Chapter 548

[Reclaim Borneo]

Level of Difficulty: Varies depending on the competency.

Borneo has been captured by the Overgeared Guild.

Borneo is a fortified city on the border of the Eternal Kingdom and is a vital base for the defense of the Gauss Kingdom.

King Cactus has commanded you.

Recapture Borneo and wipeout the malicious group Overgeared that dared to invade the territory of the Gauss Kingdom. Those who are loyal to the kingdom will gain reasonable rewards!

User Restriction: Level 130 or higher.

Quest Victory Conditions: Recapture Borneo in three days before the food supply runs out.

Quest Victory Reward: 1 level. A 10% increase in experience for all skills. One unique rated weapon and one epic rated armor.

* Additional compensation will be received if you defeat NPCs or players belonging to Overgeared.

“This is great. It’s comparable to the rewards for the SS grade quest that I saw on the air.”

"This is a war. I covet the rewards, but it isn’t possible with the Overgeared members running around.”

"In the first place, there aren’t any quests with a 100% chance of success.”

It was difficult for the Gauss Kingdom to advance into the central part of the continent due to the Eternal Kingdom. This place was more of a frontier than the Eternal Kingdom. There was no reason for players to choose this as their kingdom, so the number of players was very small. It was a kingdom for users who played lightly.

But weren’t there less than 400 Overgeared members? Once all the troops were combined, the total number was only 6,000. On the other hand, there were 210,000 Gauss players who exceeded level 130. Even if only 1/10th of them participated in the quest, it was still more than double the Overgeared Guild. There was even information that the Overgeared Guild arranged less than 1,000 troops at Borneo. The restriction that there was only three days worth of food wasn’t a hindrance.

‘There are a lot of light users, so the participation rate of the quest is likely to fall.’

‘But the fact that we have overwhelming numbers doesn’t change.’

The Gauss players believed it wouldn’t be difficult to recapture Borneo. They thought it would be resolved by pushing forward like a bulldozer. However, reality wasn’t that easy.

Puk! Puuoooook!



A fortified city was called that for a reason. In particular, Borneo was a fortress designed with Great Magician Ashur as the enemy. It boasted solid walls that neutralized the magic bombardment of the Gauss soldiers. In addition, there were the archers of Overgeared placed on the wall.

The NPC archers were level 180.

It was a glimpse of how hard Overgeared had worked to raise their soldiers. In fact, the level of the soldiers wasn’t the important issue. There was another fundamental problem and the Gauss players realized it. Why the Overgeared Guild was called overgeared!

“Crazy...! The soldiers’ attack power is ridiculously high! Kuaaaak!"

The arrows of the Gauss players and soldiers couldn’t penetrate the armor of the Overgeared troops, while the Overgeared arrows easily penetrated their armor. The power of the overgeared soldiers was preposterous. As a general rule, these weren’t items that would normally be supplied to soldiers.

It was impossible even for the Saharan Empire. Not only did they need the money to mass produce the items and supply it to the soldiers, they needed a blacksmith with the skills to do so.

“This is Grid’s power...!”

The Gauss players felt like they were possessed by a ghost. Grid didn’t appear on the battlefield, but his presence was huge.

"Shoot! Continue shooting!”

The soldiers of Overgeared fired the arrows without rest. Under Piaro and Asmophel, they tirelessly built up their skills and stamina as elite soldiers.  There was the bravery they learned from Jude and the archery from Jishuka. They didn’t shrink back as they aimed the jaffa arrows at the enemy, and combined with Grid’s Bow, they showed overwhelming attack power. The arrows pierced the enemy’s shields, helmets, and armor without interruption.

The Gauss soldiers couldn’t approach Borneo’s walls. The river of blood created seized the ankles of the Gauss soldiers like a deep swamp. It was a disaster and they started to lose their numerical superiority.

“Kukukuk! Kuhahahahat!”

A laugh rang out on the battlefield. The river on the ground wriggled in response. It was the advent of Blood Warrior Katz. A class that demonstrated the strength of a legend on a stage with a large amount of blood.

“Be glad to know that the blood of worms like you is helping me. Blood Lane.”


The blood on the battlefield started to gradually rise into the sky. It was like a reverse rain. The red ‘rain’ rose into the air, causing the Gauss soldiers to stiffen with fright.

“Kukukuk! You will all die here today.”


At the same time as Katz’ declaration. The red blood in the air poured down on the Gauss soldiers. The battlefield became chaotic. The screams of the soldiers echoed infinitely and the blood they shed became Katz’ limbs, causing more casualties. The worst situation was infinitely repeated.

"Kukuk! Kuhahahahahat!”

Unlike the Eternal Kingdom that had to disperse troops to Bairan and Patrian, the Gauss Kingdom was able to concentrate on Borneo. Unfortunately, they met the demon king of blood and their first advance failed. But they were just the vanguard. The second reconnaissance army would arrive in two days, and it had more numbers and quality than the first army. The scary thing was that the second army included Soul Predator Seuron.

