Chapter 549

A return scroll.

It was an everyday supply for anyone who played Satisfy. If certain conditions were met, the player would move to the return point that they set. This was also the resurrection point. Grid also had return scrolls, since it was a routine consumable that everyone would use.

Grid’s resurrection point was Reidan. Not long ago, he tried to change the point to Pangea. However, he stopped, since he realized his path to return to Reidan would disappear. That’s right. In other words, Grid had the idea that he could return to Reidan (West Continent) whenever he used the return scroll.

This was natural from Grid’s point of view. But that conviction caused him grief.

[The Return Scroll doesn’t work. Intercontinental movement isn’t possible with the formula in this scroll.]

“...What’s this?”

Intercontinental movement was impossible! It was enough to cause Grid confusion.

“Eh... Um.”

Grid made a blank expression. There was only one recurring phrase in his head.


One day ago in reality. Therefore, three days ago in game time, Grid called Bunny Bunny and spoke to him. Grid would return to the West Continent as soon as he cleared a quest, so announce his appearance to the world at the time he set. He wanted everyone’s attention to be concentrate on him. As always, Grid would impress the world by appearing in a dramatic moment.

Finally, the promised time arrived. Grid finished the Subjugate the Armored Needles (2) quest and acquired five more silver thread. He was completely ready to act in the world. He would condemn the enemies who dared to invade his territory and attack his precious colleagues.

But what was this?

"The return scroll doesn’t work!”

Grid started sweating while Braham became angry at him.

‘How did you come to the East Continent? Wasn’t it because of an intercontinental movement scroll? It is natural that an intercontinental movement scroll would be needed to return.’

“...Intercontinental movement scroll? Where do I get that?”

‘The sage who handed you the scroll to the East Continent.’


Grid thought back.  It was the time when he received the East Continent Movement Scroll from Sticks. Sticks had looked shocked when Grid used the scroll as soon as he received it. Now he knew why.

‘He was embarrassed when I left without a scroll to return to the West Continent...’



It was a situation where they had nothing to say. Grid sighed. He resented his own impatience.

‘I should always be calm and cautious instead of making constant mistakes...!’

He was a pathetic person! Grid was pulling at his hair when Braham spoke.

‘It’s true that you are pathetic, but should you blame yourself? Anyone can make a mistake unless they are a dragon or a god. It’s the same for the great demons or geniuses.’

"...Are you comforting me right now?”

Braham, whose ego was as high as the sky, was comforting others? Grid doubted his ears and Braham raised his voice.

‘W-What! That’s not it! Find a way to get out of this current situation instead of being self-defeating! It’s frustrating to watch!’

“Ah, yes... I don’t have time to do this.”

Now wasn’t the time to lose his soul. Overgeared was limited in numbers while the enemies were infinite. The Overgeared members would reach their limit and have all their territory taken. Grid had to find a way to return to the West Continent quickly. He soon figured out how. In fact, it wasn’t difficult.

"Isn’t it just a simple phone call?”

Communication between the East Continent and West Continent was impossible. Grid was unable to send whispers to players on the West Continent and the summoning knights skill was also blocked. Grid logged out. Then he made an international call to Lauel.

-Master, I’m honored that you have contacted me. But I’m still in the game and am quite busy. I really don’t have time.


-I won’t forget my sin today until my life ends and my bones decay. I will be punished for the rest of my life.

Lauel tried his best to learn Korean but was speaking nonsense. Grid frowned at the words.

“If you’re busy, then I’ll speak quickly. I want you to take a West Continent Movement Scroll from Sticks and come to pick me up.”

-Huh? Surely you didn’t leave without a scroll to return to the West Continent?

"I did.”

-Kukuk! Oh dear, oh dear. Lord is truly great. It’s unusual for someone to escape from the worthless prison called common sense.

"...Just hang up quickly, connect to the game and come to pick me up.”

-I’m sorry, but that’s impossible.

“What? Ah, it makes sense since you’re in the middle of a war. If you’re busy, then send someone else on your behalf.”

-No. I’m your servant. I won’t break your orders in any situation. It’s just impossible to go to the East Continent because Sticks isn’t present.

What was he saying?

"What do you mean? Where is Sticks?”

-Sticks not only has a vast knowledge, he has excellent magic abilities. So I asked him for a few favors. 

“What favor?”

-I asked him to take command of the Ul Clan, including Princess Hwarin, to attack the rear of the Eternal army and then go to Siren. 

