Chapter 544

There were surprisingly many players who chose the soldier class. They could receive a stable income and quests from the military, as well as learn new skills according to their rank. Few classes could learn as many skills as soldiers.  Of course, this didn’t mean it was the best. There were a lot more disadvantages.

An example was that they had limited freedom. They needed to enter the game at certain times to attend military training. Quests given from superiors had to be unconditionally performed. They had to follow the principles of command and free travel was also impossible.

Therefore, there was a question. Why choose a soldier when playing the game?  Was it fun to live a controlled life? How could it be fun? The majority of people saw the soldier class negatively. But some people had different thoughts. There were some people who appreciated the merits of the soldier class.

Most of them were ambitious. It was possible for a soldier to be promoted according to their ability, and they were a class with the possibility to gain a lot of power. The players who chose the soldier class would play a controlled game, but they were patient enough to develop.

In this place.

There was a player in the R77 unit of the Eternal Kingdom’s navy. His ID was Soldier. It was a name that spoke of his desire to be a soldier. In reality, he was a soldier of the US army and enjoyed it.  He liked the strict rules and control, a type of person who took pleasure from legal killings.

‘Grid... Is there any figure more suitable for my promotion?’

Grid became a hero through the golem invasion of Reinhardt. A wonderful politician who revived the deserted ghost town of Reidan.  A resourceful person who swallowed up the Tzedakah Guild and Silver Knights Guild.  A gifted man who used the media to disturb people around the world and seize Patrian. The only legendary item maker.

Looking at Grid’s history, including the National Competition, Soldier couldn’t help admiring him. A perfect person. He wasn’t a legend for nothing.

Soldier was excited. His achievements would become more noticeable if he defeated a perfect being.

‘Grid’s rebellion is a great chance for me. I could be promoted a few times in this war.’

He could be promoted to commander in one step.

‘First, take care of today. I must contribute to the occupation of Cork Island.’


Splash splash!

Deep in the night. The 30 members of R77 jumped from the ship. They dived deep into the sea and avoided the enemy’s surveillance network. They were armed with the third-generation magic wetsuits developed by the navy magicians and were getting enough oxygen through that.

Soldier used the Advanced Swimming Mastery Lv. 2 that he thoroughly trained in after being in the navy. His eyes were determined as he dreamt about becoming a war hero.


Cork Island was a place that contained the memories of the Silver Knight Guild. Its actual economic value was the highest among the territories possessed by Overgeared. There were dozens of mines and it was famous as a sightseeing place. As the former master of the Silver Knights Guild, Peak Sword wanted to protect Cork Island. He didn’t want to hand it over to the enemy.

Of course, in reality, it was impossible to stand up to the aggression of the Eternal Kingdom. Cork Island was isolated. He couldn’t expect to keep it. The number of soldiers was limited to 1,000 and the average level was 150. There were no named knights. It was a territory that couldn’t be kept even if Grid was present.

Lauel said it was wiser to give up Cork Island. However, the will of Peak Sword wasn’t broken.

"I’m a Korean who inherited the spirit of General Yi Soonshin. I will never give up.”

One month. He needed to keep it for just one month. He would tie up the enemy troops as long as possible and collect more taxes from Cork Island for Overgeared. Peak Sword fought with all his might for the past five days. He actively utilized the coastal fortifications that Cork Island’s lord had built and sank several ships of the Eternal Navy.

It was thanks to the efforts of the 10 elites from the Silver Knights guild and the soldiers of Cork Island, but Peak Sword’s maritime capabilities were also spectacular. In the past, he had a long battle with the Sakura Guild over Cork Island and grew into an excellent naval commander.

"Brother, aren’t you overdoing it?”

An Changsal, the second in command of the Silver Knights Guild, was worried about Peak Sword. He was worried since Peak Sword kept fighting while using buff potions.

“Isn’t it really hard to earn money? You don’t be able to get married if you had no money. What’s the point of drinking potions if you’re a bachelor for the rest of your life?”

The smart Lauel had warned Peak Sword. It would be difficult to keep Cork Island for more than a week. He refused to believe it at first. However, after experiencing the war directly, Lauel was right. It was impossible to withstand the navy’s offensive for more than a week with just An Changsal and the elites of the Silver Knights Guild. The difference in power was too great and there was a limit to their stamina.

"There’s also a minimum of breaks and the soldiers are already exhausted. It isn’t a bad idea to keep the island, but there’s no point if the damage is too big...”

“This isn’t useless damage.”

Peak Sword cut off An Changsal’s words.

"This is for Overgeared.”

Peak Sword thought it was worth it if he could reduce the burden on Overgeared by sacrificing himself. He had a duty to do his best in order to repay Grid and Lauel. That’s why he would bring out his pickaxe today.

