Chapter 856

Legendary items weren’t an area of production—actually, this common sense fact had already been destroyed since last year. Players started to produce legendary items that were known to drop only from boss monsters. It was a natural phenomenon that occurred as players’ production skill levels developed while their class quest difficulties increased.

“I think you already know but let me formally introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth. My class is an accessories maker and I am at the craftsman level. I can make all types of accessories, and I was fortunate enough to make a legendary rated ring and necklace,” Elizabeth spoke candidly.

Managing to make a legendary item was like a pie falling from the sky. She couldn’t control the rating, so she added the word ‘fortunate.’ This wasn’t humility. It was a warning that even if Grid commissioned her to make an accessory, she couldn’t guarantee a legendary rating. If Grid were an ordinary player who didn’t understand the production system properly, he would’ve been disappointed since he believed the exaggerated rumor of the ‘Princess of Jewelry.’ 

“I am Overgeared King Grid.”

However, Grid had made more items than anyone else and had the best understanding of the production system. He knew that the rumors of the ‘Princess of Jewelry’ were exaggerated and wasn’t disappointed at all. The anticipation in his gaze remained constant from the beginning.

“That...” Elizabeth’s face reddened as Grid held out a hand for a handshake. An unknown feeling swept through her body when their hands met. She lost strength in her legs. It was the first time she had ever felt this way in her life. She pulled back her hand with a startled expression and hurriedly said, “T-Thank you... for saving me. Well, you saved Yura more than me. Anyway, it is a fact that you helped me.”

Elizabeth had disliked Grid. She had felt jealous that he got good results easily thanks to his legendary blacksmith class and his innate luck. Additionally, she felt offended by his distasteful attitude. The fact that he was Yura’s lover was also a big factor of her dislike toward him.

Still, it was impossible to treat people rudely just because of personal feelings. It was true that Grid had helped her. So, Elizabeth appreciated it sincerely. It was awful to think that her uncle would’ve died by now if Grid hadn’t shown up. Grid cut straight to the chase, “If you really appreciate it, do me a favor. Would you mind omitting the commission process?”

In order to meet the Princess, there was a waiting list and they had to wait for their turn. Additionally, the Princess wouldn’t accept any commission in which the materials didn’t attract her attention. These were the conditions required for Elizabeth to accept a production request. It was simple but fastidious. To think they had to wait just to ask for a production request? Moreover, what materials attracted her interest?

“I understand. I will accept your request and make it the top priority. Only...” Elizabeth needed to let Grid know. “I won’t be as efficient if I don’t find pleasure in the work process. The result of tedious work isn’t always as good. I hope that your request will interest me.”

‘I just want to commission a ring...’

That’s right. Grid just wanted rings. He currently had a total of four rings—his wedding ring, Doran’s Ring, the Ring of Absurdity, and Elfin Stone’s Ring. Among them, his wedding ring and Doran’s Ring were worn according to circumstances. The only rings he always wore were the Ring of Absurdity and Elfin Stone’s Ring. Eight fingers were almost always empty.

One bracelet could be worn on both wrists, and he wore the Guardian’s Bracelet and Neberius’ Bracelet. His necklace was the Guardian’s Necklace while his earrings were Dark Bus’ Earrings and the Black Quartz Earrings. Therefore, making eight rings was sufficient.

Yet she was asking for an interesting request?

‘What type of unusual accessory should I ask for? A piercing? A chain? Will such accessories add stats?’

Grid’s deep thoughts were unnecessary though. While he was feeling troubled, he brought out a jewels package.

Huh...? U-Uh?” Elizabeth’s eyes widened when she verified the contents of the package. She was speechless as she witnessed jewels she had never seen before.

[Belial’s Black Jewel (S)]

[-A beautiful jewel that can be processed into a material for accessories. The value of this gem that can never be obtained is at the same level as buying a city.

When making accessories, you can acquire options that increase intelligence or shadow resistance. Additionally, there is a possibility that a passive skill will be attached depending on the skills of the accessory maker.

However, it will be difficult to find someone who can handle this jewel, like picking a star from the sky.]

[Belial’s Red Jewel (S)]



When making accessories, there is a chance of acquiring items that increase intelligence or flame resistance. Additionally, there is a possibility that a passive skill will be attached depending on the skills of the accessory maker.

However, it will be difficult to find someone who can handle this jewel, like picking a star from the sky.]

‘There are jewels that can add stats and resistance? It can even have a passive skill attached?’

