Chapter 553



The Overgeared members had their faces pushed deeply into the ground. Following the air damage, they fell into a stunned state. Of course, the crisis didn’t end there. Bubat planned to completely destroy them.



Bubat’s one-handed hammer struck the back of the Overgeared members without hesitation. It was a cruel attack without any mercy.

"Gorose! Han Woochan!”

Regas’ eyes shook wildly as his colleagues died.  They were colleagues he’d fought with for the past week!  It was also by Bubat, a third party not involved in this war!

“Wicked person! I will never forgive you!”


Regas kicked off from the ground. Among the third advancement classes, his Asura had one of the highest difficulties. The intense power of lightning wrapped around him. 


‘There’s no access!’

The Eternal soldiers were swept up in the rush and felt pain as their skin was torn and burnt. They tried to widen their distance from Regas. He used the precursor for the Asura’s ultimate skill, ‘Send to Hell.’ That’s right. Regas was in a cold rage. Regas decided that the biggest risk Bubat had to be taken care of first, and he needed to prevent the enemy forces from reaching him. So he chose to use Send to Hell for his first strike.



The moment Regas kicked Bubat like a lightning bolt.


Regas was somewhat surprised. All the enemies he met so far always tried to avoid his ultimate move? On the other hand, Bubat excluded any evasion actions altogether. He crossed his arms and defended against Regas’ kick from the front. The cost was great.



Bubat’s arms twisted in a strange direction after receiving Regas’ kick and the ground he was standing on was dented like an excavator had swept through the spot. It was a scene where the terrible attack power of Send to Hell could be seen. Thus, it was amazing. Bubat was still standing!


Regas was shaken.


Bubat clenched his teeth and endured the pain. He ignored the warning windows that spoke about the damage and bone fractures as he laughed.

"Have you forgotten? It’s impossible for even Grid to kill me with one blow.”

Bubat’s hidden class ‘Crusher’ had a passive skill that ‘ignored damage after a certain level.’ Bubat was convinced that even a dragon’s breath couldn’t kill him with one blow. In addition, a Crusher specialized in close proximity CC, charging, and terrain destruction. It was the reason why Bubat didn’t flee from Regas. Rather than his broken arms, Bubat wrapped both legs around Regas’ neck.

"I’ll send it to you!”


Regas’s body rotated 180 degrees and his head slammed into the ground.


Dirt and stones were pushed into his eyes, nose, and mouth. At the same time, Regas experienced a strong pain that caused him to see stars. He was in a stunned state.  Bubat wrapped his broken arms around Regas’ back and kept smashing him into the ground.

"Kukuk! Puhahat! Your brain must be tired from fighting for the last few days!”

In the first place, a Crusher was the perfect counter to a martial artist. Furthermore, many of Regas’ skills were on cooldown from when he was wiping out Eternal’s army. Bubat knew this and aimed for this timing.

Chaaeng! Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

Bubat kept slamming Regas’ head into the ground. 

[You have suffered 3,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 4,030 damage.]

[You can’t regain your mental state.]

[Your body is in a restrained position. It is difficult to move.]

[You have suffered 3,980 damage...]



The warning windows continuously rose in his field of view. Regas was aware of the serious crisis he was facing.

‘I will die.’

The martial artist class was more about attacking than defense. Victory was settled the moment he was caught by Bubat and made helpless.

“Regas! Endure it a bit more! We’re coming!”

The Overgeared members tried their best to rescue Regas, but the Yak Guild appeared in the gap caused by Bubat’s air CC. The Overgeared members were surrounded by the Yak members and couldn’t rescue Regas. It was difficult enough to protect their own lives. Bubat was delighted when he confirmed that Regas’ health had fallen to one third.

‘I can finally get revenge on Overgeared!’

Originally, Bubat had a good reputation for being undefeated in combat. But he was defeated by Grid every time in the National Competition and his reputation plummeted. He wanted to show a great appearance in this war that was being broadcasted across the world. After overwhelmingly defeating Regas, he would break down the walls with the army and take the heads of Jishuka and Euphemina.

