Chapter 543

[Location of the Red Phoenix Bow]

Difficulty Level: SS

Arube, known to be murdered by the evil daoist priest, was actually alive.

Arube is part of the group of a master daoist priests.

The monsters were invited by the master priest, and now Pangea is isolated.

Arube is now planning to occupy Pangea with his fully controlled army of armored needles.

Find the whereabouts of the Red Phoenix Bow that was stolen by Arube and the evil daoist priest!

Arube has a strong desire to survive and will give you a lot of information!

Quest Clear Conditions: The capture or death of Arube.

Quest Clear Rewards:

1. Succeed in capturing Arube - Your character experience will increase by 30% and the quest ‘Location of the Red Phoenix Bow’ will link to the next part.

2. Arube’s death - Your character will gain two levels and the quest ‘Location of the Red Phoenix Bow’ will disappear.


Shortly after being poisoned. Grid was thrilled when he checked the new quest. The story of Arube and the daoist priest was found because he met Idan and completed the ‘Find the Traces of the Great Hero!’ quest. He was able to enter the dungeon because he had a relationship with White and won the blacksmithing competition. Then there was a trap box unexpectedly found in the dungeon.

The ‘Location of the Red Phoenix Bow’ quest was created the moment Grid’s actions came to a conclusion. It was presumed that if he completed the linked quest, he could acquire the original Red Phoenix Bow. The original Red Phoenix Bow? ‘Of course’ it was the strongest bow at present.

It was said that Grid’s Red Phoenix Bow (Reproduction) was beyond the original, but the work had inherent limitations. The limits of a reproduction? The maximum rating was legendary. On the other hand, the original Red Phoenix Bow had at least a minimum rating of legendary and it could presumably go beyond that. It was inevitable that the reproduction of the Red Phoenix Bow was weaker than the original. This was the absolute system of the game. 

What if unlike Grid’s expectations, the original was weaker than the reproduction? It didn’t undermine the value of the original. It was because the original had the Red Phoenix Breath.

[Red Phoenix’s Breath]

A blessing of the Red Phoenix.

It will increase fire resistance by 30%.

It can be used to infuse items with the powerful aura of the Red Phoenix.

However, it can be attached to items with a strong fire attribute.

Weight: 2

It was the reward Grid earned in exchange for restoring the Red Phoenix Bow. If he obtained this one, he would have two. Grid’s fire resistance would be 60% just having it and if he used it as an item making material, he could double the power of the Red Phoenix Bow. He knew how strong the Red Phoenix Bow was. It wasn’t easy to judge unless someone experienced it themselves.

“Kuk...! Kukuk!”

The pleased Grid was quick to act. Arube appeared with the armored needles and made fun of Sua and the Red Phoenix members.

“Item Combination.” 

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

Grid took out the portable furnace and started work with the God Hands. Fire was instantly produced using the white phosphorus wood. Then he laid Failure and Grid’s Greatsword side by side on the anvil, hitting them with a hammer. The four Mjolnirs increased the speed of blacksmithing skills, boosting the speed of Item Combination. At the end of this work.

“Is he crazy? Not knowing the current situation and hammering... Are you crazy?”

Arube belatedly noticed Grid and cursed.

“Linked Kill Wave.”

Grid swung Failure + Grid’s Greatsword.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A named NPC was strong. In particular, Arube was able to control the armored needles. Grid judged that he would be stronger than the armored needles. Grid carefully calculated as the storm of energy covered Arube.

‘Controlling the undead means he must have a necromancer type class. Even if he’s a named NPC, he can’t help having low defense and health. Considering the possibility of 3 Joint Attacks activating or a critical attack, I will take control of the match by using Transcended Link after Linked Kill Wave.’

If he linked it with Pinnacle Kill then there was a chance that Arube could die.  Failure boasted the strongest attack power.  Grid’s Greatsword added 20% more skill damage, despite its attack power being less than Failure. The power demonstrated when these two greatswords combined together was terrible.

Grid needed to control himself.

“Uh... Uwaaaack!”


Grid smiled as Arube screamed after being hit by Linked Kill Wave.

‘I will soon clear the SS grade quest.’

It was really good! Grid used Transcended Link and immediately attacked Arube again. Suddenly, he stiffened like a stone statue.


Arube’s health gauge...

“It’s gone?”

Yes, gone. 

During his freshman days in university. His boiler was turned off because Grid used his living expenses on the gaming fee.


He might be a necromancer, but how could he have such low defense and health? Grid was confused.


[Arube has died.]

Arube’s health was depleted by Linked Kill Wave and turned to grey. Then notification windows appeared in front of Grid.

[Necromancer Arube has been defeated.]