Elizabeth had received countless production commissions, and among those who commissioned accessories from her, many were high rankers. Some of them had given her jewels which had dropped from bosses. Unlike regular jewels, the ones dropped from named bosses had a ‘low probability’ of increasing stats or resistance.

The jewels from Grid, however, gave stats and resistances, as well as passive skills. Elizabeth had never seen such jewels among the hundreds that she had worked on. As stated in the explanation, the value of these jewels was astronomical.

“H-Huge...” The admiration in Elizabeth’s expression rose after hearing that Grid got the jewels from raiding Belial.

Grid was sighing. “I don’t know if my request will interest you. I just want ordinary rings...”


“Yes. Eight rings.”

“What about a necklace? Bracelets? Do you need earrings?”

“...?” Grid was confused. He thought Elizabeth would be disappointed to hear his request, but she was so excited that she got close to his face. Her large black eyes shone like lanterns. It was as if she had a meal before her. “You are too close...”

“...” Yura and Eat Spicy Jokbal looked uncomfortable for some reason.

Grid stepped away from Elizabeth and explained, “As you can see, I’m currently using necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.”

Their effects were also excellent. The Guardian's Bracelet and Necklace, which had defense and indomitable stat options, were unique accessories that gave an additional 100 defense when worn as a set. Meanwhile, Neberius’ Necklace increased strength by 30 and reduced magic casting time by 20%, the Black Quartz Earrings increased intelligence by 15%, and Dark Bus’ Earrings made it possible to use the Blackening skill.

Grid played the roles of damage dealer, tanker, and magician, so he couldn’t abandon any of them.

However, Elizabeth glanced at the options of Grid’s accessories using her ‘Artisan’s Eyes’ and thought differently. “You can stop wearing the jade bracelet and necklace. They look like they have an effect as a set, but aren’t they just unique rated accessories?”


Few items were as hard to find as accessories, especially accessory sets. A unique rated accessory set had a similar value to legendary rated ornaments. Grid responded like he couldn’t understand, causing Elizabeth to hit her chest with frustration. Still, Grid didn’t show any reaction to her agitation. Elizabeth shouted at the blank-looking Grid, “I can make much better bracelets and necklaces, even when considering the set effect! I don’t need luck! It is enough just using the jewel materials that you brought!”

However, there was a problem.

“But these large jewels might be hard for me to work with...” Elizabeth had no confidence in working with S-grade jewels. A level higher than craftsman was required to work on them. In other words...

“You can make accessories better than my current ones using the B-grade jewels but not the S-grade jewels?”

The value of Belial’s jewels were several times greater than what Grid had expected.

“Yes.” Elizabeth took out the B-grade jewels and confirmed it. “The rating will be epic, but the effects will be better than the necklace and bracelet set you are wearing now.” 

The number of jewels was enough. Grid had handed over 30 jewels to Elizabeth. There were 10 C-grade jewels, 10 B-grade jewels, and 10 S-grade jewels. Putting aside the 10 S-grade jewels, there was enough to make a necklace, bracelet, and eight rings.

‘This is a great opportunity.’

Elizabeth was more excited than Grid. She felt joyous at being lucky enough to craft accessories using jewels which could only be obtained by raiding a great demon. As such, she revealed her inner feelings without knowing it. “It’s too bad. I could’ve tried different things if I had more jewels.”

“I was told that people who want to ask for commissions have to wait in a line? Would you take multiple orders from one person?”

“Of course! If I can work on more jewels like this, then I will work for you for a lifetime!"



Elizabeth’s passionate yells toward Grid seemed like she was courting him. Eat Spicy Jokbal and Yura’s troubled gazes worsened at the sight.

“There are dozens of people in my guild with 10 or 20 Belial jewels...” Grid pulled out shocking words.

...Huh?” Elizabeth doubted her ears.

She had thought that Grid’s 30 jewels were all the jewels which Belial had dropped. It surprised her that there were still hundreds left. Elizabeth started shaking. She shook her head and seemed to decide something. “I will go to the Overgeared Kingdom. This is beyond the concept of a VVIP guest. Since you are the king, can you give me a small workshop? Would it be better for me to join the Overgeared Guild?”


“Oh, do I not meet the conditions to join?”

“H-How can that be?”

On this day...

“No, why do you kidnap someone everywhere you go? What the hell are you doing? Do you have a separate human trafficking skill? Do you have a legendary trafficker as a third class? Huh?


Grid had a pleasant surprise for Lauel after returning with Elizabeth.