Deep in the night. Peak Sword judged it was impossible for the enemy’s fleet to attack in the darkness and rose from his spot.

“I will go to the mines.”

“Oh my...” An Changsal clicked his tongue. "Why do you swing the pickaxe every night? You should take a rest when possible.”

"There are no good hunting grounds. Rather than raising my level, I need to raise my stamina and persistence. God Grid would’ve done it. Do you know God Grid?”

Repetitive labor led to a small but steady increase in stats. In particular, Peak Sword liked the feeling of mining. It was pleasurable when minerals emerged when he hit the wall with a pickaxe.

"Everyone else should rest. I’m going.”

Peak Sword left his colleagues alone and headed for the mine. It was the mine closest to the coast. The mining rate was low compared to other mines on Cork Island. However, Peak Sword had no choice but to use it. The other mines were too far away from the fortress.

‘It’s comforting that there’s a mine in a position where I can respond immediately to the enemy’s invasion.’

Ttang! Ttang!

The dark mine. Peak Sword lit a few torches and started swinging his pickaxe. He hit the solid wall and collected minerals. He wasn’t in a hurry. In the first place, the minerals weren’t the goal. He needed to raise his stamina. Labor was the only way to increase his stats.

[Your persistence has increased by 1.]

[Your stamina has increased by 1.]

[The Intermediate Mining skill has increased to Lv. 3.]

“Kuk...! Good!”

How fun was this?

Kaaang! Kaaang!

A smile appeared on Peak Sword’s face as he kept mining.




The deepest part of the mine. A faint noise was heard from the end of a tunnel. Peak Sword tilted his head to one side. 


It was fundamentally different from the sound of wind. There was a sense of weight to it and above all, the sound came from behind the wall.


Peak Sword’s eyes shone brightly.

“Is there a secret dungeon?”

If so, this was a big jackpot. He would receive a great reward in return for finding a new dungeon. He could also use the monsters to deal a big blow to the enemy.

‘This is a dungeon located near the battlefield. If I act properly, the mobs can be used against the enemy.’

It was presumed that they wouldn’t do that much, but it was enough to have expectations.


Peak Sword was filled with anticipation and tension. He gripped the pickaxe and pointed it at the completely blocked wall.

‘A hidden place would have great value.’

Peak Sword eagerly wanted to see it! He tightened his grip on the pickaxe. Then he took the familiar stance of drawing a sword. It was to enjoy the class bonus effect when using a weapon or tool from the drawing attention. In addition, it was to imitate Piaro, who combined farming and swordsmanship.

“Draw Sword.”


The pickaxe that Grid made. It had a different durability and attack power from normal pickaxes and could be used as a weapon.



It was like a ray of light was shot from Peak Sword’s fingertips.


The wall that was Peak Sword’s target suddenly fell down by itself? And...


From behind the collapsed wall, a strange man appeared. The ID was Soldier. It was a player like Peak Sword.



A moment of time. Peak Sword and Soldier’s eyes met and the same question appeared in their minds.


It was only a short amount of time. Peak Sword and Soldier understood the current situation but Peak Sword’s pickaxe hit Soldier first.


“Kuk... Keeoook!”

What the hell was this? A miner with coal covered his face. Why was a person mining in this critical wartime situation and why was he mining in front of the secret tunnel?


A person who was going to become a powerful figure in the Eternal Kingdom’s army was going to die here?


Soldier’s confusion was maximized as he stumbled. Blood flowed from his forehead where the pickaxe hit and he slowly turned to grey. Drawing the sword. It took a long time to activate and recover, but the attack power alone was worthy of being among the top.

This wasn’t an ordinary pickaxe, and the power of the skill cast through Grid’s pickaxe was incredibly strong. It was enough to knock out the level 250 Soldier, who was within the top 10,000 rankings. Peak Sword’s overwhelming presence gave the opponent a sense of resistance.

“You... What are you?”

The R77 squad members were confused when their colleague was murdered in front of their eyes. Peak Sword grasped the situation late and replied.

“Swo... No, a miner. An ordinary miner of Cork Island.”


Coincidences might’ve overlapped, but their ace soldier had died in a single blow. The R77 members knew that the miner in front of them was less likely to be an ordinary miner. However, it was hard to deny that he was a miner.


On the other hand, Peak Sword recovered the bloody pickaxe and took an attack posture again. Of course, this time he used a sword instead of a pickaxe. The R77 members shouted when they saw him place a hand on the sheath.

“This isn’t a joke!”

It was already too late. The R77 troop members. They gave time to Peak Sword.


Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The R77 unit under the command of the Navy. The greatest elite troops who built up a lot of fighting abilities in all types of wars were now wiped out. It was a rare event that would make the navy rush around frantically.