Chapter 556

“Let’s go to Bairan first.”

"Is Jishuka coming with us?”

Mass Teleport was a very complicated spell. A magic circle needed to be drawn every time. Depending on the number of users and coordinates, the form of the magic circle was different every time. That’s why Sticks asked the question before drawing the magic circle. Grid replied, "No, it will just be the two of us.”

The reason why they needed to defend Bairan was to defend Patrian. Patrian was the most important. Jishuka couldn’t be allowed to leave if the enemy’s offensive was going to continue. Jishuka knew this better than anyone.

'It’s unfortunate that I can’t move with Grid...’

She couldn’t not use the power that Grid gave her. Jishuka wanted to be a useful person for Grid. She waved to Grid.

"Leave it to me. I will take care of Patrian. Let’s settle the accounts next time.”


Grid replied with a smile. He was sincerely relieved.

'I almost drank kimchi soup again.’

In the past, Grid was the master of drinking kimchi soup. Every time a woman looked at him or tried to talk to him, he mistakenly thought she liked him. He cared too much about the opposite sex and interpreted it the wrong way if the other person showed even a little interest in him.

But Grid realized it after the incident with Ahyoung. Reasonable grounds were needed in order to love someone. From this point of view, Grid thought that the best beauty Jishuka couldn’t be sincere about her offer. It was natural. Jishuka would be courted by all type of competent, handsome, and personable men. Jishuka couldn’t like him.

‘In the first place, why would a woman like Jishuka propose to a man first?’

He almost took the joke seriously, but got goosebumps when he thought about Ahyoung.

‘I couldn’t tell it was a joke and almost misunderstood.’

He finally grew into a man who could read the mood! Grid felt his growth as he disappeared with a flash of light. Once Jishuka was alone, she couldn’t bear it anymore and blushed.

"I was rejected...”

How many women in the world experienced being rejected after proposing to a man? Jishuka’s chest hurt and she was also ashamed.  She liked a man for the first time in her life and was rejected!

"You fool.”

The big problem was that she proposed before they were even dating. It was likely that Grid thought she was a strange woman. She blushed with mortification.


Jishuka wiped her tears and sniffed, unlike her usual self. She was a solo person who became smaller in front of the opposite sex. On the other hand, on the battlefield below the walls...

“Everybody forgot about me?”

Regas barely recovered from where he was lodged in the ground. He was very sad.


Gangnam, Seoul.

The finest luxury mansion that surpassed 50 billion won in value a year ago. Yura was sitting in the huge garden overlooking the Han River. Her dazzling white skin shone under the sun.

‘My body is heavy.’

Over the past few days, Yura had connected to the game until the daily access limit was reached. It was in order to defend Bairan from the enemy’s offensive. She needed to minimize the amount of time she left. As a result, fatigue pushed against her like the tide.

Her life patterns collapsed and the amount of food and exercise was insufficient. The biggest problem was that she couldn’t imagine when the enemy’s offensive would end. It was estimated that the Eternal Kingdom could mobilize approximately 500,000 soldiers. As long as Eternal had a complete food distribution route, it was possible that Bairan could deal with 100,000 enemies at once.

Could she hold on? Yura shook her head.

‘I have to hold on.’

She was working hard for Grid. They couldn’t lose in vain. Yura calmed her heart and confirmed the time. She could access the game in 30 minutes. She entered the living room and turned on the TV before taking off her clothes. It was for a shower. Her white skin was truly... Omitted.

『 Breaking news. I just received news that the Eternal army invading Patrian have been driven away. 』

Yura was heading to the bathroom and stopped when she heard noise from the TV. Patrian had excellent defensive features compared to Bairan. In addition, the average level of the soldiers that invaded Patrian was lower than those invading Bairan.

But it still wasn’t easy. There were at least 20,000 Eternal soldiers attacking Patrian, with the guilds led by Bubat, Jeff, and Ralph among them. Yet Patrian drove Eternal to the brink of collapse?

‘How is it possible?’

The TV started showing the Patrian war video, answering the question of Yura and the viewers.

