Chapter 550

"This is embarrassing.”

In the spacious fields of Reidan, farmer and Aura Master Hurent was impatiently waiting for Piaro to return. He grew nervous during trainingbecause he received the news that Overgeared was in the midst of a massive war. From his point of view, the news was like a lightning bolt out of the blue. He was worried that his valuable training ground would be ruined in the midst of the messy war.

"It has been busy in the last few weeks... They were preparing for war.”

Piaro taught Hurent to understand himself (?) and forgive (?) after he tried to invade Reidan. The training course he made according to Piaro’s suggested method was valuable. He was proud every time he saw grains and vegetables sprout in the land that he cleared, and his heart pounded when he saw people happily eating them...

“No, this isn’t it.”

Why was he thinking about this? Hurent shook his head and denied his heart. But the fields were his training grounds and he wanted to keep them.  He believed that showing the intact fields to Piaro would be a way to repay the favor. But how? The method was obvious.

“I have no choice but to fight.”

Hurent opened a map of the Eternal Kingdom. He looked at Reinhardt in the east, Bairan in the north, Patrian in the south, and Reidan in the west.

‘They have to pass through Patrian in order to advance from Reinhardt to Reidan.’

Reidan and Reinhardt weren’t able to get to each other apart from through Reidan. The areas around Patrian were blocked by mountains or hills.

'This is deliberately designed terrain.’

It was easy to deduce. To the west of Reidan and the south of Patrian was the Saharan Empire and Gauss Kingdom respectively. In other words, Patrian was a fortress designed to defend the kingdom from foreign powers. Eternal chose Patrian’s position in order to intercept the Saharan Empire or Gauss Kingdom if they ever invaded.

‘Patrian is a natural fortress. But now it’s been taken by Grid?’

It would be painful for Eternal. In order to get rid of the rebel Grid, they needed to reclaim Patrian. But it wasn’t an easy fortress to capture.

‘It will be difficult to attack a fortress that is built as a means to stop the invasion of two nations. Eternal will concentrate on Bairan.’

It was best to attack Patrian from the north and the east simultaneously. They needed to occupy Bairan in order to do this. Hurent was convinced that Eternal’s top priority would be the occupation of Bairan.

“Then I will protect Bairan.”

Hurent decided to defend the fields of Reidan and immediately left Reidan. He once dreamt of becoming a sword saint. However, after realizing the value of aura, he pursued the ultimate path of an Aura Master. He was incomparably stronger than he was during the 1st National Competition and now he was moving for Overgeared.

This was a variable that even the genius Lauel couldn’t think of.


Eternal’s navy sent the R77 unit to infiltrate Cork Island through a secret tunnel. They believed that the elite forces of R77 would do a great job. After assassinating the enemy commander and paralyzing the command system, the navy would gain a foothold for victory.

But the atmosphere was terrible. Originally, the flares should’ve appeared four hours ago. However, the set time had passed and there was no news. Cork Island in front of them was uncomfortably quiet. 

"Did they fail the mission?”

Someone couldn’t help asking. It was Navy Admiral Lebuck. The staff members flinched and started to give their opinion.

"Until four days ago, only the king knew that there was a secret tunnel on Cork Island. It is absolutely impossible for the rebels to deal with the infiltration of the R77 unit.”

"It is a fact that R77 landed safely on Cork Island. They will be performing their mission as scheduled. But there are always variable that will delay the time.”

Lebuck frowned.

"Isn’t there a possibility for R77 to be caught after they landed on the island?”

"Admiral, R77’s covert nature is the best in the navy. It is unlikely that they would be discovered.”

"Wait a little longer. Good news will surely come.”


Lebuck decided not to fret any longer. Combining all the factors, including the abilities of R77 and the use of the secret tunnels, the probability of the R77 unit failing was almost zero. Then he was rewarded for his faith.



The promised signal appeared from Cork Island. The color of the signal flare was blue. It was the signal that indicated the leader of the enemy was destroyed and they should go.

Lebuck ordered the entire fleet. "Don’t damage the island, since it will soon be our property again! Stop ranged bombardment and move forward! Land and show the enemies the full force of our strength!”

The resistance of the enemy would be low after losing their commander. The artillery and magic shot from the coastal fortifications weren’t threatening at all. It would be a vain resistance!

"Full landing!”

“Assault! Assault!!”

The navy ships arrived on the coast and the soldiers poured out at once. The soldiers’ morale was sky high from the assuredness of their victory. Peak Sword laughed from the fortress as he confirmed their appearance.

"The blue signal that you told me was correct. I was a little suspicious.”

"I have already committed myself to Overgeared. I have no desire to lie.”

“That is a very good attitude. Keep this attitude for the rest of your life and learn from God Grid.”

"Thank you for giving me a chance.”

Soldier who was killed by Peak Sword. As soon as he resurrected, he came to Cork Island and expressed his intention to surrender. Why did he risk his career in the navy? It was because he realized there was no future in the Eternal Kingdom.

Two nights before. Soldier was thrilled after infiltrating through the secret tunnel. Once he saw Peak Sword waiting in front of the secret tunnel, he realized that the intelligence network of Overgeared was above the Eternal Kingdom. Soldier was convinced. The winner of this war would be Overgeared, not Eternal. Immediately after the war ended, Overgeared would develop into a national unit. 

He made a decision. He would serve Grid and Overgeared, becoming a great success in that kingdom.

‘A perfect opportunity to be a founding contributor. The chance fell down from the sky.’

Soldier would succeed in the new country.

On the other hand, Peak Sword was also excited.

