Chapter 546

Capture or kill Arube?

If 100 players were given the ‘Location of the Red Phoenix Bow’ quest, 100 out of 100 would’ve chosen to capture Arube. It was natural. Capturing Arube would allow them to win the Red Phoenix Bow. Wasn’t it strongest battle gear? People wouldn’t be foolish enough to kill Arube just for a rise in level.

'...I’m a stupid jerk.’

How many of the two billion users would think that being too strong could be a sin? Grid accidentally killed Arube. He got two levels and Arube’s items in exchange, but he couldn’t help feeling depressed.


Grid’s shoulders were slumped as he used the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal on the Unknown Mark and Arube’s Ring. Grid didn’t have high expectations. These were items that wouldn’t have been revealed to the world unless Arube was killed. In other words, it was unlikely that the items would be too good. 

"Still, he was a named NPC so it wouldn’t be garbage... Eh?”

Grid’s footsteps stopped as he checked the item details. He was so surprised by the outcome that his body stiffened like a stone statue.

[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[Unknown Mark]

A black sun mark.

The usage is unknown.

[You have discovered a hidden feature in the item!]

[Mark of Evolution]

Rating: Unique

A functional marker developed by the alchemy facility.

If this mark is attached to your body, one of your strength, agility, stamina, or intelligence stats will increase by 200.

User Restriction: Level 200 or higher.

Weight: 0


Grid’s mouth dropped open at the unexpected situation. An item that raised his stats when stuck to his body? It was also by 200 points!


The item wasn’t trash. It actually had tremendous value. Grid was thrilled. But the biggest reason for Grid’s pleasure wasn’t the value of the mark. It was the glimpse of the possibilities of alchemy. Grid was truly excited by this point.

‘Is it possible to someday produce these marks at Reidan’s alchemy facility? Rabbit, please prove that your choice isn’t wrong.’

Grid prayed earnestly for Rabbit and examined Arube’s Ring. Then he sighed.

[Arube’s Ring]

Rating: Unique

A ring completed after many experiments by Arube, who wanted to use the abilities of the armored needles.

When worn, five or less strands of silver thread can be twisted together to the desired shape.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 4


According to the item description of the silver thread, at least 2,500 dexterity was needed to handle five or less silver threads. That’s right. In other words, Arube’s Ring was an item that increased the wearer’s dexterity to 2,500.  It was useless for Grid, whose dexterity had already reached 3,700.

"Sigh, giving me this...”

Grid was grumbling while thinking about it. What if an ordinary player got Arube’s Ring? By now, they would be jumping with joy. In the first place, Grid was the only one qualified to handle the silver thread freely. From a general point of view, the two items obtained from killing Arube didn’t fall significantly compared to the Red Phoenix Bow. It was just Grid who didn’t feel all the benefits.

“...No, wait. I think I can use it.”

Grid suddenly thought of the Overgeared Skeletons. Skeletons that could wear equipment items, unlike normal skeletons. What would happen if they wore Arube’s Ring.

‘Won’t they support me properly in battle?’

The use of the silver thread was endless. It would be a great help for Grid if the Overgeared Skeletons could use the silver thread to tie up the feet of the enemy for a while. There was no definite limit on the random damage of the silver thread. The level 1 Overgeared Skeletons wielding the silver thread might deal a blow to level 100 monsters.

The minimum damage was only 100 and this could appear 999 out of 1,000 times. In any case, his expectations for the Overgeared Skeletons rose significantly.


Grid couldn’t control the laugh that emerged. He felt so happy that he could fly away. He took advantage of the momentum and took out the Mark of Evolution. It was to increase his stats. He wanted either the intelligence or agility stat. Agility needed to be increased to match the ratio of strength and intelligence allowed Grid to learn more magic from Braham.

‘Stamina also isn’t bad. An increase in health and defense means my survival ability will increase greatly. The usage of Blackening will also increase.’

It just couldn’t be strength. His strength was already overflowing.

'The probability of gaining the desired stat is 75%.’

There was only a 25% chance of being unlucky. Grid believed in the concept of probability as he placed the back sun mark on the back of his hand.



There was a stinging feeling. Grid frowned, but didn’t lose his smile. Agility, stamina, and intelligence.

‘Which of the three stats will go up?’

[The Mark of Evolution has been placed.]

[Strength has risen by 200.]


The smile completely disappeared from the face of the frustrated Grid. No, dammit. There was a 75% chance of getting his desired stats and a 25% chance of getting unwanted stats, then what was this?

"Why is it the 25%?”

Grid was certain that the devil had made the idea of probability.

“Ah... Is this irreversible?”

Strength was the best stat for physical damage dealers. Not only did it increase physical attack power, it also gave a small amount of health. But Grid knew that he would be stronger if he adjusted his strength and agility to a ratio of 1:1. He didn’t want to widen the gap between strength and agility.

