Chapter 552

'The Red Phoenix Bow is the strongest weapon.’

Grid thought this. Was it because he always did his best and wanted to be rewarded for his efforts? No, his faith didn’t come from such a vague thing. It was an absolute conviction because of several reasons.

‘The first evidence.’

The quality of the design was the best ever. The original version of the Red Phoenix Bow was likely to be myth rated.

‘The second evidence.’

The quality of the materials used in the production was the best ever. The white phosphorus wood and Red Phoenix Breath. In particular, the material called the Red Phoenix Breath was likely to be equivalent to adamantium.  Adamantium was a mineral that was collected from the world of the gods. In other words, the Red Phoenix Breath was a by-product of a god. It was a ‘part of a god.’ 

‘The third evidence.’

Grid’s concentration was at its highest level. The effect of the Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience had activated four times over the last three days. It was the first time since he became Pagma’s Descendant.

‘Thanks to the Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience, I’m not tired at all and can devote myself to working without a break.’

It was a feast of the best conditions! They overlapped and would obtain the best results.


[You can no longer smelt the Red Phoenix Breath. It is already in the best form.]

[Strengthened Red Phoenix Breath]

The aura of the Red Phoenix enhanced by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

Increases fire resistance by 40% even when carrying it in the inventory.

It can be used to infuse items with the powerful aura of the Red Phoenix.

However, it can only be attached to items with a strong fire attribute.

Weight: 2

The strengthened Red Phoenix Breath contained a stronger flame than before. The flames in the ruby rose like they wanted to run wild.

‘Now I can make the bow.’

Grid made good use of the extra time to heat up the furnace. He used all his knowledge to handle the white phosphorus wood. Now it was only necessary to add the additional materials such as the minotaur horns.

‘It’s okay. The kids will be able to hold on well even without me. I don’t have to worry and just focus on doing my best.’

Grid wasn’t aware of it, but he was able to exert a higher concentration than usual in the production of this item because of his different mindset. His colleagues were in a crisis and he couldn’t help. Grid had to suppress his anxiety and nerves from imagining the worst situation and his concentration naturally rose during this process. He used a variety of tools during the production.



Grid stared at the water vapor that was generated by cooling the heated white phosphorus wood in the water.  It shone firmly without yielding. It looked like the starlight in the night sky.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill has been activated.]


The Legendary Blacksmith’s Patience skill once again activated! Grid smiled as sharp as a knife as his fatigue disappeared and his concentration stayed at the peak. The blacksmiths of the White Hammer smithy felt infinite awe as they watched Grid tirelessly work on the item for the fourth day in a row.

The next evening.

[The Legendary Blacksmith’s Breath has been activated.]

Grid received a welcome notification window as he entered the final stages of the production. He attached the Red Phoenix Breath to the finished bow. Then a red aura appeared around the white bow. Grid prayed for the message ‘a legendary item has been completed.’


Give him a legendary rating!

...It might be too greedy. Maybe he should pray for a unique rating.

‘Then I can use Item Upgrade to make it a legendary rating.’

The moment that Grid’s mind weakened.


There was a gorgeous sight as the Red Phoenix Bow completely accepted the essence of the Red Phoenix, the white bow turning an orange-red color. It was an intense color like blazing fire. Then...

[An unexpected situation has occurred!]


Unexpected situation? A chill went down the spine of the expectant Grid.

'What the hell is this situation?’

Grid had been hit in the back of the head while playing the game more than once or twice.  Grid’s expectations were always betrayed. Thus, he assumed the worst. However, it was the opposite.

[The rating of the item you produced is higher than legendary.]

[It is the result of breaking the limits due to the production method, the materials, and the maker’s commitment.]


Grid was reminded of something. It was during the pope election episode. During the process of understanding and recreating the myth rated item Lifael’s Spear, Grid’s blacksmithing technique was upgraded from ‘Witness of God’s Weapon’ to ‘Understanding of God’s Weapon.’ Thanks to that, Grid had a very low probability of producing a myth rated (reproduction) item. But the odds were very low and had never happened before.

‘I wasn’t expecting this!’

At this moment, a myth reproduction was born. Grid was filled with a thrill that was beyond joy. The result far exceeded his expectations, causing excitement to flow like a tidal wave. But the result was different. The item made by Grid wasn’t a myth reproduction.


[You are the first player to produce a myth rated item!]

[The title, ‘Watched by the Gods’ has been acquired.]

[(Understanding of Gods’ Weapons) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill has evolved into (Seeing the Gods’ Techniques) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill.]


Grid’s eyes widened. It wasn’t a reproduction, but a pure myth rating. Grid was so surprised that his heart stopped. His head was refreshed. Grid looked at the updated skill information.

[(Seeing the Gods’ Techniques) Legendary Blacksmith’s Craftsmanship Skill Lv. 8]

There is a high probability of producing rare~ epic rated items.

There is a certain probability of creating unique rated items.

There is a rare probability of creating legendary rated items.

If certain conditions are met, there is a very rare probability of making a myth reproduction or myth rated item.

* All stats of a production item will increase by 21%.

