Chapter 545

[Grid’s Pickaxe]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 117/180 Attack Power: 233

* 20% increase in mining speed.

* 10% increase in attack power.

* Shape conversion is possible.

A tool with long blades extending on both sides.

A pickaxe made by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

At first glance, it is no different from a normal pickaxe. But there are obvious differences.

The blades on both sides can be folded as needed and half the hilt is made of a blade.

It can be used as a sword.

However, since it is far from the ideal sword form, it isn’t recommended to be used with bad skills.

Conditions of Use: Mining or Farming skill. Advanced Mastery Level 1. 1,200 strength.

Weight: 880

In fact, Peak Sword hadn’t understood it when he received this pickaxe. Shouldn’t a tool be faithful to its original role? Why did Grid make the pickaxe a weapon? Wouldn’t it be better to have a separate blade instead of a pickaxe? Peak Sword wondered what this was about. It was still an unknown world.

Due to the peculiar form of the pickaxe, Peak Sword was able to use his style of swordsmanship and eventually destroyed the forces who secretly infiltrated Cork Island. He took the momentum and destroyed the R77 troops. 

[Your level has risen.] 

[You have neutralized the Eternal Navy’s covert operation.]

[A signal flare has been found on the dead enemy’s body. It can be used to disturb the enemy.]

“God Grid... You’re the best.”

Grid made the pickaxe a weapon because he foresaw what would happen today. Peak Sword was thrilled by Grid’s foresight and respected him even more. The real reason why Grid made the pickaxe a weapon? It was purely for Piaro, but Peak Sword interpreted it this way.


Skin that was golden from the sunlight. Red hair that was intense as blazing flames and lustrous lips. She was the best beauty of South America, Jishuka. She stood on the high walls of Patrian and looked down at the battlefield.

"The players’ participation rate is increasing every day.”

The Eternal Kingdom had named Grid and the Overgeared members as traitors. The players in the Eternal Kingdom received a tsunami of quests.

Defeat Grid. Defeat Overgeared. Occupy Bairan. Occupy Reidan. Occupy Patrian. Capture Grid’s family, etc.

The quests that threatened Grid and the Overgeared members promised huge rewards for the players. The players naturally wouldn’t refuse the quest. They coveted their rewards, and it was their natural obligation as people of the Eternal Kingdom to suppress the rebellion.

That’s right. The players were immersed. Life as a citizen of Eternal. They weren’t just playing games, they existed as heroes of ‘another world.’ An overwhelming sense of immersion. This was the true attraction of a virtual reality game.


Jishuka swallowed her saliva. There were too many enemies. In fact, the 10,000 soldiers of the Eternal Kingdom wasn’t a big problem. Their average level was 160. They couldn’t be a threat to the elites of the Overgeared members. But the players were a problem. There were thousands of players, including high level rankers. The large variety of classes was diverse and the risk factors were huge.

Jishuka laughed at the nervous Toban.

“What are you doing?”


Jishuka drew her bow and aimed at the army.


Flames sparked at the end of the arrow.

“Sweep them all away. Should we show any mercy to dogs who dare to bare their teeth at us?”

“...No, what?”

In this situation, why wasn’t this woman scared? Toban was surprised when he saw that Jishuka didn’t shrink back.


The fire arrows crossed the battlefield and struck the middle of the enemies, causing a powerful explosion. Dozens of people died in an instant. The players of the Eternal Kingdom turned white.

"Red flames archer... It’s true that they’re fraudulent when it comes to sieges.”

"How can we break that arrow bombardment?”

In just a few seconds. The fire arrows shot by Jishuka consecutively flew through the sky. The battlefield became a sea of fire. It was truly huge firepower. It was a power optimized for mass destruction. Both the Eternal Kingdom and Overgeared members were amazed by Jishuka’s power, but Jishuka herself felt regretful.

‘I can’t display my power with this bow.’

It was a bow she commissioned from Grid. She hadn’t been able to replace it, despite being 22 levels beyond it. It was because there was no good alternative. From the standpoint of Jishuka, this bow had a lower limit than her level and wasn’t satisfactory.


‘Marquis Steim is more cautious than necessary.’


Lauel had a headache. What was the biggest reason for occupying Patrian? It was to connect Reidan to the north and gain Marquis Steim’s support. But unexpectedly, Marquis Steim was just watching the situation. He wouldn’t side with Grid if it was unlikely Grid would become the king.

‘He isn’t nervous, despite Irene being in Reidan.’

Marquis Steim loved his daughter. In addition, Irene was Marquis Steim’s only heir and Grid was Irene’s husband. Lauel expected that Marquis Steim would naturally take Grid’s side in this war. Grid becoming king would make his daughter a queen and his grandchild a prince.

