Chapter 551


The Gauss players started to feel excited.

‘What? 9 million dollars just for inflicting an injury?’

‘900 million for killing...!’

How many chances like this would appear before ordinary people? It was low enough that it wouldn’t be strange if they never experienced it. Katz's proposal was enough to capture the Gauss players.


'I will become rich!’

Money! Money! Money! This was a capitalist society that produced new monsters, a very desirable phenomenon for Katz.

"Seuron, give me one blow please.”

"No, please just die. Yes? Please.”

The eyes of the Gauss players changed. They revealed their intent to kill a high ranker that they normally wouldn’t go against. Seuron was recognized as prey, like a chicken trapped in a poultry farm. Seuron gulped as he was surrounded by the Gauss players.

“Do you really believe his words? Aren’t you just fools?” 

The average level of the Gauss players was 100, with no rankers among them. If Seuron were behind some fortifications like Katz, he wouldn’t care how many opponents there were. But unlike Katz, however, Seuron was alone in the middle of enemy territory. He was isolated among thousands of enemies. Even the ‘Soul Predator’ Seuron had to feel tense. 

Seuron determined that he had to be careful and tried to speak with a calm expression, "This isn’t $90,000 or $900,000. It is 9 million dollars and 900 million. Does it make sense that he will keep this promise?”

In other words, it was worth billions of won. No matter how wealthy a person was, spending that much money just to hunt one person in a game? It was a bluff. Seuron was sure of it and people started to become dubious.

"It is a lot of money. No matter how rich Katz is, can he really spend this much?”

“That... I would’ve believed it if it was a more realistic amount.”

They could gain enough money to reverse their life if they dealt one injury to Seuron! This extraordinary condition ended up grabbing Katz’ ankle. The Gauss players started to doubt Katz words and Seuron felt relief. 

"Kukuk! Kuahahahat!” Katz’ shoulders shook as he laughed from the wall.  "People are fun. It is beyond your imagination so you deny it? Look, your imagination is too weak.”

That was the only problem they had? Then he would adjust the level.

"I will correct the amount. I will give 100 million yen to people who injure Seuron and 10 billion yen for the person who kills him. I promise in the name of the JIN Group. How about it? Are you going to believe it?”

People didn’t know how scary a madman with a lot of money was. Why? It was rare to see a madman with a lot of money!

“What are you doing? If you want to make money then you have to kill that beggar.” Katz prompted with cold eyes.

It was the spark.


The players in the Gauss army no longer hesitated. Katz offered much better incentives than the quest rewards, making them all rush towards Seuron. Seuron shrank back from surprise and roared.

“Shit...! Shit!! Overgeareddddd!”

The Overgeared Guild was a nightmare for Seuron. He was killed by a farmer in the invasion of Reidan and was unable to do anything big in the National Competition due to the Overgeared members wearing the items that Grid made. Seuron hated the Overgeared Guild, who left a stain on his life. He wanted to trample on them and get rid of the shameful past.

Yet now he was being trampled on with the power of money? Why did he get stuck in a situation where he was tied up with the Overgeared members?  It was enough to drive Seuron crazy.

"Do you think you can leave a scratch on me?”

“Kill! Kill Seuron!”

“We don’t have anyone strong. Hit him at the same time! One hit means a lot of money!”

“It’s mine!!”

A clash between the angry Seuron and the money-blinded Gauss players! Katz enjoyed the fierce sight from the walls. The power of money that made enemies into allies caused the whole world to shake.


Bairan’s siege had a special pattern. It was the first ever siege where the role of the one being sieged and the one attacking completely reversed.


The firmly closed gate of Bairan once again opened.

“Hiik! Again!”

“D-Damage once again! Use the soldiers as a shield!”

The players belonging to Eternal started to retreat. The formations collapsed in an instant. The formations were a mess due to the players and the command system was temporarily paralyzed. The battlefield instantly became a mess.

At this time.

“I will show you my spirit today.”

Pon rose a white horse through the open gate and threw his spear. Rail Spear.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The lightning spear blew through the Eternal army like a lightning storm. Hundreds of soldiers and players turned to grey.


Pon pulled out a new spear and ran out. He broke into the collapsed Eternal formation and wielded his spear. The soldiers were slaughtered. It was the scene of a one-sided massacre due to the overwhelming power difference. But the massacre didn’t last long.

Just 100 people. Pon defeated 100 people before recovering his spear and returning.

“Foolish guys! I told you not to let the ranks break!”

"Reform the ranks! The enemy’s next attack is coming!"

The commanders verified that Pon was gone and gave orders to the soldiers. They wanted the siege weapons that arrived late to be escorted. But time was too tight. In addition, the players were a problem. The average level of the players at Bairan was 140. Apart from a few people, the majority were low-level users who hadn’t received military training. The commanders did their best but the speed of the formations was too slow.