『 As you can see, the primary strike from Reidan’s mage unit dealt a primary blow to Eternal’s siege weapons. Since then, the offensive of the army weakened. 』

『 The members of the magic unit are made of a species that is hard to see on the West Continent. Their skin color and tattoos are unique. 』

『 According to the information provided by Satisfy researchers, they’re an ethnic minority called the Ul Clan. They are said to have natural talent in magic. 』

『 Why are the Ul Clan in Overgeared? 』

『 The Ul Clan suffered destruction due to the Saharan Empire. They lost their home and Grid seemed to have obtained them in a timely manner. 』

『 Hah... Grid’s ability to attract and manage NPCs is truly exceptional. 』

『 It seems he can raise the affinity of NPCs very easily. At this point, it might be fair to argue that the ability to be easily acknowledged by NPCs might be the effect of his class or titles.  』

In the video, the Ul Clan suddenly appeared due to Mass Teleport. They bombarded the siege weapons deployed at the rear of the Eternal army and disappeared with Mass Teleport.

『 Even if it’s a species specializing in magic, it’s amazing that they can use Mass Teleport. I heard that only a few players and the great magicians can use it freely at this time. 』

『 No. If you look at the video closely, it isn’t the Ul Clan who are using Mass Teleport. Look at the person starting the Mass Teleport spell while the Ul Clan are attacking the siege weapons. 』

The video zoomed in and showed Sage Sticks. The experts were surprised when they saw him.

『 An elf...! Grid is also friends with an elf! 』

Satisfy’s episodes were still in the early stages. The existence of other species were very rare and it was rare for the two billion users to actually encounter other species. Yet Grid already made friends with an elf!

『 Grid’s affinity seems to be applied even to other species. Really amazing. 』

『 Truly God Grid... 』

『 It’s the first time an elf has appeared. But why a male instead of female? It’s disappointing. 』

Some of the experts feeling admiration talked nonsense, but there wasn’t a problem. The nonsense represented the hearts of most male viewers!

『 Hum hum, in any case, Patrian’s Overgeared members are able to breathe for a while due to the mage unit. However, a crisis will soon come. Bubat, Jeff, and Ralph were just watching the war and made their move. 』

This time, the video showed Bubat’s group. Regas was quite exhausted but the power of Bubat’s group was overwhelming as they easily suppressed him. Jeff and Ralph was also successful as they slaughtered the Overgeared members. They showed the dignity of the high rankers. But it was only for a moment.

『 At this point, most viewers probably expect Patrian to be occupied soon. The Overgeared members are in a desperate situation. But then Grid appeared. 』

The dignity that Bubat, Jeff, and Ralph showed? They fell into disarray the moment Grid emerged. Grid showed his majesty to the world as he fired dozens of Magic Missiles at the same time, devastating the army.


Yura’s jewel-like eyes shone as she saw Grid’s appearance on the screen. 

『 Now he’s handing over a bow. 』

Yura and the viewers witnessed the incredible sight of Grid giving Jishuka a bow. Then a firebird rose in the sky. The battlefield instantly turned into a sea of flames. Bubat, Jeff, and Ralph were helpless before Jishuka’s arrows.

“The bow... What’s the rating?”

An unidentified bow that raised the user to a legendary level. It was an unusual performance compared to conventional legendary weapons. The experts guessed carefully.

『 It’s an extraordinary power, even considering the fact that the bow has good compatibility with Jishuka. In particular, the wide effect effects are overwhelming in a war. My guess is that it’s a quest only item. 』

A quest only item. It was an item indispensable for clearing a specific quests. There were causes where the item had transcendent function in order to complete the quest.

『 In other words, the Overgeared Guild has a quest to defend against Eternal’s offensive. In the course of the quest, Grid gained a powerful bow to prevent the enemy’s offensive and Jishuka became the incarnation of a fire god. 』

『 I agree. The reason why Grid didn’t show up during the war is now being explained. 』

『 Isn’t it great? Then the Overgeared Guild can prevent the Eternal invasion? 』

『 It’s difficult. How can they win a war just because of one item? Once Eternal secures a steady food supply and starts the artillery bombardment, all of Overgeared’s territories will be occupied in an instant. 』

『 But the Overgeared Guild will gain a reputation in exchange for losing their territories. The prestige of a single guild that fought fiercely against a kingdom. They will be legends in Satisfy, and that should be good enough. 』

The experts were always making guesses. They were guesses based on speculation and were rational. The problem was that Grid’s abilities were unreasonable. The speculation of the experts were unfortunately wrong.