‘I waited for my stamina to fully recover before launching the signal and succeeded in making the weak navy land at my feet. Maybe...’

Was he going to break everyone’s expectations and succeed in defending Cork Island? It was a big jackpot.



The second army that appeared to reclaim Borneo contained Seuron. He was amazed after attacking the Overgeared troops on the wall with his soul spears. The archers he thought were going to die were still alive?

‘They have 20% of their health left?’

Like any other game, Satisfy showed a disparity in strength depending on the level difference. It was virtually impossible for a level 100~200 user to survive the skill attack of a level 300 user. Katz was able to massacre the Borneo army using this fact.

Objectively, Seuron’s attack was superior to Katz, but the Overgeared members didn’t die. Who was Seuron? A unique class specialized in combat. His skill damage coefficient was so high that it couldn’t be compared with normal skills.  But the lowly soldiers survived his skill?

“How is this possible?”

"If the soldiers’ bodies are this durable, how strong are the knights?”

The Gauss players were buzzing. Their fear of the Overgeared troops started to grow out of control. However, Seuron was delighted.

'Truly the Overgeared Guild... Even the soldiers are overgeared.’ 

Seuron wasn’t part of Gauss. He didn’t have any obligations to enter the war and wouldn't even get rewards. It was because he wanted to pay Grid back for his frustration during the Reidan invasion and National Competition. He fought in this war in the hopes of damaging Grid.

'Grid, I wonder how you raised the soldiers so well.’

He became more motivated. What if he slaughtered Grid’s soldiers and took away all their items?

"That Grid would become quite angry, right? Kulkul let’s play once.”


Seuron wielded his sword. The +9 Wisdom Sword. A one-handed sword that increased the wearer’s strength and intelligence simultaneously. It had compatibility with the Brutal Heavy Sword and he used it during the 2nd National Competition. It wasn’t lacking compared to Grid’s production items and it was in the same class as Kraugel’s True White Fang.

Furthermore, Seuron had a passive skill where ‘if he attacked a person or monster with his weapon, he would absorb some of the soul of the target and increase his weapon’s power.’


“W-What is this? Keeok!”

The Gauss players and soldiers were killed. They were confused because Seuron, who they thought was a friend, started attacking them.


Puk puk! Puok!

All of a sudden, Seuron swung his sword and then the Gauss soldiers and players turned to grey. The unexpected sight made the world shocked.

-What is with Seuron?

-Why is he killing his allies when he is fighting to defeat the Overgeared members?

The expression ‘ally’ wasn’t correct. Seuron wasn’t part of the Gauss Kingdom. Strictly speaking, he was a third party unrelated to the war. Seuron only entered the war in the first place because of an individual grudge, not in order to help Gauss.

“S-Seuron, you! Kuaack!”

7th on the unified rankings. A unique class specialized in combat. In addition, Seuron had powerful items. His sudden surprise attack wasn’t something that the Gauss army could respond to. The soldiers and players were all helpless. Seuron laughed at the Gauss players who were staring at him with angry and confused eyes.

"The weak people like you should be honored to have a chance to help me.”



The Wisdom Sword started to resonate. Seuron exploited the souls from the many dead bodies on the battlefield and formed soul spears. It was the soul spears he had used before. But this time it was a little different and had significantly high magic damage.


The soul spears once again hit the Overgeared archers on the walls. The momentum was much better than before. The vast majority of viewers watching the war were expecting the collapse of the archers. But Katz overturned their prediction.

"Blood Shield."


Just as Seuron seized the soul from corpses, Katz grabbed their blood to form a red shield and defend against the soul bombardment. It was the moment with those who exerted the greatest power on the battlefield, the Soul Predator and Blood Warrior, clashed.

Who would win? Everyone in the world showed great interest and expected a wonderful battle. But Seuron dismissed Katz.

“An epic class can’t be compared to mine. You are several levels below me. Isn't that right?"


In fact, Katz had been nervous since Seuron appeared. He was exhausted from obstructing the advance of tens of thousands of soldiers for the past three days. At this time, he encountered a strong man he couldn’t compete with. Yes, Katz recognized Seuron as an opponent. However, Seuron dismissed him and this hurt Katz’ pride that he was famous for.

He gritted his teeth and showed his temper. “You beggar.”

“What? Beggar?”

A high ranker was called a beggar? Seuron laughed as he doubted his ears.

“Calling me a beggar. It isn’t realistic... You are at the level of a kindergarten student.”

Seuron snorted. Katz looked down at him from the wall and opened his mouth. He shouted in a voice that was loud enough for everyone on the battlefield to hear.

"I will give one billion yen to everyone who injures that beggar’s body. It will be 100 billion yen for anyone who kills him.”


1 billion yen? 100 billion yen? If it wasn’t Katz saying this, everyone listening would’ve laughed. But who was Katz? He was the son of a top conglomerate in Japan. His family’s collection of assets ranked as one of the top 10 in the world. Even oil-rich Middle Easterns would envy him. The weight of the 1 billion and 100 billion yen that emerged from his mouth wasn’t light.

-I am connecting to the game now.

-Forming a party to go and attack Seuron.

The ratings for the war broadcasts started to fall sharply. Most viewers stopped watching and started to access the game. The situation on the battlefield wasn’t too different. The Gauss players, who were already hostile to Seuron, started pointing their swords at him. Seuron was forced to tense against such a huge number.

“This crazy guy...!”

Seuron gulped while Katz laughed at the sight from the war.

"You should know that you are X in front of money.”

A problem that couldn’t be solved by just being overgeared was solved with money.