In the meantime, Yura emerged from the gate.

"I can’t let you use the siege weapons.”


A Demon Slayer acquired black magic power each time they slew demonkin. She could use this black magic as a resource to activate special skills. One of them was black magic. This was a specialty of Yura who used to be first in the black magic rankings.  She summoned black spheres and bombarded the enemy soldiers escorting the siege weapons. Her aim was the siege weapon and no one could stop her.

The elite Eternal soldiers were still only level 180. Their abilities were useless in front of Yura’s agility and aggressiveness, making them fall into helplessness.


“Shit! How long will we let her run wild?”

The Eternal players realized the seriousness of the situation when they saw the collapsing siege weapons and firmed up their hearts. They started to concentrate on attacking Yura. They were eager to clear the quest as they fired arrows and magic. Their average level was lower than the soldiers but Yura was tired from the war that lasted five days.



Yura started to allow attacks. She came out of the castle to fight, so she was physically and mentally at her limits. The good news was that Eternal’s players were weak. The difference in level and items was so severe that Yura wasn’t seriously injured. After barely enduring the attacks of the enemies and defeating the quota of 100 people, she returned to the castle.


She flopped down as soon as the gate closed. Yura sat down. She gasped for breath as she sweated, while Pon spoke to her.

"The supplies are running out. The archers on the wall don’t have as many arrows and are running out of potions. We might only be able to last two more days.”

Yura, Toon, and other skills members of Overgeared were concentrated in Bairan. They alternated going out of the castle and attacking the enemies in order to protect the castle without a loss of troops. But this wasn’t possible forever. They couldn’t get enough rest so their stamina recovery speed was slow and the durability of their items was at the bottom. Their potions were also running out.

It was a desperate situation for Bairan. But Yura didn’t want to give up Bairan.

“Definitely... I will definitely keep it. It will be dangerous for Patrian if Bairan collapses.”

How much longer could they hold? Yura, Pon, Toon, and the Overgeared members. They risked their lives but wouldn’t be able to hold on for more than two days. Bairan would be finished if there were no reinforcements.


Chaaeng! Chaeeeeeng!

“Kikik! Kikikikik!”



Red Sun Forest. For Korean players, it was known as the ‘Hypnotic Forest,’ where strange sights could be seen. The dubrick racer, or the nimble creatures that were deemed ‘unhuntable’ due to their species characteristics were being slaughtered by a single swordsman.



A speed that couldn’t be avoided. The white sword belonging to Kraugel blocked the dubrick racers that were three times faster than humans. The monsters that were 60 levels higher than him died. He wiped the sweat off his skin that was as beautiful as a woman’s and tucked his hair behind his ears. His high nose and deep eyes were revealed. The man was handsome enough to capture the hearts of men and women.


Hao arrived at Kraugel’s side. After discovering that Ares’ men were aiming for Kraugel, he stayed by Kraugel’s side for protection. Now he asked with an anxious expression.

“Is it really okay if you don’t go and help Overgeared?”

Kraugel had a great liking for Overgeared, and couldn’t hide his impatience while he grasped the war situation of Overgeared in real time. It seemed like he wanted to go and help Overgeared. But Kraugel continued hunting without heading to the Eternal Kingdom.

“Please let me know if there is anything stopping you from helping. I will assist you.”

Kraugel could tell what Hao thought in his heart, since he was now quite familiar with Hao. Kraugel made a bitter smile and said, "Grid will want to avoid getting help from me.”

“Why do you think that?”

"We are rivals before we are friends.”


Pangea, the East Continent.

"Today is the third day...”

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

The White Hammer blacksmiths were uneasy. Grid had been constantly hammering for the last three days. Could a person be okay after working three days without any rest? In particular, forging was something that required a tremendous amount of stamina. They were concerned about Grid’s health.

"Captain White, what do we do if Grid falls down? Shouldn’t he rest for a while?”

White shook his head at the concerned question. White was also showing signs of weariness. It was the aftermath of watching Grid work without sleeping for the past three days.

"Don’t disturb the concentration of Pangea’s Duke of Virtue.”

Grid was a craftsman. Once he put his soul into making an item, he wouldn’t stop for food and rest. The work was the most important thing to them. White knew this because he grew up watching his father. He never intended to disturb Grid. This was a great choice.

Grid was able to focus with White’s support and succeeded in smelting the Red Phoenix Breath one day earlier than expected.

“Now... Now it is the real work.”


Grid increased the temperature of the furnace. The Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience was activated for the fourth time and reduced his fatigue.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

Grid started the making of the Red Phoenix Bow. He had a vague inkling.

‘The best masterpiece will be born.’

It was a well-founded confidence.