The Ul Clan. A minority that Grid had rescued from the empire in the past.  They had excellent magical talent, especially the royal family. If Sticks led them then their talents would sublimate to another level. Grid was able to guess half of Lauel’s intention. But he couldn’t understand the other half.

"Why do you want them to go to Siren afterwards?”

-It’s to call someone who is farming in the sea.

There was only one person Grid knew who was farming in the sea.



One of the biggest differences between a player and NPC was the ability to whisper. NPCs weren’t able to whisper. In order to communicate with them, they had to use old-fashioned means such as letters or magic communication devices. Siren wasn’t a developed city. Grid was convinced about the reason why Lauel asked Sticks to call Piaro.

"The most efficient method is to have Sticks use teleportation to bring Piaro as soon as possible... But won’t Siren be in danger if Piaro leaves?”

In the first place, the reason why he left Piaro in Siren wasn’t simply due to farming. It was to protect Siren from Blood Carnival. Lauel’s peculiar laugh was heard by the concerned Grid.

-Kuk...! Kukuk! Aren’t you becoming gentler? Lord, let me remind you of why we have to protect Siren.

“It’s to safeguard the treaty...”

-I’m sorry to interrupt you, but why did we ally with Siren in the first place?

"It’s for the sake of our development.”

-That’s right. How can we care about Siren when we are on the verge of destruction?


-We can’t worry about Siren’s well-being right now. The water clan of Siren will join us in this war to help. Just as we have an obligation to protect their territory, they have an obligation to defend our territory.

That’s right. But wasn’t it very hard to mobilize the water clan that still hadn’t recovered from the war? The more worrisome part...

"Lauel, haven’t you been planning to be hostile to Eternal long before the alliance with Siren? Then Siren was a victim from the beginning?”

-I can’t say that they will be a victim. I’m not planning to use them as simple arrows, but an army. The number of human casualties will be higher. In addition, there’s no guarantee that Blood Carnival will invade Siren again.

“Hrmm... Yes.”

Grid couldn’t denounce or deny Lauel’s words. In the first place, he gave Lauel all authority because he trusted Lauel. Based on the need to protect Overgeared, Lauel’s plans and ideas were justified. Lauel said goodbye.

-I have been gone for four minutes. This will lead to a confusion in the command system. I have to return to the game. 

"Yes, you worked hard. Please send Sticks to me as soon as possible. Tell him to come to the White Hammer smithy in Pangea.”

-Yes, he will probably arrive in 5 days.

The call ended. The conclusion?

“Bunny Bunny... I’m sorry for making you a liar...”

Grid’s return to the West Continent was a failure. The current Grid didn’t have the means to help his colleagues who were undergoing the greatest crisis since Overgeared were formed. He couldn’t help feeling nervous.

"Always be calm and careful.”

Grid calmed his mind as much as possible.

First of all, he connected to the Internet and watched the war videos in order to grasp the power of his teammates from the point of view of a blacksmith.

‘Yura changed her main weapon. It’s a good thing. I can finally make her a weapon. Pon is still using the armor I made five months ago? He isn’t as lucky as me. Regas will soon reach the limit of the gauntlets’ durability because he blocks the items with his hand...’

Overall, the equipment status of the Overgeared members was poor. It was the result of Grid concentrating on personal growth for a while.

“Among them, the one in the most urgent need of a new item is...”

Grid watched the video of Patrian. In the video, the beautiful woman with golden skin was struggling. Grid closely observed the bow she was using.

“Jishuka, I will start with you.”

Tak tak.

Grid stood up. He entered the capsule and headed to the White Hammer smithy as soon as he connected to Satisfy. The blacksmiths of the White Hammer smithy actively welcomed the hero who helped them win the competition. They had all the requirements needed to help Grid produce an item.

Ttang! Ttang!

The furnace swallowed up the white phosphorus wood. Grid squatted in front of the heat, hammering at the anvil without stopping. It was the Red Phoenix Breath, which looked like a ruby.

'This can be attached to an item...’ 

Grid thought that it seemed possible to refine the ruby so that it burned more strongly. He thought that the stronger the breath was, the stronger the Red Phoenix Bow would be. Therefore, Grid challenged smelting the Red Phoenix Breath. But the breath was the essence of the Red Phoenix. It was difficult to handle it completely with the techniques of a legend. This smelting operation was the hardest thing Grid had done since becoming Pagma’s Descendant. He spent at least four days hammering at the anvil.

Any normal person would reach the end of their patience. But Grid was filled with strong ambition.

‘It’s an honor to work with the finest materials.’ 

Ttang! Ttang!

The sound of Grid’s hammering return the atmosphere of the White Hammer smithy to its peak.