Like Katz, he was an existence that showed absolute power in the battlefield.

“I have to pay back Grid.”


Seuron made dozens of soul spears by capturing the souls of the dead on the battlefield and massacred the Overgeared soldiers on the wall.

“That Lauel... He told me to last at least four days?”

The smile had disappeared from Katz’ face.


“Do you see? This is the biggest war since Satisfy opened!”

A battlefield where thousands of soldiers and NPCs were dying and killing each other. The scene of the carnage taken from the sky was more fierce and exciting than any raid image. The viewers’ blood was boiling with excitement, rather than shrinking back at the horrors of war.

Think about it! What other game in the world could recreate such a war? Before Satisfy opened, the mmorpg L.T.S. had only 2,000 participants in a war.

-Patrian Fortress is amazing... There are 15,000 people fighting;;

-Borneo has 20,000 people ㅋㅋ

-Lim Cheolho had repeatedly said this.

-Satisfy isn’t a game, but another world. Therefore, there are no limitations.

-The implementation of virtual reality didn’t make sense in the first place. Lim Cheolho seems to be an alien.

The viewers were boiling with excitement. They were grateful to be born in an age where they could play Satisfy. They were envious of the Overgeared members who led thousands of soldiers and struggled for supremacy. They wanted to stand with the Overgeared members. Then...

-Why isn’t Grid visible?

-I saw that a few days ago, he gained two levels in a few hours. It’s either a bug or he’s performing a great quest.

-Wow... Leaving the guild members alone on the battlefield while raising his level ㅡ ㅡ;; 

-Or was there a mishap?

Public opinion was running wild.

As the Overgeared Guild gradually weakened on the third day of the war, there were various speculations about why Grid didn’t show up. Grid was garbage, Grid quit Satisfy, Grid had been kicked out of Overgeared, there was a traffic accident, etc.

Most of them leapt to conclusions.  It was the same for the media. The second and third tier media outlets were more interested in getting attention than reporting facts. They wrote speculative articles without knowing the facts.

『 I suspect that Grid is trapped somewhere. 』

『 A few days ago, wasn’t there an accident in Gangnam XXX where a supercar hit a pole? There are rumors that Grid is the owner of that supercar...』

『 Grid probably ran away. The Overgeared Guild is currently blocking the enemy by emphasizing the strength of an individual, but how long can this last? The Overgeared Guild will fall in a day or two. They will lose all their troops and territories, becoming broke. Grid probably knows there’s no hope and ran away alone... 』

The media were originally masters of aggravation. They poked at all sorts of things, creating a big issue and spreading it to the world. The defense of the three Overgeared territories was of great interest to the world and the related broadcasts secured high ratings.

And at that time.

『 Everyone, can you hear me? 』

The fortified city of Patrian. The world’s best gaming BJ, Bunny Bunny appeared on a wyvern.


It was the most powerful and brilliant fire wyvern. As he shouted loudly and the wyvern shot out a breath, the people struggling on the battlefield and the broadcasting cameras naturally paid attention to him. The satisfied Bunny Bunny opened his mouth. His cry was amplified throughout the battlefield.

『 This is a message from Grid! I will kill anyone who hasn’t retreated when I arrive in one minute! 』


Was there anyone who wasn’t ready to die in a war? It wasn’t normal to retreat just because of a threat.

"Hah, it’s so funny.” 

"An arrogant bastard! If he can kill us, come and kill!”

"Kill me! Then I will resurrect and come back!”

The players of the Eternal Kingdom didn’t shrink back. It was already known that even a strong person couldn’t overturn a war with the power of an individual. Just look at Jishuka. She massacred thousands of soldiers since the war started and was now losing momentum. Her stamina was exhausted and the number of arrows she shot was significantly decreased.

Grid would be the same. Everyone thought this, while Bunny Bunny laughed happily on the wyvern.

‘Good, good. This wouldn’t be a broadcast if you retreat so easily.’

Endure and endure. Then they would be slaughtered by Grid, increasing the number of viewers. Bunny Bunny started counting down.

『 You have 30 seconds. 』

“Bah! Let him come!”

『 20 seconds. 』

“How can Grid handle all of us alone?”

『 10 seconds. 』

9 seconds, 8 seconds, 7 seconds, 6 seconds...

The battlefield became silent as it reached 5 seconds. The Eternal players who were talking a while ago gulped hard. They had no doubt that they could handle Grid, but there would be huge sacrifices. And finally.

『 0 seconds! Now God Grid will emerge! 』

The moment Bunny Bunny mentioned Grid’s appearance.  The ratings of Bunny Bunny’s broadcast and all broadcasts reached the peak. People had high expectations. Grid would descend like a storm and wipe out his enemies! However...

“...Not coming?”

『 ... 』

Grid didn’t appear and Bunny Bunny turned into a shepherd boy. At the same time, in Pangea on the East Continent.

"How do I go back?”

Grid became frustrated because he didn’t know how to return to the West Continent.