“Ugh... It would be much better if intelligence rose.”

Was there any blacksmith in the world who wanted to raise intelligence? It was sad. Grid became restless and closed his eyes. Then he looked at the information of the mark on the back of his hand. It was to check if he could reapply it.

[Mark of Evolution]

Status: Strength. 

200 strength is added.

You can try changing the stat.

However, changing the stats will cause one of your stats to permanently drop by 5.


One of his stats would drop by 5 points. It was a truly fearsome penalty. This was half the value of an elixir, a number that could be gained by eating at least five of Idan’s dishes. Eating Idan’s food didn’t always raise his stats.


Grid grimaced while sweat flowed down his back. Should he be satisfied with the increase in attack strength, despite the inefficiency? Or should he lost five stat points for a more dramatic increase in attack power? His worries didn’t last long.

‘Anything would be good apart from strength. It’s worth it.’

The odds were 75%. Furthermore, Grid had a lot of different types of stats. There was strength, stamina, intelligence, agility, persistence, composure, indomitable, dignity, insight, courage, charm demonic power, good luck, etc. It was a variety of stats that other people couldn’t dream of. It would be profitable if he could get 200 stats he wanted in exchange for losing 5 stats.

‘In particular, it will be a great hit if I lose the points from composure or demonic power.’

Composure reduced the probability of entering an abnormal state and the recovery speed from it. Basically, it wasn’t a very useful stat for Grid, who was immune to status conditions. In addition, Grid was frightened about what would happen when demonic power became too high.

Grid prayed earnestly. He hoped to gain agility or intelligence in exchange for sacrificing one of these two stats!

“Change mark.”

[The location of the mark can be reset.]


The mark of the black sun on Grid’s hand rose into the air again. Perhaps if Grid was a person who cared about appearance, he would’ve attached it to his chest or neck. But Grid wasn’t interested in appearance.

‘Isn’t there a higher chance of increasing intelligence if I stick it to my head?’

Grid thought up this logic and placed the mark in the center of his forehead. At the same time.

[The Mark of Evolution is being reconfigured.]

[5 good luck stats have disappeared.]

[Strength has risen by 200.]


He lost his good luck stats that he cherished the most and his strength stat rose again? Grid lost his reason and immediately rearranged the mark again. He pulled the mark off his forehead and slapped it onto his chest. It was just below the collarbone. The dark sun mark seen through the wide collar looked nice.

[The Mark of Evolution is being reconfigured.]

[5 good luck stats have disappeared.]

[Stamina has risen by 200.]


At level 300, every point in stamina increased health by 25 and defense by 0.9. The 200 rise in stamina gave Grid an extra 5,000 health and good defense, so it certainly wasn’t bad. Still, it was less dramatic than the agility stat that increased his combat ability, or the intelligence stat that helped him learn new magic.

Grid was a little sad, but what could he do?

“Let’s just be satisfied with this...”

He was too afraid to do it anymore. Grid moved like a beaten man after he lost 10 points in good luck. He arrived in front of Idan’s restaurant.


"You came!”

As usual, the restaurant was empty.

Idan welcomed Grid from where he was sitting. The reaction was a lot different from the last time they met.

"You were a blacksmith? You don’t know how happy I was when I heard that you won the championship!”


He was happy that Grid won? Grid, whose heart had become as desolate as the dry desert, felt touched. Despite being a mad chef, Grid was glad to see Idan. This lasted for one second.

“Hahahat! Won’t guests come like a tide if I announce that the winner of the smithy competition likes coming to my restaurant?”

"...Give me something to eat.”

Grid sat down at a table. Yang Fei approached him with her expressionless face and handed him the citron tea.

"Today's tea is a service. I’m just a poor girl, but I want to congratulate you on your victory. But I will have to starve this evening.”

Her expression didn’t change despite her words. Grid knew that Yang Fei was responsible for her siblings and felt burdened. But he didn’t refuse the free service.

‘In any case, I will give her a salary when I bring her with me to the West Continent.’

Grid rationalized it and enjoyed the taste of the free tea. Yang Fei gazed at him and carefully lifted her skirt.

“That... Today my thighs are stiff.”

Her pale face became extremely red. Yang Fei was very ashamed. She already knew. Grid’s massage wasn’t a simple massage.

‘This child...’

It was strange how she was actively pursuing this. Maybe Sua would be the same.

‘Are the women of the East Continent like this?’

Grid kneaded Yang Fei’s white thighs with his fingers. A soft feeling was felt from his fingertips.


Yang Fei lost strength in her legs and sat down. Grid thought her red ears were cute and started to actively move his hand.

[Affinity with Yang Fei has risen.]

[Affinity with Yang Fei...]

[Dexterity has increased by 1.]

Grid seriously thought that he would never starve to death as long as he had his fingers.