* When myth rated items are produced, all stats will permanently rise by +10 and reputation throughout the continent will rise by +1,000.

* Something special will occur with every three myth rated items created. (Currently 1/3)


Grid was happy, but frowned after a moment. The updated skill gave Grid a new penalty!

“No, dammit... Legendary items don’t give me any stats now?”

No, wasn’t this too severe? It didn’t make sense that he would be treated like this when making legendary items. The price for making a myth rated item was too high. Grid’s shoulders slumped.

'The future is uneasy...’

Something special would happen every time he made three myth grade items. Why did he feel like this might be a huge penalty?

"This damn Korean game.”

It was too stingy to players. They didn’t treat players well who paid a full fee every month. It was the typical attitude of a Korean game company. Grid couldn’t confirm the details of the completed Red Phoenix Bow when he heard a disturbance.


"Pointy-eared demon!”


There was an uproar from the entrance to the smithy. The White Hammer blacksmiths cried out fearfully.

‘Pointy-eared demon?’

What type of monsters would scare the blacksmiths? Grid armed himself with the Sword Ghost and exited the smithy. Then he was shocked.


The pointy-eared demon that the blacksmiths were scared of. It was Sage Sticks. The person Grid had been waiting for! By the way...

"Why are you being treated as a demon?”

An elf. He was a noble existence. Elves were those who loved nature and peace, and were hostile to demonkin. They were historically honored and loved by people. It was strange that the blacksmiths of the White Hammer smithy would call him a demon.

Sticks reached out to Grid.

"I can’t speculate, but the East Continent might have a difficult situation that is hard to untangle. Let’s go back.”

Now wasn’t the time to think about the East Continent. His colleagues were the top priority. Grid nodded and grabbed Sticks’ hand. Then the two people disappeared with a flash of light.


"A stronghold of a small kingdom is at this level...?”

The Yak Guild that was one of the Seven Guilds. Bubat was the master of a small territory. Therefore, he was able to see how magnificent the high walls of Patrian were.

‘The walls should be at least level 8.’

The durability was at least one million. It was natural that it would be difficult to scratch the walls with a level 100 or level 200 magic or skill bombardment. In order to break down the walls, at least a third advancement magician or high level siege weapon was needed.

‘If only I could have one of these fortresses.’

The Yak Guild had considerable manpower and capital, and they’d spent five months raising the wall by one level. Of course, every time the level of the wall increased, the amount of capital and experience required for the next level up would increase. In other words, a player couldn’t build level 8 walls.

‘Grid got it for free... Tsk.’

He noticed that Earl Ashur was on Grid’s side since the Reidan invasion. Grid had been raising Earl Ashur since the earliest days and consequently obtained this great fortress.

‘I don’t want to admit it...’

Grid was a very wide character. He wasn’t the same as other high rankers who relied on force or skills.

‘Being able to capture the hearts of NPCs. This is Grid’s greatest strength!’

If Grid was left alone, he would proceed forward without limits. Putting personal grudges aside, Bubat had an obligation to keep in check any high ranking competitors. But this wasn't an easy task. It was because there were too few third advancement classes in the Eternal Kingdom.

‘We have to use the siege weapons well.’

Eternal’s army had 12 catapults. But they weren’t effective. Patrian had prominent magicians such as Zednos, Laella, and Euphemina. Their magic easily neutralized the catapults’ attacks. In particular, the girl called Euphemina was a problem.

She used the best defense spell with the right attributes.

‘This monster... Did she obtain a legendary great magician class?’

Bubat clicked his tongue and turned his gaze to the leader of the Eternal army. Thousands of infantry tried to climb the walls of Patrian, but they couldn’t deal with the pouring magic, arrows, and stones. In particular, the Overgeared unit led by Regas. They ran out of the castle for a while and when they did, Eternal’s vanguard was severely damaged.

‘Fortunately, Jishuka is tired. Now that she’s on a break, it’s time to get rid of Regas.’

If they defeated Regas’ group, it would be very easy to climb Patrian’s walls. Bubat believed this and looked at Jeff and Ralph.

"We’re finally going to act?”

"My body was becoming stiff.”

"We can’t just watch.”

The damage dealers of Overgeared were busy destroying or keeping in check the siege weapons. It was a safe environment where Bubat, Jeff, and Ralph could finally show their true colors.

“The target is Regas!”

"Kill all those who interfere!”

Bubat, Jeff, and Ralph guided their guilds forward. They killed any Eternal soldiers who blocked the road without hesitation and reached Regas. Regas screamed while fighting with Eternal’s soldiers.

“Avoid it!"

The Overgeared members who were part of the Silver Knights Guild. It was the moment when the 30 of them heard Regas’ call and tried to respond.


There was the sound of thunder and the ground erupted. It was an earthquake caused by Bubat who was considered the best initiator.



The average level of the Overgeared members in Regas’ unit was 230. They couldn’t resist the wide area CC used by Bubat and floated in the air. Regas barely escaped the CC and felt strained. Bubat grabbed the faces of two of the Overgeared members floating in the air.

Bubat smiled widely.


Bubat grabbed the faces of two Overgeared members and slammed them into the ground. It was the signal for the reversal.