Chapter 554

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Dozens of white spheres hovered around Grid in the sky. The lights suddenly spread out and covered the battlefield.

“What is this?”

It was a wide range magic that had never been seen before. As the Eternal players were feeling confused, someone shouted.

“Magic Missile! It’s Magic Missile!”

Magic Missile was the lowest level magic. It had the advantages of a short cooldown time and activation time. In addition, the mana consumption was very small. This meant there was an obvious limit to its power. But Grid had clearly proven in the National Competition that his Magic Missile was different. Grid’s Magic Missile even hurt high rankers.

"They will aim for us!”

“A-Avoid it!”

The Eternal players started to run with all their might in order to avoid the bombardment. But there was no freedom on a battlefield filled with tens of thousands of people. In the confusion caused by the rush to get away, some people fell over and were turned to grey. They were players who died under the feet of their allies.



Hundreds of Eternal players died.


Grid’s Magic Missile bombardment hit the ground. Did the fierce white flash pierce the hearts of the soldiers? No. That wasn’t their aim.

They hit the ground where thick shields were placed. The places where the siege weapons were. A hill filled with archers. The magic corps meant for increasing the speed of mana regeneration.

The places struck by Grid’s Magic Missiles couldn’t endure it and collapsed. Bubat watched the scene of the players and soldiers being devastated and felt alarmed.

“What is this bastard?”

Stopping Magic Missiles before they were launched and releasing them all at once?

“This is ridiculously overgeared!”

That’s right. Bubat thought the reason why blacksmith Grid could use magic was due to artifacts. This was the most common sense interpretation. The voices of the Yak Guild members were heard in his ears.

“He intentionally caused an explosion by targeting the magic wards?”

“He also broke the siege weapons and killed the soldiers.” 

“That Grid, since when did he fight so cleverly?”

Originally, Magic Missile was a spell that dealt damage to a single target. Splash damage couldn’t be expected because it was a penetration type of magic. But that story changed when it hit facilities or explosives. Jeff was angry at the Yak Guild members who felt admiration

“What’s smart about that? It’s a basic arrangement that junior high school students could do.”

They knew that Grid was strong. But they shouldn’t forget that the foundation of his strength was items.

"Don’t shrink back just because you’re overestimating them.”

Jeff glanced at Bubat.

“What? Come and finish him off."

He was talking about Regas stuck in the ground. They couldn’t give him a chance to recover.  It happened when Bubat nodded and was about to hit Regas with a hammer.


There was an unknown sound and a heat filled the area.


Bubat, Jeff, and Ralph started sweating and they paled. A giant firebird appeared in front of their shaking eyes.


"Congratulations on truly becoming overgeared, Jishuka.”

[Ownership of the Red Phoenix Bow has been transferred.]

“Truly overgeared?”

Overgeared was overgeared, what did he mean by truly overgeared? Jishuka was puzzled when she suddenly got goosebumps.

‘Don’t tell me.’

Did it mean an item she had been longing for since joining Overgeared? The bow had an intense color like flames were imprinted on it. Jishuka carefully guessed the identity of the bow that Grid passed her.

“Is this a legendary bow?”

Grid’s odds of creating a legendary item were very slim. It was the same probability of a named boss dropping a legendary item. Therefore, it was rare for people to have legendary items in Overgeared. It was the same for Jishuka. Grid laughed at Jishuka’s shining eyes.

“Let’s see?”

A meaningful answer!

Dugun dugun!

After Grid’s dramatic appearance, Jishuka’s wildly beating heart became faster. She was filled with anticipation as she confirmed the details of the Red Phoenix Bow. Then she became like a stone statue.


What was with the rating of this bow?

“Legendary... No?”

[Red Phoenix Bow]

Rating: Myth

Durability: 1,203/1,203    Attack Power: 3,190

* Accuracy will increase by 60%.

* 80% increase in firing speed.

* Fire resistance will increase by 50%. 

* Fire attribute skill damage will increase by 30%.

* 20% reduction in cooldown time of fire attribute skills.

* Causes splash damage equal to 12% of your total attack power to all targets in a one meter radius. A player in the same guild in the range of the splash damage will be healed.

* The arrows contain flames. It will added 4,000 fixed fire damage to your normal attack power and will cause burns. The splash damage doesn’t apply to you. Once a critical strike is activated, the fixed damage will double. 

* If the bowstring is pulled for more than three seconds, a protective shield is created to resist at least one status condition. There is a 2 minute cooldown. There is a very low probability that this shield is applied to party members.

* Every time you shoot an arrow, there is a chance to regain 1,000 health.

* The skill ‘Fly Up!’ will be generated.

* Passive skill ‘Incarnation of Fire’ will be generated.

A bow that is a myth beyond a legend.

The owner of this bow will leave countless achievements and will be the protagonists of hymns that future generations will sing. 

It is made by Blacksmith Grid who has gone beyond his limits.

It is structurally perfect because it has the ideal shape of a bow. You can shoot faster, further, and stronger.

The breath of the Red Phoenix gives the wearer a mythical blessing.