'Then I will intercept Grid who will eventually appear and kill him!’

He would reclaim the glory of the past! Bubat was having fun as he imagined it.


Then an arrow flew and pierced him. To be exact, it stopped just before it pierced him. Bubat was protected by Jeff and Ralph. Jeff blocked Jishuka’s arrow with a water droplet.

"Don’t you know that projectiles have no power in front of me?”

Like Lauel, Jeff was a qigong master. But his combat ability was much higher than Lauel. Lauel specialized in climate and terrain changes as a flow master. Meanwhile, Jeff’s third advancement class was ‘Defying the Natural Order.’ He possessed many skills that were excellent in combat. For example, he could neutralize projectiles like arrows.

"I will give it back.”


The water droplets. To be exact, Jishuka’s arrow trapped in the water droplet shot in another direction. It was naturally towards Jishuka on the walls. It also had the same flying speed and attack power.

"That bastard.”

Daring to return her own arrow? Jishuka’s pride as the best archer was pricked and she frowned. 


She shot down the arrow with another arrow and turned her gaze to Regas, who was still caught by Bubat.

'I'm sorry, I can’t help you.’

The magicians were desperately blocking the attacks from the catapults while the soldiers were stopping those climbing up the walls. Jishuka was currently the only one who could help Regas. However, her stamina was at its limits. It was impossible for her to use a skill. It would also be hard to rescue Regas from Bubat, Jeff, and Ralph with simple archery. They were some of the strongest rankers. There were few people who could easily neutralize them.

‘One of those people is Grid...’

Grid naturally entered her mind. It was strange when she thought back to when she first met Grid. Jishuka never imagined when she first met Grid that she would rely on him so much. In the beginning, she just thought he was an idiot. But since then, he’d left a clear mark on Jishuka.

It couldn’t be helped. When she realized that he was Pagma’s Descendant that she was looking for, when he first made an item, when he appeared in a crisis and saved her, etc. Grid was always special and intense. Almost like a drug...

“...Oh my, what am I doing now?”

This was a war. The screams of her colleagues and the soldiers never ceased, and the number of enemies crossing the wall didn’t show signs of diminishing. It was absurd that she was thinking about Grid in the middle of this situation.

‘I’m tired.’

She realized it. There was no hope in this war. The enemies were stronger than Lauel anticipated. Overgeared’s strength was too weak.

"Well, we can start from scratch if we lose everything.”

Becoming frustrated and giving up didn’t fit her nature. Jishuka firmed up her heart and took out a new arrow from the inventory.

"I don’t think we will lose everything?”


The battlefield filled with the sound of magic and weapons. It was so noisy that it was impossible to talk to the person next to her. Then why did she hear a clear voice?


Jishuka turned her gaze in the direction of the voice. She smiled like the sun. Radiant, warm, and beautiful.

Above her head. Grid floated in the sky and smiled evilly, making him look like a goblin.

“Everyone has suffered.”


Dozens of round white lights rotated around Grid as he observed the battlefield. Each sphere contained a strong aura.

"What is that?”

The battlefield. The soldiers started murmuring as they discovered the white spheres in the sky. There were multiple small moons?


The Eternal soldiers were unfamiliar with this phenomenon and started speculating. A black-haired man floating among spheres of white light. He was only the hero of Eternal and was now a rebel, Duke Grid.

“A-Avoid it!”

“Run away!”

Grid wouldn’t produce a special scene without any meaning. The Eternal commanders hurriedly shouted but it was too late. The white spheres around Grid started to shoot all over the battlefield. They poured down on the battlefield like rain. 

A reversal in the war?

"Kill everything.”

This was what it meant.



Hundreds of grey pillars rose simultaneously. Then Grid landed beside Jishuka and handed her a bow.

"Congratulations on truly becoming overgeared, Jishuka.”