But Marquis Steim was a more cautious person than Lauel expected. He knew how to distinguish between business and personal matters and didn’t cling to his bloodline. If he made the wrong choice, the millions of people in the north would be affected. It was obvious that Marquis Steim was worried about their safety and aiming for a more certain choice.

“Well... I don’t blame him.”

Lauel understood and respected Marquis Steim’s choice. It was good to see a noble that cared for the people. Still, he couldn’t help feeling frustrated.

‘I appreciate the fact that your political accomplishments that have revived the north. But your ankle is caught by the people and you can’t be used as a tool.’

He wasn’t a person who could be assigned to a key position when the kingdom was founded later. Lauel decided and opened the list of rankers. It was a habit. In his view, it should be the default to monitor the level of the high rankers.


Lauel was looking at the list of rankings to determine the level of the forces that could potentially be hostile to Grid. He doubted his eyes. Grid had been level 322 just three hours ago and he was now 324.


Grid’s level had been rising rapidly in the East Continent. He was about to enter 15th place on the unified rankings. But no matter how fast he was, gaining two levels in just three hours?

“9th rank on the list? Grid, what the hell are you doing?”

He wondered if Grid was bugged. Lauel laughed as he anticipated the reaction of the media, only to suddenly feel anxious.

‘Maybe he’ll come back to the West Continent much sooner than expected?’

Would Grid return before the project to make Grid a king be complete?



In the darkness. Faker breathed as he watched Irene and Lord. He focused on protecting them from any threats. But Faker soon came to realize something. There was no need for his protection.


Irene was reading a book with Lord in her arms. On the wall above where she was sitting, a worker bringing potatoes to the soldiers accidentally dropped one potato. It was the famous rainbow potato. The potato fell quickly towards Irene’s head and Faker prepared to move.  


Lord, laughing in Irene’s arms, suddenly pulled out a dagger and threw it towards the sky. It was so fast and stealthy that Irene didn’t even realize Lord had thrown it.


Faker made a bemused expression as the potato hit by Lord’s dagger split in half.

‘My protection... It isn’t necessary.’

It wasn’t just due to Lord’s excellent abilities. There were 200 girls in the vicinity of Irene and Lord. Faker realized that they had also taken out their weapons to protect Irene from the potato. There was also Kasim, king of shadows, hidden in Lord’s shadow.

"...Both of them will be safe in Reidan.”

Faker had nothing to do. He wondered if there was anything more pointless than protecting the safest people in the world.


[You have succeeded in killing 10 armored needles.]

[The quest ‘Subjugate the Armored Needles (1)’ has been cleared.]

[Affinity with the Red Phoenix group has risen and 5 silver threads have been acquired.]

[Affinity with the Red Phoenix has risen to the peak.]

[The quest ‘Subjugate the Armored Needles (2) has been created.]

[Subjugate the Armored Needles (2)]

Difficulty: S

There are a large number of armored needles in the dungeon beneath Pangea Castle.

Bring peace to Pangea by repelling those who can threaten Pangea at any time.

Quest Clear Conditions: Kill 20 armored needles.

Quest Clear Reward: 5 silver thread.

He had only obtained two silver threads from defeating 10 armored needles. The drop rate for the silver thread was the worst. Grid judged that the most realistic way to acquire the silver thread was to complete the quests.

'But giving out five threads for killing 20...’

The appearance rate of the armored needles was too low. It would take a long time if he wanted to hunt 20.

‘It might take two days if I’m unlucky.’

Grid sighed and left the dungeon with the Red Phoenix group.

“Ohh! Pangea’s Duke of Virtue! You’re safe!”


In front of the well. Half a day had passed since Grid entered the dungeon but White and Han Seokbong were still waiting. They were quite worried about Grid. Sua explained the whole story. She spoke about how Grid defeated the armored needles with overwhelming strength and condemned Arube. 

The liking in Han Seokbong’s gaze towards Grid increased.

"You really went through a lot of trouble, Pangea’s Duke of Virtue. You were a big help. Now, you must be exhausted and hungry. I have prepared delicacies that can only be enjoyed in Pangea for Pangea’s Duke of Virtue."

[Lord Han Seokbong is feeling more favorable towards you.]

[There is a place for you to stay in Pangea Castle. It is a place with hot springs for stamina recovery.]

[All facilities of Pangea Castle are available free of charge and you will be served a meal whenever you want.]


Grid gulped because he was starved. The thought of delicious food stimulated his appetite. But Grid was always rewarded for his effort and patience. He barely suppressed his appetite.

“The meal... I will eat outside.”

He had to go to Idan’s restaurant. It was important to secure stats, even if he experienced food poisoning. Grid swallowed his tears and left the castle. He walked with unmotivated footsteps and pulled out the Unknown Mark and Arube’s Ring.

‘I shouldn’t expect much... Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal.”

It was time to acknowledge that most of Grid’s predictions always went the opposite way.