Conditions of Use: Top three in the archer unified rankings.

Weight: 930

[Fly Up! Lv. 1]

Summons a copy of the Red Phoenix.

The clone of the Red Phoenix will deal fire damage equal to 800% of the total attack power to all enemies visible in the summoner’s field of view. 

* Skills attached to myth rated items can be upgraded.

Mana Consumption: 2,000

Cooldown Time: 12 hours.

[Incarnation of Fire Lv. 1]

A persistent passive.

You have a body that is close to immortal due to the favor of the Red Phoenix. 

Health recovery and stamina recovery will increase by 90%, and your stamina won’t drop below 5.

* Skills attached to myth rated items can be upgraded.


Not surprisingly, Jishuka was an educated woman. One of her hobbies was reading. Therefore, her ability to read and understand sentences was excellent. In a short time. She confirmed the details of the Red Phoenix Bow several times.

“Is this a dream?”


It was a puzzling reaction. But she didn’t understand. Grid had created several weapons that were the strongest in existence, but this was the ultimate bow. Few people could readily convince themselves of this overwhelming performance.

“It isn’t a dream.”

“It isn’t...a dream?”

Jishuka heard Grid’s answer and recognized reality. She blankly took a few steps closer to Grid. Then she leaned her forehead against Grid’s chest.

"Thank you for your efforts, Grid.” Jishuka had been watching Grid for a few years. She knew how hard Grid worked whenever making one item. “You fought and studied hard on the East Continent.”

Duguen. Duguen. Duguen.

Jishuka smiled warmly as she listened to Grid’s heartbeat.


Grid’s face turned red as he swallowed his saliva. The world's greatest beauty. A beauty completely to his taste had her face buried in his chest. Grid wanted to enjoy this time, but it was too unreasonable.

“Save Regas first.”


Jishuka suddenly pulled away from Grid and pulled back her bowstring.


The jaffa arrow started burning. The entire battlefield filled Jishuka’s eyes.

“Fly Up!”

The moment Jishuka’s shout was heard from the walls...


The cry of the Red Phoenix rang out on the battlefield.


Hundreds of thousands of fireballs fell from the ground, emitting black smoke. It was a disaster itself. It was an overwhelming force that made even Grid, the maker of the Red Phoenix Bow, feel frightened.




“What’s this?”

Bubart, Jeff, Ralph and the hundreds of guild members led by them looked like they were possessed by ghosts. A firebird appeared in the sky and and generated thousands of fireballs with a flap of its wings. It wasn’t clear if this was a dream or reality.

It was an unreal sight. This was reality.

Thousands of fireballs poured out from the firebird and destroyed the battlefield in real time.

“What is this magic?”

The confusion of Bubat’s party reached its peak. But they weren’t rabble. They moved smartly in the midst of the confusion. They used defensive skills and evasion abilities to block the fireballs. 

"These fireballs only aim once at one target! We just need to block it once!”

Kwa kwang!



All types of magic and skills were used, making the viewers happy. Bubat’s group barely managed to overcome the crisis.

“Heok, heok... Heok?”

They barely blocked the fireball bombardment. The faces of Bubat’s party turned white as they looked around again. Eternal’s players and soldiers. Close to 20,000 were burned and died at once. For those whose level was in the mid-100s, the fireball bombardment was a catastrophic disaster.


“Who’s using such an ignorant magic... Don't tell me?”

They might be low level players and soldiers, but there wasn’t a class that could ‘sweep up’ thousands of people at once. The monsters such as Kraugel, Agnus, and Grid couldn’t do it. Therefore, Bubat was confident. It must by Earl Ashur. The great magician on Grid’s side finally showed up on the battlefield!

“Shit! Retreat! Increase all magic resistance!”

The Yak Guild members started swapping their armor and accessories and the Jeff and Ralph guild members followed them. This was an obvious mistake.


A fire arrow was shot from the top of Patrian’s wall.


Bubat belatedly noticed the flying arrow. This dumb woman was as persistent as a cockroach. He couldn’t understand what a single arrow like this could do.

“Don’t be silly and stay down!”

Bubat was frustrated because of Grid and Earl Ashur. He was angry because he missed the chance to kill Regas. At this time, Jishuka’s arrow was very irritating.


"You can’t tie up my feet for long!”

Bubat used the small shield hanging at his wrist to block the arrow. He didn’t bother using any skills to improve his defense. A Crusher was basically a tanker. He had high health, defense, and resistance. Bubat was even armed with the Undefeated King’s equipment. He had no doubt that one arrow couldn’t damage him. He intended to shake off Jishuka’s arrow and laugh. But it was impossible to laugh.

[You have suffered 7,390 damage.]

[The area hit by the arrow has started to burn! You will lose 2,500 health per second for 12 seconds.]


Bubat screamed from the unexpected pain. There was an explosion and fire burned his body the moment the arrow collided with the shield.

‘This damn girl! She recovered enough stamina to use her skills!’

Jishuka smiled brightly at Bubat, who hurriedly took out medicine for burns.

"That was a normal attack.”