Chapter 555

"That was a normal attack.”


A normal attack? Bubat had pride as a tanker. If there was a defense power rankings, he was sure that he would be in the top 50. Yet a normal attack dealt nearly 10,000 damage?


Jishuka’s arrow was accompanied by a great deal of fire damage and splash damage. There was a normal attack with such powerful features in the world? It wasn’t possible even for Kraugel, who had the strongest legendary class Sword Saint. Of course this was a skill attack. It couldn’t be a normal attack.

"Do you think I’m a fool?”

Bubat’s face turned red when distorted by pain. He was infuriated that Jishuka was making fun of him. The Yak members immediately stopped him from running towards the walls.

“We have to run away!”

"Don’t fall for that lowly provocation!”


Bubat barely suppressed his anger. He remembered that he would die if he delayed the time.

“Jishuka! I’m not avoiding you because I’m afraid! You know! In a one-on-one fight, you would be stuck in the ground next to Regas!”

Bubat participated in the war because he knew that the Overgeared Guild would be in a tough situation due to the numbers difference. The reason he could easily defeat Regas was by putting pressure on him using the numerical advantage. Now that the disadvantageous position was tilting, he planned to retreat.

There was a reason he couldn’t help overreacting to Jishuka in the world. It was due to a past event.

In the past, it had been four months since Satisfy opened. Grid was still level 40, and Bubat was level 100 and performing his class quest.  The contents of the quest was to hunt 100 twin trolls alone within a week. It was before he was a Crusher, when he was still an ordinary tanker. Bubat sought out the twin trolls. 

But he couldn’t see any twin trolls in the hunting grounds. It was because Jishuka had run rampant and defeated the twin trolls. Thus, Bubat was irritated.  The 300 twin trolls took one week to respawn and the probability of success was low due to his weak attack power. He was furious at Jishuka.

Therefore, he was determined. He would kill Jishuka and secure the hunting ground! Why didn’t he explain the situation and ask her to concede the hunting ground? It was because Bubat’s pride as a ranker didn’t tolerate it. In the first place, Bubat thought that the PK system of Satisfy was the best.

The result? He fought her and died. Bubat wasn’t able to get his class advancement yet and wasn’t the opponent of Jishuka, who’d already completed her class advancement. He suffered from her arrows and died. One blow? No, it was nine blows.

Jishuka didn’t easily forgive Bubat who tried to stab her in the back. She didn’t leave the twin trolls hunting ground, continuing to shoot at Bubat. Bubat received two death penalties in four days and lost access to the game. He naturally failed the class quest. If he failed, it would take another 10 days before he could do the class quest again.

‘That damn girl!’

Bubat lost a fortnight because of Jishuka. In the early days of Satisfy, losing a fortnight was deadly, and his ID disappeared from the rankings for a while. Bubat still shook when he thought about that time. His chest throbbed from where Jishuka’s arrow had hit him nine times. 

‘Wait and see.’

Kwaduduk! Bubat turned his back to Patrian’s walls. Despite the ghosts of the past and the pride he couldn’t get rid of, his top priority was to run away. Jishuka’s voice entered his ears as he was running away.

"Where are you going?”


Jishuka once again fired an arrow. It was another fire arrow. Jishuka claimed it was a normal attack.

"This is the second shot!”

Bubat used an iron wall skill this time. It was the ultimate defense skill that reduced the amount of damage done by half. However...


Bubat’s face became dismayed as he blocked the arrow with a small shield on his wrist.

[You have suffered 5,695 damage.]

[The area hit by the arrow has started to burn! You will lose 2,500 health per second for 12 seconds.]


No, why was the damage reduction so small?

‘Don’t tell me it’s fixed damage?’

Furthermore, why was there a huge burn every time he got hit?

‘How high is the probability of fire damage?’ 

There was also the splash damage...  

It was a really good attack skill. Of course, the cooldown time would be long. No, in the first place, Jishuka’s stamina was at the limit. She might’ve recovered a little, but it would be depleted again after shooting a skill twice in a row. Bubat hurriedly pulled out burn medicine and screamed at the guild members.

“Don’t slack off and retreat! There was no reason to delay any longer!”

They were already exhausted by the time Earl Ashur and Grid appeared. They had to flee before they became targets. Bubat ignored Jishuka and hastened his retreat with his guild members.



Continuous sounds were heard from the walls of Patrian and Bubat felt puzzled.


It was the sound of flying arrows. It wasn’t just one or two, but at least ten. What other archer could fire arrows from the walls that were 400 meters away? As far as he knew, there was only Jishuka.

“Don’t tell me!”

Bubat turned his head back and his heart sank. It was because 10 arrows that looked the same as those that dealt great damage to him were flying.

“This is crazy!”

