Chapter 542

[You have defeated an armored needle.]

[121,599,800 experience has been acquired.]

[Number of armored needles killed: 2/10]

‘This is delicious hunting.’

The experience given by the armored needle was more than two times higher than that of the true blood vampires. Compared to the junior vampires in the cities, they gave 30 times more experience. Thanks to that, Grid reached level 322 and was rapidly gaining experience.

But it was difficult to recognize Pangea Castle’s dungeon as an ideal hunting ground. It was because the armored needles didn’t often appear.

“It’s like Sua said.’

Armored needles were monsters who acted on their own. The first encounter with six of them was a special case. The Red Phoenix group were filled with a sense of security at infrequently encountering one armored needle, while Grid felt large regret.

‘It would be good if they constantly respawned two at a time.’

He wanted to acquire a lot of silver thread. Grid felt impatient and anxious. If he combined all his titles, Grid’s dexterity was exactly 3,723. He could control a maximum of 10 silver threads, meaning he wasn’t satisfied with just two. He wanted to maximize his abilities by securing eight more silver threads quickly.


They walked around for 10 minutes and only encountered two armored needles. From the other side of the passage, the sound of slow footsteps was heard again. Grid tried something new against it. Just as the armored needles restrained Noe and the God Hands, he tied up with armored needles using the two silver threads. The name...

"Needle Binding!”

It was a somewhat familiar name. But this wasn’t a playful name. It was a name that Grid came up with after serious thinking.


The silver thread rotated and tightly tied up the body of the armored needle. The waist and both arms were firmly tied up. It was a scene that showed how great Grid’s dexterity was.

‘Okay! I did it properly!’

A smile of satisfaction appeared on Grid’s face. But his smile didn’t last long.



The armored needle exerted its strength and the silver thread was released?

‘The binding is too weak.’

Two silver threads didn’t have enough strength. It wasn’t just the armored needles. Most monsters above level 200 would shake off the binding of two silver threads.

‘There must be at least 10 strands for binding.’

Grid recalled the silver threads while thinking this and twisted the two strands into one. Then he shot it like an arrow. It took two seconds to control the two strands of silver thread. It meant it would take around 10 seconds to control 10 strands of silver thread. Grid felt the need to raise his dexterity to 4,000 points. If his dexterity reached 4,000, the control rate of the silver threads would double.

What if he could control 10 silver threads in 5 seconds? The strongest system next to the pavranium would be born.

‘The only thing lacking is the throwing speed of the silver threads.’

In the end, the silver thread was still just thread. It was very light. There was a clear limit to the speed at which Grid could throw it. It would be less effective against agile opponents. 

‘In order to take advantage of the silver thread as a weapon, it would be better to put a blade at the end. Or I can set up a trap on the battlefield to take advantage of it.’

Dugun dugun!

Grid grew considerably in the process of devising how to use the silver thread. He suddenly realized it. His development potential had grown exponentially since earning the silver thread.

‘If my current self fought against Kraugel at the National Competition, I would’ve 100% won.’

He was sure of it. The problem was that Kraugel was also getting stronger. Kraugel obtained the Sword Saint class that was described as the strongest combat class. Grid wasn’t sure how powerful Kraugel was now after dominating with a normal class.

‘...Ah, I think my pride is hurt.’

He was lagging behind a normal class, despite having a legendary class? At the time, he thought it was natural due to his lack of talent. But now it was very shameful.

‘I need to wash away my mistakes.’

Grid’s motivation shot up. His passion for forging ahead of Kraugel filled his heart.



Grid, Sua, and the Red Phoenix members finally recovered their normal vision when they reached deep inside the dungeon. The walls of the dungeon had the characteristics of sucking in light. Now jade covered the wall, letting out a soft light that illuminated the interior.

“There was a place like this in the dungeon?”

It had already been four years since the Red Phoenix group started the dungeon expedition. But in the meantime, they had never entered so deeply into the dungeon. They always returned after fighting a few armored needles at the entrance. But today was different.

Grid took the lead and killed any armored needles that appeared, allowing those who followed him to enter deeply into the castle’s dungeon. Thanks to him, they were able to find themselves in a beautiful space surrounded by jade. They quickly started searching inside. There was a clear lake and precious herbs were naturally growing.

“The temperature is just right. It’s a place where people can live if they have food.”

"But what about these four passages? Won’t we be completely isolated if the armored needles attack us from all four passages?”

“Um... That’s right.”

What was this place? Some of the members who were searching found something immersed in the clear lake.

"What is this? Heok! This!”

“Treasure chest! Treasure chest!”

As with any dungeon, treasure chests often appeared in Pangea Castle’s dungeon. But the probability was extremely low. In the last four years, the Red Phoenix group found no more than 10 treasure chests. Now a treasure chest was situated deep in a clear lake, like it didn’t want to be found. Grid showed great interest in it.

"Will it contain gold?”

It was three hours after entering the castle’s dungeon. Grid laughed brightly at the treasure box despite not being able to hunt a few prey. The Red Phoenix members stopped him as he reached out for the treasure chest.

"It can be dangerous.”

"Last year, a colleague opened a treasure chest found in this dungeon and was poisoned.”

Their words were the truth. There was a 50% chance that a treasure chest in the dungeon would be a trap.

“Then are you just going to leave it without opening it?”

The Red Phoenix members shook their heads at Grid’s words.

"That isn’t it. I’m just afraid that your life will be in danger.”

"Leave it to us. Grid can’t be hurt.”

Grid was clearing the armored needles on behalf of the Red Phoenix members. It was for his own reasons. But as a result, he was a great help to the Red Phoenix members and Pangea. The Red Phoenix wanted to repay the favor to Grid.