[89,005,310 experience has been acquired.]

[You have obtained an unknown mark.]

[Arube’s Ring has been acquired.]

[The question ‘Location of the Red Phoenix Bow’ has been terminated. The linked quests will be destroyed.]

[Your have gained two levels from the quest reward.]

[As someone with a second class, you will receive a level up bonus. 24 stat points have been acquired.]

[12 points have been forcibly invested into intelligence due to the influence of the second class, Legendary Great Magician.]



Grid sighed and sat down. The Red Phoenix Breath that dwelled in the original Red Phoenix Bow. He lost the only clue to tell him the whereabouts of the precious treasure, causing his mental state to be bruised. The Red Phoenix members approached the grumbling Grid.

“You punished the villain that threatened the young lady and Pangea! You are the hero and savior of Pangea!”

“Grid! Please tell us if you experience any trouble in the future! I will be willing to experience any inconvenience if it’s for you!”


The affinity with the Red Phoenix members had risen a lot. But Grid wasn’t pleased at all. He blankly questioned Sua.

“Necromancer? Do they have inherently weak bodies and stamina?”

"That's right. They’re as weak as a child. But they usually don’t allow hits, because they can summon things several times stronger than them.”

"...I see.”

"Pangea’s Duke of Virtue precisely dug at Arube’s gaps. Arube didn’t think a blacksmith would attack and couldn’t cope with it.”


Grid shook off his gloomy mood. He didn’t get the best result for the unexpected quest, but he couldn’t be frustrated forever.

‘Think positively.’

He gained two levels in exchange for defeating Arube. In addition, he obtained the Unknown Mark and Arube’s Ring. These were rewards he wouldn’t have obtained if he captured Arube.

‘Anyway, this is the reward for an SS grade quest. It’s possible that these have great value.’

Maybe their value was better than the original Red Phoenix Bow. Of course, this was just a maybe. Grid was filled with hope and was about to use the Legendary Blacksmith’s Appraisal skill to confirm the information of the Unknown Mark and Arube’s Ring.  


However, the battle between the God Hands transformed into Failure and armored needle was deepening. In the beginning, the God Hands overwhelmed the armored needles with their power. But they started to be suppressed one by one with the silver thread. Now the armored needles were aiming for Grid and the Red Phoenix members.

"First, I need to take care of these guys.”

Grid stopped the appraisal and stared at the armored needles with a fearsome expression. He had targets to vent his anger on.

‘I will wipe these guys out before leaving the dungeon.’

It was also time to go eat at Idan’s restaurant. Grid wanted to be strong, but his spirit was very pained from eating Idan’s food. It was painful and hard. Grid was burning with motivation for various reasons. Sua’s white face flushed as she gazed at him.

"Wow... You never get tired.”


Why was Sua’s face suddenly red? Grid didn’t want to know. No, he was afraid to know. It was because he sensed he would be corrupted as soon as he understood her mind.


Immediately after taking over the fortified city of Patrian and obtaining Earl Ashur. The Eternal Kingdom named Grid a traitor. Grid was stripped of all authority and status in the kingdom and his territories would be reclaimed.

The first target was naturally Cork Island. It was the judgment of the Eternal Kingdom that Cork wouldn’t be as hard to reclaim since it was separate from Reidan, Patrian, and Borneo. But what was this? Two naval divisions had already failed to occupy Cork Island.

Admiral Lebuck was going crazy after receiving the report.

"The distance between Reidan and Cork Island is at least 15 days apart and there are fortresses from our kingdom all along the road. It’s impossible for the rebels to support Cork Island. Then how is Cork Island protecting itself from our offensive?”

"There is a lot of food due to the abundant land, and the rebels have arranged elite troops. It’s an island, so they know that we’ll move the navy.”

It was plausible. Lebuck made a decision.

"We need to change the manner of attack.”


Lebuck pointed to the north of Cork Island on the map. Cork Island was originally a territory of the Eternal Kingdom. Lebuck was completely aware of the geography of the island.

"Once the sun goes down, send the diving rats to this place.”

Diving rats. The official unit name was R77. They were the special unit of the Eternal Kingdom’s navy. Tonight, they would dive into the sea, enter the outskirts of Cork Island, move through the secret tunnels in the mines, and infiltrate Cork Castle.

“Then cut off the head of the rebel leader. At that time, our fleet will strike at the island.”

It had been a few years since the rebels ruled Cork Island. It was unlikely that the rebels would know about the secret tunnels that existed in the Cork Island mines.

"Tomorrow, Cork Island will return to the Eternal KIngdom.”

It was a winning strategy that could be developed due to knowing the geography of Cork Island. Lebuck was overflowing with confidence.