Continuously using skills? Wasn’t her stamina depleted?

‘No, why is the cooldown of such a powerful skill so short?’

Perhaps it wasn’t an ordinary skill. 

‘Is it the ultimate skill of an archer?’

This ultimate skill was too dirty. Bubat cried out urgently, "Scatter!”

If they were gathered together, they would suffer great damage from the splash damage. As Bubat felt anxious and used a defense skill, Jeff laughed.

“Have you forgotten?”

The third advancement class of the qigong master. He could restrain flying projectiles and return it to the opponent. He had a perfect counter to an archer’s skills. It was the Qi Barrier that made an enemy’s ranged skill ineffective. It was one of the ultimate skills of Defying the Natural Order.

"Don't worry about your back and just retreat.”

Jeff laughed in a relaxed manner and consumed a large amount of mana to open the barrier. He didn’t doubt it. The barrier would destroy Jishuka’s attack and give her a sense of despair. But reality was the exact opposite. It wasn’t Jishuka who felt despair, but Jeff.


The fire arrows hit the barrier. Rather than being extinguished, it passed through the barrier without any resistance. In other words...

“This isn’t a skill!”

Jeff made a disbelieving expression. In addition, Bubat and the guild members believed in Jeff.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The fire arrows hit them and they were swept away by an explosion.


This was after the bombardment of thousands of fireballs. A large number of casualties occurred and screams echoed on the now relatively quiet battlefield.

“This bastard! Why didn’t you block it?”

Bubat grabbed Jeff’s collar after confirming that some of the guild members had been injured. Bubat knew Jeff’s abilities. He thought Jeff would easily block Jishuka’s skill. Yet the attack passed through? It was enough to make him suspect if Jeff was an Overgeared spy.

Jeff explained to the angry Bubat. “This isn’t a skill... It can’t be blocked by the barrier.”

“It isn’t a skill? Then what is it?”

"A normal attack.”

“Eek! What nonsense are you spouting! Huh? Heok?"

Bubat’s eyes widened as he inserted more strength into Jeff’s hands. It was because he saw more fire arrows pouring from Patrian’s wall. This time, there were more than 10.

"No, what the hell is this skill?”

Why did such a strong skill have a short cooldown? The fire arrows reached Bubat.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A powerful explosion rocked the battlefield again. The area where Bubat had been standing became a sea of fire.


Jishuka had perfect compatibility with the Red Phoenix Bow and became incomparably stronger than before. She laughed as she fired the bow and Grid looked at her warmly.  The sharp and threatening eyes seemed endlessly gentle today.

‘It’s the first time I’ve seen such delight.’

In fact, Grid always kept Jishuka in mind. It had been ever since Jishuka listened to him and handed the Tzedakah Guild over. Grid felt a desperate desire to repay her.  However, he didn’t have a lot of chances to repay her. The rating was often low whenever he made her an item.

‘I never made a legendary rated bow.’

But this time, he gifted her a myth rated bow. Grid was proud that he repaid the favor and sacrifices she had given him.

‘In fact, I wanted to use it.’

There were limits to Grid’s archery. It was especially fatal that the range of arrows was limited. On the other hand, Jishuka had a lot of exclusive skills to enhance the power of archery. Therefore, she could use the power of the Red Phoenix Bow properly. It was better to hand it over to Jishuka. The stronger she was, the stronger Overgeared would be and the more Grid would get in return.

Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Jishuka devastated the battlefield with this bow. Grid felt reassured that she would play an active role in countless wars in the future. It was worth making a myth rated item.


Jishuka belatedly realized that Grid was looking at her and blushed. She was fascinated by the power of the Red Phoenix Bow and forgot that Grid was by her side.

'...Would he like a woman who smiles when killing people?’

This was after Bubat’s party died. Jishuka bowed her head in a sad manner and Grid stroked her hair.

“You are great. You are literally a weapon of mass destruction."

“Weapon of mass destruction...”

She heard that she was a weapon of mass destruction from her favorite man! Jishuka’s mindset became more complicated. Grid reached out to her.


What was this? Jishuka looked at Grid’s big and thick hands and was filled with anticipation.

‘Asking me to hold his hand, does Grid like me?’

Jishuka’s imagination unfolded and she tried to place her hand in Grid’s. Grid pulled back his hand in a startled manner and said.

"No, I’m asking for money. The value of the bow.”


That’s right, it needed to be calculated. Jishuka’s eyes darkened. It wasn’t possible to determine the value of the Red Phoenix Bow. Everything seemed insufficient. In the end, she spoke after worrying about it.

"Shall we...get married? You will get all of my assets if we get married.”

"...That’s a funny joke.” Grid shook his head and signalled to Sticks. “Let’s go to Bairan first.”