The Red Phoenix members pulled out the treasure chest from the lake and gulped. They were concerned about being poisoned or seriously injured when opening the treasure chest. They didn’t want to risk Grid getting hurt.


The member’s hands shook and he grimaced. The Red Phoenix member eventually overcame his fear and opened the lid of the treasure chest. No, he tried to open it.

“Huh? It didn’t open?”

"Is this locked?”

The tension of the Red Phoenix group was released for a moment. The solemn atmosphere somewhat brightened.

“Isn’t it rare for locked treasure chests to contain traps?”

"That's right. It’s usually filled with treasures.”

“Ah...! Let’s give this to Grid!”

They wouldn’t have made it here without Grid. The ownership of the treasure chest naturally belonged to Grid. The Red Phoenix group politely handed the treasure box to Grid.

“There is a locksmith in Pangea. He can probably unlock this box within a week.”

"It will cost quite a bit of money, since certain skills are required.” 


Grid received the chest and frowned.

[This chest contains special magic. The weight is incredible.]

[Your weight gauge has been exceeded. Movement speed will decrease by 80%.]


His stamina being reduced to this level meant it was impossible to continue the armored needle quest. Grid still had to hunt three more armored needles, so this treasure chest would just be a burden. But Grid didn’t care. He had a universal key!


Grid took out a black key and unlocked it at once. It was extremely easy. He just put the key in the lock, twisted it, and it was unlocked. Sua and the Red Phoenix members were shocked at the absurd sight.

'Unlocking a dungeon treasure chest at once?’

‘What is this situation?’

'Grid is really proficient... Was he born under a lucky star?’

Sua didn’t know why her face was red. It was at that moment.

[The trap box has been opened!]

[Poisonous smoke has covered you!]

[You have suffered 4,883 damage.]

[You have been poisoned!] 

[Your head is spinning around!]

[You can’t move your lower body!]

[You will lose 4,500 health per second!]

[You have resisted.]

[A mysterious figure appears!]

[A quest has been created...]




Sua and the Red Phoenix members were startled. It was because the poison emitted from the box was similar to the one that affected their colleague last year. Grid inhaled a lot of it and definitely wouldn’t be safe. The Red Phoenix members were surprised by the sudden situation, but Sua responded calmly and promptly.

“Go to Grid and give him an antidote. Then escape from this place with Grid!”

At that moment.

“Who are you?”

Someone’s voice was heard.


Armored needles poured in from the four passages. There were eight of them. A middle aged man appeared behind Grid while the group was surrounded. Sua and the Red Phoenix members recognized him instantly. It was impossible not to recognize him.


In the past, he was the closest aide for Han Seokbong. He was supposedly murdered by the evil daoist priest who attacked Pangea two years ago, only to be hiding deep in the dungeon. He was the master of the armored needles!

“You... You betrayed father.”

Sua was a smart girl. As a matter of fact, she sensed that Arube was behind the invasion two years ago.

Arube smiled slyly. “Indeed, the anger of Pangea’s flower is beautiful. Okay, I will make you into a jiangshi. After death, you will serve me forever.”

“You! How dare you insult the young lady!”

The enraged Red Phoenix members pulled out their weapons and Arube smiled.

Ttang! Ttang!

“It has been seven years since I found the armored needles sleeping here. It was three years faster than Lord Han Seokbong. In the meantime, I have steadily tamed the armored needles, and they are now my faithful servants. You can’t lay one finger on my body. Before you reach me, you will be turned into minced meat by the silver threads.”


The Red Phoenix members flinched. They had forgotten about it due to their anger at Arube’s sudden appearance, but Arube had summoned eight armored needles. It was the worst situation.

Ttang! Ttang!

Arube was filled with joy as he watched the frightened Red Phoenix members. He wrapped his arms around his chest as his face flushed.

"Kukuk...! This is so exciting. Now you will know. I have dreamed of this moment since I happened to discover the armored needles seven years ago. The day that I can have Pangea and Sua in my hands!”

“Crazy... Crazy traitor!”

The Red Phoenix members realized that Aruba wasn’t sane. They became desperate. They didn’t know if Grid dying behind them was okay. They would die here today.

Ttang! Ttang!


By the way, what was that sound? Why did they keep hearing the sound of hammering? Arube belatedly became aware of it, while Sua and the Red Phoenix members looked behind them. Then they became surprised.


Grid was poisoned when opening the box. The person who was dying was currently squatting in front of an anvil.


Question marks appeared over the heads of Sua and the Red Phoenix members.

"Is he crazy?”

Arube discovered Grid and frowned. He was very unhappy about a blacksmith ruining the historic moment.

“Not knowing the current situation and hammering... Are you crazy?”

Grid responded after Arube asked again.

"Yes, I'm not normal.”


Item Combination.

It had the disadvantage of being hard to use during battle due to the long usage time, but it produced overwhelming results once successful. Grid successfully combined the +9 Failure and +8 Grid’s Greatsword before commanding the God Hands.

“Item Transformation. Failure.”


The four golden hands turned into golden shark-like greatswords. Soon after.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Since it was reproduced by pavranium, the four golden Failures exceeded the power of the original and pierced the bodies of the armored needles. The blood of the armored needles scattered in all directions, threatening Sua and the Red Phoenix members.

“Linked Kill Wave.”

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

There was a storm of energy that overtook Arube.

“Uh... Huh?”

Arube couldn’t recognize the situation properly and reflexively shrunk back. Grid faced him and expressed thanks. “Thanks for the new quest.”

Grid felt confident as soon as he learned about the contents of the SS grade quest.