Of course, talent and effort needed to follow. In actuality, Yura didn’t know that Grid had enhanced the Enlightenment Sword to +1 by using the ancient scrolls which definitively enhanced the item by 1–3 levels.

Kik! Kilkik!” While he laughed, Agnus was convulsing. Ever since upgrading to the legendary rating, Agnus had rarely experienced damage in the ten thousands. Baal’s Contractor was a class that was hostile to the majority of players, so it was right for Agnus to have increased defense. Yet 12,300 health had flown away with a single basic attack...? It meant Grid had the power to distort Satisfy’s world view, and this was passed onto Yura.

Kyahahahahat!” Agnus stopped shaking. He held his forehead while making a bizarre smile. Was he excited about the circumstances of this big crisis?

Grid, Yura, and Eat Spicy Jokbal frowned, while Bullet and Elizabeth trembled.

“Why are you so happy?” Grid asked foolishly.

Kik...hiik...” Agnus barely managed to stop laughing and gave an answer, “I’m glad to know there are no limits in this world.”

“There are no limits?”

What was he suddenly saying? Agnus pointed a finger toward the confused Grid. “You are proving it.”


Ahh, yes. You’ve grown better. Ah… Good... Good! Good! Gooood!”

Agnus saw an illusion of his dead lover. His only reason for living smiled brightly at him, and he could feel that his reunion with her was imminent. He knew that resurrecting his lover wouldn’t be a futile dream if he could distort Satisfy’s world view like Grid and completely break the limits of the system. Agnus, who had been laughing and screaming like a lunatic, suddenly looked at empty air with a light in his eyes.

“Is it time to take your medicine?” Feeling uncomfortable, Grid reacted sarcastically, but there was no response. For Agnus, ‘this moment’ was no longer important. 

Kahahahat!” Agnus rushed toward Yura. The Great Demon’s Horn that he wielded reduced the durability and attack power of the Enlightenment Sword.

‘It affects even a myth-rated weapon?’

Yura had already experienced the power of the curse emitted from Agnus’ sword during the previous battle, but now she felt greatly confused because she had thought a myth-rated weapon would be able to resist the curse. While Yura’s sword was tied up with Agnus’ sword, two skeleton warriors appeared behind her and attacked.

It was an attack that couldn’t be allowed to land on Yura, who had only just recovered a decent amount of health after consuming potions. There was a possibility that her health would fall to a dangerous level again. As she escaped from Agnus, Grid shouted to her, “Don’t flee! Just deal with it!”

Avoiding the enemy attacks would give the enemy time to defend and fight back. Staying to fight was the unique battle style of the overgeared, and right now, Yura was a true overgeared.

“Okay!” Yura replied. She abandoned her techniques, ignored the skeleton warriors, and continued attacking Agnus. Then what about Agnus’ counterattack? She didn’t bother with it.

[The option effect ‘Black Flames’ has activated from the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires...]

[The option effect ‘Red Lightning Strike’ has activated from the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires...]

Yura’s gaze caused Agnus’ health to drop. Her health gauge wasn’t safe either, but it was fine compared to the speed at which Agnus’ health gauge was falling. Yura’s passive skill to alleviate damage from evil beings was also excellent.


Kik! Kihahahahat!

Black flames, red flames, and red lightning mixed together in the darkness. There was no turning back for the two people who were fighting desperately. They didn’t care about their bodies and only wanted to injure each other. At first, Yura seemed to have the overwhelming advantage. This was because Agnus’ health gauge was depleted one step ahead of Yura’s health gauge, which still had one-third left.

Nonetheless, there was a problem.

[A legend doesn’t die easily.]

Agnus still had the immortal passive skill, while Yura also consumed her passive.

Kuk...!” Agnus’ health was fixed at one point and didn’t drop anymore. Then Yura lost her momentum and stepped back. Her opponent became immortal for five seconds. Yura wasn’t immortal, so she needed to stall for these five seconds but Agnus was persistent.

As soon as he entered the immortal state, he used a black magic and cursed the ground in a 10-meter radius around Yura. It was an excellent move. Yura would’ve resisted if he had cursed her directly, but the ground couldn’t resist the curse. The ground became like a rotted swamp and grabbed at Yura’s ankle, causing her to become stuck.



Eat Spicy Jokbal and Elizabeth paled. They thought Yura would soon die due to Agnus, who resisted all the attacks that Yura dealt to him. Agnus was also assured of victory while Yura felt defeated. Meanwhile, Bullet closed his eyes. The two people were Agnus, his idol, and Yura, his new colleague. This placed Bullet in a position where he couldn’t cheer on either side, so he didn’t want to see the end of this terrible battle.

What about Grid? Grid suddenly pulled out Failure and moved. He blocked Agnus’ sword just as it was about to pierce Yura.

“Who said it was a one-on-one fight?” Grid entered the battle and used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave. Stabbed by Grid’s reversed sword, Agnus screamed. Then he tried hastily to retrieve his sword, but it was too late. Grid connected it to Link and persistently drove Agnus toward the swamp. Blood gushed from Agnus’ body as he lost momentum before Grid’s continuous slashes.

Eat Spicy Jokbal, Elizabeth, Bullet, and Yura were stunned. Grid was getting involved in a big fight...? Everyone was speechless at the sight of the cowardly (?) Grid. 

It was funny.

Kik! Kilkik!” Agnus, the victim of this cowardice, wasn’t afraid. After all, it was natural. How could there be a fair fight in this world? In the end, the winning side was defined as the one that was right, while the loser was the one in the wrong. Agnus was a former loser, so he knew this better than anyone.

Kuk...!” Grid was swinging his sword when he fell into the swamp. Agnus succeeded in stopping Grid before the duration of his immortality was over. Grid, drowning in the swamp, hurriedly shouted to Yura, “What are you doing? Finish him quickly!”


Agnus was currently distracted by Grid, so it was a golden opportunity for Yura. She dealt the final blow to Agnus, who was showing his back to her. Simultaneously...

[Baal’s Contractor has been defeated!]

[You have cleared the fourth class quest, Old Enemy!]

[As a quest clear reward, your sealed stats are released.]

[The new skill, Swordmanship of Light, has been acquired. Acquiring the Swordmanship of Light skill has removed the Sword Mastery skill.]

Agnus was one of the best players who had dominated Eat Spicy Jokbal and Yura alone. Yet he died in a state where most of his skills were exhausted, and the swampy ground returned to its original state. Yura was wrapped in a blue light as she collapsed to the ground.

Then she heard Grid’s gentle voice saying, “Good job.”

“Thank you.”

Grid and Yura smiled as they sat facing each other. Alas, they knew that the fight with Agnus would continue in the future. This was a natural fate because the path that Agnus had chosen was against humanity.



The first thing Agnus did after resurrecting was open his inventory. He was worried about having dropped the Stone of Life after he died. Thankfully, the Stone of Life was safe.

“How fortunate. It is lucky...”

Agnus’ eyes reddened with relief as he hugged the Stone of Life. Then he heard Baal’s whisper.

-Do you want more power?

“Shut up.”

-You can’t refuse me.

[The class quest ‘Massacre (1) has been created.]

[Massacre (1)]

[Difficulty: Class quest.

1st Great Demon Baal wants human souls. Slaughter humans and give their souls to Baal.

Quest Clear Conditions: Kill 1,000 players (0/1000)

Quest Clear Reward: 200,000 demonic power. Quest linked to Massacre (2).]

“I am... busy...”

Agnus’ back seemed pitiful and lonely as he started moving with precarious steps. The madman that people knew was nowhere to be seen.