"Baron Duka and Earl Carrion have joined!”

"Marquis Bela and Earl Red have joined!”

As many as 100,000 people were gathered near Bairan. It was thanks to the leadership of the nobles under the command of the king. Chief Commander Duke Lucilliv smiled with satisfaction.

"Thanks to the advance forces, the rebels are already tired. Today we will occupy Bairan, putting Patrian into our hands!”

"For Eternal!”

"For King Aslan!”


The morale of the 100,000 soldiers increased. The sight of the endless procession was spectacular. The beasts and monsters were surprised by the powerful march and ran away.

“Now the war will end and the people will be at peace.”

The soldiers who joined from various places were making bright expressions. Grid, the one-time hero of the kingdom, who was now a rebel not loyal to the royal family. The soldiers were pleased that the man who caused turmoil in the kingdom was finally going to be punished and peace would return. It was like they were going to a picnic instead of a battlefield.

Only one soldier had a dark expression. A new recruit from Partu.

“Hey Ars. Are you tense?”


"Haha, it’s natural to be nervous. This is the first time you’re in a war. But don’t worry too much. There are 100,000 of us. The rebels will be destroyed and the war will be over.”

In fact, the senior soldiers of Partu were  somewhat uneasy. All the young people in the land prior to the war and even beggars whose identities couldn’t be proven were conscripted into the army, turning military discipline into a mess. It wasn’t just from Partu’s territory, but other territories.

The size of the army wasn’t always advantageous. But what would happen? They could overwhelm the rebels with numbers.

“The rebels will never be able to endure the endlessly pushing army.”

Ars quietly listened to the words of the senior soldiers and muttered.

"Until the command system is lost.”

Ars’ gaze was fixed to Duke Lucilliv’s back. The leader of the 100,000 troops, Duke Lucilliv, was unaware of the gaze. 

At the same time, in Bairan.

“100,000 troops are advancing from the direction of Partu.”

“What? 100,000?”

It was crazy. The sweaty and bloody faces of Pon and the Overgeared members were filled with frustration and despair.

"They have already moved such a large army? Lauel’s estimate was wrong?”

Lauel said that Eternal’s army and transportation system had a blind spot. He predicted that Eternal wouldn’t be able to operate an army of 100,000 for at least two weeks. But that was wrong. Eternal’s army system was better organized than Lauel’s analysis.

"Recently, Lauel has been making too many mistakes.”

“He’s managing the guild and the territories alone. He’s too busy to be perfect.”

“It can’t be helped, even with geniuses. In any case, we can’t hold on any longer. We need to retreat. Let’s join Patrian.”

The Overgeared members couldn’t help thinking. How much better would it be if Asmophel was here? If the master of strategy led the army.

'...Sigh, there’s hope even when he’s playing as a soldier.’

Somewhere in the Overgeared territories, Private Ars was playing an active role. That’s how Overgeared could withstand the enemy’s offensive until now. Pon believed this.


-It’s finally done. The members can’t hold on any longer. I will join the war.


Lauel heard a whisper and rose from the seat.

'Piaro and the water clan have arrived.’

Over the past week.

Lauel had scattered personnel throughout Eternal. It was in order to fully understand the military trends of the Eternal Kingdom.

‘I think I’m getting hair loss.’

It was so hard and stressful that he lost hair in reality. A handful would fall out every time he ran a hand through his hair. But now wasn’t the time to be afraid of becoming bald. It was time for him to move. He needed to put an end to the making Grid a king project.

"Before I leave, I would like to ask this of you, Kasim. Please do this in preparation for the empire’s raid.”

Prior to directly leading the army, Lauel summoned Kasim and gave him an order. 

Kasim felt admiration as he heard it. "This is a remarkable plan. I understand.”